The Lost King

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Chapter 11


Nadar looked at Kamar very closely walking up on him so they could be face to face. He needed to be close just in case he had to do him like Mya.

“If you had anything to do with this..” Dar started, getting cut off by Kamar.

"Wait a minute now don't threathen me like I'm one of these little pups around here." he said puffing his chest.

Laughing Dar grabbed him by his shirt pulling him to him in one quick motion. Touching his head, he went through his memories bit by bit trying to find the witch he seen only to stop himself when he seen flashes of his father.

He knew it was him because they literally looked a like, he thought Maynard was bullshittin when he said they were twins. Skin color and dimples was the only difference between Kas and Jedrek. Where Kas a deep dark brown, Jedrek was more of the shade of milk chocolate. Taking one last look he continued on trying to find what he was looking for.


I just stood there, Dar eyes was a full green no pupil it was like he was staring right through Kamar. Kamar seemed to be paralyzed stuck in trance looking into Dar eyes. This was the most craziest shit I have ever seen. I knew he was a hybrid but this was next level.

There was nothing you could hide from him, no wonder he is who he is. This was going to be interesting to watch and be apart of. I couldn’t wait to see what else is to come.


Snatching his hand back after getting what he was looking for he moved back not even offering an apology for invading his mind.

"May how much longer do you think everybody will be out?" Dar asked

"The could wake up any day now or next week maybe even next month everybody different plus with this blue moon shit you never know." May said

Shaking his head Dar ran his hand over his waves. Trying to think what he should do. Handle things now and not be there when everybody woke up, or wait it out?

"Whats going on Dar are we going to handle this? Let me know now so I could call somebody to.." May started

"Nah I'm good on that the last 2 muthfuckas you invited was a no go. I’m still on the fence with this one" he said pointing a thumb at Kamar.

"No more people" Dar said with finality. Nodding May said nothing.

"I'll let you know what I decide to do later" he said walking off going to check on everybody.

“Kas what do you think we should do?” He asked

“Go and get her. The sooner the better” I said. I didn’t have time to be going through all of this when I still need to help my mate that’s in heat. Longer she’s in heat the more dangerous things get.

Needing a rest Dar gave me back control. Starting with Ky first since he was the youngest wolf to shift ever at 15. I was surprised when May told me that, I hope this wasn’t too much on him.

Going one by one I checked everybody. Jabar was still out so was Errick however Derrick was very woke. Seeing me he sat up in bed.

"How long was I out" he questioned

"A few days. How you feel brah? Shit weird right" I asked looking over what little of him I could see.

"Brah I could hear and smell everything. I heard you before you was even close. This shit official I can’t wait to get back to the city ima be lit" Derrick said rubbing his hands together making me laugh. Of course that’s where his thoughts at.

"Stand up lets see how big you got?" I said leaning against the wall. Throwing the covers off Derrick stood to his full hieght that went from 6 foot even to now about 6'2 with muscles ripping throughout his body, he really bulked up. As far as mucles go he was bigger than me, he was built like body builder. Muscle head ass.

It was funny because he was built similar to Maynard. I wondered if that was a Beta thing.

"Brah we looking like grown ass men around this muthafucka" he said looking at himself in a standing mirror that was in the corner. Flexing his muscles making faces like he was taking a selfie.

"I been grown, what you talkin bout " I said still laughing at him still in the mirror.

"What's next" Derrick asked getting serious.

"We gotta go get that witch who put this spell on me. Oh brah you know Mya brought her stupid ass back here." I said, Thinking about it I didn’t feel her. That was odd.

"For what didn't you kick her ass out" he said walking back towards the bed.

"long story short brah she one of the ones who helped the witch cast this spell on me.” I said

“One?” He questioned looking back at me in the mirror.

“Guess who the other person was just guess"

"Who?" Derrick asked stretching before sitting on the bed.

"Tricia" I said, Derrick seemed genuinely surprised.

