The Lost King

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Chapter 7


I followed Maynard scent to what looked like an office, taking a seat I waited for what May had to say. This better be important I thought, I was enjoying that alone time with Sasha. Teasing her, I loved the way she reacted to me. I wasn’t in no rush to fuck, but I can’t lie and say I didn’t enjoy myself.

We never really get a chance to just be together, there was always something happening. Now knowing who she is to us, I’ve found myself thinking about her more. Even when I was out my mind was on her. This shift couldn't happen faster I wanted to have some time with Sasha without the distraction of others.

"I know you want to get back to yo mate so ima make this quick” he said taking a seat at the desk that was in the middle of the room.

“How do you know that’s my mate?”

“I could tell from the first day. You might not recognize it but I’m old enough to know when two wolves are mated even before they know. Especially young wolves like y’all.” He said leaning back in his seat. I accepted that because what other choice did I have. He definitely knew more about this shit than I ever will.

“Kas your parents left you with a lot of money and property. As I said before when y'all first got here this is your house, it's one of many. I've been taking care of everything hoping one day you'll come for what's yours and here you are. Im having my lawyers come tomorrow so we could sign off on shit so you could have control of everything." He said getting right to the point.

I sat there stunned, now I didn't expect that to come out his mouth.

“How? Why? You didn’t even know I was alive”

“I did Kas I could feel you. Even with all the rumors of your death my wolf refused to believe, than Annie called and I knew from there that the moment I’ve been waiting for was happening”

"How much money?" I questioned, not really with all the mushy shit. I appreciated what he did but I wasn’t trying to go down that lane.

"I'm talking 9 figures kind of money"May said passing me a bank statement with my name on it.

"In other words I'm rich?" I said not even bothering to look up, scanning my eyes over the paper.

"Yea Kas you gone need the money, you have a pack now. That's a lot of people who will be counting on you to make shit happen for them. I will continue managing the business side of things to make sure the money keeps flowing but it'll be up to you on how you spend and what you spend it on” he paused studying me.

I didn’t say nothing, what was there to say. I was still trying to wrap my head around all of this.

“I also wanted to know when y'all shift, if I could be apart of the pack? I wouldn't be all over y'all since y'all youngins and probably wouldn't want to hang with an old man but y'all need guidance. You may be alpha but you still young and being Alpha comes with a lot of responsibility. Most Alphas train from as young as 5 on becoming an alpha you never did so this will be a crash course and I’m the teacher. Plus my wolf is attached to you even If you said no he would still follow you. He made a promise that he planned to keep."

I couldn't believe it all my life I been poor only to find out I had money I didnt know I had. First thing popped in my mind was Gma and if she knew about this. Of course she did I thought to myself. I need to get her something. She deserved it after putting up with me and my mood swings. Knowing there was an out but never taking it.

"Of course you can Maynard everybody else may feel some kind of way but my wolf assured me you could be trusted. Plus you right about one thing I will need guidance, I really don’t know shit about none of this foreal” I said being honest.

"I would be honored to step in that roll, I never got to have kids of my own so this should be a learning experience for all of us" he said getting up looking like he was about to hug me but changed his mind since I gave him a look. We cool but not that cool, instead he gave me a pat on the back.

"now the next few days are going to be hetic, I got people coming out to fix the guest house, your bed should be here tomorrow. Annie insisted you have it plus we still got to train, you included.” He said giving me the run down as we walked to the door.

“I been meaning to ask how do y'all bring yall wolfs to the surface like that? I never seen that done before even your father couldn't do it once his wolf took over he shifted automatically"

“Kas let me explain this, it’s because of me I might as well explain. It’s not like you listened to Gma anyway” Dar said earning a cackle from Alpha.

“Fine by me” I said hunching my shoulders.

Closing my eyes I let go of control. Letting Dar take the wheel. I was getting better at switching from being to being. Maynard gasped and stepped back.

"What the hell is this. Your eyes just change colors?" May questioned

“Yes when I’m in control they are the color they are now” Dar said with his smooth voice dripping out.

“When you are in control? Who are you exactly?”

Kas named me Dar. I’m Kas werecat”

“Werecat? So that mean-?”

“Yes thats exactly what it mean” Dar said cutting him off already knowing exactly what he was thinking.

