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Uriel has spent millions of years travelling the cosmos trying to fill the void left after the death of his soulmate. Always alone and distant from his kind, until one day he is pulled to the planet earth in the milky way galaxy by a familiar call; his soul mate has been reincarnated into a beautiful woman. Venus is married to Jesse with two beautiful children, Apollo and Artemis. Their lives are turned upside down when Jesse and Venus uncover secrets that will bring the world to its knees. Uriel arrives on earth excited to reunite with his soulmate, hoping finally his self-exile will come to an end and the sadness that was once all he knew will now be gone, only to find that his beloved is a married woman tangled up in a deadly crisis.

Fantasy / Romance
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THE DIVINE GAMES: Venus odyssey

What would you do if I told you reality as you know it to be is false? Beginning with your knowledge of the history of humanity, belief systems and how you came to exist on earth.

Your societies and stories told to you in all religions and history books false. I employ you as you begin to read these pages and chapter after chapter that you open your mind to the possibilities that there is more to the story of creation and our reality than the one you are familiar with. Several secrets hidden in plain sight.

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