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Chapter one

It is the year 2030 in Akwa Ibom Nigeria, Venus pulls up in the taxi and takes out her luggage from the taxi’s boot, she pulls out her phone as she walks towards the front door, she calls her husband Jesse’s phone but gets no response. She spoke to him just a few hours ago before she boarded her flight back, she and Jesse spoke shortly about the ordeal they had both faced in the past month. She knocks on the door and gets no reply, she touches the doorknob and the door opens and she walks in; the house was a mess and some furniture’s broken and scattered. She calls out to her husband and children (Apollo and Artemis) and searches the house but there is no one. She is overwhelmed with fear and desperation sets in, she starts searching the house for signs of a struggle and calls her husband’s phone again and gets no response and it dawns on her that her husband and children are gone and something terrible has happened. She runs out of the house and knocks on her neighbor’s door. After a few moments, the door is answered by a young lady, “hello I am Mrs. King your new neighbor’s wife I just got back home from a long trip”. “Hi, I’m Adora, I wasn’t aware that Mr. king had a wife,” Says the lady as she inspects Venus. “Yeah, I have been away for a while, have you seen my husband and kids today? they aren’t home. did you see anyone stop by the house today?” “I saw him in the morning when he took out the trash and a few hours ago when I was riding my bike four black cars pulled up and four men and women came out of the car and walked towards your house. And after thirty minutes Mr. king and the twins left with them in the car,” “thank you Adora” said Venus as she ran back to her house. “Mrs. King is everything alright?” asked Adora but Venus did not hear her.

Jesse had told her about the nanotech company he was working for and how he found out that there was something much sinister happening within the company, and he knew things he shouldn’t have known and feared the company suspected he was aware of their true nature; which was why he moved the family to this new city.

Venus started searching the house carefully for clues about the visitors that took her family. She makes her way upstairs to the master’s bedroom. And finds Jesse’s laptop in a hidden cabinet next to a locked briefcase she opens it and finds a paper with a password written on it, a file containing documents and a gun. She pulls it out and turns on the laptop and enters the passcode. She sees a folder labeled “the truth”. She clicks on it and a video of her husband comes on. “My name is Jesse king and I am a biotechnologist; I was offered a position at the nanotechnology company “Accrium”. If you are watching this, it is because I have either been captured or killed for knowing the truth. They work with bleeding-edge technology and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a lot of money and be of help to humanity. I thought I was going to be working on artificial intelligence, synthetic medicines, genetics and advanced stem cell research, but it goes deeper than that. I stumbled on secrets I shouldn’t have and they found out; I tried disappearing, which is why I went into hiding with my family, but I know too much that can destroy what they have going on, and information that will bring the world to its knee. This company experiments on humans with the special gene they call “Thoth”, people with these genes are predisposed to super human abilities when this gene is activated or awakened and they seek to exploit and harness these powers, this has been going on for several years on earth. They have infiltrated the earth and society; they are building an army and train super-powered assassins and use them as weapons for hire to the highest bidder. It is the biggest human trafficking company in our galaxy. The owners of these companies are not humans but shapeshifting telepathic beings from the galaxy Cygnus. The earth is a farm where they harvest and carry out their illegal operations. This might be hard to believe but we are all in danger because these beings are malevolent and don’t have humanity’s best interest.” The video ended and Venus opened the paper document she found in the briefcase and it was test results that Jesse had run on Apollo and Artemis confirming they had the Thoth gene. She opened the written letter she found also in there and read it, “my love I had hoped I would have the opportunity to explain to you further in person, but I tested Apollo and Artemis and they have the “Thoth” gene. I ran tests on myself and I do not have these genes, their genes are activating. They get headaches and during one of their episodes, Artemis made time stop and Apollo could teleport. Apollo and Artemis started displaying these symptoms a few days ago. I am sorry you must find out this way, I had hoped I would have the chance to tell you when you arrived. Whatever you do, do not return to the military project and trust no one they have infiltrated everyone and everything on earth. They are coming for us; I am sorry I failed you.”

