The Lost King

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Chapter 10


The next step of my plan was in effect. Spotting Kevin sitting on a porch parlaying around passing a blunt back and forth with some other guy, I checked mysef over. Not a hair out of place.

Putting on my best smile I walked over to them. Catching their attention immediately, not to toot my own horn but I was a coldie there was no denying that. My smooth chocolate skin and body just didn’t quit.

It was always this way with humans, they are so easily manipulated it wasn’t funny. Such gullible creatures. Seeing how hard they was staring, I smiled even harder. This was going to be like taking candy from a baby.


Sasha was really in her feelings. I walked at the very back of the crowd trying not to be near her but I could hear her every thought. I didnt want to hurt her feelings but I didn’t want to hurt myself either. She knew why I was doing it but that didn’t stop it from hurting her any less.

The spell was doing exactly what it was meant to, keeping us apart. All I wanted to do was jump Sasha bones but with how everything was happening I didn’t know if that would happen.

“I'm telling you something is different with Sasha. She feels different in a good way, I feel more connected to her for some reason.” Dar said with certainty, her energy was different and whenever he tried to read her mind to see what he missed it was blocked out as if nothing happened but he knew something was up.

“Well we wont know until we could figure out how to break this spell. Im starting to feel funny not having him here” I admitted. I never not had Alpha with me so not having him now didn’t feel good at all.

As much as I liked to believe I didn’t want him around, truth was I missed him now he was gone. This was definitely an eye opener for sure.

“I think I have an idea Kas.”

“What? An idea to get Alpha back?” I questioned, anything is better than nothing.

“No, but you could give me control I wanna see if the spell effects me too.” He said

I was willing to try anything. I could feel Sasha feelings and she wasn't happy. She was sad and horny a deadly combination. It was worth a shot, I stopped walking giving Dar control.

"Sasha come here" he beckoned her.

Workout looking at me, she spoke so lowly that if I wasn’t shifted I wouldn’t have heard her.

"No, I don't want to hurt you. Plus you don't need me near you right now"

"Yes I do now come here" he said making her pop her head up looking Dar in the eyes she noticed it wasnt me but Dar. Even still I felt like she could see me in there even with him having control. Coming up to us she stood a few feet away not wanting to hurt me.

"Closer" he said grabbing Sasha pulling her to him. I could feel the pain but it was minor to the point I almost didn’t feel it.

“How are you feeling Dar?” I asked wondering if he felt this at all.

"It doesnt have the same affect on me as it does on y’all, I don’t feel anything at all." he said kissing her forehead just then you could hear a piercing scream break through my head.

"GET ME OUT OF HERE” Alpha said before it went back silent as if he wasn't there at all. That made Dar pull Sasha closer trying to see if it will help with bringing Alpha back but nothing happened.


I wasn't paying attention to anything happening around me. I was just happy to be back close to him even with my wolf becoming more worried as time pass.

“I don’t like this. He should be here with me.” She said sadly.

“I know, once we shift we will get him back. Especially if he’s our mate.”

“How will we know. I was counting on shifting and being able to tell now I don’t even have my mate at all”

Before I could answer her I felt a wave of pleasure flow through me. At first I was able to ignore it but now with me being pressed against Kas rather it’s one of his other sides or not, it was having an affect on me.

It was as if my body had a mind of its own as my hands glided over his chest falling lower and lower.

"Sasha you gotta stop" Kas said, or was it?

“What’s your name, I know his wolf is Alpha. Who are you?” I asked looking into green eyes I only seen once before.

“I’m Dar, his panther. Sasha I need you to try and resist it” he said grabbing my hands and kissing them before letting go, earning a moan from me. I don’t know what was wrong but it felt right.

"Why? You are my mate right?" I barely got out, half moaning every word. I didn't know what was going on but what I did know was that I liked it. Everywhere our bodies connected had waves a pleasure shooting through me, I was starting to feel hot.

"Your heat, every wave will be more intense. Once you shift Sasha you're going to feel this way whenever I’m around." He said looking at me, pleading with his eyes.