"Stop lying she hate you that much she would risk her own daughter dying?" Derrick asked shaking his head

"Why though is what I don't understand. What does the witch or Tricia get out of all this? Mya the only one benfitting.Plus I know this not all Mya got up her sleeve I just need some more time with her.” I said trying to make sense of this.

“She do have her own skeletons in the closet” Dar chimed in. Making me think back to when she was here and the things she thought about.

Nodding his head Derrick got up and started looking for clothes to put on. Looking to me, I pointed to a pile of clothes on the dresser. Walking over to them he looked at me and smirking.

"So where she at now?" He asked picking the pile of clothes up.


"Mya" he said looking at me sideways.

"I got her locked up in the basement" I said hunching my shoulders.

"What the fuck brah? I go to sleep for a couple of days and you locking bitches in the basement. You better not let Sasha catch her ass. Speaking of did you see that symbol on her wolf head? That shit looked official, a tatted wolf" he said laughing.

"Yeah I peeped that I dont know what that was something up with her, even Dar noticed.”

“Anything else happened?” He asked with a big smirk on his face like he knew something.

“No nothing to talk about." I said trying to think if I was missing something.

“I’m just saying a little birdie told us y’all got it popping right before our shift” he said staring me down, daring me to lie before walking to the bathroom.

“That birdie a damn lie. Nothing happened” I said trying to figure out who could’ve seen us.

"So what’s stopping yall? You do know that would make shit 10 times easier" Derrick said from the bathroom peeking his head out looking at me.

"What’s the hold up, I promise you brah thats gone be the best shit you ever felt. I swear y'all gone be at it all day every day" he said laughing, as I shook my head at him.

"Have you checked on her?" he asked

"I haven't Dar has" I said shrugging my shoulders.

"What the fuck Kas ain't that yo mate"

"Yeah but shid that pain is too much. I'm hurting just sitting here knowing she's in the next room." I said feeling minor pains.

"I’m just saying Kas don't you think you should be with her more. Maybe you not being near her is stopping your wolf from coming out too." He said Making perfect sense, thinking on it I knew he was probably right.

"I know it's just I feel like somebody burning my skin from the inside out whenever I’m near her, I just don’t want her to think she causing me pain versus it being the spell” I said, knowing she already felt like a burden to me. Crossing the room I sat on the bed.

"I can’t say I get it cause I'm not burning but what I can say is you gotta try something what you gone let Dar break her in or you? Because rather you or Sasha like it y'all animal side gone make it happen with or without yall. You see both Alpha and Dar was about to buss it open" Derrick said doing a little stroke dance making me throw a pillow at him.

"Gone head with that shit."

"forreal doe Kas whats stopping you?"

"honestly I don't wanna take that choice from Sasha. You only get one virginity and I want her to want to give it to me without having to feel like she don't have a choice or forced by our animals. We already bonded for life because of them they could at least give us this. I try to stop them from going there with her until she ready but I dont know how much longer we'll be able to push this off especially with Alpha gone” I said as a feeling of emptiness passed through me at the thought of Alpha.

"I get that but eventually its gone happen maybe you should talk to her about it I'm sure with her heat she would listen. I seen how she was all over you before the shift I thought yall was gone get it popping right then and there. Maybe this way yall could try to at least make it some kind of special." Derrick suggested.

"That’s if she wake up anytime soon" I said

"Not if but when. This is just a resting period we all just gotta adjust." changing subjects Derrick asked" So what we gone do about this Mya situation?"

"First things first I gotta break this spell these past few days without Rize is starting to feel funny like I'm losing him"

"That’s not good Kas, you need to call gma and see whats up with that."

"I wi.." I was cut off by a body flying on top of me.

Hopping up feeling the burn I dropped her, I didn’t mean to it was my first reaction to the pain. Backing up I made my way to the door I was happy she was up but the pain was intense.

Moving qiuckly Sasha blocked the door pressing herself against me.

"You know until you give me what I want I won’t give yall what yall want even if you break the spell. I will keep control for what yall putting me through what have I done to deserve this. First she gets with a human who almost ruined us now shes killing me. I feel so weak without my mate. I cant feel him anymore Kas please help us please" Who I can now see was her wolf begged she just wanted her mate.

