The Lost King

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Chapter 5


I could feel a hand on mine and judging by how my body reacted just from the touch I knew it was Sasha. She was the only one who touch made me feel that way. It had to be, I had been around a lot of females but none made me go out of me way like Sasha did. I never gave any of them a second thought let alone a second chance yet with her I did.

Not to mention how mad I get at the thought of her being with somebody else. I didn't understand what was happening, why was I feeling like this? Her touch was giving me chills. Why am I feeling this way?

Was I crushing on her? If I was I needed to stop Alpha said we had a mate that was made for us, plus I didn’t want to lead her on.

I wished I could wake up, we only have about 6 days until the blue moon and I wanted to spend those days getting to know how to be a wolf. Hell we all needed to figure that out.

Now that I finally accepted who I was I couldn't wait to test out the new me. I was ready now more than ever to meet Dar. I wanted to see what his panther looked like in real life, was he as big as his wolf was or would he be smaller since hes a cat?

"I'm not a cat, I'm a panther and yes we will be the same size I'll just be lower to the grown" Dar answered for himself.

"are you really good with all this mate stuff?" I asked, really wanted to know how he felt since we are in the same boat.

"I'm ok Kas at least this way I know she will love us for us and not for any other reason. I know how big a thing mates are to wolves I would never want to take that from Alpha even if he's like the brother I never wanted" he said laughing

"I'm just glad I didnt have to pick, the choice was made for me and im definitely not complaining. I feel like everything is moving full speed ahead”

"yea I feel you on that. I'm ready to get up now." I said trying to move my limbs.

"not today Kas maybe tomorrow, I'll see what I could do" he said before fading out.

Not really wanting that answer I accepted it anyways, I really didn’t have a choice. Focusing hard I tried to squeeze her hand again hopping that she could feel me.


Feeling him squeeze my hand again I checked his face to see if his eyes was getting ready to open.

"C'mon Kas wake up please" I said out loud layiny my head on his stomach taking in the warmth he was giving off. I was so comfortable I dozed off. Not feeling the presents behind me.

Seeing him in human form had my panties soaked, Kason was fine as fuck. With his new alpha body forming, his muscles was way more defined and he should grow an extra two inches taking his 6'5 to 6'7. His smooth chocolate skin he was glistening as he lay in bed, his chest out for everyone to see.

Just laying there he was putting other dudes to shame and I had to have him. I had to stop myself from interrupting their moment I knew I was doing to much by being there. This could ruin my plans but I couldn’t help it.

I was pushing it but I didn't care I wanted to see who was behind such a strong wolf and boy was I not disappointed. I could see our babies now I thought backing away bumping into something hard. Fuck I thoughts turning around facing one of those little boys that was in the house. Whew I thought it was Uncle May. I thought smirking, hiding my nervousness.

"Fuck is you doing" he asked walking around me taking a peek in the room. I watched his every move.

"You don't hear me? fuck is you doing?" He asked again without looking at me, raising his voice. Who the fuck did he think he was? Didn’t he know I was going to be his new Luna I thought flinging my hair over my shoulder.

"oh I hear you but I don't have to answer to children. How old are you anyways trying to scare somebody" I said as I started to walk away only to be snatch back by him. Damn he stronger than I thought. I said to myself trying to snatch away from him.

"You do anything else to them and ima personally fuck you up so bad yo uncle and dad gone want to fight me. Think I'm playing." He said looking me in the eyes for the first time, his eyes blue like a wolf. He let me go with force making my hand slap my thigh.

I was scared even if I didn't want to admit it. This was the first time seeing a shifters wolf take over without shifting all the way.

Something else was up with them and I was gone find out, I hope it wasn't nothing serious as fine as Kason was I would hate to have kill him but if I had to I would. I just wanted the money truthfully. With the kind of money Kason had power would come after and I couldn't wait. With an evil smirk on my face I walked off. I was thinking of what I was going to spend my money on.


I watched her walk off knowing something was up with her. I was gone have to keep an eye on her she looked sneaky as fuck creeping around and shit. I thought watching her as she turned the corner leaving out of my sight.