“How did you-”

“Know what you was going to say? Well it’s a perk of being Royal I guess. At least that’s what I’ve been told”

"So when I join the pack I'll be able to do it too" May asked excitedly making Dar laugh

“Not exactly, your wolf will be able to come to the surface and walk on two feet, but you will not be able to look into people mind. That’s something only I can do”

“This is crazy. You do know what this mean right?” He asked his face becoming stone cold.


“Dar, once you shift supernaturals all over will be able to sense you, to sense Kas. His, y’all power is already off the charts just image when you shift and add your power as well. That to me sound like trouble. I’ve seen how power hungry supernaturals get out there. Being a Hybrid will stir up a lot of shit. This has never been done before. You are the only one of your kind, the possibilities with you are unknown and possibly endless.”

“What does that mean? The possibilities are unknown? You make me sound like a science project” Dar said not liking how that sound.

“It mean we don’t know what powers you really have or how powerful you can be. All werecat shifters have a power that they all possess but with you being both we don’t know what all comes with that. So far you can read minds but who said that the end of it. It could only be the beginning.” He said looking off into space.

“We need to get ready. The stronger we are the better. We have small numbers, we are going to need our strength to carry us through”

“What need to be done? We do we do to get ready? What can I do to get ready?”

“We need to do the ceremony for one. The blue moon will come up in a few short days. Once y’all all shift it’s on from there. We will train day and night to make sure we are ready. I don’t know what’s going to happen when you shift, so it’s better to stay ready” he said with a wide smile.

Nodding Dar agreed, he couldn’t wait to shift. He wanted to feel the wind on his fur. It did worry him a little. Will him coming out endanger everybody around them? Better yet will they be able to handle it?

“So when will you be coming out exactly?” He asked taking a seat on the desk.

“On Kas 18th birthday which is about 3 months away"

“What are you going to do with the werecats you brought with you? I’ve been training them to be better fighters as well since they here. Will they become apart of the pack too?”

"Can they be a part of the pack since they not wolves?” Dar questioned.

“Any species can be apart of the pack if you give the okay. Kas you are King, and when I say that I don’t mean just in name. You are literally one of the last Pierce Alphas. Your father, his father, and so on and so forth, not to mention the rightful heir to the throne of Bolivian”

Now that was good news, meaning they will be connected to all of us as well.

“They are older than us they just need some more training in fighting right?"

“Y’all all do but that’s a quick fix. They are already showing good progress. A hybrid, I really didn’t see this coming.”

“Nobody does and I'll like to keep it that way besides Alpha seems to enjoy being in the lead and I really dont mind it. It's stops him from being grumpy" Dar said as he retreated back letting me take back control.

"Amazing" May said

"Is that all? Not trying to be rude or nothing but I was in the middle of a conversation with Sasha" I asked turning around giving him my back.

"oh yea right I'm done just wanted to go over the paperwork with you, go head back to your mate.”

Nodding I left to fine Sasha. Finding her where I left her knocked out sleep. So much for talking I thought as I climbed in bed beside her not tired at all I just wanted to be next to her. This was the one person outside of my own kids that will be with me for life. That’s a different kind of feeling, a calming feeling. Pulling her so that she was laying on my chest I fell into lala land wondering what the future held for us.

Over the next few days everything really was hetic. After Signing everything I needed to sign I waited for my bed, which took forever for them to get set up since they had to remove the old one and put in that one.

The construction crew was there in the day time fixing the guest house wall. Which left them to train at night all night. Sasha mom was still there raising hell, her and Sasha couldnt get along to save they life everything was an arguement between them. Her father woke up a day ago but her mother insisted on staying. I let them since those were her parents.

Mya wasn't causing any problems she was real quiet lately not noticing Jabar watching her like a hawk waiting for her to slip up again but I did. I was trying to get closer but not close enough to reveal more of her plan she was cooking up. I knew all about it, I could read Jabar a mile away.

On the flip side everybody was doing well in training even my pride who May was teaching how to control the speed of their shifts and how to fight in cat-human form as well as human.

Everybody seemed to be getting along finally, even Romel and Jabar. They still butted heads but it wasn’t as intense as before.