"So I don't have a choice?" I asked running my hands all over his body. Every word he said went in one ear and out the other. I know I was making it hard for him to focus, as he grabbed my hands putting them at my sides with closed eyes. Inhaling and exhaling, he was really trying to resist me.

“He can’t even without my mate being here, he’s still here somewhere.” My wolf chimed in.

"Not really but we could try to prolong it as long as it wills us.We can start by keeping our hands to ourselves" he said knocking my hands down.

I was too caught up in the feeling of him touching me, I couldn’t stop myself from putting my hands back on him. Stepping closer I hugged him running my hands up his back.

"Sasha you gotta snap out it, I could smell you and I know everybody else can too" Dar said looking around noticing all the males looking her way. One look at Dar and they all turned away.

"Y’all stay here cool her off, I'll come back after I get everybody settled her heat is strong as fuck right now it's starting to effect the boys" May said


She smelled like heaven at the moment and if we would’ve stayed any longer I knew someone would break and I didn't want Dar to kill anybody else especially not somebody I grew up with and love.

Nodding Dar picked Sasha up and took her to a little creek I found back when Alpha fought David. It was about 10 minutes away walking there was a task though with Sasha rubbing her core on me, running her hands all over me. I might not be in control but Dar was not hiding how or what he was feeling in the moment.

She grabbed his ass giving it a squeeze, making him damn near drop her. A 10 minute walk turned into 15 with him almost dropping her twice.

“I’m trying Kas, she not making it easy” he said to me.

When he reached the creek he climbed on top of a big rock that was at the end of the creek and threw her in without warning hoping the water will help with her heat. She had him rock hard. He was ready to give her what she wanted.

“Give me control if you can’t take it, maybe some separation is needed” I said not knowing how long he will be able to control himself.

“No I got it Kas, if I give you back control you will be in pain” Dar said not giving back control.

"What the fuck" Sasha screamed as she came out the water everything soaked even her shoes.

"Did it help?" he asked with a smile, earning a frown in return. However that slowly crept into a seductive smile.

"No you got all my clothes wet now how I'm suppose to walk with wet shoes" she wined getting out the water.

"Guess I’ll just have to take all this off" she said taking off her shirt, grabbing her Dar stopped her from stripping.

"Stop, now you going to strip, you really doing the most right now" he said trying to stop her but keep his distance. He could only hide his dick for but so long before she notice just how hard he was.

"If it makes you fell better you could strip me" she said unbuttoning her jeans pulling them down. Stopping her again, Dar pulled them back up.

"What is you doing, you really making this harder than it has to be." Dar said, I could hear it in his voice he was getting ready to break.

"What’s so hard about it we got about a hour and some change before the shift we could.." he cut her off already seeing where this was going, not before she placed her hand on my dick. Stroking him through my jeans making him even harder. Something I didn’t even think could happen. It was so hard it was starting to hurt.

"Not right now" he said stepping away from her.

"Please" looking at her trying to get his point across he noticed he wasn't even talking to Sasha now but her wolf. He was so distracted with her feeling on him, he didn't pay any attention.

"Will.." he was cut off by her kissing him sticking her tongue in his mouth silencing him. So caught off guard Dar stood there for a moment before his body reacted and started kissing her back careful not to miss a beat.

“I tried” was all he said as his tongue wrestled hers both of them moaning. Getting all in it he picked Sasha up and carried her down off the rock. She started grinding on him kissing the place on my neck where she marked me. Making Dar roar out in pleasure. Holding her with his one arm he successfully pulled her jeans off without barely moving her. Keeping a firm grip on her.

“Dar stop look what you doing she about to shift this is not the time” I screamed, trying to snap him out of it. These two was really trying to take over.

“I'm trying Kas, I can’t resist her no matter what I do. She is our mate, wolf or no wolf she still has an affect on us” he said back kissing her mark, moaning Sasha threw her head back giving him more access.

“Give me control back that'll help us” Kas suggested Dar wasn't hearing it though.

“No, that will hurt y'all, all four of y'all. Let me do it Kas it has to be done anyway.” He said with finality

”No I want to do it. I want our first time to be together, not with you or Alpha” I protested. Starting to get pissed that he wasn’t listening. I expected this from Alpha not Dar.

