The Lost King

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Chapter 9


Sleep was the last thing either of them got. I couldn't believe I killed somebody meanwhile Alpha treated it as if it was nothing. I could still see the body laying on the floor with his neck snapped hanging to the side, eyes wide open. It was an image that was stuck in my head.

“Get over it Kas this is just the beginning” Alpha said dismissively.

“How? You acting like I kill people all the time or something. Then you did it in front of Sasha. She look scared.” I said peaking down at her.

“I couldnt stop myself he was trying to get her. He was gone take her rather she wanted to or not. You heard what May said, we gotta watch everybody.” He said, he obviously took Maynards words to heart.

“I hope you dont think you gone kill everybody that come close to her, it aint that deep.”

“I wouldn’t even have to worry about this if it wasn't for Derrick. We would've already been past this point, she probably would've been carrying my pup by now.”

“You making everything seem like it’s no big deal. We just killed somebody and you talking about kids. What if we go to jail for that shit”

“Well that’s a bridge we'll cross when we get to it, if we get to it. Now let's get some from our mate. You wouldn't have to worry about me acting up.” He said dismissively.

“Are you serious right now you think she gone wanna do anything after that?” I said, I couldnt believe this dude. I know he a wolf but his level of savagery was at an all time high.

“If you want me to not kill every man that get near her do what I said.”

“No, the fuck you think you is. She not just yours shes ours, you don’t call the shots. When she's ready we'll know.” I said shaking my head.

“Whatever” Alpha said going silent.

Turning, I looked at Sasha who was already looking at me.


I couldn't believe he killed somebody right in front of me. I was still in shock even though I was grateful. I didnt know what wouldve happened if he didnt come, it seems like I kept finding myself in fucked up situations that Kas had to get me out of.

It seems like since they met, he been putting himself on the line for me. Maybe I should leave I thought until I can make better decisions, I had done nothing but bring drama to his life.

"No you not leaving Alpha would go crazy" Kas said out of nowhere breaking the silence, giving him the side eye I just stared at him, how he know what I was thinking.

"I could read your mind" he said sliding me up on his chest. I let him, laying my head on his chest. Just like that, it was as if earlier didn’t happen.

"How? Can we all do that?" I asked getting a little excited, looking up at him.

"Not that I know of just me, Dar gives me the ability to do it"

"How long have you been reading my mind" I wondered becuase I know I had a few unholy thoughts about Kas plenty of times.

"I'm not gone lie I've been reading your mind since I met you. I read everybody mind around me."

"Thats creepy as fuck." I paused, I started to say something only to be cut off by Kas.

"No you don't bring drama to me. You are my mate the one meant for me we would go to the end of earth and fight the devil himself for you. I really don’t have a choice"

"Are you going to keep killing people?" I asked.

I didn’t know what I would do if he said yes. Would I stay? Would I go? I really don’t know. It was crazy to me that even though my mind is racing, my body was relaxed in his arms. I know I should run any sane person would but I’m not sane, hell I’m not even human.

"No I don't plan to but life never goes as plan as you could see. I don't want to make any promises cause Alpha could be out of control at times. If him or Dar feel they need to they will kill and I wouldn't be able to stop them especially if they feel they need to protect you or our pack. Alpha a little off the chain if you haven't noticed. Sasha please don't leave, if not for our inner beings for me." he said pulling me closer to him,wrapping his arms around me he kissed me on the forehead.

“I really don’t know how to take that. At the same time I could stay like this forever. I know what you did was wrong but it was for the right reason. How can I look at that as a bad thing”

“Yea, I get it. I just don’t know what to say. Our life and everything about it has changed. I wish it could be normal but we not normal. I’ll try my best though” he said, and I agreed. It’s not everyday you learn you’re a wolf shifter.

"Please don't go" Kas said just above a whisper.

Rubbing my hand down Kas face I didnt even acknowledge his words. I didn’t know what I was going to do, could I live this life?

“What other choice do you have? This all we got. If he’s my mate I’m not leaving him my wolf chimed in.


I laid there trying to get myself under control. Her silence was killing me. My heart dropped to my feet suddenly feeling heavy in my chest, I felt like I couldnt breath like something was squeezing the air out of my lungs. I wanted to beg her, to try to change her mind. Is this what they meant by not being able to be without her? I thought. My head was spinning, she was going to leave me and it was nothing I could do about it.

Squeezing her tight I didn't know if this was going to be the last time I would hold her like this. I didn’t realize how serious this was, but this pain I was feeling definitely let me know. Alpha must’ve felt all that I was. Retreating Alpha went silent almost like he wasn't there. Within minutes I started feeling pain all over my body to the point it hurted to hold Sasha in my arms.