I been getting alone time with Sasha every chance I had, talking about any and everything under the sun. I really wanted to know her and for her to know me, last thing I wanted was to be mated with someone I didn’t know or who didn’t care to know me. That sound lonely as hell. We didn’t know everything about each other but we knew enough so far.

Her mom was still hating always interrupting us for stupid reason just trying to get on Sasha nerves, that didn't stop us from getting closer though. The more I’m around her the more attached I become. Alpha said that’s our mate bond, I don’t know but what I do know I was liking her more and more as the days go by.

Sasha was getting more comfortable around me, she no longer hid her face from me when she blushed. It was like we knew each other our whole lives. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be which I was glad for. Neither of us spoke about that moment we had.

The big shift was happening tomorrow night and everybody was excited, the wait was finally over. In their minds the sooner they shift the sooner they could get back in the city. I planned on buying a stupid big house for everybody to live in the city and use the house in Olean as a getaway so our wolves could stretch their legs or just to get away from the city. It was so quiet here compared to the city and as much as Alpha liked it, everybody else was over it.

I was ready to get back to having neighbors that wasnt miles away and noisy nights because people dont know how to go to sleep. I missed Gma and my younger siblings it seemed like forever since I seen them.

"What you thinking about" Mya asked stepping out of nowhere blocking my view of the trees that was in front of us. We was surrounded by trees, but it was peaceful.

"Going home" I said keeping shit short with her. She was just the person I wanted to see but I didn’t want her too close.

"Can I come? I want to be in the pack too" she said trying to sound seductive, running her finger down my chest.

Smacking her hand away, I stood up.

"you know thats not happening, you been around so you know what’s going on” I said shaking my head. Sasha was her cousin, yet she was still trying to get me.

Smacking her lips she leaned in to me.

“You dont even know if she yo real mate. You shifted to early how can you really tell? You should give me a chance, I bet I could make it worth your wild" she said getting real close whispering in my ear. She went to kiss my neck only to be pulled back by her hair by Sasha. Where the hell did she come from?


I heard everything this bitch was saying then to try to put her lips on him oh hell no this bitch had me fucked up. He already said he was my mate so did May, why was she trying so fucking hard?

"The fuck you doing, Kas what is this shit?" I asked a little hurt Kas didnt stop her, it’s not like I gave him a chance to but still.

"Get use to it honey niggas like Kas could have anybody they want why stop at you when he could have her too. You see he didn't stop her" Tricia said throwing dirt on the situation, coming out of nowhere.

“Sasha I promise you I dont want her, we was just talking and she got too close. You are the only one I want dont let nobody tell you different" Kas said or not Kas since his eyes were no longer the deep brown I was used to.

Looking me in the eyes so I could see how serious he was. His gold eyes burning into my brown ones making me weak. I know I should be scared by the look on his face but something in his gold eyes was stopping me from feeling any fear.

"Girl if you believe that you dumber than you look, he want me but wont do nothing because you around. Hanging off him acting thirsty as hell. He definitely want me" she said going to touch his arm only for him to snatch it away.


"I don't know what kind of games you muthafuckas playing but im not with it, JABAR, KY” Alpha yelled out, both popping out of nowhere.

“pack they shit they gotta go im tired of them trying to come inbetween me and my mate" Alpha said fed up about ready to start snapping necks. He been nice all the way up until this point but fucking with his relationship was his last straw.

"If I leave Sasha coming to or the police gone be knocking at your door." Tricia said crossing her arms with a smirk on her face.

Laughing out loud Alpha couldn’t believe she would threaten him with some dumb shit like that. Did she think he gave a fuck about any humans? Let alone the police. Outside of Kas all of them could kick rocks.

"Do you think I would let you leave, now thats hilarious." he said as his face went straight in the matter of second, a blank expression gracing it.

"You of all people should know how it is to have a mate. How will you feel if I killed your mate? Take him away forever?" cocking his head to the side he stared her down. The Alpha in him was on full display and he was not playing with her.


You could hear my breath get caught in my throat I didnt want my Dad to die. I knew Kas was way past his limit his eyes was that black gold color and they were narrowed at my mother. I knew she just let her mouth write a check her ass couldn't cash.

The look on his face was one I never seen before, he looked like he was out for blood his eyes making it that much scarier. I found it hard to even hold eye contact with him, his anger was radiating off his body. Even still I wasn't about to let him kill my dad.