Looking back at Sasha and Kas I took a picture of them to show Kas when he woke up. Of course I was gone tease him it was only right, Kas had a girlfriend, his first girlfriend ever. Everybody done had at least 3 girlfriends a piece not counting Errick he was a manwhore. He had damn near 20 girlfriends in like a two year time frame he was giving it up to anybody who wanted it no questions asked. I was surprised he didn't have a disease.

“We're wolfs we don't catch human diseases, our bodies will cure it before we knew we had it. Even hiv and aids. There’s nothing humans get that we can” my wolf said to me

“Now that's fucking lit” I said wishing we was back in the city. I would hit something right in that moment raw too on the strength of knowing I can't catch nothing. I knew Errick was really gone become a dog when he find out.

“Don't go fucking people raw you could still make babies. Go head and become a dad early.” He said very seriously.

”Chill I was just playing even though it's been a minute since we had any.” I said wishing I had went to see my little situation before I left.

“I'm good I would rather have my mate.”

“Yea yea...wait, what's a mate?”

“Something we not gone get if you keep fucking around.” He said with a gruffly

That made me laugh I didn't really care if he told me or not I didn't really care about none of that. Looking at Kas and Sasha one last time I walked away making sure to check all the rooms before leaving out the guest house, I had to make sure Mya wasn't still creeping around.


Three days passed without Kas he was still out and wasn’t showing any signs of waking up. We was still waiting on Tricia and David, there was a delay in them getting here since there was an accident on the freeway that held them up. They would be arriving some time that day.

As we waited everybody was learning how to be shifters.

I was taking them through a series of different trainings, all day and night. Usually it would all be in human form since they're unshifted wolves however with them having the ability to bring their wolf out without completely turning he was training their wolves in human form as well as training them as themselves.

It was easier with the werecats since all of them was already shifted. I was able to train them in animal form. I wanted them to be not only strong but agile as well so I had everybody running 5 miles in Wolf-human form and 2 miles in human form. Then they had fight training after they run.

They did that hours and hours on end usually ended in the early hours of the morning. Switching back and fourth from each form. I seen the potential they all had and with the blue moon coming I couldn't wait to see what they do.

I was going to work on Derrick and Errick separately so they could really understand what it means to be beta. That was a big responsibility, they was lucky they got to split it between the two. They already had things pretty down pack because that Jabar kept trying me and they was the only ones who could stop him.

He may have been a strong wolf but an unshifted one. I wasn’t no child I would toss Jabar all around the yard. I couldn't wait until he shifted, once he tried me as a shifted wolf all bets were off. My wolf really wanted to get at him but I was holding him off, we had the advantage. I wanted a sqaure one with him, he was doing too much plain and simple.

It really felt good to be back in a pack atmosphere though, I really missed this. It reminded me of Jedrek, Kas really is like a walking spitting image of him. If only he was up shaking my head I shook off where his thoughts was going. I didn't want to think like that he was going to get up any day now. Focusing back on their training I went back to screaming for them to do a series of different moves.


Off to side was I was training with Mya. I told him I wanted somebody else but Maynard insisted we spar. Since we family and all. I roll my eyes at the thought.

Mya was showing off, since she was older at 19 and shifted she was flipping me all around showing off her strength and I had it up to here with her. If she wasnt saying slick shit, she was doing it like she really had a problem. She was suppose to be helping me learn the moves instead she was doing the moves on me but not really teaching me how to do it, straight whooping my ass in the name of training.

I was over it I didn't know why he put her with me anyway, family my ass. I started to memorize her moves so the next time she came at me I was gone get her.

She wanted to play now it was time to play, she pushed me to that limit. Maynard called out a move but instead of getting to do the move I grabbed her and slammed her to the ground, spinning my legs so they did a pinwheel motion I hopped back up ready for more.

Mya hopped up like no this bitch didnt. Neither of us was saying anything but our body language was speaking volumes. We both was ready to take it to the streets right in the middle of training. Not giving a fuck who was around it was about to go down.