Venus sat in disbelief at what she just found out; the military had commissioned her for a new project that was why she had been away. They had run several tests on her over one month and a few other soldiers. The tests they ran, started mild, and eventually got worst and more painful, their bodies and minds pushed to their limits. A lot of Soldiers started disappearing as soon as their “tests” were complete, the military hadn’t made clear the purpose of these tests and the goals they were trying to achieve, only that it was for the “good” of the country and making better soldiers, the base was located on an island off the coast of west Africa, there weren’t any civilians on the island. Venus had a hunch about the shadiness of the whole operation, so she began investigating and found one of the scientist’s experimenting on a male soldier who was chained up and whose skin had spikes coming out of it and was screaming out in pain, she almost got caught by the soldiers standing guard but was helped by another scientist who explained to her that they had the “Thoth gene” and that by the end of their tests when her powers begin to manifest, that they will induce a coma on her and other soldiers with the Thoth gene and they would be shipped to a different facility without their permission where they would be sold to aliens and will never be seen again. The scientist had tried to help Venus escape, but he was killed and Venus fought her way through heavily armed soldiers and scientists and escaped the military base barely alive, she didn’t get a chance to explain in depth what had happened to her husband when she spoke to him earlier that day, because the military could tap phone calls, and they were hunting her. After she escaped, she had taken refuge in a house with a widowed man and his son who found her washed up on the seashore while they were fishing, they took her to their house and tended to her wounds and help her find her way back to Nigeria. Venus knew there was a connection between the military operation and the people her husband spoke about. The military scientists did not finish running their tests on her to activate her Thoth gene before she escaped. Her worst fear was confirmed and now her family was in danger. She pulled out her phone and dialed Gabriel a computer engineer and hacker, a friend she met when she was young. “Hello G it’s been a while I need a favor”, “hi Venus nice to hear from you what’s up?”.

“The problem G is I arrived in Nigeria and my husband and kids are gone my house is a mess, these past few weeks have been quite the ordeal it’s unbelievable and I have no one else to turn to; I need your help.” “My God have you called the police so they send out a search party, I am so sorry Venus how can I be of help to you?” “My husband got tangled up with the wrong people and they took him and my kids and it’s a long story. But how soon can I see you? I’ll explain everything better and the police have no power to help us.” “Meet me in an hour at my place we will figure this out” “thanks G “. She takes a shower and changes her clothes, she grabs the gun, Jesse’s car keys with his laptop and heads for the car in the garage. She drives away heading to Gabriel’s house in “ikot-ekpene” a city close by. Unknown to her a man is sitting in a car blocks away watching her house and watching everything that had unfolded. The man drives following her. After a while Venus notices that she is being stalked by a car and tries to lose it, she feared the military had tracked her down and they were probably working together with the nanotech company that kidnapped her husband and kids. But the person was on her trail, she pulls up to an apartment complex it was already 7:25 pm. She comes out of the car and disappears into the alley; the car eventually pulls up next to hers. The man steps out and walks towards the car but finds that she is gone. He opens the car and starts going through the car, unknown to him Venus sneaks up behind him and holds the gun to his back. “Who are you and why are you following me?” The man does not say anything. He slowly turns around, “any wrong move and I will put a bullet in you, says Venus. “Don’t be scared I won’t hurt you “Vira” says the man. “I am not “Vira” Who are you and why are you following me?” asked Venus sternly as she held the gun to his face. “I have been looking for you “Vira”, I am Uriel and you are in danger the people that took your family will come after you. You are not safe here; you have to come with me I will protect you.” “What do you mean? How do you know what happened to my husband and children? Did the military send you, are you working for them? tell me now who took them and where are they?” “Put that object aside, it offends me,” he said pointing at the gun “I will tell you all you need to know, but you have to come with me”. “I am not going anywhere with you and you will tell me who sent you and what has happened to my family.” “I guess I have to take you away since you won’t come freely.” As he reached for Venus, she fired the gun and the bullet ricochets and it fell to the ground, he was unharmed. Shocked she kept firing the gun, he held her hand and took the gun and tossed it away. She hit him in his face, and they began fighting. “I am not your enemy Vira, I am trying to protect you” “I don’t need your protection.” Venus was an accomplished black belt jujitsu fighter and well trained in Kungfu and mixed martial arts. She punched him and kicked him, which threw him across the road. Venus entered her car quickly and drove away, her phone began ringing and it was Gabriel. “Venus, where are you? I am worried, you were meant to meet me at my house I have been waiting.” “I am sorry G today has been very bizarre I just got attacked by a strange man and I just managed to get away, but I get a feeling he is still coming after me. “Drive straight to me I’ll be waiting with guns,” said Gabriel. That is not going to work, I shot him G and he did not bleed, the bullet did not hurt him. He said he knows who took Jesse and the twins and that I am in danger and they are coming for me.” “Listen to me Venus you drive straight here and don’t stop for nothing.” There was a loud noise on the roof of her car something heavy had fallen on it. She was startled and looked up, fear and panic filled her as she kept driving waiting for what is next. A winged man appeared in front of her car and she tried stepping on the brake, but the car slammed into him. She was bleeding from the impact, raised her head, and saw him standing Infront of her car unharmed by the collision, she passes out.

