The Lost King

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Chapter 2


"Sasha there are some things you don't know about me" pausing I thought about it.

“Well there's a lot you don't know about me and before I tell you, you need to promise not to go crazy because half of what I am you are too.” I said looking her in the eyes so she know it’s real.

“Oookay? You starting to scare me now” she said looking at me with a worried expression.

”I'm new to this myself so bear with me....I'm a werewolf and a werecat" I said pausing to gauge her reaction, just like the boys she cracked up laughing.

"Really dude I thought you was gone say serial killer or something. That's something I could believe. Why must you play, now tell me what's going on? Talking about werewolf like we in a twilight movie or something and what’s a werecat?" she said wiping her eyes from the tears that was falling, with a sigh I stood up.

"I'm serious Sasha I really am and so are you. In this house right now is a mixture of wolves and Cats. Everybody here is a shifter." I said going over to the window looking out. It was a full moon out tonight.

“She laughing in our face like we gotta lie or something.” Alpha said getting upset she didn’t believe me.

"I don't believe you," she said looking around the room more. Not even trying to entertain the conversation.

"Sasha I'm not playin with you dude, you don't believe me watch. Make sure to pay attention to my eyes" I said walking closer to her, I kneeled in front of her before closing my eyes.

“Alpha you up” I said starting to feel that outer body rush, by now I knew exactly what was happening and did nothing to stop it.

"What’s up? How you doing? I’m Alpha and you?” He asked giving her an award-winning smile showing off our dimples.

"Nice to finally meet the person that has been running her wolf crazy," he said extending his hand for her to shake.


I sat there frozen, his eyes just changed colors right in front of me not only that his whole demeanor changed even his voice was much deeper with a scratchiness to it.

What type of scary movie bullshit is this? Lawd please don't let this boy kill me I thought. Scared as hell I hopped up screaming, running out of the room. Not knowing where I was going I ended up tripping over my own feet knocking myself into a shelf hitting my head.

Laid out hallway getting ready to pass out unbelieving of what just happen, that's not possible I thought as I lay there in a daze.


Alpha came up behind her seeing her on the floor dazed he went over to pick her up but even in a dazed state, she moved back. It wasn't far but it was enough to let him know she was scared.

Closing my eyes again he told Dar to come out, he's better at this kind of stuff. Alpha really didn't have the patience and he wasn't tryna snap on her, he would never hurt her and she needed to understand that. Opening my eyes again looking at Sasha but this time my eyes were Green with the cat slit pupil letting you know it was Dar at the surface, I never felt like this before. With Alpha I felt strong but Dar made me feel on a whole different level. Interesting.

His voice was different than Alphas and mine. His was more smooth and deep. It was a little higher than Barry White but not by that much, kind of like the Allstate man.

"Calm down, we're not going to hurt you," Dar said getting low so they could be face to face.

"your eyes, they they" she passed out completely before finishing her sentence. Dar put his ear to her heart he knew she wasn't dead just knocked out for the time being. I started panicking, I expected her to take the news badly but to go as far as passing out was just a bit dramatic.

“Calm down she alright just in shock, give her a little time she should wake up” Dar said cool as a cucumber, not even batting an eye.

Hearing the commotion all the boys popped out making sure nothing was popping off only to see Sasha laid out in the middle of the hallway.

"What's wrong with her," Derrick asked being the first to speak. Errick, on the other hand, was too busy looking at Romel who was bowing down on one knee wondering what the fuck was wrong with him until he looked Us in the eyes.

"Who are you?" Errick asked.

"I'm Dar Kas other other half," he said giving a side smirk

"we was trying to tell Sasha what she was but she ran and passed out now here we are. It's nice finally meeting y'all " he said extending his hand to the twins and Romel who by the way was still knelt on the ground with his head bowed. Shaking the twins' hands, he turned to Romel

"You could get up now Romel we are not at the pride and I'm not King? no need for all of that" nodding his head Romel did as he was told.

"This is really some freaky shit," Errick said shaking his head.

