The Lost King

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Chapter 1


Breakfast went by quickly with everybody introducing themselves to Sasha. Making her feel welcomed there with them, I on the other hand was quiet just watching everybody trying to see if they was really ok with her being here. Seeing everybody interacting as if they known each other since forever answered that for me.

I noticed Gma kept looking at methen cutting her eyes to Sasha, wveey time I caught her doing it she would just smiled and winked making me smirk. She was the only one who knew I was feeling some kind of way about Sasha at least that's what I thought, everybody picked up on it even Dar who has been very quiet only helping when it was needed. I could see Jabar tap Derrick so I know they peeped it.

”Shes a nice wolf, besides it's looking like I'm out voted anyways” Dar said in a voice that told you if he could smirk he would be.

“What does that mean?” I asked

“Really Kas? Oh my let me find out I got a dumb human. Your wolf has connected with her wolf. They May not be in love but it's something there. I think she might be our...” he was cut off by Alpha

“shut up Dar you don't even know what you talking about” Alpha said upset he was even trying to put him out there like that.

“Oh so everything y’all been feeling is fake then? The attraction y’all are starting to feel. Im just saying it sounds like..” Dar said trailing off, irritating Alpha.

“I swear to the moon if you finish that sentence” Alpha threaten.

“What is y’all talking about? What is she to us and why is you being so secretive Alpha?” I asked they was taking in code and I wasn’t feeling that at all.

“I’m not, I’m just not sure, when I am I’ll tell you.” Alpha said

“Oh please look how mad you got you know you like her just admit it.” Dar teased, I just sat back listening to them and everybody else.

“So what if I do that don't mean she's it, besides what you know about this, thought your kind didn't go through this?” Alpha questioned

“Go through what, one of y’all better tell me something. All the talking around me is starting to piss me off” I said getting pissed, I knew they knew something they wasn’t telling me.

“We dont our process is more human like. From the way Gma explained it. So I'll let y'all take the lead on this one. Just an fyi I like them both too. So if she is who I think she is then I'm ok with that.” Dar said I’m guessing to Alpha fading out having spoke his piece, completely ignoring my question.

“What is he talking about? Who do yall think she is?”

“Not now Kas, if I’m right I’ll tell you. Let’s just focus on our shift.” Alpha said dismissing me. Like I wasn’t the owner of this body or didn’t have the right to know.

Hearing my name called snapped me out the conversation I was in with Alpha and Dar. I didn't realise I was out that long I didn't even finish breakfast. I was curious now as to what my two inner beings was talking about.

"You having a...moment right now" Derrick asked not wanting to say anything until he knew he was in the clear.

"yea I'm good though wassup?" I asked focusing on Derrick

"it's time to go" that made me look at the clock it was 845. Getting everybody packed into Gmas old astro van was going to be a task but they was going to make it happen. They needed to get to the bus terminal by 945 so they could regroup and board the bus. After squeezing everybody in and taking the younger siblings to Ms. May the next door neighbor they were off into the unknown.

The ride to Olean was quicker than I thought it would be. Everybody was excited, we was about to do things that was humanly impossible. Everybody but Sasha, who was just along for the ride she didnt know why we was leaving. I had yet to tell her she was a wolf as well.

How do you tell somebody that? I didn't know how to approach the topic. I knew I would have to tell her something eventually seeing that in a short period of time we all would be shifting. I never got to ask Gma if she would shift too since Alpha invited her to be apart of the pack and she accepted, hopefully not. That would give me more time to tell her.

My phone dinging caught my attention it was Gma. It read yes Kas she will, her connection to you will make it happen.

What connection? I don’t even know her like that. I Sent back, everybody keep talking like they know something yet nobody telling me a damn thing. Gma never text back making me a little tight.

I thought I had more time to explain things, to figure out what’s going on. If she didn't shift that means I would've been able to hide it for as long as I needed to but now that was out the question. Everything was moving so quickly, I still had to figure things out with my own situation, guess I was gone have to put that on my list of things to do next to shifting and helping the pride. If it wasn't one thing it was another. I thought closing my eyes while leaning my head back.

After about 2 hours we was there. Getting off the bus I looked around for someone matching Maynard description. Just then A shuttle van pulled up and this massive man stepped out. He was tall but not as tall as me maybe an inch or two shorter. His muscle was massive like body builder massive, he had an intimidating presences.

”That's him”Alpha told me at the same time me and him connected eyes.


I couldn't believe it my best friend, no slash that, my brothers son was standing before me looking like a replica of his father with darker skin. He was much bigger as well but I could see him all through Kas face. I wanted to go and pull him in a bear hug, this was my first time ever seeing him.

He was suppose to be my god son but with the way life worked out it didn't happen. I watched Kas as he got everybody attention then made their way over to me. Without being able to hold myself back I pulled Kas into a hug anyway not caring how weird it may have seemed. After letting him go and getting myself together I lead everybody to the van where they all climbed in.


The ride to Maynard house was weird for me, dude kept staring at me the whole ride. Every time I turned my head I felt his eyes on me, to be honest, it was starting to annoying me even now, not to mention him hugging me like we was cool like that.

Looking around all you seen was trees. Getting out of the van to get their bags out the trunk I could feel his eyes on me the whole time. I was starting to think dude was gay with how hard he was staring. I was about to call Gma in a minute she sent them to live with a damn creep, I would hate to have to beat his ass but I would.

“He's good Kas I talked to his wolf, he's good he just shocked to see you is all.” Alpha assured Kas.

“Why though I don't know him?”

“He might know us, you didn't know those cats but here they are trust me he good.”

He had a point there I didn't know Romel and them but here they are. Deciding to believe him and give dude a chance I followed behindthe group who was on their way in the house. I was gone keep an eye on dude just in case he be on some weird shit.