Venus awoke with a splitting headache, there was a band-aid on her forehead and the troubling visions of a strange world and colors overwhelmed her mind. She was in a hall, with a computer and chair and she was laying on a bed covered in green satin sheets next to her was a tray with her gun, her phone, and a bottle of water. She grabbed her gun and phone and stood up trying to remember how she got here. She walked towards the door, it opened, and Uriel stepped in, he was carrying a bag, he tossed the bag to her. “You are awake, good! I got you clothes, they should fit perfectly; the bathroom is down the hall get ready fast we need to leave.” “Why did you bring me here? What do you want from me?”. “Relax I am not going to hurt you; I am here to protect you.” “you call stalking and kidnapping me against my will protecting me? And my car slammed into you, how are you still alive and unharmed” asked Venus perplexed.

“You are undergoing transmutation; you need to be properly cared for and guided through your transformation.” Said Uriel. “You are an absolute psychopath, now listen my husband and children are missing and I am going to find them now, you are going to tell me what you know about their whereabouts or so help me God I will empty this gun in you and test just how resistant your skin is to bullets. Stop playing with me and tell me what you want with me and where is my husband and my children!”. “Very well then I’ll tell you everything you need to know” he sat on the chair in front of the computer. “Your husband and kids were taken by agents of Damiens. They own and influence most of the major corporations, companies, and militaries on earth. They own and control almost everything, I have been watching them for a while and your husband found out about their illegal presence on earth which endangered you and your children. You see, you and your children have the “Thoth gene” and they have been taken and are now properties of the Damiens, your husband is probably dead, and your children are undergoing the awakening. The Damiens need them alive; they are part of an important human trafficking cartel that sells humans with the Thoth gene across the galaxy. Not everyone with the Thoth gene gets to exhibit superpowers and different people awaken their powers at different times in their lives, but they are capturing any human with the Thoth gene and those whose powers have not yet awaken are put through experiments that force the activation of their Thoth gene. After their awakening is complete and their Thoth gene unlocked, they will be trained to harness their powers and become living weapons that will be hired or sold to whoever wants and can afford them anywhere in the universe and any galaxy. They will be lost to you, their memories of you and the earth wiped from their minds.” Venus staggered and fell to the ground at the information Uriel had revealed to her. “This can’t be real, this isn’t happening. Jesse and my babies gone?” “I am sorry “Vira” but we must leave this planet, it’s been corrupted by the Damiens, they are a race of beings from the galaxy Cygnus one of the oldest galaxies in the universe and from the planet Hell-vine. They are what humans call “demons” they own and control everything on earth and it’s not safe for you to undergo your transmutation here.” “This has to be a dream because that’s the only way any of this will make sense,” said Venus. “And my name is Venus, not Vira why do you call me that? And who are you and how do you know all this and how did you even find me, my car slammed into you, how are you still alive? And you had wings” “I belong to a race of celestial beings called “Anlels” from the planet High-vine in the galaxy Cygnus. We are what you humans call “angels” and our planet “high-vine” is known to you as “heaven”.” Venus stared at Uriel in disbelief trying to grasp the possibility of all he had told her. “What do you mean by transmutation?” Asked Venus. Just as her headaches and visions returned, she fell to the floor holding her head in pain, Uriel rushed to her and chanted strange words and the headache and visions ceased. “Your soul is transforming and awakening, how are the visions can you piece them together?” Asked Uriel. “I don’t know what’s happening to me my headaches are accompanied by visions of war and strange beings I can’t identify and I see you too, how do you know me and why am I seeing visions of you?” before Uriel could respond, her phone began ringing and it was Gabriel. “Hello Venus, I was scared out of my mind when you didn’t show up yesterday, I called the police. Where are you?” He asked worriedly. “I am fine G sorry I was on my way to you when the strange man apprehended me. But I am unharmed, and I am on my way to you now” Venus said as she hung up. “You can’t go, you have to come with me for your safety.” Said Uriel “Listen, Uriel, my babies and husband have been taken, I have spent the last few weeks fighting for my life and trying to get back to my family so no one is going to stop me from getting to them. You claim to want to protect me, prove it! either you help me find my family because they are all I have in this world or get out of my way. I am leaving now!” Said Venus as she got up, picked up the bag and walked to the door. “Wait! “Vira”, sorry “Venus” I’m coming with you,” Said Uriel as he walked towards her.