“And you will with Sasha but me and her wolf about do this. She wants Alpha and I don't like the fact that he's missing. A part of us is missing. How can you not want to help him.” Dar asked easing Sasha on a bed of grass.

He was talking to me but Sasha couldn’t tell. He didn’t show any signs that she wasn’t his main focus as he ran his hand down her body starting at her neck. Sasha body moving as a wave following his hand as she bit her bottom lip.

“Dar don't” I yelled

“Sorry Kas” was all Dar said before he blocked me out. I knew this needed to be done for several reason, even still I wanted to be the one to do it. Call me selfish but I at least wanted that to myself.

Opening her legs he eased his way in between them grinding back into her, letting her feel exactly what she done. Dar started running his hands down her thighs making small circles on her inner thigh as he swirled his tongue over her mark. He may not have been Alpha but he had the same affect on her as he did. Her moans being evident of that.

"Please" she begged arching her back, pushing her chest into his.

"Patience" he said removing her shirt leaving her in nothing but a cherry colored bra. She sat up unhooking her bra freeing her breast. Laying back in nothing but her underwear she was completely exposed. Giving us a full view of everything, Dar didn’t miss the chance to look over her whole body burning the image in our head.

Sasha wiggled under his stare, reaching out only to get her hand pushed away. Lowering himself to her he massage her breast sucking on one nipple before going to the other switching back and forth licking and sucking them watching as Sasha became undone. Unbuckling his jeans and pulling them down some so he could let her feel what she was did to him.

Moaning Sasha ran her hands down his back before finding her way to my dick, rubbing down it stroking it. This had to be her wolf because Sasha was never this bold, Dar enjoyed that.

“Alpha is going to love her” Dar said pulling his jeans down more to give her more room rocking into her hands, picking up the pace he started moaning kissing her neck, making sure to pay close attention to her mark.


They was so into what they was doing they didn't even notice me in the trees. Shaking my head I walked away, not wanting to stop them. I wanted Alpha back as well and this was the quickest way to get him.

Looking up to the sky at the moon that almost completely blue moon, I knew they better hurry or she would be shifting no matter what was going down. They had less then 5 minutes, that was my whole reason for coming back a second time to find them I was off on the time.

Even if I made myself known it wouldn’t do anything to stop them seeing how far gone they were.

May the moon goddess be with them I thought walking away.


Feeling himself on the edge Dar removed her hand, putting her hands above her head with one hand. Pulling his boxers down taking both them and his jeans off he positioned himself so that they was core to core. Sliding her panties off, he let go of her hands and pinned her legs up to her chest looking her in the eyes. Her beautiful Hazels looking back at him lustfully.

"You ready" he asked gripping his back she nodded her head as he started to push only to stop when she let out a terrifying scream.


It felt like somebody was ripping me open from the inside out.

"You ok?" Dar asked holding himself at my entrance. I could feel him pulsating.

"I” I was cut off by my own scream as I felt a sharp pain rip through my body again. I knew it was Dar, he was barely on me as he balanced himself on his one arm. He had a worried look on his face.

"Don't stop please I'm okay please keep going." My wolf said lying, I was feeling all Kinds of pain, even still she wanted to do this. Just fuck me huh? I thought as another pain ripped through me.


Dar couldn't though the faces she was making was too much for him. It didnt feel right doing this while she was shifting he thought they had more time. Looking up he seen the moon was almost completely blue. They was definitely out of time.

“I can't we are out of time. You’re about to shift” he said lifting up off her. Dick still hard as rock but that would have to wait. Grabbing his boxers he put them back on.

"You have to please. Everybody got their mate but me. Please" Her wolf begged

"what does that mean we all sha.." he was cut off by her screaming again. Twisting and turning she balled up the pain was starting to overtake her.

"We can’t you shifting sooner than I thought. We are out of time” Dar said shaking his head. No way this was going down now.

Scooping her in his arms he sat her on his lap like you would a baby, rubbing on her trying to null the pain. It must’ve worked because she was not screaming as much. Looking up to the sky in all its glory was a full blue Moon glowing bright.