"So y'all good right," Derrick asked, Dar nodded bending down to pick Sasha up. Seeing that everything was good the boys went back into their rooms. Carrying Sasha back to bed he laid her down and covered her, there was no telling when she was going to wake up.

“This is nice, my first time walking” Dar said walking around the room. Checking out our arms and legs, hopping from on leg to another.

“Guess I’ll go back now” he said balling and unballing our fist.

“Sure you don’t want to stay a while” I asked he seemed so intrigued.

“No I’m good plus I’ll have my time” Dar said before he closed our eyes.

Opening them again I was back in control. I knew I said I was gone have a big conversation with everybody but at this moment I was about to take a nap I was tired as fuck. Changing control over and over drained me. Hopefully when I shifted it wouldn't be so tiring.


Kas slept the rest of that day and most of the next day. I woke up that next afternoon around 12. Jumping up I looked around looking for anything out of the normal, all I seen was a knocked out Kas. He was laid out on the couch that was in the room with his arm draped across his face, I got up and went and stood over him just looking at him. Waiting for something to happen when it didn't I chuckled to myself.

I'm Going crazy I thought as I backed away from Kas. I had the weirdest dream about him, it really seemed so real. I had a headache to go with it and everything but seeing him sleeping so peacefully like that I brushed it off as my mind playing tricks on me, besides there's no way somethin like that could really happen in real life.

Not wanting to bother Kas I decided to explore the house to get to know the place because if anything happens like in my dream I needed to know where to go.

After about 20 minutes of checking everything out I got bored, not seeing anybody in the house and not wanting to walk to the main house by myself I opted to lay on the couch and turned the tv on to watch a movie, twilight was on. That brought me back to the dream I had.

“You know that wasn't a dream right” my conscience said to me.

“It had to be, that cant happens in real life. There's no such thing as werewolves” I argued back

“there is what do you think we are? Do you really think I'm just a fragment of yo imagination? I'm your wolf” it said

“Yeah sure you are” I said cause there’s no way I’m a wolf or have a wolf or whatever. I don’t even like dogs. This couldn't be right, there's no way I’m a werewolf I wasn't about to let myself feed into the bullshit, these people had me going crazy.

“Call it what you want I'm not going anywhere, the sooner you accept it the better. Everybody will be changing soon and I would hate for it to be painful for you” My conscious said.

"This is crazy, I’m really sitting her arguing with myself" I said out loud.

“yea that's what everybody thinks at first but once you accept me you'll get used to it. You should be happy we have a pack and we have a strong Alpha you should be proud to be apart of his pack I know I am.” It said. A pack? Is this some kind of cult I wondered.

“It’s not a cult, a pack is a family. Forever family. They will never leave you. They are loyal and trustworthy. We have a good pack you should be proud”

“plus our alpha fine as hell” It said making me blush. He was fine as hell with all that chocolate. Stop Sasha it's too soon what about Kevin. I thought shaking my head at myself. I’ve been getting too comfortable with Kas knowing Kevin probably looking for me.

“Fuck him, there are other people out there. Anyways our soulmate is somewhere out there waiting for us Sasha. We just have to be patient” it said to me.

I couldn't believe myself really sitting here having a conversation with myself, who call itself a wolf, Kevin must've really knocked something loose in my head for me to be this crazy, first I go with a total stranger to the middle of god knows where now here I was talking to myself.

Shaking my head I blocked “the wolf” out and looked at the tv. My mind was too boggled with everything that's been happening to watch it but seeing the part where Jacob pack was on the screen as huge Wolves I wondered are wolf shifters really real? Or is my mind playing a cruel joke on me?


Waking up I looked at the clock on the wall. It read 12 midnight. Alpha woke us up because he sensed somebody was in the house, another wolf who he didn't recognize.

Stretching I looked over at where Sasha was laying on the bed only to see an empty spot, making me uneasy. Alpha not liking that somebody was sneaking around the house asked me for control. With him in control we would be able to hear and see better, something I wouldn't be able to do until we shifted especially not with the wolf being so far away.