Venus and Uriel made their way out of the building and a car pulled up with 5 men heavily armed. “Venus king? You must come with us”, Venus held her gun at them. “Who are you and what do you want?” “If you want to see your kids and husband you will come with us.” “She isn’t going anywhere with you now answer her question,” said Uriel as he stepped in Infront of Venus. One of the agents fired his gun at Uriel and the bullet was suspended in midair and dropped to the floor. The agents stared in disbelief before the agent that fired the gun could get his words out; Uriel took off his shirt and his wings became visible and he launched him into the sky flying up and throwing him back to the earth, he dropped dead on their car and the other agents began firing at Uriel who flew and evaded their aimed bullets. He opened a pocket dimension underneath the ground which they stood, and they all fell in it. Venus stared in horror at the battle that had taken place. Uriel landed and said, “let’s go?” Venus nodded her Response; he carried her and flew away from the scene.

The doorbell rang and Gabriel walked slowly to it holding his gun as he looked through the door hole. It was Venus and a man, he opened the door and looked at the man suspiciously. “Come in and who are you?” he asked pointing the gun at Uriel, “he is Uriel the strange man I told you was following me”. “Are you insane Venus? And you brought the bulletproof killer to my house?” “I am sorry G I tried getting rid of him, but he won’t let me out of his sight.” “I am here to protect her, I am not leaving her while she undergoes her transmutation, she is in danger and so is everyone close to her.” Said Uriel. Venus dropped her bag and went straight to the kitchen and opened the fridge in search of something to eat. Gabriel stood with Uriel at the door, “and who are you to Venus that you feel so compelled to protect her?” Asked Gabriel. “He is an alien, actually an angel” answered Venus from the kitchen. Gabriel goes to the kitchen and hugs Venus tightly, “poor you, you have been through so much within the last 24 hours alone that is why you are talking crazy” said Gabriel. Venus began to laugh and then cry, “I am serious Gabriel this man is an alien,” she said as she and Gabriel stared at Uriel who just walked into the kitchen. “What’s going on Venus? this is so bizarre, why would anyone kidnap Jesse and the twins or want to harm you?” asked Gabriel. “I left for the military about two months ago after being enlisted for a special operation, at the time I hadn’t known what exactly the military operation was about, but they ran several tests on me and other soldiers pushing our minds and bodies to their limits it felt as though they were trying to break us. After a month, several soldiers started disappearing, and they explained that the soldiers had passed their “tests”. I got suspicious about the vagueness of the entire situation, so I began investigating and found out about the soldiers who begun exhibiting inhuman like abilities, I’m talking telekinesis, shapeshifting, all types of crazy impossible powers, some could turn water to ice, emit energetic blasts from their hands, some could fly and some freakishly strong. I escaped before they could do any more tests on me and finally arrived home and Jesse and the twins were gone. I had feared the military had tracked me down and took them, Jesse left a laptop I found in our room and I found a video he recorded, he explained he and the kids were taken by aliens who owned the company he worked for and they were from the galaxy Cygnus. He uncovered their illegal operations and presence on earth and were using the military and nanotech company to cover their tracks, that is why he moved to the new house to hideaway. We had spoken briefly on the phone before I boarded my flight about the possible danger we were in, we did not get to go in-depth but had agreed that we would leave Nigeria as soon as I arrived. I feared the military would get to us or his employers and now my worst fears have been confirmed.” She began to cry again, “I am scared G my babies and Jesse are in danger I fear to think anything bad has happened to them” Gabriel hugged her again. “We will find them I promise. I have Ava researching the company as we speak and there have been reports from previous employees about the company not being what it seems but they all mysteriously disappeared or died.” “You are endangering the lives of your friends if they discover they are being looked into, they will come after all of you” said Uriel. That’s why you must come with me Venus.” “How does all of this connect to you, Uriel?” Asked Gabriel, “are you one of the aliens that took her family?” “No, I am not, I am something different