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Chapter two

“Where are you taking us?” asked Jesse as the agents hurled him and the twins into a plane. “Papa we are scared,” said Artemis holding Apollo’s hand who looked around confused. “Shut up and sit down,” said one of the women as she shoved him in a chair, “both of you sit down there,” she said to the twins as she pointed to a chair. As the agents sat down the twins begun to scream holding their heads and crying out in pain. “Please let me hold them” pleaded Jesse, “I said shut up and sit down” the woman punched him. “The pain will stop eventually they are undergoing the awakening as their powers are being activated.” The plane began to shake, and all the cups and books begun to float. All the agents looked at the twins shocked. The agent that had slapped Jesse begun floating and she cried out in fear. “Don’t you hurt father!” said Apollo as he stared at her. It was Apollo that has caused the plane to shake and everything to levitate. “They have begun unlocking their powers, sedate them or we will all die.” One of the agents shot dart guns at the twins which instantly put them to sleep and everything and the floating agent fell to the ground. Jesse charged at the agent that shot them, but he shot him with the dart too which knocked him out and his body fell to the floor.

Venus came out of the bathroom dressed, “I’m ready to leave” Gabriel who was waiting for her in the room led her to the living room, where Uriel, ava, and another man sat waiting. The living room was filled with high tech computers and weapons. The man walked up to Venus and offered his hand, “I am the arms dealer, my name is Princewill” he said as they shook hands. “Princewill here brought a lot of high-tech weapon goodies,” said Gabriel excited. “Any new update ava?” asked Gabriel. “Not yet their flight has not arrived yet, I’ll let you know as soon as it does” answered Eva who sat in Infront of a huge computer screen. “Thank you,” said Venus to Eva “let us see what you brought,” said Gabriel to Princewill who grinned and opened a bag filled with all the high-tech weapons and he began explaining what each of them was. Uriel stood at the corner of the room unable to take his eyes off Venus. His “Vira” had finally reincarnated and the human she reincarnated in was lovely, he didn’t care much about petty human issues but this was more, Vira’s soul had chosen to reincarnate into Venus’s vessel a woman who is married with children and in love with her husband. The thought of her married to another frustrated him, if only her soul had awakened years ago before she had kids and fell in love with her husband, it would have made it easier convincing her to leave earth with him but now he had more complications to deal with especially now that he knew Damiens were carrying out their illegal trafficking of humans with the “Thoth” gene. This whole situation was beneath him and he never interfered in the affairs of lesser life forms, but she was his soulmate, he could not walk away. She was beautiful, Venus was 5’8 of caramel complexion and big beautiful brown eyes of African descent.

She was young, fit and strong, no doubt the result of many years in the military. A warrior just like “Vira” had been in her past life, he had envisioned this moment several times, when he would reunite with her never did, he imagine he would find himself in this predicament. “They have arrived,” said Ava, “let us go then,” said Venus as she led the way out of the house. “Ava you stay, you are our eyes and ears and we need Someone on the ground to help coordinate,” said Gabriel. “Are you coming?” Said Venus to Uriel who she noticed kept staring at her. “Perhaps he wants to fly on angel wings to Argentina?” teased Gabriel. “Angel wings?” asked Princewill confused, “Uriel is an alien” said Gabriel to Princewill, “I could, but I’ll accommodate you humans and fly with you in your plane.”

“We have arrived, take the children to the facility, and be fast before they wake up.” Said agent 1. “What of the father what are we to do with him?” Asked one of the female agents, “dispose of him” replied agent 1. Other agents carried the children and exited the plane, Jesse was passed out on one of the chairs the female agent walked towards him and kicked him as she held a gun to his head. “Wake up!” she said, Jesse came to and looked around in fear, “where are my children? Tell me what you have done to my kids”. The agent slapped him “shut up! You do not ask the questions around here. Now get up and walk.” Jesse unbuckled the seat belt and got up and walked out of the plane. There was a car waiting, they walked towards the car and got in. The car drove for about thirty minutes before it stopped. “Get out,” said the agent, “where are we?” asked Jesse. “Get out!” she said pointing the gun at him.

