The Lost King

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Chapter 3


"Sasha” Kas said reaching for her as he passed out himself. Forcing his change must’ve took all of Kason energy. Maynard seeing Kas pass out tried to hand the girl over to one us but none of us made a move to get her. Did he forget that fast that she was just trying to kill Sasha and Kas? For all, I cared she could've died in the woods and I’m sure everybody feel the same. Laying her on the ground, Maynard went over to Kas and checked him before doing the same with Sasha.

“They okay, let’s get them in the house.” He said going to pick the girl up again.

"Jabar, Ky help me carry Kas in the house, E grab Sasha" I said knowing I couldn’t carry Kas by myself. I couldn't believe what I just saw. I knew we would be turning into wolves but to see it with my own two eyes was mind-blowing.

I never expected them to be that big, when I imagined my wolf I always thought it would be more normal-sized. I couldn't believe that big ass black wolf was Kas, that thing was bigger than a horse with a big ass rock head. Poor Sasha looked like a spick of dirt sitting near Kas wolf.

Getting them both back in the guest house we laid Kas in my room while Sasha went to the room they was supposed to share together. After laying them down we headed back downstairs only to be met by Maynard.

Just the man I wanted to see I thought. I was on guard thinking he might be feeling some kind of way about the way everybody dismissed him out there but oh well. If they didn't need him for information he would've been getting fuck up right about now. That whole thing was suspicious as fuck. Not knowing if we could trust him or not we all stopped making a line blocking the stairs making sure that if he was on shit he would have to go through us first to get to Kas.

Jabar was on edge, his wolf was at the surface. I could see his body twitching, ready to strike. I on the other hand had some questions for him. Like who was ol girl and why did she try to attack Sasha. Why? She didn't even check it out just attacked? Something damn sure was not right there.

"Is they alright?" Maynard said seeming to be really concerned about Kas. Even still, this all didn’t add up to me. Plus he knew exactly who that was.

"Who was that," I asked, I wasn't telling him shit until I got some answers.

"That was my niece Mya, usually when she comes she stay in the guest house so it was natural for her to go there. I didn’t know she was coming this soon, I just got a call from her earlier but I missed it. I would've told her about y'all." Maynard said shaking his head.

“How did you know she was coming if you missed the call?” I questioned unless he could read minds, he couldn’t have known she was coming.

“She had just called me and left a message saying she was coming, I thought I had some time to get y’all settled then call her back and let her know wassup. I didn't think she would come attacking.” He said crossing his arms.

“Is Kas gone be alright?” I asked, I just watched his body do impossible things. Can he live after that?

“As painful as that probably was he is going to be okay, his body was made to withhold his wolf if not he wouldn’t have been born with him but he was going to be out for at least a couple of days so his body can get used to the sudden change. Sasha should be up in no time she just passed out.

Accepting his explanation I stepped aside to let him up only for Jabar to block his way. Jabar has bad trust issues from things that happened in his past. I knew that explanation wouldn’t be enough for him but right now he didn’t have a choice.

I was the big brother when Kas away, I was born first by 5 minutes as well. He didn't trust dude one bit, and to be honest he was sketchy in my book too but he was the only one with the knowledge to help us through this process.

"Nah I don't trust that how do I know this all wasn't a set up? Who comes to visit somebody but don't tell the person when they visiting, then don’t even let them know they here? They just come and start attacking people. Nah, that don't sound right to me" Jabar said not accepting that weak ass excuse.

"Calm Jabar you think I would let him do something to Kas? If he shady we'll find out but right now we need him. He the only one that could tell us what's going on with Kas, unless you have a better idea ima need you to move out the way" I said looking Jabar in his eyes unaware that his eyes changed to cobalt blue in color, his wolf was showing himself.

Errick stepped up to stand by my side with eyes the color of ocean water letting Jabar and his wolf know where he stood in the situation. Knowing he was outranked Jabar stood down but not without giving Maynard the illest screw face before storming out, he needed some calming downtime. Nodding his head, Maynard made his way upstairs to check on Kas and Sasha.