"Ahhh" Kas screamed, jumping up I looked Kas over trying to see what was wrong. I didn’t see any blood, marks or bruises.

"Kas what’s wrong?" I asked still looking all over him everywhere I touched made him move away from me.

"Move don't touch me" he said smacking my hands away, taken back I smacked my lips. The fuck wrong with him?

"I can’t touch you now? " I asked my feelings hurt. Maybe he read my thoughts. I didn’t think he would respond like this.

"Not when it hurt every time. Go get May something not right ahhhhh" he screamed when I touched his hand to kind of reassure him. Throwing on on some clothes I ran out barefooted looking for May. Running through the whole house past all the boys some following me trying to figure out what was going on, others I’m sure went to check on Kas. She found May in the office with that other man talking, bussing in without knocking I caught both of those attention.

"May something wrong with Kas I can’t touch him or it hurt him. I don’t know what’s wrong one minute we laying there the next he’s screaming in pain" I said all in one breath.


Hopping up with Kamar right behind me, I’m sure concerned for his nephew.

"What’s wrong Kas?” I asked as soon as I walked in. Going over to Kas I went to pick him up but he moved back.

"No don't touch me, that shit hurt too much" he said giving me a death stare.

"I have to sit you up so I could see what’s wrong" I said nodding his head he grabbed my hand that I had held out to my surprise he didn’t flinch when I touched him. Maybe this is a side effect of the blue moon being near.

"Where you hurt at?" I asked looking at what looked like an ok Kas, I didn’t see any blood or anything.

"Everywhere Sasha touched me hurt but when you did nothing happen. I know I'm not going crazy" I called Sasha over to touch him and she did only for Kas to scream like somebody was killing him.

"Somebody else touch him" I said wanting to see what would happen. One by one everybody touched him only for him to sit there completely normal. It was then I noticed I didn't feel his wolf. Kas still had a strong aura but something was off.

"Kas bring Alpha out" I said getting worried this was not normal especially with mates.

"I can’t, I dont even feel him anymore" Kas said

“Can’t feel him? What does that mean?” I questioned, I never heard of no shit like this.

“It mean when I call out to him he don’t respond. It’s like he’s not even there” Kas said trying to stand up.

"Somebody get me a phone I need to call Annie, she'll know whats up" I said lookimg around. Finally finding a phone in Derrick room I dialed Annie. When she answered she didn't even give me a chance to say anything.

"I’m on my way, I could only stay for a little while. I'll tell you what you need to know when I get there, for now keep Sasha and Kas apart. You hear they can’t even be in the same room"

"ok" was all May said before hanging up doing as he was told. Something was up with this and they was about to find out what.


Gma got there four hours later, and I was pissed to the max. I just couldn't get a break, I just wanted all this shit to be over with so I could chill with Sasha maybe open a business or something. Something low key I knew that. All this drama wasn't my thing.

"I’m going to get straight to the point, a spell has been cast on you to keep you and Sasha apart. While under this spell you will want whoever put the spell on you. You will crave them like you crave your mate. You and Sasha marked each other that’s why you feel pain whenever she touches you. It’s hard to ignore the mate bond y’all have, that’s now only affecting Sasha since this spell took away your wolf. " she said taking in the new face that was in the house.

Seeming to instantly recognize who it was.

"Really Kamar you gonna stand there and not speak" she said hand on her hip, smiling he came towards her with his arms out.

"Annie long time no see. I see you still looking good, looks like you haven't aged none." he said kissing her cheek as they departed from their hug.

"Why did Alpha go away?" I questioned interrupting their moment not caring. I wanted to know why I couldnt feel my wolf. I know I was upset with him a few minutes ago, that can’t be it can it?

"Because you marked each other. Whoever put the spell on you didn't count on y'all marking each other before mating. Now that y’all are marked the spell locked him away, nothing would've kept him away from his mate especially with Sasha in heat. You have to free him in order to break the spell." she said taking a seat

"And how do I do that?" I asked not knowing what to do. People casting spell on me and shit, this was way out of my league. I was just getting used to were-people now here come witches and shit.

"By finishing mating with Sasha in human form, then after mating in wolf form. You mating as humans will unlock your wolf and mating in wolf form will break the spell. With everyone changing in less the 8 hours from now y'all might need to get on it. They will need their alpha and Sasha wolf will want her mate." She said.

"So you telling me the only way to break this spell is to sleep with Sasha" I asked

"You could always find the one who cast the spell and kill them. Which ever way you choose you better make it quick. Sasha will not survive long without her mate."