Before I could agree I heard something that sounded like broken glass coming from downstairs without thinking twice I went towards the noise. I didn't know where anybody was, the house was really quiet. So quiet you could hear a mouse pissing on cotton. Creeping downstairs Alpha was listening to any and all sounds.

Meanwhile downstairs


My power nap was interrupted by something breaking in the kitchen, looking at the clock and seeing that it was midnight I wonder who broke some glass. Everybody was too old to be breaking stuff. I hope they clean it up cause I’m not I thought tucking myself deeper in the couch.

We been in the house all day alone, well I was alone alone since Kas was asleep. Just thinking about it being Kas kind of scared me a bit, that dream being brought back to the forefront of my mind.

For a second I thought about going to see what it was but changed my mind after I seen a shadow fly past me. Oh hell naw I thought sitting up straight, straining my eyes trying to see what it was because going to check it out was out of the question. Hearing another noise behind me I whipped around only to be met by the teeth of this giant brown....wolf?

This was no regular wolf, it was big I'm talking twilight wolf huge maybe a little bigger and it was snarling it's teeth at me crouched down.

I was completely scared, hopping up a little too fast for the wolf's liking. I knew If I could make it upstairs I would be good.

Giving a low growl let me know know that things was about to get real if I moved anymore. The question now was do I risk it or stand her and let it eat me. Without thinking twice I took off running, following my instincts I ran towards the stairs only to have the wolf leap over me blocking me from going that way.

"KAS? SOMEBODY ANYBODY PLEASE HELP ME!” I screamed too scared now to move now. The wolf started pacing in front of me as tears spilled down me cheeks. This was it I was going to die.


Hearing Sasha in distress Alpha practically ran down the stairs only to pause at seeing that big ass wolf. Shocked beyond belief what what I was seeing. Alpha however kept moving forward not stopping for a second.

“What the Hell are you doing?” I had to ask because that thing was huge.

“To help Sasha” Alpha all but screamed at me, his anger building I could feel that all too familiar feeling of rage coming over me.

“I-i what is that?” I questioned never seeing a wolf that big before. I didn't know if I could do this, saving her from Kevin was one thing but this right here was some shit straight out of a movie.

“A dead wolf” Alpha responded.

Before Alpha could get to Sasha the wolf charged at her, Sasha must’ve been in shock because she dropped to a ball covering her head with her hands. I had to get to her, I knew there was no way for her survive being ate by a wolf.

"SASHA" Alpha screamed before I felt pain rip through me. I could hear my bones snapping making me fall the rest of the way down the stairs. Dropping to the ground I felt the worse pain I ever felt in my entire life. It felt like every bone in my body was breaking all at once. Looking at my hands they was extending turning into paws as black hair started to growing out of everywhere.

My face snapping and cracking, make me holler out in pain. Where my nose should be a snout now replaced it, my teeth growing long and sharp as razors as my jaw cracked to spread wide.

“FINALLY!!” I heard Alpha say before he leaped straight on the other wolf grabbing it by the neck throwing it crashing into the kitchen.

Shaking his fur Alpha let off a warning growl so strong it shook everything around us, pictures started falling off the walls. He took a protective stance in front of Sasha waiting for the other wolf to try something again.


Hearing that growl I hopped up immediately running out my room. A growl that powerful could’ve only came from one person but how? He wasn’t supposed to shift yet.

Rounding the corner only I was met by Kas Pack. All of their eyes showing the color of their animals eyes, all alert. I paused for just a second looking them over. Are those werecats? Annie never mention anything about that. I thought looking at the crowd before me. This was new even to him plus the way their eyes just changed but they was still in human form was crazy as fuck to me. I thought Kas was the only one who could do that.

Not having time to really dwell on it I moved pass them, I had to get to the guest house. That was a challenge growl.

His pack followed behind me as we made our way to the guest house only to see a huge hole in the house where the front of it shouldve been. Outside was two wolves battling it out the larger of the two winning easily the other wolf was no match for it. The large black wolf had glowing gold eyes and he was twice as large as the other wolf.

He was getting ready to take the kill bite when I yelled out for him to stop but he didnt, he still clamped down on the wolves neck. Shaking hard, he moving the other wolf around like rag doll.

