The Lost King

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Chapter 12


Back when Dar left Mya in the basement

Looking around I found what I was looking for. Having been in and out of all of the cells down here since I was little being the head warriors daughter, I knew the place like the back of my hand.

I knew the cell I was in had a niggarigged lock that if you don't slam it the right way it would stay unlocked. Seeing that it didnt lock as I suspected I waited until I knew Kas was upstairs to open it up and slide out of there, straight out the back door. Which was way easier than I thought it would be, I couldn't figure out what was going on.

That fucking witch played me, she promised Kas would fall to his feet at the sight of me. I knew this had to have something to do with that damn Sasha. I just wished the bitch would just go away shit would be way easier, I would've been had Kas wrapped around my finger.

Calling Tricia to let her know the plan failed, I didn’t expect for her to laugh in my face. Telling me she knew it wouldn’t work before hanging up on me. Oh that bitch got another thing coming if she thought she was getting away with this. Nobody leaves me holding the bag, bet that. Not knowing what to do I waited around hoping to catch Kas one more time. If not then I would just have to kill Sasha.

Speaking of, a little way off I seen Sasha looking as if she was on her way to the guest house not paying attention knowing that if I wanted to get rid of her now would be the time. Stepping as silently as I could I crept closer to Sasha getting right up behind her as soon as I went to pounce I felt a sharp pain at the back of my head before darkness engulfed me.


"WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?" Dar screamed as they searched both houses and the surrounding areas. He couldn't believe Mya got away, he was sure he locked her ass up and the only way to get out was to have a key. Turning to May Dar gave him an accusing look, since Mya walked into they life he been protecting her who's to say he wasnt in on her little prison break?

"I find it mighty funny how she got out of a locked cell without leaving a scratch." Dar said walking up on May his anger radiating off him making his pride stir, ready to attack at any moment.

May seeing where this was going interrupted Dar.

"No disrespect, I didnt have nothing to do with this shit, lets make that clear before you go thinking that. Mya knows that basement like the back of her hand, she couldve gotten out a number of different ways. Her father was the head warrior way back when he took her down there plenty of times" he said

"funny you forgot to mention that when I told you I locked her up" he said inching closer to May, Kamar stood there just watching.

Something in me told me that May didn't have nothing to do with this though, surely Dar would read him like a book. Maybe I’m just on the edge, we both were.


All of this was happening so quick. As crazy as shit was I wasn’t scared as most would be. Even though nephew looked like he was getting ready to kill somebody. Those green eyes were starting to glow.

My main concern was those fucking cats, catching eyes at that very moment with one of them. Smirking he gave me a look that dared me to try him, I had half the mind to attack him but the state Kas was in told me to stay focused.


Getting annoyed with not getting the answers he wanted Dar placed his hand on May forehead going through his thoughts of the past few weeks, not seeing anything he let go. Shaking his head he took a breath in and out, trying to get himself under control.

It was just a lot going on, I could feel his stress. I could feel Alpha slip away more and more as time passed and with Sasha missing and no way of finding the witch with Mya gone Dar was overwhelmed. He didnt know where to look, then it dawned on him Kamar was just who he needed who else to help find the witch other than her sister?

Now thinking about it what if Kamar had something to do with this,it was real funny how as soon as he come around Mya pops back up after being in contact with his sister in law. Turning to Kamar, he was giving him the side eye.

"Tell me where to find that witch, and before you say anything just know I will get it out of you one way or another" Dar said letting it be know he has no problem with invading his mind too nobody was exempt.

"Last time my mate talked to her she was staying in Salamanca in a small cabin in the hills" he said clearly not giving zero fucks about that being his sister in law since he gave her up without a fight.

“That was easy, why? Is this a setup” Dar questioned

“No, I never liked that bitch. She caused many of fights between me and my mate always trying to sleep with me even going as far as casting spells on me to make me want her. If my mate didn't catch it in time I wouldn't have a mate that’s why when they was talking about the spell that was on you, I knew it had to be you.” He said hunching his shoulders dismissively.

What I couldn’t understand is why help Mya what do she get out of this? I didn’t even know that broad or seen her in my life.

“How far is Salamanca from here?" Dar asked May.

"half hour give or take" he said alert.

"Let’s go" Dar said heading out not giving anybody any room for objections. Stopping Romel on his way out who immediately dropped to one knee, head bowed.

“Get up, I already told you not to be doing that.” I said shaking my head. No matter how many times I tell them not to, even when Dar tell them they still bow. They can’t be doing that in public so I try to stop them in private.