Looking around I saw nothing. I was in this all-white room with nothing in it but a chair arranged to face me. "Hello" I screamed only to hear my echo in return.

“Hello Kas” Alpha said from behind him, spinning around I came face to face with a giant black wolf with glowing gold eyes.

"What? did you not expect me to look like a wolf? We are one I'm just a different part of you." Alpha said laughing, giving a wolfy smile.

"honestly I didn't know what to expect," I Said Truthfully, amazed by what I was seeing.

"where are we?” I asked wanting to know where I was and where everybody else was at.

"We are in your mind well you are we are used to being here." Dar said from behind me. Spinning around I seen the biggest Panther I’ve ever laid eyes on, his eyes were green with cat split pupils.

I couldn't believe my eyes. How can these two big ass animals live inside of me? Walking over to Dar I ran my hands through his fur. Turning to look at Alpha, I walked over and did the same thing giving him an extra scratch behind the ear to see if he would react. The tapping of his foot let me know he enjoyed the rub. Looking back and forth at them both I couldn't help but to ask a few questions.

"Why am I here?" I asked ready to get back to everybody else. I had a few questions for Maynard.

"We need to talk about a few things" Alpha said lifting back up in a sitting position . Dar did the same licking his paws and rubbing them over his head.

"We shifted Kas and we wasn't suppose to. Theres only one person in the world that could force something like that to happen." Alpha said

"What do you mean? Only one person?" I questioned, I didn’t know why we shifted. I was starting to get lose track of what’s what with this shifting stuff.

“Kas do you remember anything Gma told us?” Alpha asked turning his head to the side while looking at me.

“Not really, there’s times I don’t remember from back then” I said truthfully. Most of my childhood days was spent trying to forget what I went through before being rehomed with Gma and the rest trying to make my childhood as normal as possible when I’m anything but.

"Our mate Kas" Rize said grinning big, showing all his sharp teeth.

"Our mate? What is a mate?" I asked, mate normally means a friend but with this wolf shit there’s no telling.

"a mate is a wolves better half they are the reason for them to exists outside of the pack. a mate would be the most important person to a wolf, said to be blessed by the moon goddess herself. He who finds his mate find his better self." Dar said looking at me.

"usually it takes wolves 4 to 5 years after shifting to find their mate however with how our life is set up nothing is going like it should" Alpha said

My thoughts went to Sasha, I remembered she passed out before I could get to her. I hoped that she was ok.

"Shes alright, I can still sense her wolf. Anyways, at first I wasn’t sure but something just kept nagging at me.” Alpha said, “but now I know for sure. It’s just how Gma described” Alpha said laying his head on his paws.

“Speaking of which do you want to know who our mate is?" Alpha asked

“Who? Do I know her?” I asked my own curiosity wanted to know.

"its.." he was interrupted by Dar.

"dont tell him, let him find out on his own the natural way. I dont want him getting with her based on your feelings for her. Let them fall for each other the human way it would be better that way. Plus I need that for myself, unlike you my panther cant tell me if someones the one or not. I would like to get to know her. I think its only fair since you got to pick who we are with for the rest of our lives." he said putting his paw out as if to say do we have a deal.

Thinking it over Alpha slapped paws with Dars, agreeing to the deal.

"So yall just gone ignore me like im not here making deals on my behalf and shit. What if I want to know, I mean I would like to have some say so in who I spend my life with". I said, fuck I thought making Alpha bust out laughing.

"And we get that but wouldn't you want her because you want her not because of my want for her? Because I could tell you right Now when you wake up you Will not be the same. Our connection is finally complete so you will be able to feel my emotions more. That and all your senses will be heighten. You will hear, see and smell everything even it it's something as small as a grasshopper. You'll be bigger as well our Alpha strength is fully out now since we shifted and became one.” He said putting his head on his paws.

“I just want yall to want her as much as I do. We cant want separate people it would never work. I will die without my mate now that I know who she is so I really want yall to want her too plus it's not like we have a choice in the matter." Alpha said laying stretched out.

"What you mean we don't have choice? How you figure that?" I questioned not liking that one bit. Everybody has a choice.