Jesse knew the agents planned to kill him because they had driven to the middle of nowhere. His heart and mind began to race fear about never seeing his wife or their kids ever again consumed his mind. He knew he had to act fast, Jesse got out of the car; the agent got out also holding the gun at him. “Start walking and don’t try anything funny, you won’t survive,” said the agent, “you don’t have to do this please let me go, I’ll pay you anything just name your price, please help me” pleaded Jesse. They had been walking for a few minutes when the agent told him to stop and turn around. “Before you kill me, please tell me, where are we?” “We are in Salta in Argentina” replied the agent. Suddenly there was a movement in the grass that distracted the agent; Jesse launched at her knocking her to the ground and grabbing the gun. The agent was dazed and realized she was now at his mercy. Jesse held the gun at her, “now tell me miss, where are my children being taken to?” “I don’t know,” said the agent, Jesse cocked the gun and held it to her head. “Listen, lady, I have been kidnapped, beaten, dragged halfway across the world I won’t ask again, where are my children being taken to.” “I’m being honest I don’t know but the agent in charge knows. He knows more than the rest of us.” “So where can I find this agent?” asked Jesse. “If I tell you, he will kill me,” said the agent. “Well if you don’t tell me I will kill you” warned Jesse as he held the gun closer to her head. “Ok he frequents a salsa/ tango club when he is in town,” the agent went on to describe the location. “Thank you,” said Jesse as he shot her in her head, “that’s for my kids.” Jesse snuck back to where the driver parked the car waiting, he held a gun to the driver and motioned him to step out. The driver opened the door scared and stepped out, “give me your wallet and take off your suit,” said Jesse. The driver obliged “please don’t kill me begged the driver I have a wife and kids,” as he slowly reached for his gun in hopes of killing Jesse. “I have a wife also who is unaware of where I am and probably worried sick and kids also who you dragged off to only God knows where and you were going to kill me too, where was your mercy?” said Jesse as he shot the driver in the head before he could reach his gun; Jesse got in the car and drove away.

Venus sat looking out of the window in the plane, “Mira Que Paso? don’t worry we are going to get Jesse, Artemis, and Apollo back, they are alive think positive mi amor” said Gabriel. “I appreciate the optimism G, but I cannot be at peace until I hold them in my arms.” She got up and started pacing. “You need to rest ma’am it’s a long flight.” Said Princewill. “Any word from Ava?” asked Venus. “No, other than the fact that they arrived in Salta Argentina” said Gabriel. Uriel was quiet with his eyes closed, “Uriel?” Asked Gabriel but he got no reply. “Is he asleep?” asked Venus. “I don’t know do angels sleep?” replied Gabriel. “Yes, they do, it is called the “replenishing,” said Uriel as he opened his eyes. “Your husband and kids have been separated, your children are being transported to a hidden facility as we speak, and they tried to kill your husband but he escaped and killed his captors, he is going after them,” said Uriel as he looked at Venus who was looking at him. “How sure are you of what you say?” asked Venus as she sat next to him. “I can telepathically track them”, “please how are my babies?” She asked. “Their powers have begun manifesting; they are scared because of the separation from their father” said Uriel. “My poor babies,” said Venus as tears ran down her eyes. “I can help you get a message across to them if you would like? said Uriel. “How can you do that?” asked Venus, “I can project your astral form to wherever they are, and they will be able to see and hear you”. “Please Uriel let’s do it.” He took her hands and they closed their eyes.

Artemis and Apollo sat in twin beds in an empty white room, there were other rooms in the building filled with people from different parts of the world of different ages. Venus’s astral form appeared in the room, Artemis and Apollo looked up excited they screamed “mommy” and ran towards her but could not touch her. “Babies don’t be scared mommy isn’t fully here but I’m coming to get you. Mommy is coming to take you home; I miss you so much my babies and I am so sorry”. “I’m scared mom,” said Apollo “the bad guys took us away, when we woke up, we didn’t see daddy anymore.” “We are scared the bad guys’ hurt dad,” said Artemis. “Don’t be my loves dad is ok and we will both find and get you. Do not tell anyone you spoke to mommy ok it will be our secret. The bad guys cannot know ok. I love you both so much.” “Ok mommy” they both answered, and she disappeared. Venus gasped and opened her eyes looking at Uriel, “that was incredible such amazing powers you have.” “After your transmutation, you will unlock all your cosmic powers stored in the memories of your soul.” Replied Uriel. Venus smiled; “the headaches are gone I don’t feel my insides ripping apart anymore.” “It’s because I cast a spell to slow down the process, to give you more time. The headaches and visions will eventually return” explained Uriel. “Now I must talk to Jesse” said Venus, Uriel nodded and closed his eyes.

