The Lost King

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Chapter 12


Finally Making it back home, Jabar dropped Sasha's bags by the front door and kept it moving. He no doubt had had enough of her for one night. Besides, he probably was going to go fill everybody else in on what happened.

I grabbed the bags and made my way upstairs, I could hear her small footsteps behind me. Me or Alpha didn't really think things through not only will I have to find somewhere for her to sleep for the night I still haven't talked with Gma about the situation.

I didn't know if her friend would be alright taking in another person. I already had my pack and pride coming along so even if one more person didn't seem like a lot it really was especially with us not knowing if he had space for her. I didn't want to get her there and didn't have anywhere for her to go, after taking her from her last situation I felt some kind of responsibility for her. I had to keep my word. Goddamn Alpha I thought opening my room door.

"We don't have much space here but you could take my bed," I said looking around my room that I was going to miss, especially my bed. Gma got me that bed when I turned 15, I had outgrown my full so Gma saved up and got me a Cali king bed that took up so much space in my room she had to trade rooms with me. Yea I was gone miss it a lot, ain't no telling what kind of beds her friend had.

"And where you gone sleep because we not sleeping together," she said surprisingly with no attitude I guess that talk worked for her.

"Ima take the couch downstairs, give you some privacy," I said grabbing PJs for me to throw on, I was ready to knock out it really has been a long day. Me being tired would be me minimizing how sleepy I really was. Sasha stepped in front of me stopping me from leaving.

"You don't have to I could sleep down there, this is yo bed," she said waving her had towards the bed. Trying to step around her, she blocked my path.

"Nah I'm good, go head take the bed," I said moving around her quickly leaving out giving her no time to say anything else. Shutting the door behind me.



Shaking my head I turned around and looked at his room. It was neat for it to be a dude room. As I looked around I started to feel lonely and I really wanted to call him back but as I thought about it, if I was him I wouldn't want to be near me either.

I knew I had been mean to him when all he was trying to do was help but what did he expect I don't even know him. Even still he didn't have to do what he did but he did and for that, I was very grateful even though I didn't show it. I just don't want to think about it anymore. It was all too much.

After the conversation we had on the walk back to his house I kind of felt like shit but didn't know how to apologize. How do you say sorry to a stranger who took you from your house on some Debo shit and saved you for only god knows what, after accusing him of stalking you?

Maybe another time I thought as I looked through my bag and took out what I considered as PJs. A really big t-shirt that dropped way past my knees and went to freshen up, I still had blood on my face plus I needed a shower. Peeking my head out the door I looked to see if anybody was out there seeing the cost was clear I rushed out moving quick, going door to door until I found the bathroom. After handling my business I got comfortable on his bed which wasn't hard seeing that the bed swallowed me whole.


Laying on the couch didn't last long with everybody coming down like they was about to have some kind of slumber party or something. First the twins then Ky then Jabar who looked as if he just got out the shower. He definitely needed it after all that work he put in back at where they found Sasha. I made a mental note to let him know I appreciated his help on that. Everybody seemed to be down there including my pride.

"What?" I asked ready for them to say what they gotta say so I could catch some Zzz. I really was tired.

"Lets just cut to the chase that's his girl and she gone be staying here for a while," Jabar said with the biggest koolaide smile on his face. I knew he wasn’t gone pass up a chance to tease me. This was the first female I ever paid attention to let alone cared about enough to go out of my way to help her. I usually dismiss these chicks around here, not giving them the time of day even with them throwing themselves at me. I just wasn’t interested.

That made me laugh cause I already knew this was coming.

"She is not my girl just someone I'm helping. Plus she was kind of already invited to become a part of our group" I said still uncomfortable with calling them a pack out loud.

"So she one of us one of us us?" Derrick asked

"yea and she don't know just yet so let's not have this conversation right now," I said looking towards the stairs trying to see if she was creeping. That was one conversation I was gone put off as long as he could. I barely knew what was happening, I didn’t have time to explain everything to her right now.

"Come on yall boys.. and girls, I'm tired as fuck right now we could talk later," he said making sure to acknowledge everybody, I didn't want them to think I was ignoring them since they haven't had much hanging out time.

"You just don't want us talking about your girl," Jabar said teasingly which caused him to get smacked with a pillow

"gone head with that" I said laughing at Jabar waving my hand in a dismissing that.

"So that means she single, "Errick asked rubbing his hands together. That killed my smile immediately.

"No," I said with a finality that let Errick know whatever he was thinkin was out of the question. I was irritated that he even asked, and I didn't know why.

"He already called dibs E it was a wrap for you before you even knew it," Jabar said laughing.