from them,” said Uriel. “Then how did you come to know about V and her family? Why do you care? And why do you want to protect her? I don’t trust you! he could be working for those same aliens and playing you for a fool v” Said Gabriel. Uriel felt cornered and interrogated, “if your intentions are as pure as you claim and we have nothing to fear, you will be honest and open with us” said Gabriel. Uriel sighed, then sat down on a chair, “I am from the planet High-vine from the galaxy Cygnus, I belong to a race of celestial ancient beings called Anlels we are what you humans call “angels.” The Damiens are also from the galaxy Cygnus but a different planet called Hell-vine or “Hell” as you humans call it. They are what you humans call the “demons” Gabriel looked at Uriel not trusting anything he had said, his brain had a hard time processing the information. “Wait so you mean to tell me that you are an “angel”? The angel “Uriel” in the Bible?” “Yes, I guess you can say that” replied Uriel. “So “God” and “Satan” are real and are aliens Also? This is ridiculous, I mean humans are aware of alien life in other planets, but this is just next level.” “Well actually the beings you call “God” and “Satan” are a part of “The 3”. They are the oldest known beings in our universe, and they are responsible for the creation of consciousness and life as you know it”. “The 3” what do you mean by that?” asked Gabriel, “well, the 3 belong to an ancient order of beings “Godiel”, Santiel”, and “Ashriel” they precede over this universe. They were forged at the pillars of creation and tasked with the powers to create life in whatever form they saw fit. They were the first scientist and magicians and they seeded the universe and created all forms of life across the universe and in every galaxy, including you humans of the earth” Said Uriel. “So, you mean to tell me that “God’s” real name is “Godiel” and is an advanced alien being who also happens to be a scientist and so is Satan? So, we are one of “God’s” and “Satan’s” many science experiments?” Asked Gabriel as he sat on a chair next to Uriel in disbelief. “I guess you can say that,” replied Uriel as he looked at Venus who had not uttered a word but stared at him. “The Anlels or Angels as you call us were among the first and oldest race of beings created by the 3 and imbued with consciousness. The Damiens are the Anlels that followed Santiel in his rebellion against Godiel after he left High-vine, the Damiens are loyal to Santiel and populated Hell-vine the twin planet in the Cygnus galaxy.” “This is incredible, but you haven’t answered why you are on earth? And why you want to “protect” Venus what business is she of yours?” Asked Gabriel. “Millions of years ago before your galaxy came into existence, the 3 lived together and set out to populate the universe with new life so they created us. And we thrived but something changed they were both in love with Ashriel the divine feminine entity and 3rd of the 3 and for millennials, she would not choose which of them she would merge with. She mysteriously disappeared from the universe and no one knew where she had gone to. Santiel accused Godiel of absorbing her powers and keeping it a secret. Santiel searched the universe to find out where Ashriel had disappeared to, but never found her. Convinced that Godiel had a hand in Ashriel’s disappearance, Santiel and the Damiens waged war against Godiel and the Anlels, I fought in that war and Vira my soulmate was captured and her vessel destroyed because I would not join Santiel’s crusade against Godiel. Many Damiens and Anlels fell in that war that lasted thousands of years until they reached an agreement and put an end to it. You see Venus is the reincarnation of Vira; I sensed your soul call out to me, that’s why I journeyed across the stars and many galaxies to get to you” Uriel explained as he looked at Venus. Gabriel stared at Uriel and Venus, “please excuse me” said Venus as she went to the bathroom. “Oh, my I can’t believe an actual angel I mean alien Anlel is in my house” said Gabriel as he tried to break the ice and intensity that filled the room. “Wow, so all this chaos has been because Satan and God had a crush on the same woman and were in a love triangle. Talk about a divine threesome, very kinky” laughed Gabriel. “Forget the gossip magazines on earth, this is the juiciest cosmic gossip ever! Do you understand what this information will do to humanity? to religious institutions in which humanity founded its beliefs? the earth would split in two if people knew the truth about our creation and creators, this is going to change the whole world.” Uriel looked at Gabriel and smiled, “you should go check on her.” “Oh yes,” said Gabriel as he went to meet Venus.