I'm trusting you and Aliz to guard and protect the pack who haven't woken up, Jax and Kenya you will come with Me, May, Kamar and Derrick" nodding his head Romel stood grabbing Aliz hand and walked off to do as he was told, everybody else filed out the house climbing into the van.

The ride to Salamanca took 20 minutes too long for Dar who was getting anxious. Not having Alpha was taking more of an effect on him than he thought, he was starting to feel on edge everything was annoying him. It was way out of character for him but it was like he couldn't stop it with Alpha gone he felt so off balance.

“Kas you ready?” Dar questioned

“As ready as I'm gone be” I answered ready for this shit to be over with. I just wanted Alpha and Sasha back.

“Are you sure? You do know we going to kill somebody right?”

“At this point I dont care I'm just ready for this shit to be over” I said thinking over what he said. I didn’t care at this point. Alpha was gone, Sasha was gone people putting spells on me, I was ready to do whatever I had to.

“Say no more” Dar said looking around noticing the van stopped, they was in front of a tree lined hill with tree tops so thick you couldn't see through from the top.

“Dar your eyes” Derrick said pointing in the rear view mirror.

His green eyes was glowing with a hint of gold, being this close to the witch I could feel Alpha a little more than I have in days. I knew we was in the right place.

"Shift and find that bitch." Dar said stepping out the van. Doing as they was told they all shifted into their animals to search out the witch, Kamar taking the lead since he already knew her scent. Dar followed closet behind them.

Deep in the woods almost close to the top of the hill Kamar found a small cabin with unkept bushes surrounding it, making the house look almost as one with nature. Kamar caught her scent the strongest there he barked lowly for only them to hear.

"Right here" he thought knowing Dar could read his thoughts, nodding his head Dar stepped infront of everybody.

"I'm going to go in alone, I want y’all to surround the area. No one in and no one out" Dar said looking at each of them before making his way on the porch of the cabin. As he got closer to the door it open on it's own practically pulling him in. Not trying to waste more time he walked in looking around not once hearing the door close behind him.

"I was wondering when you would come" Alxa said coming in full veiw of Dar , she was a beauty alright. Her light skin complemented her dirty blonde hair, with freckles splashed arcoss her nose and cheeks. Her full lips making her nose perfect for her face. Even still I only wanted the mate that was already picked for me.

"So that means you know why I’m here?" Dar said not impressed by her beauty. He never seemed fazed by anybody but Sasha.

“Because I know she will forever be mine. No matter what” he said to me.

Stepping closer she ran her hand down Dar chest.

"Yes, you want to know how to break the spell" she said looking Dar in the eyes for the first time taking a few steps back.

"A werecat? I was told you were a wolf” she said with wide eyes full of confusion.

"Where’s my mate?" Dar asked not giving a fuck about the spell Gma already put him down on how to break it.

"Mate? Panthers don’t get mates. Unless Mya did something other than this spell" she said looking Dar up and down. That made Dar laugh. She really thought Mya little plan was working.

"I’m not here for 21 questions, tell me where my mate is and you will tell me now or I will force it out of you?" he said grabbing her by the throat lifting her off her feet. Squeezing just tight enough so she would know he was not playing with her.

"I don't know" she managed to get out.

"What do you know then?" He questioned.

"I know that you're not a wolf and a few other things. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" she said thinking she had the upper hand not knowing Dar could read her mind.

"Im good I got everything I needed" Dar said before snapping her neck, he read her mind she knew just as much as he did which left him at square one on his search for Sasha she was useless to him.

Within minutes his body started to feel hot as he felt power rush through him like never before, before he heard the pissed off voice of Alpha.

“I am going to kill them all” he said before taking over.

Dar happy to hear him gave him control with no problem.

Whats our next move?” Dar asked Alpha.

“Everybody shifted I want to see my mate, then we can handle everything else” Alpha said. He was pissed but more than anything he wanted to see Sasha.

“Alpha somebody took her” Dar said snatching the bandaid off knowing it wouldn’t matter how he was told he wouldn’t like what was being said either way.

“Come again? Somebody did what?” He questioned like he couldn’t believe his ears.

“She’s gone Alpha. That fucking spell kept us apart so far apart somebody was able to get her” I said, it wasn’t nothing we could do. Alpha let out a loud howl that shook the trees around them.

“We have to find our fucking mate. I’m gone for a few days and our mate missing.”

“The person we thought had her don’t now we at square one” Dar said.

“Fuuuuuuck, where is everybody else?”

“They still out from the shift” I said

“That’s not going to do. We need to wake the pack.”

“Wake the pack? I thought you couldn't force them out of rest after a shift?” I said since they didn’t help me when I was out.

“I couldn’t wake you since technically I am you but them I can. My Alpha command should wake them especially now with them being shifted. I learned a lot while away. Watch me work.”