"I didn't call nothing but right now I know she not gone try to talk don't even waste your time brah," I said trying to downplay my annoyance at where the conversation was headed. She was single but that didn't mean I wanted my brothers trying to get with her. The thought of that alone irked my soul.

"Alright yall boys I'm going to sleep," I said giving them my back as a signal of the conversation being over, I didn't even want to talk about it no more.

They all got up and left even Jabar who was laughing his ass off. I knew he there was more to the story, he just didn’t know what. By the way I snapped on E let him know Plus I saw the way he watched us interact with each other. Even with us arguing most of the time I knew he something was popping off between the two rather I admitted it or not.

Morning came sooner than I thought I felt like I just closed my eyes only to have to get back up. Being that the couch was uncomfortable to my tall frame I made a pallet on the floor so I could stretch out.

Yawning, I went to stretch only to realize something was wrapped completely around my right side. Making me sweaty on that side. Looking down I was kind of shocked at what I saw. There was Sasha all cuddled up next to me looking like she was getting the best sleep in the world with her arm and leg wrapped across my stomach and chest. Her mouth was hanging wide open with a little bit of slob coming out. I went to close her mouth as soon as I did I seen a flash. Looking up there was Jabar snapping pictures of us together.

"Aww young love how cute," he said teasing, "thought she wasn't ya girl, what's going on here then?" He asked pointing his finger back and forth at them.

"honestly brah I don't know. I woke up like this I woke up like this" I said using Beyoncé’s line, making Jabar bust out laughing. A laugh I knew woke the house, if they wasn’t already up. Looking over at the clock I knew it was time to get up anyway. We had a long journey ahead of them plus I still haven't talked to Gma.

"You loud as hell right now," I said trying to slide my body from up under hers. I didn't even feel her get down there with me last night. I must've been tired tired I thought finally freeing myself, standing and stretching.

Looking at her now without the blood on her face I could see what she actually looked like. Well not really because her face swollen in a few places but I kind of got an idea of how she will look when all of that goes down. She was really pretty in a natural way with her slanted brown eyes. They wasn’t the sleepy slanted that looked like she was sleepy all day long though, her button nose and full lips added to her pretty brown face. Her natural hair was all over the place, I didn’t pay attention yesterday. With her being sleep I noticed more than I did before.

"Damn brah take a picture it'll last longer," Jabar said bringing me back down to reality. I almost forgot he was there.

"Standing there staring like a creep," Derrick said From behind me joining us.

"I wasn't staring I was thinking about something," I said dipping down covering her up seeing that she only had on a big t-shirt. I was gone have to talk to her about that she can't be walking around like that with all these dudes in the house. It wasn't that I didn't trust them cause I did, I just didn't want them looking at her like that. Brushing past them I went to look for Gma. Finding her in the kitchen getting breakfast ready.

"What I tell you about staring," she said turning around with a smile on her face.

"ma bad your beauty took over my senses, I don't know where my manners went," I said walking over giving her a kiss on the cheek and telling her good morning.

"I need to talk to you about something," I said taking a seat.

"Yes there's room for her, no it's not gone be a problem and the last question I will not answer. You'll find that out in due time. Oh, and I'm having your bed sent to you." she said turning around looking at me.

Who, on the other hand, sat with my mouth hanging, shocked. She answered everything I was gone ask before I asked. Outside of my last question.

"I won't answer that because I want you to figure it out on your own."

That wasn’t good enough for me but I knew Gma wasn’t going to give me more than what she already did. I just wanted to know why I felt attached to Sasha. I knew it wasn't the brotherly attachment I had with everybody else, there was more to it. More than I could even describe because I didn't really know what these feelings was so explaining it was kind of hard.

Waking up next to her this morning with her all over me like that made my heart skip a beat. I only knew her for not even a full day it's only been hours so having any feelings for her confused the fuck out of me. I barely knew her yet I was mad when E even mentioned getting at her. What is wrong with me? Maybe it's just pity over the situation she was coming from I thought.

“Or maybe you crushing on her, I mean this the first time you even looked at a female like that” Alpha said laughing.

Please, that wasn't it or was it? Maybe, I never really been that close to a female especially one dressed in so little, with her thighs and stuff all out. Maybe being that close to her made me feel like this.

Fingers being snapped in my face brought me back to the conversation. Laughing Gma shook her head.

"I'm a seer I know things, I will say this though keep her close Kas. Protect her and never stray from that. Her wolf knows what they are she's not quite there yet. She’s going to need you, so take it easy on her" she said giving me a knowing look before she turned back and continued cooking.

"Go and get everybody up its 7 now y'all bus leave at 10. It won't be a long ride, about 2 hours if I still remember, I haven't been there in a while."

"Why won't you come with us," I said really wanting her to be there every step of the way. She was my guiding light and I just wanted her near.