“I can't what about Sasha?” Did She not care how she felt.

"What about me Kas? What about Alpha? We gotta suffer so yall could take forever to do something thats gone happen anyways? We are mated, there’s nobody else for us but you” She said moving closer Making me step back with clinched teeth. The pain was increasing by the minute.

"I cant just take that from Sasha"

"Sasha Sasha Sasha thats all you keep saying but where have you been these past few days when she was sad and lonely? Huh blaming herself for what’s happening to you? If I have to I will buss it op...” I felt anger shoot through me now that wasn't about to happen. I looked at her long and hard, pain or no pain.

"Try that shit if you want to" I warned

"Oh you think I won't? Give me Alpha and I'll leave you alone" She threaten

"let me talk to Sasha now" I said trying to command her.

"Sorry boo only an alpha can demand me and right now there is no alpha so save your commands" she said rubbing on my chest making me move back. Fuck I gotta get out of here I thought getting ready to make my exit.


Shaking her head determined to get Alpha back she called on My panther who was still weak but was getting there.

“I need you girl please tell me you come with some panther powers like Dar?”

“I don’t, only the Royal family are born with special gifts.” She said

“Dammit. We gotta try something the sooner we get past this the sooner we could work on whatever happening to the pride.” She said bargaining with her.

“Hold on now, don’t just be making deals without knowing of we can do that. Hell Dar haven’t even come out yet” I said seeing where this was going. My wolf didn’t even know if he really was our mate let alone if there was anything we can even do for the Panthers.

“As our human said we don’t know what’s going on there or if we could fix it. When my other human died things were horrible. However it’s worth a shot. I don’t have powers but I do have a little witch me” she said.

“And what does that mean?” My wolf questioned anxiously.

“It mean my mother was a panther and father a warlock. I could cast small spells like ones of seduction. I never done it within the human body though” she said a little hesitant.

“I’ll try anything at this point.” My wolf said.

I just sat quietly, not knowing what my feelings were with this. Yes, I wanted Alpha back but was I willing to lose something so precious over it? Is my virginity worth more than Alphas life? I knew deep down it wasn’t, maybe that’s why I wasnt putting up much of a fight.

“You got yourself a deal I'll try give me as second.” My panther said. She then started chanting, slowly at first but soon picked up the pace.

Feeling this tigling sensation all over my body suddenly I felt more sexier. Like there’s wasn’t a man or beast alive that could resist me. Feeling confident I took back control from my wolf.


I noticed it but didnt say anything I wanted this to happen just as much as anybody else. A knock on the door distracted us, opening the door looking around I didn’t see nobody. I looked around for a few minutes trying to find where the knock came from.

"Did yall forget im in the bathroom? Get out or I'm coming out buck naked on everything" Derrick said peeking his head out the door.

For some reason I was unable to move, I just stood there. The pain too unbearable to move, seemed like it increased tenfold.

"Kas you alright?" he asked.

I didn't answer its not like I could. Small dark veins started to appear on my arms like little snakes. They were crawling up making their way towards my head.

“Kas you ok?” Sasha asked looking scared, wondering if she pushed too hard.

I heard everything, I tried opening my mouth to say something but no words came out, black sludge started coming out of his mouth.

"Go get May now" Derrick said running over to me with nothing but a towel on. Something defiantly was wrong. Making a mad dash Sasha ran out the door looking for May.

Carrying me to the bed Derrick laid me down, the black veins now fading back into my skin looking as if nothing was ever there. Taking in huge gulps of air I sat up.

"What the fuck, I felt like I was about to die" I said wiping my mouth looking at the sludge that was on my hand "and what the fuck is this" I questioned smelling it before wiping it on the bed.

Breathing a little easier I sat there taking in big gulps of air before I fell back again the veins coming back out of my skin as I’m flooding with nothing but pain.

The door came open and Romel, Jax, May, Sasha and Kamar spilled in. Derrick who watched everything as it happened.

"Sasha or her wolf, whoever, could you leave" Derrick said to Sasha.