That caught my attention.

“What you mean by that?" I questioned, this was getting crazier by the minute.

"What I mean is she will either die from a broken heart or go crazy making herself a rouge. You marked her so to her it will feel like rejection, the feeling might not be strong now because shes unshifted but once she shift all her feelings will intensify."

Throwing my hands up, I shook my head.

"What ima do then? I don’t want to force her to do anything she don’t want to"

Smacking her lips gma shook her head at me.

"Of course she will Kas she’s in heat, the only thing with that is it will hurt you more than it hurt her. You will feel pain like no other all over your body nothing about it will be pleasurable for you thanks to the spell." She said matter of factly.

"So even if we do do it, it will hurt me?”

Why would I want to now? I thought looking at Gma crazy. Why was everything always so complicated.

"Yes, oh and another thing after Sasha shift her heat will intensify. She will be all over and we all know why she can’t be. Even if she didn’t want to be, her heat won’t give her much choice.” Gma said checking her watch, it was if she had somewhere to be.

“So not only will you be in pain so will she. A she wolf heat is nothing to play with, the longer she goes unmated the stronger the pain will be. It will be like child birth but five times worst.” She said standing to her feet, checking her watch again.

Taking a seat on the couch I ran my hands over my face, it’s damn if I do damn if I dont.

"How can I find the person who did this?"

I needed to know since this was the only option left. This will take both of our pain away. Well at least it’ll take the option of fucking off the table. I want that to be something special between us, not just a quick fix to a problem.

"More than likely the person who had the spell cast on you will come around thinking they’ve won. You will know it’s them because whenever they're around you will have a strong lust for them, once you have them you will be able to find what witch or warlock did this" she said fishing in her purse.

"How do I know they will come here, that would be a dead giveaway for them" That would be the dumbest thing to do.

"Because I told you, did you forget who I was. I won’t tell you who because I don't want to change the future but I will tell you that they will come back thinking they have the upper hand not knowing we know about the spell. Here take this" she said handing me some homeade tea bags.

"This will help with the pain whenever Sasha around, speaking of where is Sasha?" she asked looking around not seeing her face.

"In the guest house, it hurt too bad to be in the same area so I left her there" I said with a huff.

I couldn’t wait to find out who it was, there was no telling what I would do. Even with Alpha locked away I could feel rage building inside of me. Right now I was glad I didn't promise Sasha not to kill nomore cause whoever did this was a deadman.


"I'll be back" Gma said as I went to find Sasha. It was time, if I wouldn’t stay a second longer I would’ve miss this opportunity. She’s only, probably our only chance to make this happen. If not the future will not be the same.


Rolling around on the bed in the guess room Romel was suppose to take, I was in pain. I had an ache in my core that was sending pain all over my body, I didn't want to try masturbating again after what happened last time but the ache was too strong, it was starting to become painful. I had to do something.

Unbuttoned my jeans I started sliding them down, a knocked on the door stopped me midway. Pulling my jeans back up I opened the door.

"How you holding up?" She asked walking in the room.

"Besides my body feeling strange and me not being able to be near Kas without hurting him I'm fine" I said in a sarcastic voice. I wasn’t trying to get smart but this pain was really getting to me.

"What did I tell you in that dream Sasha you was suppose to keep your friends close but enemies closer. You let your enemy get away now havoc will come y'all way."

"How am I suppose to know who is who?" I asked confused. How the hell was I to know, that dream was real?

"The Who doesn’t matter now, what does matter is that you’re strong enough to handle what’s coming y’all way”

"wha.." I cut off by Gma hand on my head. My head instantly felt heavy, making me close my eyes just for a rest.

Openig them again, I noticed I was not longer at the cabin house. It looked like dream world. Doing a full 360, I found Gma, she was standing with another women.

She was very beautiful, I'm talking super model pretty. She stood at around 5'9 smooth chocolate skin, dark brown eyes graced her face with big pouty lips. Deep dimples indented her face as she turned to smile at me. She felt familiar.

"Hello Darling, my aren't you a beautiful one. This is his mate?" she asked gma giving me a once over.

"Who are you? Gma what’s going on, where am I ?" I asked looking at Gma, who just smirked.

"This is Princess Navee, Kas mother she’s here to give you a gift. This gift has been given to only one other shifter walking earth. She begged the moon goddess to give you this gift." Gma said walking over to Navee taking her hand.

“Gift what gift?” I questioned this was not sounding too good to me. Why did she have to bring me here for this?