Jesse checked into a local motel close to the tango/ salsa club the agent he was hunting frequented. He had just eaten brunch and taken a shower. As he walked out of the bathroom, he heard a voice, “Jesse!” “Jesus Christ” he screamed as he grabbed his gun and looked at where the voice came from. “Venus?” he said shocked “how are you here?” he walked towards her and tried touching her but could not hold her form. “What’s going on?” he asked. “My love it’s a long story I will explain everything when we are finally together. I am on a flight right now heading to you. We will arrive soon tell me where you are, so I come straight to you, I have spoken to the kids it seems like they are being held in an underground facility. I am guessing somewhere in this very city.” Jesse was stunned “I woke up on the plane to find them gone, I am so sorry my love I failed you.” “No don’t say that this isn’t your fault you couldn’t have known. As soon as I land, I am coming straight to you wait for me.” “The agent that took them frequents the salsa club just down the road. I am going to put a bullet in him and find our kids.” “Babies wait for me I am bringing back up so that way we have a better chance of saving them. I saw there were other people underground with Apollo and Artemis, and that place is heavily guarded. You would be killed before you even make it there.” “What back up?” “I have Gabriel with me and some new friends. I’ll be with you soon my love, wait for me.” She said as she disappeared; Jesse looked around in shock. He could not believe what had happened his wife just spoke to him then disappeared. “He is ok, they are all ok,” Venus said with relief. “See mi amor I told you, we will be arriving in an hour. We will get to them soon.” Gabriel assured her. “Thank you so much all of you”.

There was a knock on the door, Jesse looked through the door hole and opened it, “my love!” He grabbed her and kissed her deeply, “I have missed you, my love.” Everyone else stood at the door watching them, “I think we will wait downstairs” said Gabriel as he left with Uriel and Princewill, Venus and Uriel looked at each other as Uriel walked away. “After I got home and realized you and the kids were gone, I searched the house and found your video, and Gabriel and Uriel helped get me to you”. “How did your astral project to me, my love? that was out of this world and unlike anything I have seen, is your Thoth gene activated? Apollo displayed new telekinetic powers on the plane, he made everything float and the plane turbulent.” “No, I haven’t activated my Thoth gene yet, Uriel astral projected my spirit to you” said Venus. “Uriel is an alien well an Anlel from the same galaxy as the beings you mentioned in your video” explained Venus. “He is one of them? So why is he helping us?” asked Jesse. “He isn’t one of them, he is something different” said Venus. “That still doesn’t explain why he would help you” replied Jesse suspicious of Uriel’s intentions. “My love I think that Uriel is the least of our worries right now” replied Venus. “Venus you brought an alien who is from the same galaxy as the ones that kidnapped our children, I think he is something to worry about; what is going on Venus?” asked Jesse.

“Uriel is on earth because he thinks his soulmate “Vira” has been reincarnated and he thinks I am her vessel.” said Venus. “Excuse me? He thinks you are his reincarnated soulmate?” Jesse laughed. “Well, that’s ridiculous and absurd Venus.” “I know it sounds crazy and bizarre, but my headaches and visions were getting worst and he calmed them and took them away and, in my visions, I see him there.” said Venus. “So, you think you are his soulmate also?” asked Jesse annoyed at the idea that his wife was the reincarnated lover of an alien. “This is too much for me to take in” said Jesse. “He is from a race of aliens called the Anlels or Angels as we know them in religion” Jesse looked at her stunned. “So, angels are real and are aliens too? What’s next God is an alien too?” asked Jesse, “well, something like that” replied Venus. Jesse held Venus’s face “you are my wife, the love of my life and mother of my beautiful children. I will not let an alien angel take you away from me. I love you (Ana bahebak) he said as he kissed her deeply.” “I love you too Jesse” replied Venus. Jesse was of Egyptian descent, 6ft3 tall with light brown eyes and black beards which Venus made him grow because she said it added to his masculine energy and made him look dangerous and sexy; Jesse and Venus met years ago when she was in the military and stationed in Egypt. They began dating and fell in love, and he proposed to her after two months of dating and told Venus he did not see himself being with anyone else and wanted to return to Nigeria with her as his wife. They got married in Egypt and moved to Nigeria together to begin a new life.