As Gabriel walked towards the bathroom door, his phone rang it was Ava. “I got a location on Mr. king and the twins. They are being transported to Argentina as we speak and will be arriving in a few hours.” “So, they are alive? asked Gabriel, “yes sir” replied Ava. “Thank you, Ava, and shield yourself these people can’t know we are tracking them or we all would be in grave danger, inform me immediately you get an update”, “yes, sir,” said ava as the call ended.

Venus sat in the shower as water flowed down her body. Traumatized by the series of unfortunate events that had unfolded since the day she left for the military operation; she still had scars from the experiments the military did on her skin. Thoughts of what Jesse said in the video and his letter kept replaying in her head, Apollo and Artemis being scared and in danger made her so scared and angry she would find these aliens that took them and save her children and husband even if it cost her life. There was a knock on the bathroom door, Venus stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. She opened the door and it was Gabriel, “I have somewhat good news V; Jesse and the twins are still alive. The bad news is they are being flown to Argentina as we speak, I already contacted my assistant and had him have my plane ready to fly to Argentina” Said Gabriel. “Thank you so much G; now that I know they are alive I have hope. When does our flight leave?” Asked Venus. “It leaves in two hours once my private plane is ready so be prepared, is there anything else you would need Venus?” “Guns, lots of guns” replied Venus as she walked into the room right next to the bathroom. “This room is just as I remembered from years ago” said, Venus. “When you found me and took me in, you are an amazing friend G thank you for everything” said Venus as she hugged him. “Stop don’t mention it I love you and you are always welcomed in my home.”