"Please Alpha please dont she didnt mean any harm" I yelled I knew exactly who that wolf was and if I didnt stop this she was gone die.

"Please" I begged but he was too far gone to care. Once a wolf especially an Alpha see you as a threat they will stop at nothing to show who’s boss. Applying more pressure on the hold he had on it, making the wolf wail out in pain he did not let up. Assessing the situation and running short on options, I was going to try my luck. Hopefully I’m right of not I’m a dead man. I thought as I ran towards Sasha.


I was standing in the hole in the house in complete shock, two big ass wolves was having an all out battle right in front of me and one of those wolves is Kas. I will never forget the sound his bones made as he shifted.

I never seen anything like that before, even with me being from the hood where all kinds of shit happen on a daily basis. The scene in front of me was way to much for meto wrap my mind around.

Feeling somebody grabbing me I looked back to see Maynard, he put me in a headlock, it wasn't strong enough to hurt me but still what the hell was he doing? I didn’t even try to move as my eyes went back to the two wolves in front of me.

Picking the other wolf up again still holding it by the throat the wolf Kas turned into threw it so hard you could hear it crash land in the woods about yards away. Focusing back on me he made way towards Us. Growling very loudly, he showed his teeth that were stained with the other wolfs blood. That must’ve been Maynards plan as he let me and started backing up slowly with his hands up.

"Easy Alpha I mean her no harm," his words was falling on deaf ears, Kas the wolf wasn't hearing none of that as he continued to approach us teeth showing. Maynard looked at me as all my sense started to come to, Im sure he seen the panic on my face as I looked at the wolf in front of me.

"Do something, calm him down" Maynard said

"What am I suppose to do with this big ass wolf" I screamed at him as I backed up. He had me all th way fucked up.

"You’re the only one who could calm him down, NO DONT MOVE!" Maynard yelled making me look behind him at Derrick who was approaching the wolf from behind.

"He's on edge any false moves will set him off just stay there." Giving me his attention again he said, "just go and touch him you're the only one who can help us now. Go" he said pushing me forward and diving to the side as the wolf charged at him just missing him by a second.

I was scared as hell, so I ran straight pass everybody that was standing outside watching everything with wide eyes. Hearing huge paws behind me I ran faster pushing myself to the limit. Looking back I didn’t see anything but I heard something land right in front of me making me halt my movements.

"Please dont hurt me" I cried, my whole body shaking from fear.

The wolf titled his head to the side and whimpered, ans he flopped down laying flat on the ground paws out like a dog would when relaxing. Laying his head down his cold nose tapped my foot making me jump back and him to whimper again. Tripping over something in the woods that I couldnt see she landed ony butt right in front of his massive head catching eye contact with the wolf.

Staring into each other eyes I felt a calm come over me, I wasnt as scared as I was before. I felt oddly safe. Without thinking I reached out to touch the wolf only for it to snatch his head back, making me jump. Oh fuck I thought as I braced myself for the worse, but nothing happen.

Turning so his back was to me the wolf stood in a protective stance, I could hear him growling again. Coming out of the woods was a very naked girl she had both of her hands up as if to say I dont want no trouble. On her neck and sides you could see blood dripping down.

"Please"she spoke "I really mean no harm Alpha" with that she dropped to her knees showing her neck. Growling a victory growl he gave her a slight nod. Taking that as a sign to leave she got up and continued on out the woods but not before giving me a once over. I watched her every move and so did the wolf.

What I was trying to figure out was where the fuck did she come from? why was she naked and if she seen that big ass brown wolf or was she the brown wolf? This was all so confusing.

Finally making it to the clearing the girl collapsed in Maynards arms. The wolf took a look around the woods, I hope nothing else was out there. I didn’t want to see no more wolves. Looking back at me the wolf licked my whole face with his tongue.

Disgusting I thought as I wiped his slob off me.

I started hearing snapping and cracking, the unmistakable sound of cracking bones. Looking over to where the wolf was replacing him was a butt ass naked Kas. "Sas.." was all I heard before I passed out.

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