The Lost King

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Chapter 8


"I know a way to break them up." The other girl said who was still standing there. I don’t know who told her I wanted to talk when in fact I didn’t. I was fuming mad but didnt have the balls to try Kas again. I pushed my luck as far as it could go with him. Now he done walked off with David in the woods to do gods know what all because of her mouth.

I still needed David, but with the way things are going I was going to have to come up with a plan B and maybe C. Looking at her I decided to hear her out.

"What could you do that I can’t? You think she gone listen to you? Kas? They don't even like yo ass." I said laughing, knowning damn well Sasha not gone listen to her. She was way too head strong for that, her father was the only person who could get her in check, now Kas too.

Hell she don’t even listen to me, no way she was going to even entertain her. I’m already starting to doubt hearing her out.

"She dont have to, I just figured you help me I help you and we all get what we want." She said calmly, but I could tell I was getting to her. She had a look on her face I could she was about ready to cuss my ass out.

"And what is it that you want? To steal him? If that’s his mate as he said there’s nothing you can do about that.” I said laughing "if he dont want you now what makes you think he gone want you later?" I said clearly posing her off.

"I wouldve been had him if your raggedy ann ass daughter wasnt around" she said smartly rolling her neck.

"hold up now little girl nobody gone talk out the side of they neck about mines but me" I said getting in her face. I don’t know who she thought she was but she better watch it.

"Whatever shit I really dont need you I just thought I'll offer" She said beginning to walk away. Thinking quick, I stopped her. I still wanted to hear about this plan she had.

"Let me hear it" I said looking around, turning around with a joker smile on her face she beckoned me to her.

" lets walk and talk dont know who might be listening" she said taking a look around before we both walked off.


I was pissed.

I been waiting here for about 10 minutes, I had the car packed up and everything. Where the hell is this women? I thought looking at my watch.

Grabbing my phone I started to call her when her and the other girl walked up. Leaning in she gave Tricia a bullshit hug and Tricia whispered in her ear that she was in before climbing in the car. She thought she was whispering but she wasn’t.

"What was that about? When did y'all become all buddy buddy and shit?" I questioned smelling the bullshit coming a mile away. Shrugging her shoulders Tricia tried to play it off.

"Nothing just family saying bye to each other dang" she said with an attitude.

"I'm telling you now Tricia you get into some shit that got to do with my babygirl and im not helping you. Last time I let you take control she ended up running away with a human. I'm telling you now you gone be on yo own" I said focusing back on the road turning the music up before she could reply. I meant every word of it. Lately, I just haven’t been feeling Tricia. I don’t know what it is but something is nagging me about her.


Still feeling Alpha emotions I went looking for Sasha. I just needed to be close to her to calm him down. He been feeling angry since that whole situation with her mother.

Sasha was in the guest house master bedroom the one we was suppose to share. It just felt like she was running from me and Alpha didn’t like that. Her parents been gone for a good hour now, yet I haven’t seen her not once since they left. I hope she wasn’t in her feelings over what happened.

I hated to be nonchalant but Alpha was leaving me with no choice.


I needed a moment to myself, everything I seen was a bit extreme. Kas wolf threatening to kill my dad was too much for me. My wolf wasn’t really bothered by it, but I needed to think about it. I was starting to second guess myself. Should I have went with my parents? Should I stay? Was I doing the right thing?

I really didn't know but what I did know was that even after all that my heart still speed up at the thought of Kas and that worried me. I didn't want to make the same mistake I did with Kevin.

“He's not Kevin not by a long shot.” My wolf assured me.

“Kevin wasn’t even a quarter what he is” My wolf boasted.

”What if I’m making a mistake? What if he’s mistaken and I’m not his mate?” I questioned Mya words ringing in my head. You don’t even know if she really is your mate.

“The goddess makes no mistakes. He’s an Alpha and he’s shifted, I trust his words” my wolf said without hesitation.

“How can you be so sure? What if-?”

“Sasha Dad told me and I believe him. Even though I think he skipped some parts.”

“Like what?”