Finally finding my voice I got in between the two but that didnt stop the death stare he was giving her. It was like Tricia was frozen in her spot, everything paralyzed. She knew the last thing you want to tell a black man is you calling 12 on them, let alone try to strong arm an alpha for his mate. That's two strikes right there.

"Give me Kas I dont want to talk to you" I said to whoever this was. He was starting to scare me. Finally he looked down at me.

“Why you don't want to talk to me? You plan on leaving me" He questioned, his face was screwed up in a scowl.

"You mad right you need to cool down before you do something youll regret for the rest of your life" I said empathizing the your, trying to get him to understand the seriousness of the situation. I would never forgive him if he killed my Dad.


Sensing Alpha unwillingness to give me control back, Dar broke through and took over. Alpha may have been the strongest alpha but he was still King.

"What the, yo eyes?" Sasha said mouth wide.

"Yes Sasha his eyes are different because I’m different. I’m not Kas or his wolf Alpha. I’ll explain later but right now please tell me you not leaving are you?" Dar asked getting right to the point because he knew if she leave Alpha will never be the same which will affect everybody.

"No im not I ju.." she was cut off

"yes you is" Tricia butted in.

"Silence, Kas may have let you get away with talking to them like that but I won't. Watch your tongue, speak only when spoken to" Dar said staring her down. Only thing being heard is their beating hearts. Opening her mouth to say something she stopped and sucked in a big gulp of air.

Seeing she was still trying to try me pissed him off, as my he stared deep in her eyes. Grabbing her neck she started coughing, gasping for air falling to the ground. Nobody made a move to help her. David stared wide eyed not moving a muscle.

“Dar what the fuck you doing” I asked shocked

“I don’t know but whatever it is I like it” he said back never breaking eye contact with her.

"Do you understand?" he asked, still gasping for air she nodded her head.

“Please..make it stop” she could barely get out.

Dar let go of whatever hold he had on her and she fell to the ground taking in big gulps of air. Turning back to Sasha

“I'm happy you’re not leaving us but yall need to get your mother in check another moment like this I might not be able to help. The last thing you could do to an alpha is take his mate she should know that. If I hadn't of took over he was gone kill them both with no parents no one will look for you. Do you see the seriousness of the situation." he said looking back and forth from Sasha to David, they needed to understand how close he was to killing them. Alpha anger has been on another level since shifting, they needed to tread lightly when it came to Sasha , parents or no parents.

"he doesnt have to worry im not leaving" Sasha said, giving Alpha the reassurance he needed.

"If I may, I would like to talk to you, have a man to man" David said respectfully not being hostile at all. Reading him, I could hear that he really just wanted to talk nothing more. Nodding I looked around for Jabar and Ky to come with all they bags. Not long after they came carrying bags with them.

"Put them in the car im about to talk to David then they'll be on their way" Dar said leading David in the direction of the woods. Since he once was going to be alpha Dar decided to show a little respect and talk with him, that’s the least he could do since his daugher was his future wife. He knew Sasha loved her Dad so trying to be civil wouldnt hurt. Besides he just choked his mate out so he was cool with a little talk instead of another braw.

"What can I help you with?" Dar asked as soon as they was far enough away.

"What are you and what are your plans with my daughter? You not a wolf" David said

"You right im not a wolf, but what I am is none of your concern, I plan to marry your daugher, she is my mate".

"How is that possible when you’re not a wolf" David questioned

"I see you're a smart man but like I said that's none of your concern."

"Well you are Princess Navees only child, meaning you are the heir of the kingdom of Bolivian?"he asked more like said to himself in a duh tone.

“Bolivian, outside of you and May nobody ever mentioned it. I never even heard of such a place. Where exactly is it?” Dar questioned intrigued.

“Deep in one of the jungles of Africa. You are here because your mother came here, if not you would have been born there. I couldn’t believe it at first but now looking at you, you look like a mixture of your parents.” He said looking me over.

"Africa, you kidding right?"

"No, not at all. You don't know how proud my wolf is that his pup got an alpha as a mate, not only that but a King. Her mother might try to raise hell but you leave her to me just take care of my baby girl shes the only one I have. I'm trusting you'll do that" he said extending his hand to me. I shook it.

"I give my word shes safe with me" nodding his head he retreated out the woods.

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