The Lost King

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Chapter 14


Storming in the house Alpha walked by everybody butt ass naked going to a room getting some basketball shorts and grabbing a robe before going back out the house returning with Sasha in his arms.

"First things first welcome back Alpha" Romel said showing respect to his kings other half.

"It seems like your mate brought back trouble" he said looking over to Sasha who eyes got big, guessing she didnt expect him to throw her under the bus like that.

"I didn’t know besides we don’t even know if he trouble or not" Sasha said rolling her eyes at Romel. Shooting daggers at him with her eyes.

"Alpha can I talk to Kas please" Sasha said, being stubborn he tried to ignore her he wasn’t ready to go back yet.

"Alpha please if you do this for me I'll I'll" she said clearly trying to think of something he would want.

"I'll let you and my wolf have all the time yall want in wolf form. Maybe even finish whatever it was that yall started out there" she said with the I got you now grin. She knew if anything could get him to do something it would have to involve his mate.

"Full day no interruptions" Alpha said clarifying the deal, taking the bait. As much as he didn't want to go back he didnt want to pass up an opportunity to be alone with his mate. He knew they belonged to all of them but he w help but want to be stingy even with himself.

"Full day no interruptions" she repeated, holding his hand out Sasha took it as they shook on it. He kissed the back of her hand before he gave me back control jumping in my arms Sasha showered my face with kisses. I knew she missed me, this was long and overdue. She was holding on to me for dear life with her arms around my neck and legs wrapped around my body not caring she wasn't wearing anything but a robe. Giving me a chance to grip her ass. I couldn’t move no way.

"I cant breathe" I said making everybody laugh including Sasha.

"Sorry its just been so long since I got to kiss you" she said kissing me.

"And hug you" she said squeezing me tight again, squeezing the air out my throat.

“I just don't wanna let go" she finish burying her head in my neck. Before letting go, looking at me from head to toe. Her eyes fishing between her and her wolf.

Not gone lie I was happy as fuck, Alpha was too.

“Cause I missed her too. Hell I missed all y’all” Alpha said

Grabbing Sasha under the chin I guided her lips to mine giving her one of the most passionate kiss, one I never gave her before. Making sure take my time, I really missed her. I wanted her to feel just how much I missed her too, as I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer picking her up back off her feet. Still holding her close I could hear a moan slip out from her.

"Ok so yall about to fuck or nah " Jabar said loud as hell, making sure everybody heard him. Laughing I gave him the middle finger.

"You sounding like a real hater right now" I said placing Sasha on her feet.

"Hating on whaaat?" Jabar said dying laughing making everybody laugh at the face he made, everybody but Kamar and David who was silent on the oppsite sides of the room from each other. Sasha didn’t even notice David there.

"Cmon now y’all I don’t need to hear about my daughter getting fucked" David said shaking his head at them. Sasha head snapped in his direction, putting her head down trying to hide her blush.

"Daddy? What you doing here?" Sasha asked confused sounding confused. She didn’t know the half.

"Babygirl go put some clothes on a lot has happen" David said putting his head in his hands.

"Like what? Where's your wife?" she asked looking around the room.

"Sasha we'll talk when you come back now go im not feeling you standing in a robe with all these dudes around"

"Oh please daddy they wouldnt try me like that, I don’t like this you seem so gloomy"she said looking around at everybody for a clue.

"Doesn’t matter just give your old man a piece of mind" he said, nodding she reluctantly went to put some clothes on.

"Now that thats over Kas Sasha brought back a panther" Romel said changing the subject.

"What? Why would she do that?” I asked getting riled up throwing his hands in the air, defeated like. That damn girl, what was she thinking?

"What do he want?" I asked.

"You" Romel said

"He want to talk to you and you only. He hasn’t spoken a word since he got here". Romel said.

Letting out a sigh, I shook my head.

"Where he at?" I asked

"Basement lefthand corner all the way in the back" Romal said from his seat he just taken. I walked away, making my way downstairs. I went to the cell and looked in.

There was a boy in there that looked to be no older than Ky, he was just sitting there watching the ceiling until his eyes snapped to me. His eyes got huge, as he looked me up and down.

“I knew he was strong and powerful but I didn’t expect him to be so massive. I didn’t know if I had the balls to talk to him like I wanted to. I was nervous now and a little scared” he thought.

Unknown to him I was reading his mind listening to all his thoughts. Wanting to know whatever it was he had to say I broke the silence.

"What do you want?" I asked staring him down, he seemed to be still at a lost for words.

He thought that since I was going to be King I would be a panther too instead all he felt was my wolf.

“Damn right he know wassup” Alpha said boasting.

Getting impatient, feeling like he was hiding something or plotting on me I snatched the cell open and picked him up by the collar.

"Tell me what you want right now or I will snap yo neck and be done with it. I really don’t have time for this" I said, I could feel both Alpha and Dar coming through. Since shifting and getting Alpha back my anger has been on 1,000. That really scared the shit out of him, as he started to shrink back in fear.

"Yo yo eyes the-they" he couldnt even get the sentence out, my eyes must be changing.