There was a knock on the door again, “come in” said Jesse. Gabriel, Uriel and Princewill entered; Princewill offered his hand to Jesse and introduced himself, “I am Princewill the arms dealer and weapons expert” “pleasure being acquainted” replied Jesse with a handshake. “And you must be Uriel, the alien angel that thinks my wife is his soulmate,” said Jesse. Uriel looked at Jesse annoyed at the insolence in which he spoke to him. “I will forgive your disrespect human because you do not understand who you speak to.” “Are there no women on your world is that why you have made up such a ridiculous story so you can take my wife, I do not trust you and you could be working with the very same aliens that took our children?” said Jesse as he walked towards Uriel. As things got heated Princewill and Gabriel stepped in between Jesse and Uriel. “Gentlemen calm down,” said Princewill, “there is no time for this Artemis and Apollo are in danger that should be our focus, getting my babies back safely,” said Venus. “I am sorry my love, said Jesse as he kissed her, “the agent who has information about our children’s location frequents the tango club down the road, it’s going to be packed tonight, we have to be able to get in capture him without drawing too much attention” explained Jesse. “I’ll do it, I’ll be the one to capture him,” said Venus. Both Uriel and Jesse said “no!” and looked at each other. “It’s too dangerous enta Habibi (love of my heart)” said Jesse. “I’ll do it, I can get him easily and I can’t be hurt so I’m the one for the job” said Uriel. “No offense all-powerful one, but I don’t think you expect him to willingly follow you out of a club filled with people without raising an alarm” said Gabriel. “It’s settled then I’ll have a better chance of getting him to come with me willingly” said Venus. “Let’s go dress shopping mi amor you need to kick ass in something lovely” said Gabriel. Uriel stood in front of the door blocking Venus and Gabriel’s exit. “You are going through transmutation and you are endangering your life. Until you activate your Thoth gene and complete your transformation you should stay close by where I can watch and protect you” said Uriel. “My children have been taken to only God knows where and I don’t know how long before they will be moved again If you think you can stop me you are in for a rude awakening, Damien or Anlel, no one is going to stop me from getting to that agent,” said Venus as she forced her way out of the room with Gabriel behind her.

Jesse watched how Uriel felt protective about Venus and it unnerved him seeing how Uriel was with her and processing all she had revealed to him about Uriel’s connection to her made him extremely uncomfortable. “She is not yours to protect” said Jesse, “well you aren’t much of a protector being that you are just human and seeing as you endangered her, you shouldn’t be one to talk” “Alien or not you have a lot of nerve, you don’t care about our kids, you just want to worm your way into Venus’s life, with your bullshit stories about reincarnation and you think pretending to want to help and being benevolent will score you cool point?”. “Jealousy is such an ugly trait, human your insecurities are loud” “there is nothing to be jealous of, she is my wife and in love with me, why don’t you go find another woman to be your soulmate, the earth is filled with them and if you were such a good protector, your soulmate wouldn’t have died in the first place and have to be reincarnated ” “careful how you speak to me, you do not want to anger me” “ come on guys that’s enough, you aren’t kids, you sound like teenagers feuding over the same woman” said Princewill. “Walk us through the role we will play while Venus is in the club with the agent?” Said Jesse to Princewill, Princewill explained the plan to Jesse and Uriel.

Venus tried on a red dress and shoes, “si mi amor this is the one!” said Gabriel. “You look like you steal hearts and kick ass. Don’t look so gloom we will get Artemis and Apollo back have faith” said Gabriel. “I feel like my life has been rocked and everything I thought I believed in challenged. What if we don’t make it to them on time G I don’t know what I would do if I don’t see my babies ever again.” “Dios no lo quiera Venus don’t think like that, we will get that agent and find out where the twins are. Did you see the way Uriel looked at you and Jesse when you kissed? Mi amor you have yourself a serious problem that alien angel is in love with you” Said Gabriel. “I don’t want to even think about that now G, I told Jesse about Uriel thinking I’m Vira’s reincarnation and he got so upset at the thought of it,” said Venus. “Well can you blame him? a beautiful alien angel has come to take his wife away I would be red with jealousy and anger if I was Jesse. But tell me mi amor is it true do you believe you are her reincarnation” asked Gabriel. “To be honest G the visions I have been getting about a strange world with beings with wings are mind blowing and then I see Uriel and he kisses me and we are happy together, I feel warm and safe. G, I just don’t know what I am going to do, I feel split in two, the visions came with the headaches but now I am piecing them together and I fear he might be right because why am I feeling this familiar pull to him. And when we were in the room, I could feel everyone’s emotions and hear all your thoughts, my powers are manifesting G”. “Ay Dios mios, Mira your life just became even more complicated”. “No G don’t say that I love Jesse he is my husband and father to my children; he has done so much for us. I’m not going to abandon him for the strange alien”. “V if you are Vira’s reincarnation which means after your transmutation you will change and have all her memories and feelings, what are you going to do? You will be faced with a difficult decision having to choose between Jesse and the twins and having to leave with Uriel; if Uriel is to be believed you both have been in love for millions of years and your souls tied together. Mi amor that’s not something you can ignore, and Uriel is determined to get his soulmate back; what are you going to do?” asked Gabriel. “I don’t know and don’t want to think about that” answered Venus.