“I dont know but these past few days I been feeling strange. It’s like every time I see Kas I feel funny. Don’t you feel it” my wolf asked

Before I could answer Kas walked in. He looked upset still, I tried to act like I didn’t see him but I couldn't take my eyes off him. We locked eyes as he came further in the room. He was just so fine. That height, those lips, that body and his attitude was just everything.

I just liked everything about him, not to mention he was hung like a horse. I didn't know what was wrong with me, I was starting to feel hot. Squeezing my legs tightly together I had to turn away. My hormones was going crazy and seeing him naked didn’t help.

I needed to get out of there, my body was steaming. I needed fresh air to cool off. Fanning myself I refused to look his way.


I paused and sniffed the air, I knew my eyes turned gold. I felt control being taken from me.

“My bad but she smell so damn good, I needed to be closer” Alpha said not giving back control.

Looking straight at Sasha, he took a big sniff of the air. She was wet and we could smell everything.

“She really did have a sweet smell, like a fresh bowl of fruit” Dar said, not helping at all. I didn’t trust Alpha to be letting him just take over, especially not now.

"You really make it hard for me to control myself" Alpha said to Sasha taking deep breathes. He stood stiff as a board knowing if he moved it was going down. He didn’t care that she wasn’t shifted yet. That was his mate and he would have her, but trying to be nice he wanted Kas to have the pleasure of going first.

Both him and Dar would tear Sasha ass to pieces so they try to keep themselves in check, so her fist time wouldn’t be painful. Kas would be way more considerate when it came to that.

The smell she was giving off was way too strong, he wanted her so so bad he was getting hard just thinking about her and her being wet didnt help things, walking over to her unable to stop himself he picked Sasha up putting her against the wall chest to chest.

“Whatever you’re thinking about doing don’t” I warned, I did not want my first time to be on some rush shit. I wanted her to want me.

Sniffing taking in her scent them being this close made her arousal stronger, unable to stop himself he ran hishand up her stomach, careful not to touch her breast. Taking it just far enough to tease her. I could hear her breath get caught. See she scared I thought.

Fighting to get back control, I knew I had to get through or I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. Alpha was not making it easy.

Kissing her first on her cheek then the other then he moved to her mouth kissing her nice and slow letting their tongues dance. Sasha leaned in, moving her body closer. Maybe I was wrong.

“That’s right don’t fight it” Alpha whispered in her ear before moving down her neck, stopping at the space between her head and shoulder he stared licking and sucking on it earning a moan from Sasha.

That only encouraged him to continue, putting his hands under her shirt he started rubbing her stomach with the tips of his fingers moving further and further up until he reached her bra.

I was weak to stop him. Feeling her flesh under my finger tips was doing something to me. She was pushing herself into him, making stopping him that much harder. At this point I wasn’t even sure I wanted to stop him.

Going back and forth from kissing her on the mouth to going back to that spot on her neck he slide a hand under her bra playing with her nipple while holding her up with the other hand, making her press her back to the wall allowing him more stability.

Alpha could feel a throbbing in his gums where his canines were, he didnt know why he couldn't move from that spot on her neck no matter where he kissed he always went back to that spot.

Sasha started grinding her core against him, laying kisses of her own on his neck, moving to his mouth kissing him hungrily. Her eyes now hazel showing her wolf has taken over.

I could feel pain in my gums where my canines where, running our tongue over it I could feel they were sticking out further than before.

Looking to Sasha Alpha grabbed her by the face to steady her as they looked eye to eye, her canines out as well.

Unable to take it anymore he threw his head back letting out a territorial growl before sinking his teeth into that spot he been paying special attention to, causing Sasha to moan out loud befor she sunk her teeth into Alpha around the same spot.

Retracting his teeth Alpha licked the spot stopping it from bleeding, Sasha did the same now grinding into him feverishly. Carrying her to the bed, he laid her down.

Alpha was over the edge, control was something he didnt have in the moment and I was absolutely powerless to stop him. He wanted her and in this moment there was nothing I could say or do that would stop him. No lie I wanted her too.