I caught up to Sasha since she was in the back of the group, if I didn't know any better I would've thought she was walking slow intentionally. Everybody else was maybe five steps ahead so she wasn't that far behind but it was far enough for me to notice or maybe I was making it up in my head. Chuckling at myself I grabbed her bags and carried them the rest of the way in.


I started to protest but knowing him he wouldn't put them down anyway so I wasn't gone waste my time. Listen to me, acting like I knew him like that. I really didn’t but I did know he was stubborn as hell. Chuckling at myself i felt him look down at me which made me blush. I hope he didn’t think I was crazy.


Maynard's house was huge and looked like one huge cabin. The outside had high ceiling on the wrap around porch. The inside was just as beautiful as the out with high ceiling with beams going across, hardwood and marble floors, marble countertops, 4 and 1/2 half bathrooms, 8 rooms, huge kitchen, living and dining area. Everything was an open floor plan so you could see the house from the front to the back. To say it was spacious would be a lie that joint was massive.

"There's a guest house in the back with 5 rooms and 2 and 1/2 bathrooms. Kason you could pick who goes where." Maynard said still staring at me.

"Why me? This is yo house"I asked confused, why would I be in charge of his house and where people go?

"No, This is your house I just took care of it." He said matter of factly

"What?” I asked laughing waving him off not taking him serious at all. No way this mine and I didn’t know about it.

"How much did Annie tell yall about me?" Maynard asked, he looked amused.

"Outside of teaching us how to be a um.." I struggled with the right word to use in front of Sasha.

"Wolves and a strong ones at that and you. You are the strongest Alpha I’ve ever met, yo power is radiating making my wolf bow. Even your father wolf couldn't get him in line that quickly" Maynard said with a smile on his face.

My father? I thought I wondered how he knew him.

"He said there's something else there but how is that possible?" Maynard questioned stepping closer, studying me.

"Wait a minute what the hell is going on here? What is yall talking about? Who are you to him to be in a house that's his? Who has wolves because I don’t like dogs? And most importantly whats an Alpha and who got powers?" Sasha said cutting in the conversation asking damn near everything that was on my mind, except the Alpha part.

I pinched the bridge of my nose. This muthafucka just had to say all that now I was about to have to explain who and what we is.

"I'm Maynard, Beta to Alpha Jedrek Kason's father" now that shocked everybody none of us was expecting that.

“I made a promise to him to look after these properties as well as other things until Kas was old enough to handle it on his own, I thought I would never get this chance” he said looking at me.

"Wait a minute, Alpha? Beta? What kind of names is that?" Sasha asked confused.

"Is you alright sweety?"Maynard asked looking just as confused as her.

"Yea she good, I haven't really told her yet what was what so she kind of doesn't know," I said looking over to Sasha who was even more confused. Maynard was staring at her hard, to hard for my likings.

"Whats your parents name?" he asked her out the blue.

"Why?" Sasha asked back with an attitude, clearly, upset about something.

"Lil girl who the fuck is you talking to with an attitude," he asked stepped closer which made me step closer to him instinctively. My body moved on its own getting in-between Maynard and Sasha, I didn't know dude like that for him to be all up on her. Now what he wasn't gone do is get in her face.

"Sasha chill. I'll tell you everything later," I said cutting my eyes at her in a daring way that said I dare you to say something back. Sasha crossed her arms with a huff but didn't utter a word.

Maynard stepping back throwing his hands up.

"My apologies, I meant no disrespect, I didn’t know she was..” he said looking at but I wasn’t really listening. He already did too much in my book. The look he was getting from me was anything but friendly stopping him from finishing his sentence. I was trying to calm down, I felt Alpha creeping to the surface.

"You good just don't let it happen again I might not be able to contain myself next time," I said still staring him down. Making Maynard take a step back.

“Kas your eyes” Derrick said making me look over at him blinking a few times.

"What the fuck, what are you?" Maynard asked, “I never seen a wolf with gold eyes let alone eyes that changed multiple colors in an instant like that.”

"That's a conversation for another time. Sasha comes on we got a lot to talk about. I'm going to take the guest house. Sasha, the twins, and Romel will come with me the rest will stay in this house. We have a lot to talk about before the day is out but first I need to get Sasha caught up. Wheres the guest house again?" I asked completely ignoring his questions. I didn’t know him like that to be telling him what I was.

He stood there, just staring at me and the others like we was foreign objects. Snapping my fingers in his face he seem to snap back to reality.

"Right this way," he said as he leads us to a smaller cabin house that looked just as nice as the main house.

Derrick walked on my right side with Errick and Romel in the back Sasha was in front of me. I needed to keep an eye on her plus I knew Errick liked her, he didn’t hide it. He wasn't gone be looking at her ass while I was around I was deading that now.

I didn't know why thinking about Errick talking to her irked my nerves and kind of pissed me off. Shaking away those thoughts I kept walking stealing glances at Sasha here and there. After getting to the house Maynard gave me the keys and retreated back to the main house.

After exploring the house and checking everything out we all picked rooms being that it was 6 of them, somebody was gone have to share. Me knowing that I was taking the biggest room was willing to share with whoever even though I would prefer it to be Sasha. That way I could make sure she good. Why do I even care? I questioned myself for the hundredth time that day. Before anybody could put they bid in Sasha walked past them all and went in the room.

"Guess we know who" Derrick teased going to his room. Errick and Romel laughed but went about they business as well. Turning around I went in the room seeing Sasha sitting on the bed that was way too small for me, I already knew I was gone be sleeping on the floor until my bed came.

"We need to talk," I said sitting beside her.

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