“Let's just get this shit done, I'm tired of muthafuckas anyways.” I said, every time I turned around it was some shit.

"So whats the plan?" Dar asked

"You do know our mate mother is involved with this" Dar said making sure he understood.

"I don't give a fuck both of them bitches getting it. I tried to play nice by just letting them leave but fuck that no more." he said with no fucks given. They all agreed they have been trying to keep things peaceful.

I guess having a mate does that to you but now without his mate he had vengeance in his heart.


With the feeling of cold water being splashed on my face I woke up looking around. I didn't recognize anything around me as I looked from side to side.

I was alone in an empty room hanging from chains that was attached to the ceiling. The ache in my arms told me I’ve been there a while. To say I was scared would be an understatement, I was absolutely terrified and what scared me even more is Alpha not being around to help her.

Just then she heard a loud howl in the distance. It woke up all of my senses.

“Calm down Sasha we'll be alright.” My wolf said trying to calm me down, I’m sure she could feel my fear.

“How can I when I'm locked in somebody's basement or whatever. Wait you back, how?”

“I don't know but what I do know is my Mate is awake”

“How do you know this?”

“We're marked Sasha I could feel him now more than ever. He'll come I know he Will. I know he can feel me too”

“How when he don’t know where we is, we don’t even know where we is.”

“I do” my panther chimed in for the first time in days.

“We're somewhere near the pack”

“How do you know that when we all been knocked out”

“because I know this place it's the same place Theo locked me in back in my old body.”

“Theo who the fuck is that?” I asked confused as ever. Who the fuck was theo and what did he want with them?

Before I could ask anymore questions I heard something unlatch before a space on the wall opened up and in walked some man. If I didn't know any better I would've swore that Jamie Foxx had walked in the room, if it wasn't for the scar that ran from one ear around his neck to the other ear like a smiley face I would've thought that it was him. Walking more in the room he came and stood in front of me.

"So you’re the one mated to the forgotten King? I hope you had your fun with him because you won’t be seeing him again." He said looking me up and down.

“Don't say anthing Sasha it's a setup, he's trying to read you. Show him no fear.” My panther said with a hiss.

“How when I'm Scared as fuck. Wait read me like what Dar do?” I questioned

“No only Dar has that ability however he can read body language, facial expression anything that show fear.”

“Do you trust that our mate will come for us?” My Wolf asked

“Yes” I answered without a doubt I knew if Alpha was woke he wouldn't have been able to get me in the first place.

“Then hold on and be strong, you show any weakness and he'll use it against you, against us trust me this is how I lost my human before.” My panther said

“What do I do then?”

“Nothing pretend that you're not bothered. First sign that you are he will use it to torture you”

"Are you listening?" he asked grabbing my face making sure my attention was on him.

"As I was saying he's just like that bitch of a mother of his always going outside of our species. Ugh you smell like wet dog" he said letting go of the hold he had on my jaw giving me a little mush. Walking around me in a circle, I felt his eyes all over my body making my skin crawl.

“Even though I don't blame him you are a very beautiful girl a Little light at the top but who needs more than a handful anyways" he said grabbing me through my shirt after giving me a once over, disgust was all over my face. Only person I wanted touching me was my mate.

"You know I only took you to bring him here so I could kill him. My son deserves to be the rightful King of werecats not some mix breed who doesn't even know what it means to be a werecat" he said looking at me waiting for a reaction.

"I figured since you are who he picked as his mate you must be good for something, when everything is all said and done you will become a play thing for my son to use whenever he pleases, you'll be nothing more than a cum bucket" he said laughing.

"You do know my mate is going to kill you and when he do im going to spite on your dead corpse" Sasha said she couldn’t help herself.

If this muthfucka thought for one second that killing Kas would be easy like 123 then he was a fool. It was clear he didn’t know Kas was a hybrid or he would’ve known she wasn't just somebody he picked but his moon given mate.


I didn’t feel the smack but the ringing in my ears definitely let me know I was no match for him. I just shifted, I’m not as strong as I could be, as I should be. This must be what Gma meant I thought looking at the ground, blood dripping from my lips.

"Is that so? He may be heir to the throne but trust me its going to take more than some little panther to stop me" he said lifting my head, making me look him in the eyes.

Now that made me laugh,hard. I couldn't wait until Kas got here and fuck shit up, I just knew he was gone tear through shit when he got there. All this shit his was talking was pissing me off.

"Im glad you have faith in him" he said taking a seat in the only chair in the room, that I didn’t notice was there.