"You'll see, just remember I warned you" Alpha said closing his eyes.

"Whatever then if that's how y'all wanna play it then. It's not like knowing makes a difference I haven't known this long so fuck it she just better not ugly or have a bad attitude” I said hunching my shoulders.

"Trust me everything looks good including her face" Alpha said wigglings his eyesbrows at me.

“The attitude part is 50/50” now that made Dar laugh as I glanced over at him.

"What’s so funny?” I asked not liking the inside joke.

“Nothing” he said making Alpha growl out in laughter.

"The other thing I wanted to talk about is that wolf yall was just fighting," Dar said becoming serious again.

"I was able to look into her mind and I seen her talking to someone, I couldn’t see who. She’s up to something and it has to do with someone with us. The voice asked was he here" Dar said looking over to Who raised who raised his head seeming to be paying more attention now.

“Wait, you can look into people minds?” I asked

“Yeah, I can I guess with Alpha shifting it unleashed some of my own power. I didn’t know I would be able to but I guess that’s apart of finding out who I really am”

Nodding, I moved on. It’s not like we all not need to this. We was learning together as we go.

“He who?” I asked getting back to the topic at hand.

“I don’t know I couldn’t see with you moving her around as much as you was but what I do know is that he sent her to us, until we know we should keep an eye on her” he said

“So how does this mind reading thing work?”

“I guess touch, every time you picked her up I seen more and more of her memories, it just a theory until we can test it again.” He said, nodding in scratched my head. This was a lot. Hearing thoughts, seeing memories, what’s next?

"So when will I wake up?” I questioned, ready to get out and test myself. I want to see what I can do, now that I knew this was really happening all jokes aside.

"Three days, our body is adjusting to shifting and getting ready for Dar to come out. We need this rest so our body could do what it's meant to without any distractions." Shaking my head I looked around 3 days of this, oh hell naw. Wasn’t nothing in here but a blank room with two big ass animals.

"Is there any way to force me awake?" I asked 3 days is a long time to be stuck in the middle of nothing.

"Yea if our mate was in trouble we would but I already tapped in everything is quiet."

"Tapped in, what the fuck is that?” I questioned all theee different powers, I don’t know who’s power is who’s.

“I could see through the anyone from my prides eyes. If I focus hard enough, I can see and hear everything they can” Dar said laying down, swinging his tail.

“Damn, so is all these powers your? Or does Alpha have powers as well?”

“No Alpha doesn’t have powers but he does have strength, speed and endurance not found in most. Since we are one I get to use his and he get to use mine. Gma said once we really get use to each other we will be all able to combine to become something completely different. When I ask she wouldn’t say what but that we were going to be at our strongest when we are one.” Dar said laying down closing his eyes.

I had so many questions and since I had three days to do nothing I might as well find out as much as possible about all of this from both sides.


"Wake up sleepy head" I heard in my ear. The voice sounded so familiar but I couldn't place it.

"I know you not sleep you could stop faking now" I heard before one of my curls was pushed from my face by something wet.

That woke me up fully, ready to talk some shit trying to figure out who the fuck is this playing in my hair and shit. Like we cool like that, opening my eyes I looked directly in a pair of hazel eyes.

Jumping up with wide eyes I knocked heads with it. Backing up I couldn't believe what I was looking at. A big white wolf maybe a little smaller than Kas wolf was standing before me.

"What the fuck Sasha, you trying to break my nose or something?" the wolf screamed rubbing it’s paw on her face, I just stood there rubbing my head staring with wide eyes.

"How is this possible?" I asked confused as hell.

Did my parents have a secret they really haven't told me? Was I really going to turn into a wolf?

"Yes and yes, they thought keeping it from you until we turned was the right thing but as you can see it wasn't. Not to mention that damn human throwing a wrench in our life, they never got around to telling you." The wolf said slowly approaching me, making me back up.

"But you a-a wolf, how is this possible" smacking myself up top the head "duh she's a fragment off you're imagination, of course, this is possible. I must be dreaming" I said finally looking around at a room full of nothing.

"No I'm not I'm your wolf, you see it with your eyes now. Shifters are real and we are one" the wolf said stepping closer to me, stopping right in front of me before sitting.