Unbuttoning her pants Alpha slide them down, making sure to run his fingers down her legs until they was around her ankles. Pulling one leg out and pushing it out we could see everything she had to offer.

What a sight it was, her panties was wedged into her soaking wet pussy lips that was pouting. The thin fabric of the panties did nothing to hide her. Pulling her panties to the side he slid a finger in slowly making her arch her back. Gliding in and out of her, he watched as she started to become undone under him.

“Where the fuck you learn all this” I questioned, he was moving around like he done this before.

“Porn now sheesh, I’m concentrating” he said going back to ignoring me.

Twisting his wrist, he stroked his finger in and out rubbing circles around her clit. Switching from fast to slow making her soak his hand, arching her back even more. Rocking her hips, she started moaning saying my name. I could hear her whisper it over and over finding her voice as time went on.

Hearing her moaning under him, Alpha started taking his shorts and underwear off all at the same time. He couldn’t take it anymore. Positioning himself at her entrance he was just about to push in when Derrick busted in the door.

"Kas gm...oh shit my bad" he said retreating out of the room after he realized what was happening. His interruption brought both Sasha reality, as her Hazel’s faded to brown. Pulling her shirt down Sasha covered her face, Alpha was still on top of her with his dick laying on top of her pussy.

I could feel it throb as it sat there. Taking deep breaths Alpha had to get himself under control he still wanted to slide in, it really was taking everything in him not to.

“Kas take control NOW before I can’t stop myself from doing something you’ll regret” Alpha said breathing heavy, allowing Kas to take control back.

Taking Sasha hands away from her face Kas looked at her still laying on top of her balancing his weight on his arms.

"You good" I asked getting no response. She wouldn’t even look at me.

“Dammit see what you did Alpha” I said shaking my head.

“I barely did anything, next time I’ll do more so when you complain there would actually be a reason” he said back.

Blocking him out I asked her again if she was good.


Unable to speak I only nodded my head. Now just thinking about what was really just about to happen. I almost gave my virginity to Kas and it felt nothing like the “almost” times with Kevin. With Kevin I was able to stop him before things got to far but with Kas it was like I didn’t have control over my own body. I didnt want him to stop, neither did my wolf.

“He's our mate thats why. Watch you'll see when we shift, I have a good feeling he really ours” My wolf said giving her two cents.

"You sure? You not regretting what just happened, or feeling rushed?” He asked not bothering to cover himself. His muscular legs was perfectly showcasing everything his daddy gave him.

"No, I'm fine Kas" I said in a small voice as I watched Kas put his briefs and shorts back on staring at his dick the whole time. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was just so big even with it deflating at the moment it was still more than a hand full. I felt myself getting wet again.

"Whatever you thinking stop, I could smell you." he said throwing his head back, looking up to the ceiling before focusing back on me. Those brown eyes giving me chills.

“I stink or something?" I asked completely offended. I could hear my wolf laughing at me.

“What’s funny?” I asked getting laughed at even harder.

Walking up on me he bent down on the bed picking me up with one arm making me straddle him as he sat down. Making my pussy throb, I was still bare at the bottom. Kissing me, sucking on my botton lip as we parted. He was awakening all my senses.

"No I could smell yo pussy and she wet for me. I’m trying to keep Alpha my wolf, in check but you not making it easy for us. I want our first time to be special" he said kissing me on the spot he bit on my neck, Making an intense pleasure hit me. Making me moan out he stopped as he laughed in my neck.

“It’s like that?” He questioned before quickly landing another kiss. Pulling his head back he kissed me on the forehead making me blush as I fell into him. My head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

"Cover up I'll be back. Dont let nobody who aint me in here" he said, I was horny as hell and didn’t want him to leave.

Standing up with me still in his arms he sat me on the bed.

“I’ll be right back” he said before making his exit, leaving me there a complete mess.


Walking in the main house I snatched Derrick up. He walked in at the wrong moment. Even though I was all for stopping I didn’t want anybody seeing her like that but me. Just the thought of what he might’ve seen was pissing me off or was it Alpha?