"I have more than faith I have a guarantee he will fuck you up and when he do im gone piss on yo grave" I said spitting on the ground, not bothering to look at him. I could feel my wolf crept to the surface, and I didn’t want him finding out anything he didn’t need to know.

“I’m good, don’t” I said to my wolf, I knew she wanted to protect me but I was good.

“If you say so, the moment I can’t tell I’m taking over” my wolf said, I could feel her back off.

Theo face turned cold at Sasha mocking him, suddenly standing up getting closer, hand in the air getting ready to smack me again until some dude came through the door. He looked like the spitting image of Navee dimples and all. It was more manly on him, his father features obviously coming through. Who is this? I thought

"Ah finally, meet your brother ex your new play thing" he said walking over moving my wild curls out my face. Moving my head back more dropped down in my face. His touch made me sick to my stomach. The dude didn’t move he just looked seeming bored with the whole thing.

"Father the other girl woke up and she won’t shut up for nothing." He said uninterested. I could hear Theo inhale and exhale as he rubbed his temples, before turning to face him.

"How can you be King when you can't do simple things like handle a shewolf, a weak one at that” he said huffing.

"Stay with her I'll be back" he said walking towards the door, as soon as he left the dude started untying me to my surprise.

"You have to get you out of here, my father will kill you no matter what he says you will not live past when he wants" he said untying me, dropping to the ground like a sack of potatoes. I quickly stood rubbing my sore arms.

"How do I know I could trust you? How do I know you not going to walk me right to my death" I said hesitant.

“Getting you away from here gets me away from here. I don't want to be king and I don't want to kill the only family I got. We came to America to do one thing and that’s kill my brother” he said in a determined voice.

“Now let’s go, I’ll explain later but right now we have to go” he said the urgency in his voice very clear.

"How old are you? And what family are you trying to get to?" I asked, I didn’t know him and I wasn’t about to just follow him.

"I'm 15 and I'm talking about my brother. I dont know his name but I know from the rumors going around that he's alive and destine King to the thrown." he said rubbing his hand through his curly fade.

"All my life all I heard about was the death of him and how I would be King but now since finding out he's alive my father has been crazier than ever. Wanting more power that was meant to be his." He said quickly, looking from me to where the door should be.

“So let me get this straight you are Kas younger brother how? I thought he was an only child" I asked Tony to make sense of what I was hearing.

"Kas?" he asked not knowing we was talking about the same person.

"Kason, thats his name the rightful King to the throne, my mate" I said with a lot of pride.

"Kason nice name its better than mines" he said scratching his head.

"Hey stay on point how are yall related exactly" I asked. From the story I got Kas didn’t have siblings outside his foster family.

“Well you see we have the same mother.” He said.

“What most people don’t know is that when our mom was forced back to the pride our grandfather locked her up. He then let my father have his way with her night after night in hopes of making a stronger heir than the one she had with the wolf however a few years after I was born the King discarded me saying I wasn’t as strong as her first born and would never be King.” Shaking his his he continued.

“That very night our mother killed herself unable to live with the thought of bearing a child that wasn’t her mates. I'm the unwanted child and everybody made sure I knew it all my life. Calling me a disease treating me like a plague the panthers almost killed me when I was a baby, saying I should've never been born. The lions never cared for me since I came out a pathner. I just want to get away from this being the product of rape didn't have the perks my father thought it would have being that Navee was my mother. I just want to meet my brother not kill him and if helping you get out of here is the only way then so be it. From what I hear he's the strongest panther to ever live I know he could help me get away from this. I don't want to be King never did I just want a family. Some people to accept me for me you know" he said looking at me with glossy eyes to say life for him was tough was keeping things light. Here I was thinking my shit was heavy, it was nothing close to this.

"Now c’mon before he comes back, I’m KaNye by the way" he said grabbing my hand leading me to the wall he tapped it four times in different spots before it came open.

Running through a tunnel like some bats out of hell they almost made it to the exit before an alarm sounded off letting them know they've been caught. Looking at each other we both put a peep in our step busting through the exit making a mad dash through the trees.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"We’re in Springville now shush before somebody hear us" he said crouching down hearing footsteps behind us.

“Fuck this Sasha let me take over. They must not know who I am” My wolf said ready to cut loose.

Nodding I let her take over I knew they chances of getting out of there was slime to none so why not let my wolf out. She was a much better fighter than I ever will be.

As soon as the steps got closer she attacked, slamming him all around before snapping his neck. KaNye just stood there shocked.

“How?” he asked still shocked.

“How what?” My wolf asked confused

“Are you here but not shifted. Your eyes are that of an animal.”

“A story for another time, where to now?" she asked not trying to stay in one spot for too long.

"This way" he said as they went through more trees.

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