Venus and Gabrielle returned, “you are back it’s time,” said Princewill; me, Gabriel and Jesse will patrol and surround the building of the club blocking all exists to prevent the agent escaping, Venus and Uriel will go in, Uriel you are strictly in there as back up for Venus since you are immortal and can’t be hurt by bullets. You are not to engage the agent unless things go wrong and Venus needs your assistance. Venus will lure him out of the club through the back exist where Jesse and Gabriel will apprehend him, they got ready and left for the club.

Uriel stood at the corner of the room in the club watching everyone coming in through the main entrance, people were dancing and drinking; everyone was dressed beautifully and a huge beautiful chandelier hung from the ceiling of the room, it was lovely. Jesse radioed everyone “I have my eyes on the agent, he just pulled up and came out of the car, he has people with him, two other men are with him”. “I see him now inside the club and walking to the bar,” said Uriel. “Remember Uriel you are not to approach him as you will alert his suspicion, Venus this is your cue enter the club and work your magic” said Gabriel. Venus entered the club and begun walking towards the bar were the agents sat, Uriel was watching her, he yearned to hold her in his arms and steal her away from the craziness that filled her life; suddenly he grabbed her and pulled her to the dance floor. “I hope your tango is good” asked Uriel as they began dancing and the music changed. “I didn’t know angels danced” “We easily adapt to the cultures of any planet we are in; you look beautiful Venus,” said Uriel as he undressed her mentally with his eyes. “Thank you, Uriel, I know you think I am your fallen soulmate and you came to earth for Vira, but I cannot be your soulmate or leave with you. I am in love with Jesse and committed to my family and will not leave earth with you. I know you are only helping us because you think I am Vira, I don’t want to hurt you or get your hopes up I’m sorry” said Venus. “I know you are Vira and after your transformation, you will remember who you were. If you open your mind to me, I will show you our world and our life in the past together. Uriel leaned in and kissed her, suddenly she was transported to a world with a big blue sun and 3 moons. With incredibly beautiful buildings of crystals and winged beings. Suddenly she felt a hand touch hers and it was Uriel and he touched her face and smiled. She looked around in awe of the beauty of High vine, “it’s beautiful Uriel but I can’t stay” she said. She opened her eyes and they were back at the club she pushed Uriel away, “don’t ever kiss me again I am married and have children, that means nothing to you because they are just humans, but they mean everything to me”. She walked away towards the agent, moments later they were walking hand in hand, she and the agent and they made their way towards the exist. Uriel radioed everyone, “she got him and is on her way out with him through the back door”. Once they went out through the door the agent tried kissing her “now pretty lady show me all you said you would do to me” she punched him then kicked him, they began fighting but she bested him and knocked him unconscious. Jesse, Princewill, and Gabriel showed up and carried the agent into the car and drove off.

“Wake up!” Said Jesse as he slapped the agent, the agent woke up confused, “do you remember me?” asked Jesse. “You are supposed to be dead” replied the agent. Jesse punched him hard in his face. The agent began bleeding. “Now you are going to tell me where you took my children to or so help me god, mine will be the last face you see before you die”.