"Next time knock first" I said letting him go taking deep breaths. This was definitely Alpha, I was ready to knock his head off. Calm down, it’s not that serious I said over and over until I felt myself calm down. All these new found emotions was blowing me.

"What did you want?" I asked focusing back in, I could feel his eyes on me.

"gma wanted you to call her" he said sitting at the island.

“that's it you busted in there like it was life or death" I said throwing my hands up.

“Fucking cockblocker” Alpha said with a scuff.

"ma bad I didnt know, I didn’t think y’all would be getting it on in the middle of a construction site. Plus this your fisrt time maybe even hers don’t you think you should be more romantic or something?” He said

"shut up you dont know if that was going to be my first time" I said trying to deny the fact I was a virgin meanwhile everybody else been fucking 90 going west. Especially Errick he was a hoe to the highest degree.

"Kas who you fooling its me you talking to, I know for 100 facts you never had sex before. You probably was about to stick it in her belly button" he said laughing getting pushed off his chair.

Laughing myself because Derrick was absolutely correct well not the belly button part but the virgin part, I was completely clueless when it came to real sex. Sex scenes in movies don’t cover what Alpha was just doing to Sasha.

"Shut up damn, but on some serious shit you ever give anybody head?" I asked curious to know.

"hell yea not everybody though. You remember Kay I was talking to freshman year? I ate her out but I dont think she liked it." he said laughing

"Why you trying to eat Sasha out?" he asked giving Kas his full attention.

"Im thinking about it, it’s apart of sex. Who knows she might like it. I just don’t want to be bad at it"I said truthfully I wanted to make sure that when I do it I was at least up there with Alpha. He had her open.

“It don’t matter Kas, I’m you and you are me. You win regardless, plus she koans your name not mine” Alpha chimed in. Even still I wanted to have my own thing.

"I say lick everything you see that's what I do" Errick said sticking his tongue out licking it around his lips all sloppy like, popping up out of nowhere.

"Dont listen to him Kas he gone have you eating ass" Derrick said laughing at his twin.

"What you do is lick the clit, not the whole time though you gotta dip ya tongue in the hole a few times too females get real wet when I do that" Errick said demonstrating with his hand.

"sometimes I use both my tongue and hands. Slide a couple of fingers in while sucking on her clit that drives them crazy everytime or you coul.." he was cut off by Derrick

"how many pussies have you eaten? This is exactly why I don't share shit with you I dont know where yo mouth been" Derrick said looking disgusted at his twin.

Sticking his tongue out at Derrick wiggling it said "all of them whats fucking without a lil 4 play" winking at Derrick who threw some balled up paper at him.

"Just do what feels right" Errick said laughing at Derrick.

"and how will I know that?" I asked clueless as fuck, sex was one thing eating pussy was another. I haven’t done either or I need some help here.

"She will tell you, watch her body and listen to her. Her back will arch, she'll grip something yo head,the sheets something, her body will tremble, she may even lock up on you, moaning. Those are all the signs that you doing shit right. If she don’t like it you will know” he said looking at Errick.

“Stop eating everybody pussy all pussy aint good pussy" Maynard said joining the boys at the island.

"naw but most of it be is" Errick said sounding like the manwhore he was. Everybody shook they head, smelling the air May looked at me. Studying me.

"you smell different, you got on some kind of spray or something?" he asked still smelling the air. Closing his eyes he threw his head back taking another sniff.

"Naw why you asked that?" I asked scrunching my face up. Sniffing mysef I didn’t smell anything but Sasha.

"because you smell different. You and Sasha do the deed yet?" He asked

"no we didnt, why you wanna know all that?" I asked, I know I was asking for advice but damn. Getting ignored I waved my hand in his face.

"Kas how long have you and Sasha been near each other?" He asked finally looking at me.

I thought on it.

“about a couple of weeks why?" May shook his head. Smelling me again.

"Kas have you bitten Sasha for any reason?"

"why? Unless you tell me why you need to know I'm not telling you nothing" I said crossing his arms. May was being a little too nosey for my liking and he wasn’t offering up any information.