Gabriel was the son of Spanish immigrants who owned businesses in Nigeria and other countries in Africa, he was an heir. When he was 19 his parents died leaving him a large fortune, Venus was homeless and lived on the streets for many years and had no memories of her childhood or parents. Gabriel took her in after she tried stealing his wallet, she was 15 years old. He took pity on her and helped her, and she became family and he cared for her. “But what are we going to do about your beautiful alien angel V? I am in utter shock and disbelief about what he has told us, but if he truly is who he says he is, then there are powers at play here way beyond our understanding, do you trust him?”. “I can’t explain it G, but I trust him and feel like I have known him.” “Of course, you do, ha! He looks like a “god” literally an angel v what woman or Man in their right Mind would not trust a face like that” said Gabriel as he winked. “Don’t be silly I have a husband and I wasn’t thinking about Uriel in the way your filthy little mind insinuates” said Venus smiling, Venus screamed out in pain as she held her head and fell to the ground. Gabriel held her, “Jesus Christ Venus what is happening?” she could not answer as she continued to scream. Uriel rushes into the room and holds her in his arms, he picks her up and lays her on the bed and begins to whisper magical words. Gabriel stared at the scene in shock and fear. Venus stopped screaming and opened her eyes looking at Uriel, “what is happening to me?” “It’s your soul, it’s undergoing transmutation.”. What does that mean” said Gabriel as he rushed to Venus’s side. “Venus is the last high ranking Anlel reincarnation in millions of years, her spirit has been dormant but now her Thoth gene has been activated which triggered a transmutation, her cells are imploding and being put together at the same time. You are the reincarnation of Vira an ancient celestial Anlel and you are transforming plus your Thoth gene intensifies the whole transmutation.” “What’s going to happen to me?” Asked Venus. “All your ancient powers and memories will slowly return to you, your body is changing so it can house your spirit, the human body is the closest vessel to that of the Anlels. That is why you reincarnated on earth, but it is ripping you apart, like the caterpillars on your world transform and become butterflies, so shall you transform and become an Anlel. Like the Phoenix, your vessel will burn, and from the ashes of the old the new will emerge.” “What of my children? Will they go through this? My husband mentioned they undergo similar symptoms” asked Venus. “Your children’s awakening is different from yours; they are the descendants of the Nephilim’s of old, they will develop superhuman powers, but their souls are human” said Uriel. “I am struggling to keep up with all of this, you performed magic on her?” said Gabriel, “descendants of Nephilim’s? you mean half angel half human beings That existed but got wiped out by God during the flood he warned Noah about?” Asked Gabriel perplexed. “Yes, Godiel wanted to design beings that looked like the Anlels but slightly different, we have wings and can fly and have magic and advance technology. Godiel or “God” made your race from simple cosmic dust found in this galaxy and with fewer complications. At least he tried to, Anlels are a race of protectors we are charged with the guarding and observing of several planets and galaxies in the universe, we are not to intervene or communicate with the beings of the worlds we guard unless it is of extreme importance. Some lower-ranking Anlels or “angels” who were charged with guarding and watching the earth interfered and brought forbidden technology and knowledge of Anlel magic to humans which changed the course of your planet’s destiny. Anlels can only mate with Anlels even though we cannot reproduce anymore, race mixing with other life forms was forbidden and since we are one of the oldest beings in the universe it would be chaotic mixing our genes with that of other younger life forms. Those Anlels mated with some humans and Created a whole new hybrids race of Anlels and humans which caused a lot of chaos. You come from a family that is a descendant of the Nephilim’s which is why you and your children have the “Thoth gene”. So, you see you have the Thoth gene which will give you the same superhuman abilities, but you are also the reincarnation of a high-ranking Anlel which makes you something entirely different. Several other Anlels that fell in the war between Santiel and Godiel reincarnated millions of years ago, you are the last reincarnation of the high ranking Anlel “Vira”. Uriel touched her face gently, “I have waited for several millennials for you, I have wandered the cosmos in search of you waiting patiently for the call of your soul, you can’t possibly believe the joy in me after I felt you call out to me.” “This is crazy!” said Venus as she stood up and put distance between her and Uriel, “I can’t be an angel or Anlel or whatever that is and I am not the reincarnation of your ancient lover. I have a husband and two beautiful children; I am struggling with everything that has happened so please I cannot be “the soul of Vira” you have made a mistake. This is too much to take in” said Venus as she grabbed new clothes from the bag and walked to the bathroom and closed the door. “No one would even believe me if I told them all that has unfolded,” said Gabriel as he chuckled. “It’s quite the conundrum you are in angel Uriel, you traveled the stars to answer the call of your soul mate only to find she is a married woman with two kids and a husband who is in danger. I can’t possibly begin to understand what it must have felt like to live so many millennials without your “Vira” but “Venus” right now needs to find her husband “Jesse” and her twins “Artemis and Apollo”, you waited several million years for the “call of her soul” I beg you to put a pause on your plans to reunite with her and help Venus get her family back first and you can figure it out after that” pleaded Gabriel.

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