The agent laughed “You fool, your children are lost to you, you are too late, they are gone”. Venus charges at him punching him, “tell us where our children are, or I will kill you!”. “Ah I see you are the mother; I do not fear death, your children are gone they are now the property of the Damiens, so do your worst”. Jesse held Venus back as she proceeded to punch the agent. Uriel walked up to the agent and placed his index finger on his forehead, the agent began to scream and then he deteriorated into dust. Princewill, Gabriel, Jesse, and Venus stared at Uriel in horror. “Why did you do that now we will never know where our children are” Said Jesse. “He was wasting your time and had no intention of telling you anything. Your children are no longer on earth from what I gathered in his mind, they are being transported to a different planet where they will undergo training and have their minds wiped”. Venus screamed and fell to the ground holding her head. Jesse held her helplessly in his arms, “what’s happening Habibi?”, “It’s her transformation I slowed it down for a while but now the psychic blocks I put in her mind have waned and her transmutation has begun again”, “what do you mean” asked Jesse confused. “Not only does Venus have the Thoth gene but she is the reincarnated celestial “Vira” her body mind and spirit are breaking down, so she is reborn”. Jesse charges at Uriel and held his shirt in his fist. “She Is my wife not your soulmate stops whatever it is you are doing to her now!”. Venus stopped crying out in pain and passed out, Jesse rushed back to her; Princewill, and Gabriel stood helpless and watched, “what are we going to do?” asked Gabriel. “I have to take her away from here, her body is going to burn and the energy she will emit will destroy the whole planet, you and everyone is in danger”. Gabriel held her hand, “she is burning up Uriel do something, you have to slow down her transformation”. “The more I slow it down the more painful it is for her”, “please” begged Jesse “I can’t lose her, and my children at the same time do everything in your power to delay her transformation. Long enough so we figure out how to get our kids back”. Uriel knelt next to Venus and chanted spells over her, “there, that should slow it down for a few more days, there is nothing more I can do she will undergo her transformation”. “Leave us she needs to rest,” said Jesse. “We will be close by in other Rooms if you need us,” said Gabriel as he closed the door and they all left. Jesse sat on the floor holding Venus in his arms. “Jesse,” she said as she opened her eyes. “My love” replied Jesse as he kissed her, “my babies are gone” cried Venus. Jesse held her tightly “I’m so sorry I failed you as a husband and failed as a father. Gabriel said he can get us a spaceship; I don’t care how many years, but we will get our children back”. Venus looked at Jesse crying, “I will kill every one of them that took our children”, said Venus as she got up; she went into the bathroom. Jesse sat on the bed staring out the window, she came out wrapped in a towel Jesse turned and looked at her. He got up and walked towards her and held her and kissed her deeply, moments later she pulled away “I can’t right now Jesse I’m sorry”. “You hate me because we lost Apollo and Artemis, I am to blame for endangering them”. “No don’t say that it’s not your fault” replied Venus. “Then what is it? I have not seen you in two months and I kiss you and you pull away; you have not been the same since you arrived with that alien. He has gotten into your head about that reincarnated soulmate crap, is that what it is? You feel he is your celestial soulmate also?” “I don’t have the time to cater to your ego Jesse”, said Venus as she got dressed. “You are different Venus”, “yes I am different my whole world has been turned upside down, I almost got killed and fought my way through heavily armed soldiers to get to you and my cells are imploding, my mind is being ripped apart and strange memories of strange beings fill my mind; I can’t differentiate between reality and fantasy anymore, so yes forgive me if I am not myself Jesse and not in the mood to make love to you”. “And the truth comes out, you are pulling away from me and saving yourself for your space angel, so you are going to abandon me now that the children are gone, you want to leave with him?” Venus slapped him. “Don’t you dare speak to me in that manner I journey across the world in search of you and the twins how could you ever question my love and loyalty to you and my children”. “I’m sorry Venus forgive me Ana bahebak Habibi,” said Jesse, “it’s just I see the way he looks at you and how protective he feels towards you. Alien or Angel, he desires you. He is a man and I can see he wants you Venus; it drives me crazy to have another want to take you away from me, you are mine”. Venus held his face “I love you and only you Jesse King and we can’t fall apart now; we are a team and need to stay strong for Apollo and Artemis. Let us go to bed it’s been an exhausting ordeal” said Venus. “I can’t lose you too Venus, I won’t survive losing you,” said Jesse as they began to kiss, they undressed each other and Jesse carried her to the bed, he took off her night garment and she took off his shirt and boxers, Venus laid back on the bed and Jesse began to kiss her thighs and made his way up to her nipples and caressed it with his tongue, drawing a circle which made her toes curl, he made his way to her neck and nibbled on her ears, Venus moaned and impatiently sort Jesse’s lips and she wrapped her legs around him, with nowhere else to go, he slid in her, she gasped and moaned out in pleasure.

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