"Just recently a she panther was killed by the lion shifter who is trying to take over the pride. He killed her for not giving herself to him in any way he pleased. It was arranged before her or Kas was born that those two were to join hands in marriage but as you could see things didn't work out. Nor would it ever had with you being his mate.Her panther is a strong one meant to stand side by side with a King, it's why she was choosen her strong blood line.” Princess Navee said smiling softly at me.

“What does this have to do with me?”

“She no longer has a human half and we thought since Kas wolf already chose you we could combined you two together to make 3. We found her just in time, a second later and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation" Gma said floating over to me grabbing my hand, pulling me over to Navee.

"So let me get this straight you trying to give me a panther spirit for?" I asked confused even more, I barely had this wolf stuff down.

"Because Sasha your wolf is strong don’t get me wrong but she doesn’t have a pure bloodline. Your father has Alpha blood but your mother not at all. The enemies y'all will face will be stronger. As his mate you need to be able to have Kas back against any and every enemy y’all have." gma said

"So y'all saying I’m too weak for Kas?" I asked catching an instant attitude. What I’m not good enough for him?

"No we're not, your wolf is strong she’s an alphas daughter but like I said your not a pure blood like Kas is and in order for you to be Kas equal we need you stronger and this panther will give you that strength." Gma said snapping in a way that only your grandmother could.

Thinking it over, I decided to go for it. Why not? They went through all the trouble for this , it’s not like I could say no anyways. Maybe this will bring us closer.

Nodding I agreed to do it, smiling Navee moved closer to me chanting something in a language I didn't understand or ever heard of. Going around me in circles she started chanting louder and louder, Gma joined her going around and around both of their eyes turning white.

Raising their hands looking up to the sky they chanted louder and louder until their heads snapped to me. This looked like some weird cult shit, I took a step back I don’t know what they had planned. I was definitely second guessing myself. Approaching me, Navee traced a symbol on my forehead then hit me right in the spot waking me up from the dream world only to see Gma gone.

It was getting dark out and you could see a half moon in the sky. It was starting to turn blue in a corner of it.

“It’s almost time lets go find the others” my wolf said excited, she was finally getting to come out in her true form.

“Hello” I heard a voice I never heard before. That worked quickly.

“Who the hell is that? We don’t have time for this we need to find our mate” my wolf asked

“That is the panther Gma gave us. Don’t you remember?”

“Remember? I don’t remember ever seeing Gma today. How could I remember what she said” my wolf said getting annoyed, I could tell by how she was huffing and puffing. I wondered why she didn’t remember.

“We was given a panther, she would’ve been Kas wife if we wasn’t his mate”

“So now we have to share him with somebody else? Oh hell no I didn’t sign up for this”

“Well it’s happening she’s here now let’s make the best of it”

“Whatever” my wolf said going silent.

“I apologize if I’m causing trouble, I’m just happy to have a second chance at life.” She said sounding very grateful. She had a shy voice, low and sweet.

“Welcome I hope you don't cause any trouble. My wolf is not use to sharing so this she maybe a little mean”

“Oh no I promise to be on my best behavior. Besides your wolf don’t have to worry I only want my kind” She assured me.

“Good well lets go meet everybody.”


As soon as she walked in I felt her presents but so did Dar.

“Something different with her Kas you feel that?” He asked as I watched Sasha walk further in the room. She was giving off way more power than usual. Something was defiantly up with her. Maybe it was her heat?

“I don’t know but something is off and I will find out what. Alpha already missing we cannot have anything happen to Sasha.” Dar said and I agreed. Last thing we needed was Alpha coming back to something being wrong with his mate.


Everything in me pulled me in Kas direction, who hopped up out his seat like his ass on fire, Making a mad dash to the door. The pain clear on his face. Giving a sad sigh I stood there hurt that I couldn't get near him. I had so much to tell him, guess it’ll have to wait.

Jabar came from behind and gave me a hug sniffing me. We stayed like that for a good five minutes before I cleared my throat. Snapping him out of the trace he was in.

"It’ll get better we'll get through this. Once we find the bitch that did this and kill that hoe y'all will be good again." He said anger laced throughout his voice.

Nodding my head with another sigh she looked to May

"how much longer until the change" I asked needing to focus on something else. Looking down at his watch, he walked over to a window and looked out.

"About 2 hours, c’mon y'all pack up. I have a camp site set up just for this we gotta go before y'all change, somebody go and get Kas and let him know what’s happening" Errick being closet to the door went to get Kas.

“Here we go” my wolf said ready to unleash the beast on whoever fucking with her mate.

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