Mya swung on me but after all the training from the past few days I was able to dodge her hits. Side stepping her and I threw two punches of my own that connected to her face. I backed up making it seem like we was training, with a smirk on my face. I wanted to get it rocking with her for as long as I could before anybody noticed. This bitch been trying me since she got here, I needed this.

As soon as Mya got her balance, I went in with a four piece that connected three to the body one to the face. I stepped back again motioning for her to come at me. Without warning she started swinging on me with a series of punches that were quick but wild making her miss, most of them I blocked but a couple connect only making me madder.

This bitch was really trying me without realizing it My wolf crept out. I was too mad to even notice, my only thought was to whoop her ass. I started throwing punches back connecting with her body making her bend over, when she did I grabbed her by the arms and slammed her down like a rag doll.

That slam must’ve alerted everybody things was getting serious. I could hear Maynard yelling our names but we was too far gone. I wanted to beat her just so she can know what’s up. Age ain’t mean nothing.

I needed to get it off my chest, she been acting funny style this whole time. Mya shifted into her wolf mad beyond control she charged at me. Before I would've ran but not today, today she had the right one.

I ran directly at her ready to finish what we started. Meeting me half way we clashed into each other, it sounded like two bolders smacking into each other hard. Myas wolf pushing back but I was still on my feet, leaving tracks in the dirt.

Finally getting my balance I pushed foward grabbing Mya by her neck, I swung my body until my legs were around her neck choke slamming her down on the ground. Hopping on top of her I tried to choke her some more but my arms was too short so I opted to drop the peoples elbow on her.

After getting three extra punches in Mya was able to roll me off of her getting to her feet showing all teeth, ready to attack me. Everybody been calling both of our names trying to get us to snap out of the trace we was in before we killed each other. I didn’t give a fuck though I wasn’t backing down.

Mya got a running start as she leaped in the air getting ready to come down on me teeth first, I closed my eyes for a second to brace myself for the impact. Only for nothing to happen, opening my eyes I was shocked by what I saw or should I say who. Kas.

He had her by the neck and was pinning her down to the ground stopping any and all movements from her wolf. Standing over her pinning her down he was giving her a look, daring her to do something. He looked so damn sexy and angry adding to his overall look.

Kason was looking fine as hell in all his glory in nothing but a wife beater and basketball shorts boy was he a sight to see. With glowing Gold eyes he looked to have grown a few inches taller, everybody stood still everybody except for me. I ran full speed at him I was so happy to see him up.

I climbed up myas face so I could reach him then jumped into his arms giving him a big hug holding him super tight loving the way his muscles felt up against my body. My goodness I thought feeling warm all over. Kas smiled at me, making me blush hard as fuck, almost forgettting he had mya pinned down.

"Whats going on here? Is she attacking you again? " he asked tightening his hold around her neck. Wanting to fight my own battle, I of course down played it. I wanted to beat her myself without his help.

"no we was just training, I'm so happy to see you woke I was scared there for a minute" I said finally letting go of him but he still had a hold on me.

"aww you missed me?" Kas asked studying my face.

"Yes" I said blushing burying my head in his shoulder smelling him taking in his smell. I never felt this shy in my life.

"Shift" He said in a voice that wasn’t his own.

Without hesitation Mya shifted back to human form. She was naked as hell as she got up off the ground not covering herself up one bit. Pissing me off, I didn’t like the idea of Kas seeing her nakedness, it kind of made me jealous. She was filled out in places I have yet to grow. I started feeling a little self conscious, Kas on the other hand didnt even look her way. The rest of the boys did, which earned her a hiss from Aliz and Kenya.

I could see them inching towards her, clearly I wasn’t the only one she was rubbing the wrong way.

Romel and Aliz, and Jax and Kenya was couples all along, so you know they was not feeling the fact she was giving everybody a peep show. Maynard coming out of nowhere threw a robe on her, as she stood there looking at Kas who still wasn’t paying her any attention as he stared a hole in my face. I had just realized I was still in his arms making me blush all over again. What is this boy doing to me I thought to myself. Not bothering to break free from him.

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