"Kas if you bite her or she bite you you better stock up on condoms unless you ready to do the daddy thing" May said

"what is you talking about?" I asked confused as fuck trying to figure out how we jumped topics. Shit from my understanding there’s only one way to make babies and biting not it.

"Kas us wolves mark our mates with a bite so others could know they ours. You wont see it however when we do it things start to change about us like for one our smell. It mixes with our mates, the need to mark and be near our mate will be strong until you mark her. For her she will go into heat as soon as she meet you."

"how will I know when she’s in heat what does that even mean?" I asked now that I thought about I did catch her staring at my dick a few times.

“When a she wolf go in heat they are readying their bodies to carrying babies” he said looking at me

"She will be all over you acting out of her normal self. She will have little to no self control. If you dont mate with her she will go through pain, a pain only a mates lovin could soothe. Just be careful Kas because if you mark her while she’s in heat, it will take her heat to the next level." He said.

That caught My attention

"Wait a minute what? Next level?"

"Yes Kas, it’s levels to this shit. She will crave you, the more she crave you the more her heat will hit her. More heat means trouble. Other males will be atrracted to her smell thats why I asked you this you have a very sweet smell on you its making my wolf want to search it out and eat it up. Now are you sure you didnt bite her?"

"shiiiit so what does this mean?" I asked knowing damn well I bit her and she bit me. The pleasure I felt when she did was like no other.

"Kas you marked her didn't you? Now you gone have to fuck her or every other shifted wolf that comes near her will try to get with her even if they have to force it. Shes going into that final heat I could smell it on you." He said shaking his head.

Jumping up I panicked, how was I to know that’s what the fuck Alpha was doing. If I would've known what he was doing while he was doing it I would've stopped him. Now it's too late, I had to explain to Sasha what was happening.

"Where she at now? You need to go be with her. I have a few wolves coming to meet you. Members of our old pack. If they smell her its gone be a problem" he said, I heard him but I ignored it, still thinking about the shit I just learned.


I laid in bed trying to figure out how to turn myself off. Its like he flipped a switch on in me that I can't flip back off and my wolf wasn't helping. She constantly pushed images of Kas to me making me hornier than before, I didn’t even think that was possible.

Fuck it I thought deciding to do something I never done before, flick my bean. With images off Kas stock piled thanks to earlier, it was easy getting right back in the mood.

Taking my pants back off, I laid back on the bed spreading my legs how Kas did. Reenacting what Kas did to me, I started rubbing on my body. First the stomach then my breast imagining it was Kas. Sliding my hand behind my back I undid my bra, freeing my self I took my shirt off. Nobody would come in here right?

With one hand toying with my nipples and the other circling my clit I started feeling....good. It wasn’t exactly the same feeling Kas gave me but it was working. Arching my back I spread my legs more, moaning Kas name out.

I was so into what I was doing I didn't even feel that someone was in the room. Armed with my own nasty thoughts I started going faster, grinding my hips the same way I did with Kas. I could feel a feeling that was so overwhelming but also felt so good. I couldn’t stop I was so close.

"Damn babygirl you wet as fuck"

That made my eyes pop open. Standing in the door way was two men I never seen before a day in my life. They both moved to the side so the door could be closed. Grabbing the covers I hurried to cover myself.

"Who the fuck are yall and why are y'all in here" I said with a lot of attitude even though I was scared as fuck. Laughing one moved closer as the other stood by the door.

"Fuck you smell so good" the one that came closer said while snatching the covers off of me. The other stood there sniffing the air. Taking in good whiffs, he moved quick grabbing the other dude.

"Stop she got a mate and by that smell he's an alpha" he said but the other dude was too far gone, it was like he didn’t hear anything as he snatched away moving closer to me.

Scared as fuck now, I started screaming. I called out to Kas, screaming for him to help. He will hear I know he will.

"Shut the fuck up nobody can hear you sweet thing" he said climbing on the bed with me. I tried to move back but he grabbed my leg stopped me from moving.

"that's where you wrong my mate not far away and if I was you I would leave while your ahead" I said growing confidence out of nowhere. I didn’t even know if anybody can hear me let alone Kas.