He never seen nothing like that before in his life. Sasha tossing from side to side took his attention, it was time. Taking her off his lap he laid her on the grass and let nature take its course. Screaming out Sasha tossed around as her limbs started snapping in different directions as white hairs sprouted out, transforming into paws with sharp claws.

Her face breaking as a snout started to grow out. Screaming in pain she rolled around on the grass, it was hard to watch but there was nothing I could do.

The transition took all of 45 minutes to complete, where Sasha once lay was a wolf almost as big as Alpha. She was a hair or two smaller and her full frame was slimmer. She was all white with black tips making her Hazel eyes stick out more.

On her forehead in gold with black outlining was a symbol, that looked like a heart that was broken in three pieces. Kind of like a broken heart but it was still together no separation of the heart. Shaking her fur she stood sniffing Dar taking in his scent. Rubbing her fur as she sniffed him he could believe his eyes. She was a beautiful wolf. Alpha would be proud.

Out of the trees came multiple wolves all about the same size as Sasha outside of four other wolves. Two looked older like aged wolves while the other two looked identical with their matching brown fur and white under stripe on their bellies. Those two had to be Derrick and Errick wolves, they was about a hair smaller than Sashas wolf but thicker and lower to the grown.

The aged wolves could only be Kamar and May. Which was which I couldn’t tell. One was black with white hairs at the tips of his ears and the other a deep brown color. The other two were the smallest but even still they were big standing a hair smaller than Errick and Derrick. One was a light sandy brown while the other was brown with a greyish tint. Looking in his eyes I knew the brown one was Jabar without a doubt.

All of them came and rubbed furs with Sasha sniffing her taking in her scent. Playfully Sasha nipped at them, all of thier tails were wagging happily before they all took off running through the woods going laps around me before coming back and taking a drink at the creek.

We just sat back and watched, missing Alpha more than ever this was all he talked about outside of Sasha. He couldn't wait for everybody to shift and now that they are he's not around to even play.

Out of the trees jumped four huge all black Panthers all with different eye colors, they all laid on each other grooming each other while they watched the wolves play. Seeing them made the older black and white wolf pause growling at them, taking a fighting stance earning loud hisses from the panthers only for Dar to block them from each other.

"No" he said reading his mind he knew exactly what he was about to do. The wolf who he figured out was Kamar just looked at him tilting his head before flopping down sitting watching them. After playing for a little while they all shifted back even the werecats. Naked as the day they were born.

"That was painful as fuck" Jabar said before they all passed out. Picking Sasha up, May and Kamar grabbed the boys as they all headed back to the main house so they could rest there was no telling when they would wake up.

A few days had passed and everybody was still out, with the pack down Dar thought it would be good to bond with the panthers get to know them and train with them. May had been keeping him busy teaching him everything he knew and what Jedrek and Navee ever told him.

We took to it easily, learning everything quickly excelling at everything May threw at us. They just finished training when a car pulled up to the house and out stepped Mya. Strutting her stuff up to Dar, who was in control since he was in the middle of training. She went to hug him but he stepped out of the way. She was the one, he had a sudden urge to touch her bad. He should’ve known she put the spell on them he knew from the jump she was plotting something but he never thought she would go as far as locking Alpha away.

Her scent was so alluring waking up all our senses. Her present wasn't effecting Dar much though, yeah he wanted to touch her in places he shouldn't but the need to do it wasn't that strong. Mya stood there with her arms out, confusion all on her face as she tried to figure out what was going on.

“What’s the matter I can’t get a hug" she said trying to go in for another hug only to hug air. Dar moved again not wanting her touching them. He definitely wasn't giving Kas back control because he knew he would do something that he can't take back.

"I don't want you touching me,I thought you was told not to come back" Dar said crossing his arms.

"I was but I figure I could come back now" she said finally able to land a hand on me only for nothing to happen. Dar didn’t flinch, I on the other hand was feeling nothing but pleasure.

What the fuck, she told me this spell would work she thought. Huffing she tried touching him again this time running her hand up and down his arm only to get the same reaction. I felt it thought, if I was in control I would probably be all over her. Grabbing her by the neck after reading her, he lifted her up off her feet.