I stood there trying to process what was being said to me. I was one of those wolf horses? How is that possible?

Before I could ask any questions a flash of light blinded me. There now was Gma. How the hell did she get here?

“Spirt traveling was one of the perks of being a seer.” She said answering me.

"Gma what is this? What's happening to me?" I asked confused.

"This is who you are Sasha, this has always been you, you just never knew your parents are wolves too. I know this may seem like a lot but it won't be if you accept it. Accept your wolf and who you are. She's not going to go away no matter what even if you don't believe what I'm saying" she said rubbing on the wolf.

I didn't know what to say, I looked from gma then to The wolf. No matter how much I still didn't want to believe it it was hard after seeing Kas turn into a big black wolf with my own eyes. I was one of them. I was a wolf shifter. I had to wrap my head around that.

"How is this possible though? all this time I thought humans was the only living things on earth, I mean outside of animals and stuff?" I asked.

"We been here for over a 1000 years. Hell we been here longer than most would think. We hide who we are so we could live normal lives if we wanted. That's why they have humans, to mask what they really are. There are so many supernaturals walking earth you'll be surprised.” She said with a gentle smile.

“So many? How many we talking?” I questioned.

“I'm talking Vampires, witches, warlocks, werewolves, werecats. There’s rumors of a dragons as well, but that was just that a rumor. We all walk around pretending to be human."

I nodded because I didn’t know what to say. Witches? Dragons? What the fuck!

"Sasha although I don't mind explaining all of this to you I don't need to your wolf knows enough to be able to help you through plus you have Kas and the boys behind you." Gma said as she started to fade out.

Turning to look my wolf I still couldn't wrap my head around it. Looking around again just trying to really understand, I seen a mirror that wasn’t here before. Walking over to take look, I hoped that with that wolf in me it didn’t mess me up.

Taking a good look at myself seeing myself, I looked the same no different than before. Thank goodness.

"So what do I do now?" I asked turning slightly to look at my wolf.

"Do you accept me? Accept what we are about to become?" The wolf asked walking closer to me

"I guess I have no choice," I said still checking myself out.

"finally, now wake up" I heard her scream, turning to see her I didn’t see her. Looking around the room breathing hard as hell, might I add I wasn’t in the empty room no more. I recognized where I was, I was in the room I was supposed to share with him.

Thinking of Kas I got up to see where he was, I wanted to talk now. I believed him now and wanted to know more. Getting up, I went downstairs only to see the big hole in the wall Kas created and that's it. Nobody was around the house was quiet as fuck. I was getting ready to walk out when my wolf busted through my thoughts.

"Don't leave Kas is here I could feel him" she said "go check the rooms he's here" doing as I was told I went back upstairs and searched every room until I came across Kas laid out in a bed. Walking up to him I shook his arm trying to wake him.

Damn he a heavy sleeper I thought as I continued to shake him. Hoping he would wake up.

"You know he not gone wake up right" Derrick said making me jump.

"what's wrong with him?" I asked looking down on at Kas, not bothering to look back.

"well since he shifted his body went into a mini coma so he could be able to handle maintaining two separate animals in him. He's gotten bigger since laying there and he's not done." Derrick said telling me what was told to him.

"When will he wake up?" I asked

"don't know, that's something Maynard couldn't tell us he said everybody reacts different. Some wake up within days others weeks it all depends on what his body can handle.”

Nodding I looked at his face, then his whole body. He looked bigger or maybe I was tripping?

"You might as well come to the main house with me, everybody there plus you could get something to eat. You have been out a half a day I know you hungry. Did you even eat yesterday?" He asked, shaking my head no I could hear my stomach growl.

"I wasn't hungry, I'm not now besides I don't want to leave him like this. I know he wouldn't leave me like this." I said looking for somewhere to sit.

"He wouldn't but you need to eat he would kick my ass if he thought I was starving you while he was out" Derrick joked.

“C’mon he not going nowhere. If it makes you feel better we could come back as soon as you done eating." figuring getting some food wouldn't hurt I went with him.

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