"No I cant leave him like this, this is my fault" She said pouting, crossing her arms.

"No it’s not your fault, don’t take this the wrong way but I think you are whats wrong with him though" Derrick said.

I knew he wasn’t trying to make her feel bad but the facts dont lie, it started with her coming in here. I was fine before she came and fine after she left. She was definitely the cause of it but we knew that, at least I thought she understood that. Maybe Sasha did but her wolf didn’t and I couldn’t tell at this moment who was in charge.


That made my face drop. I knew I caused him pain being near him but from the look of it I was killing him, and the one thing that can cure him I was too chicken to do. My wolf have to take over every time because I would start to back out.

“How much more selfish can you be.” My wolf said in a voice that was barely above a whisper. If she wasnt already in my head I would've missed what she said.

“I could barely hear you” I said getting aggravated. I knew she said was right but still don’t a girl got the right to choose.

“I'm dying too Sasha a few more days like this and we both will be gone. Can’t yall see this is killing us?” She said sadly.

“I'm sorry, I didn't know things was this bad. I thought we had enough time to find who did this to us.”

“I know and I feel bad for rushing this, but we really really need to mate in human form at least to free him from whatever hell he in. I can’t feel him at all Sasha”

“I-” getting cut off by my wolf, who was fed up. I could feel it.

“No Sasha this isn't about you, if it was the other way around Kas, Alpha or Dar wouldn’t have hesitated to do what needs to be done to save us. How can you treat this like it’s no big deal when it’s life or death?”

“Fine fine we could do it but you can not take over or force feelings on me, I want to feel everything naturally. It has to be me and Kas not you or Dar or anybody else. And you have to give me a day to set my room up, I want things to be special even with everything going on.” I said unable to hear any more. I already felt like a piece of shit for holding on to something that could save a life.

“Fine as long as we do it and do it soon I dont care. Thank you so much.” My wolf said fading out the rest of the way.

She was becoming weak, them being mated was the only thing keeping them connected but she was starting to feel that connection break. She felt bad for rushing Sasha but she would be damned if she lost her mate.

"Sasha" Derrick called snapping me out of my head, throwing my hands up I retreated out of the room.

Making my way to the guest house with only one thing on my mind, I failed to see the shadows lurking in the trees watching me nor did I feel the person come up behind me until I felt the cloth on my face before everything went black.


Almost instantly Dar knew something wasn't right. Spitting out as much sludge as I could I barely got out Sasha name.

"She outside Kas she cant be in here" May said but I wasnt hearing that.

“Kas something wrong, I don’t feel Sasha, her wolf nothing” Dar said feeling weary as well something didn't feel right to him either. Trying to get up only to be pushed back down by May I was getting frustrated. The sludge was no longer pouring out my mouth.

"Kas stop, being together is killing you, lets give it some time before yall try to be around each other again" shaking my head no I tried to get up again. Wiping more sludge away.

May tried to block me again, pissing me off. Grabbing May I pushed him which cause him to fly through the wall. It seems like people forgot who was who. Taking over Dar couldn't take it no more, something was seriously wrong, and we was being ignored.

"If you touch me again I will rip that arm off, Derrick go look in the guest house and ima look her for Sasha something not right" he said getting up spitting out more sludge.

After going through the whole house with no signs of her he made his way to the guest house only to be met by a panicked Derrick

"she gone I cant find her" he said just above a whisper making my heart skip a beat. Screaming her name Dar took off into the woods going towards the creek hoping she went there but it was empty there was no sign of her anywhere.

Flopping down on the rock he tried to think of where she would go. He didnt want to be believe she would leave him but them again this might be too much for her. Then again Mya was back and that was fishy all in itself then Mya thoughts came back to me, hopping up I made his way to the main house pissed.

This had her written all over it, Dar knew Sasha or her wolf wouldnt leave ever she’s a mark wolf there was no leaving for her. No other would ever be able to claim her as his own.

Walking past everybody who was asking him a thousand and one questions he made his way to the basement only to find Mya gone.

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