The Lycan Reborn

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after Lucas wakes up 3 years later in a research lab called Area 51, his fate would never remain the same.. a race against time, and Bringing back together his Pack.. " you're Right on time.. Though. This time, your pesky pets couldn't get enough time to prepare themselves for what was coming.. I was wondering how you , just you was able  to put me to sleep, so, this is what you were ? A Measely Vampire? How were you able to hide yourself this long? You smell nearly human.." He had been waiting for her, he knew eventually, she would creep out of whatever hole she was hiding,  he knew she wasn't human, but he never thought she would be a vampire.. She hid well amongst the humans, to not have been noticed.. "I'd say you should be careful with your choice of words! Olivia, what have you done?!" Infuriated by his words, she wasn't a measely vampire, she was a strong one, who'd succeeded in kidnapping him.. Olivia jerked with fear.. She opened her eyes Olivia felt tired and exhausted from the long runs and stoppings, and now she felt dead scared, terrified by the sights in front of her.. "What-wh-what are you guys?! Anne, you're a va-vampire? I thought those weren't real? How is this possible?" she asked, Her voice hoarse.. she looked at Lucas who was shirtless, his eyes blazing red , hot and cold shivers chased themselves down her spine..

Fantasy / Erotica
Diana Alex
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The Awakening

Lucas wakes up in a lab, his eyes squints as the fluorescent lights hits his eyes.What room setting would require that amount of lightening? He wondered. He tried to get up, but he was been restrained, his body felt numb and heavy. He slowly began to take in the view of where he was. The lights wasn't much, but his eyes tried to adjust themselves to it.

He gasped in surprise as he noticed he was laying in a glass pod confined, and strapped. What could be happening? Maybe this was a dream, he thought. He closed his eyes for a minute, and flicked them open, he was still in the glass pod, this wasn't a dream! it was happening, and it was real !. He carefully studied the objects he was strapped with, he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw it wasn't Silver.

Thankfully, he could easily break out of it. He grunts, and cuts off the belts used to tie him down, with the little strength left in him, he felt so weak, his entire body felt unusually heavy.. He still had one problem -the glass. He gently trailed his hands across it, feeling the texture. It was an hard glass, would be difficult to break, after tapping into his wolf side, he punched the glass with just the right amount of strength required, and it shattered into pieces.

He tried to get up slowly, taking out the IV needles in his flesh, and the little round stuff pressed to his chest, that connected to the computer that showed his heart beat. Thankfully, he wasn't naked, he had a pair of shorts on. At least, whoever locked him here was considerate enough to keep him Clothed. luckily, he could get out of here. He needed answers. He needed to know what was happening.

Maybe this was a dream, maybe he was in an imaginary reality Mollie created. But, was she powerful enough to create such illusions?. He stared across the room, trying to figure out an escape route. The room was large, and wide, the walls were painted in black and white, and some parts were covered in glass, it had no windows. there was a metal door attached to the other end of the room, and a chair too. That should be his escape route. But, what if it was a trap?

" Anyone here?! Someone? Anyone?" He yelled, hoping to get a reply. He had to be sure walking out of that door wasn't a trap.

Just then, the doctor approaching his room heard him.

"code red ! Code red!!"

"Subject is awake, I repeat, subject is awake.. Send in backups to put him back to Sleep. "

"What the-'can anyone please answer me?"

Code red? Why was him waking up a code red?

he'd decided he was walking out of that door, trap or not, since he'd heard a voice talk outside. But why was he called subject? This was becoming weird. Suddenly he heard the siren buzz, he saw some guards coming in with guns, and there was a woman who appeared to be a doctor. She had obsidian eyes that seemed too big for her small face, her skin a golden brown, and she had her short auburn hair in a ponytail, she looked weak, and harmless. Maybe she was, maybe she could explain what was happening to him.

"it's alright. calm down, you're safe." she said.

"I'm safe? ! "He asked, shocked and surprised by the calmness in the woman's voice. she seemed to be in her thirties .

"Why are all these guns pointed at me? Why does this place look like some fucking hospital ward ? what's with all those belts used to tie me down?

And who the hell are you?!"

He was loosing it, and here she was, retaining whatever calm and cool demeanor she was honed with.

She managed a frigid smile,"you're at a research center called Area 51, in an unknown location, in case you try to start thinking of ways to escape . and I'm the head of this research.. this guns aren't really filled with bullets, but, tranquilizers, of high dose enough to take down an elephant. it's for safety measures, in case you ever woke up, or tried to escape.

I'm sure you can try to fit in the rest yourself, while you're out, and back to sleep"..

"I think you're the one who needs to be put to sleep when I'm done with them, you're next".. He replied, the anger visible in his voice. She wasn't harmless, he doesn't even know what she was..

Seeing he'd had enough, Lucas shifted halfway.

"boys, take him down". She already knew what would happen next if Lucas should transform fully.

He killed every single one of them, in a swift, but precise move.

"I told you, you're next.".

She grinned "impressive. for someone sleeping for 3 years."

He was Startled by her words, "wh-what? Three years? Why?"

"don't worry, soon, you'll find out why, but first, we need to put you back to sleep."

he was about to charge at her, full speed she shot him with the tranquilizer, trice

Lucas gasped, he was starting to feel dizzy.

"that should do it. " she smirked.

he fell down, His consciousness Drifting away slowly from him.

She left the room, after making sure he was out, outside the room three of the guards waited with the chubby looking doctor who heard lucas talk when he woke up..

"I'm so sorry, I just stepped out a little, to pee." she pleaded, hot and cold shivers chasing themselves down her spine.

"what are the rules?" Anne asked, feeling enraged.

"never leave the subject alone for any reason until your shift is over", she was starting to shake as fear engulfed her entire body.

"and if you have to?"

"double the dose of the anaesthesia".

" Did you do that?"

"I'm so sorry, please forgive me. it would never happen again-I promise. I heard him talk. that was why I called you."

Fear was already starting to eat her up on the inside, she could no longer calm the fear, she burst out with tears.. She knew what it meant to not do as Anne had instructed..

Anne smiled remorseless,

" it won't happen again. take her away."

They knew Anne was a woman of her words, they saw the rage in her eyes , and pleading only intensified it. There was three things she hated, Her work not taken seriously, going against her rules, and defying her orders. Nobody dared to ask what happened to those who did this things she hated, and no one was ever going to ask. They were all afraid of her. She was as scary as Hades himself, when enraged.

two of the guards came and held the doctor by the hands.

"but I called you, he didn't escape".

She was trying to plead, even though she knew it meant nothing to Anne. Nothing mattered to Anne except her work.

"yes you did, but you nearly jeopardized my entire work.

What if I wasn't here, I cannot deal with incompetent people.I said take her away!." She yelled.

they dragged her away.

"no, no, please forgive me, please. please. She pleaded.

Anne called the guard who was still staying beside her.

"Ryan, go in, take care of the dead guards."

"what about him?"

" he's asleep. but those guards, were incompetent. couldn't even shoot a single dart. I didn't make you the head guard so you could bring in weak incompetent losers."

" I'm so sorry Director. it won't happen again. "

"get a new doctor, who is competent, can keep secrets and loyal, Who is also willing to follow the rules." She said, with a stern voice.

"No more incompetent people. And triple the guards on watch at this sector. no more mistakes. I need to check on the other subjects at the other sectors. "

"okay Director."

she left.

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