I just needed to stall him until I could find a way out.


I most defiantly heard her scream my name, May and the them took of with me when I ran out. I didn’t know if they could hear her or not it wasn’t my problem. In the moment all I could think about was Sasha.

I could feel her, she was distressed making me put a peep in my step, making it there a couple minutes before May and them even though we all left at the same time.

Running up the steps I didn’t bother using the door as I broke through it easily, taking the steps three at a time. I could smell different scents that wasn’t Sasha making anger coarse through me. Ripping the door to the bedroom off the hinges, I seen red.

Seeing two muthafuckas I never seen a day in his life before in the room, one on the bed with a naked Sasha took me over the edge thinking the worst had happened. Alpha took over and I didn’t stop him, I was just as pissed off.

Looking at the dude closes to the door, he looked him up and down challenging him as he walked by. I could hear his thoughts he ain't want no problems. Bowing his head in submission.

Grabbing the other dude by the throat Alpha snapped his neck all in one motion.

“He got shit fucked up” he said to me, turning on his heels he grabbed the other dude by the collar lifting him up.

"Tell me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you"Alpha asked him, by then May and the boys came Running in.

Seeing Sasha on the bed crying scared naked, her clothes on the ground right near a body with the neck twisted all the way around May feared the worst.

"What the fuck Kamar yall was suppose to come to the main house what are y'all doing here?" May questioned shaking his head.

"We was on our way there but we smelled something that smelt so fucking good we had to go see what it was when we got here we found her in here moaning playing with herself saying tas or something. I couldn't make it out she was moaning so loud and With that smell it made it hard to think. I’m mated so I could control myself but Josh” he said looking down at the man on the floor.

“I told him she had an alpha mate, I tried to stop him" he said trying to hide the woody he got thinking about Sasha naked. Reading his mind Alpha punched him sending him flying only to catch him and slam him down on the floor.

"Who the fuck is this May?" He asked turning slightly to look at May never taking my attention off dude.

"you better watch yo fucking thoughts, she is MINE and I don't share" he said picking him back up. The way Alpha was manhandling him was ridiculous, he moved him around like he weighed nothing.

"Kas wolf, Alpha I know you’re upset just let me explain. This right here is your uncle, your fathers brother" May said hoping that would help calm Alpha down.

It did nothing, he didn't give a fuck who he was he violated his mate. A crime punishable by death in Alpha eyes.

"You think I give a fuck him and his man violated my mate" Alpha said tightening his grip. Now looking in him in the eyes as he hung there stunned. Tapping in I could hear his thoughts.

I knew May had something to tell me never did I think this was it. My brothers only child was alive and not only that he was strong as fuck even stronger than Jedrek. I couldn't wait to tell my mate and kids. Our alpha has returned we could be a pack again.

"So this means we getting the pack back" Kamar asked getting excited forgetting the situation at hand. It was like he didn’t care Alpha was holding him up like a rag doll by the neck.

"Who the fuck said you was invited in after what you just did." Alpha asked

"I promise you nephew I didn't do anything even with her smell being so alluring I stopped myself, ima a mated wolf so I know how it is, ask her" he said flinching back.

Catching a glimpse of himself in window he seen his eye were pitch black no color of any kind to be seen.

"Sasha is he telling the truth?" Alpha asked not breaking eye contact with Kamar

"y-yes he tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen,is is he dead?" she asked looking at the dead body on the ground.

"Yea he is stop looking at him"

Sasha sat back stunned, Blocking her view Alpha stepped over dude. Dropping Kamar like a sack of potatoes.

"Everybody out" Alpha growled shaking the whole house, without a word everybody filed out. Excpet May he picked the body up slinging him over his shoulder giving a nod to Alpha letting him know he got it.

Alpha nodded back climbing in bed with Sasha pulling her close instantly calming him down giving Kas back control. Kas having just caught his first body was just as fucked up as Sasha, he couldn’t show it though he had to be strong for her. Silence was all that was between us, Sasha snuggled close to me no words needed to be spoken.

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