"I can't. I want you to learn and grow without me being there to tell you what to do. I will always be here for you, for all of yall but here is where our journey together ends, at least for now. Now I need you to be the leader I know you are and if for any reason you really need me I'm one phone call away." she said walking over giving me a long hug, knowing this will not be the last we’re going to see each other but still. I hugged her tightly.

Placing her hands on both of my cheeks she looked me over like she was trying to burn the way I looked into her memory. I was leaving a boy but when I came back I was going to be a man. The man she raised. She had faith that Maynard will help us even the werecats. Giving me a kiss on the cheek she went back to what she was doing.

Getting up to do as I was told I went to wake everybody up but Jabar already beat me to it. Sitting in the living room was everybody chit-chatting, seemingly getting along even Jabar and Romel. Looking around I noticed somebody was missing and that somebody was Sasha. Before I could even ask Derrick pointed up smirking letting me know where she was, seeing me look around the room he knew I could only be looking for one person and one person only because everybody else was there even the kids.

Nodding my head I made my way upstairs, completely ignoring the smirk on Derricks face, going to my room cause that's the only place I could think of outside of the bathroom, I knew she wasn't there since the door was wide open.

Walking to my room I saw the door was cracked peeking in I seen Sasha standing there in nothing but her panties and bra. Her t-shirt was on the ground around her feet looking as if she just took it off. Taking in everything that was her I couldn't help but stare, granted she didn't have much in the chest department but everything else was on point.

Her toned stomach and thighs stuck out likes sore thumb. Her being flat-chested didn't take anything away from her beauty. Stepping back I cleared my throat before knocking feeling like a full-blown creep. After everything she been through and with me knowing what she been through, I shouldn't be looking at her like that.

"Breakfast ready" I said avoiding eye contact. Feeling guilty for sneaking a peek.

I didn't want to stare or make her uncomfortable in any way. I barely stuck my head through the door trying to give her some privacy. Without waiting for an answer I shut the door and went back downstairs. She really should be more careful, I could’ve been anybody. Trying to block the images of her out of my mind, I joined everybody in the living room. I was really feeling like a perv right now.

"You good" Errick asked looking at me, if I wasn’t near him I wouldn’t have heard him. She really is sexy as fuck I thought completely ignoring anything that was being said to me before turning and heading into the kitchen.


I came down a while later. I was having a shy moment, this was going to be the first time meeting everybody officially. I saw them when I woke up and in passing but didn't stop to talk considering the first time there I was bloody and talking hella shit.

Feeling embarrassed for my past actions had me sitting in Kas room not really wanting to come down until it was time to leave to go wherever it was that everybody was going.

“They probably don't want to be around me anyways” I said out loud. Fuck, if they was leaving then where was I going to go I thought. I knew I couldn't go back to Kevin, not after what happened not yet anyways. Is he just gonna drop me on the side of the road like a piece of trash or something? He did say I could stay for a week, Hope he don’t change his mind.

"Kas is waiting for you now he even made you a plate" An older women said gliding her way in the room taking a seat on the bed near me. This must’ve been his mother.

"You know he likes you right," she said making unwilling blush. I not gone lie and say I haven’t checked Kas out because I did. His dark brown skin glowed especially when he smile or licked his full lips showing his dimples. Those deep brown eyes always seem to read me like a book, I couldn't help it especially last night with him laying there on the floor in nothing but a T-shirt and basketball shorts.

The shorts hanging low on his waste showings his Hanes underwear, he must’ve been hot because his shirt was pulled up showing his 8 pack and that V shape that trailed down. I had to stop myself from looking at his little friend. I felt like a creep standing over him just looking at him.

I just knew he didn't like me like that though, as mean as he be sometimes, that's why I snuck down there last night. I knew he wouldn’t volunteer his services so I did what I had to do plus I couldn’t get no sleep in his bed.

“I don’t think so they was her act, plus he is way out of my league. I’m sure he can fine somebody prettier than me “ I thought I said to myself but ended up saying it out loud.

"Yes he could he is very handsome all my sons are but he wants you what other reason does he have to do as much for you as he did? He maybe a little mean and to the point but that’s just him. Don't sell yourself short you, would be missing out on something special that only he could give you. Now I'm not saying to jump into anything with him because I know you just got out of a sticky situation but keep this conversation in mind for future reference. I got a good feeling you're going to be around way longer than you think." She said with a warm smile tapping me twice on the hands before making her exit.

Giving me something to think about as I made my way downstairs. Do he like me like that? I questioned myself before Sitting down eating with everybody else. Looking around the table my eyes landed on him as we made eye contact, looking away I blushed. Do he like me? I wondered.

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