"Who cast this spell on me?" squeezing tightly "who?” He asked squeezing tighter lifting her as high as my arm length would go. Trying to catch her breath mya grabbed at my hand, dangling in the air. After holding her there looking her in the eyes, he dropped her.

"I dont know what you talking about" she said barely, laying in the spot he dropped her. Not in the mood to play already mad she had the audacity to bring her ass back Dar sat her up by her collar. She was going to tell him what he needed to know one way or another.

"This the last time I will ask before I force it out of you" he said bending down squatting so he could look her in the eyes.

"I.." was all she got out before Dar touched her forehead. Everything she been doing passed before his eyes. Skipping over most of it needing to get to the who was behind him being under a spell he took in all of her memories. He was shocked by what he seen.

In a few flashes he could see Tricia and Mya meeting once alone once with some light skin women with snow white hair. He watched them both hand her something before she started chanting. He couldn't tell where they was but they had to be somewhere close for Mya to be able to get done what she had in such little time.

Now all he had to do was find her and kill her for the spell to break or just have sex with Sasha. Shaking his head knowing that wasn't gone happen he focused back on Mya.

"Where is she" he asked standing back at full height, gripping tighter on her shirt bringing her with him.

"And before you try to bullshit me I already know who she is now I need a where NOW” he said his voice booming, oozing with authority.

"I dont know wh..." not wanting or caring enough to listen to lies he threw her over his shoulder taking her down to the basement. She would sit tied up and think about it, she only had until tomorrow. No later.

To his surprise the basement looked like a prison from back in ancient time. Dirty steel bars, beds made from a few wooden plakes put together hanging from the wall by dirty chains and a bucket in the corner as the only bathroom in each cell. It was 5 cells on each side of the room with only enough space for prisoners to go to the bathroom and back to the bunk. Throwing her in one she dropped with a thud.

"Until you tell me what I want to know you will be locked in here. Last chance who cast the spell"

Mya being stubborn turned her head. I read her every thought as she told what I had already figured out. Shrugging Dar walked off if she thought shit was a game she was surely mistaken. He seen everything she had going on he just didn't know where the witch was because she didn't know. It was Tricia who found the witch, he couldn't decide if he should wait for the pack to wake up or just handle this by himself. He did have a pride of shifted Panthers who was already in tune with their abilities, but then again he didn't want to do anything behind Sasha back Tricia is still her mother.

Going back upstairs he found May and Kamar in the kitchen talking.

"I know who is behind all this mess" he said taking a seat at the breakfast bar, cutting right to the chase.

"Who? We could go get them right fucking now" Kamar said eager to prove himself worthy of the pack his nephew was building.

"its not that simple, May how do you feel about your niece?" Dar asked trying to see where his head was at when it came to Mya. He may claim to be down with him but Mya was his blood .

"Why you wanna know that? What’s really up?" May asked.

“ANSWER ME” Dar said his patience was thin as dental floss as this point.

“If I had to choose between her or you I was choose you. My Alpha.” May said looking Dar in the eyes. Nodding Dar accepted that answer.

"To make a long story short her and Tricia is behind Alpha being locked away and after I find and kill that witch who helped them I'm going to kill Mya and maybe even Tricia. And I'm letting you know now she is going to die and I don’t want any problems out of you" Dar said looking him dead in the eyes letting him know he was dead ass serious.

"Now tell me do y'all know a witch that’s light skin got freckles on her face with snow white hair?" Kamar face flushed white as he finshed describing the witch, he knew exactly who that was.

"Kas di.."

"I'm not Kas, but that’s here nor there." Dar said offended. Him and Kas acted not sounded a like.

“Relax Dar he don’t know what we are and I’m don’t want to tell him. Not until we know we can trust him” I said before Dar let it slip. He may be cool with May but we still didn’t know him like that.

"I knew you smelled funny how can this be? What are you, you kind of smell like those cats but that can’t be because I already seen your wolf.” Kamar asked

"That’s a story for another time now tell me about this witch" Dar said wanting him to get to the point, he still didn't know if he could trust him.

"If it is who I think it is her name is Alxa...she's my mate sister."

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