"Last chance” I warned throwing him down on the ground. I had more than enough on my plate I didn’t feel like dealing with this.

"I dont kn-know what to say. All my life I-I've been waiting for this moment now that its here I dont know what to say" He said wiping his sweaty hands on his dirty jeans he had on, he was nervous as fuck and it showed. Tired of waiting on him to say what he had to say I laid my hand on his forehead going through all his memories.

One memory stood out to me, in the memory there was a lady standing over him, I could hear a crying baby. I couldn’t tell if he was the baby or there was a baby around. She leaning in getting so close her face was out of focus before she retreated. She continued to stand there, before she started crying then her eyes turned white as she chanted something that went on until some guards came in grabbing her. She struggled to get free as one of them leaned over look at him.

Pulling my hand back I let him go. Feeling like he knew that women, I looked him over. Whoever she was she was definitely related to him, they looked too much a like.

"Who are you?" I asked trying to make sense of that memory, that lady looked and felt so familiar to me but I couldn’t place it.

"Im KaNye, I-I’m your brother" he said just above a whisper.

"Bullshit, everybody done told me over and over again that I was an only child" I said shaking my head at the bullshit.

"That’s cause people don’t know the truth, about me or what really happened when they took her from your dad" he said not making eye contact that was disrespectful to wolves.

"This doesnt make sense if this was true Gma would’ve told me" I said snatching him up again getting pissed that he would try me like that. What was he getting out of lying like this. I was getting ready to snap his neck when Gma appeared out of nowhere with her the same women from his memory.

"KAS STOP DON’T" Gma screamed grabbing my arm, I didn’t budge though. I was ready to do say with him and send his head to his father.

"He’s telling the truth he is in fact your brother, your baby brother at that" Gma said

"What? How?” I asked gma, still not letting him go.

"And who is this" I asked looking over to the lady from the memory.

"Kason that’s your mother, I brought her here to explain some things to y’all. It would be better that way” Gma said stepping back as she came forward. She stared at me for a long while before looking the boy over, it was like she was trying to burn the image in her head.

"Kason my son, boy have you grown and you look just like your father. He would’ve been so proud of how strong you are" she said pausing moving closer to touch my face, I moved out the way. I wasn’t feeling this at all, was I seeing a ghost?

"I'm sorry you had to find out like this, I wish I could turn back the hands of time and fight more if not for myself but for y'all. Kas when they took your father from me I felt like my whole world was over nothing seemed worth it. Then the King, may he rest in shit did things to me and let others do things to me that made me feel like nothing. Like I was nothing like I meant nothing. Then you came along KaNye, who looks just like me thank the gods" she added while caressing his cheek

"I couldn’t live with myself knowing I bared a child for someone other than my mate my heart broke more and more as you grew inside of me and once I had you it was like I snapped. At the time I didn’t think about y’all, I admit I was being selfish thinking of myself and I’m sorry for that but now I need y'all to come together." she said looking at both of us. While I towered over everybody, who I now know is KaNye wasn’t that far behind standing at about 6'0.

"You see, KaNye when you was a baby Annie help me cast a spell on you to stop your strength and power from getting to your full potential, I knew the plans your donar and my donar had for you and I didnt want them using you up like they did me. Even now your sperm donar only wants you for power. Now dont get me wrong when I say this you are powerful, being that I am your mother but you aren't even close to being as strong as your brother and that’s okay since being king wasn’t meant for you." She said looking from him to me.

"Kas I know you hate me right now but I need you to look out for your brother he may not be as strong or powereful as you but he has energy that only you can draw from and vice versa you'll need it sooner or later it'll make your panther stronger. There will be more and more people after you Kas, once they find out what you are creatures from all over will come and try to take you down. If not for me being your mother or your father being your father, They will come for power. Me and your father had made many enemies, enemies who would stop at nothing to wipe his blood line from earth. Some may even come for protection” she said.

Then there’s the ones that will hunt you and KaNye for your blood one drop from anyone of you will make a supernatural being stronger. Theo is childs play compared to what will come. KaNye you stay close to your brother he might seem scary now but he’s not always like this. I know this is a lot and I wish I was there to help but I’m not I'll come to you both in times of need but that’s the most I can do. Kas you have a pack and a pride who would follow you to the end of the earth if they had to, keep them close and safe” she paused.

“That includes Kamar, I know you’re pissed at him but he's your blood. I’ve let it go, you should too. I know that’s easier said than done but at least try since you can draw energy from him as well making your wolf stronger.”

“Draw energy?” I questioned.

“You will know when it happen. You are special Kason, there’s no one like you and there may never be another. You will be able to do things, beyond your imagination. Now Kamar, yes he's foul for what he did but he's half human so he will make mistakes as any human person would. The past is the past now time to let that go and look towards the future. Everybody in this house is down for you and you’ll need that because the enemy will come knocking at your front door. I’ve asked the goddesses to bless your pride that you have here with you making them stronger and just as powerful as your pack yall gone need it and KaNye you’ll be changing soon.”

“How, I’m not old enough to shift” he said.

“I know its early but now that you’re with your brother the spell will wear off and your full powers will be coming and your body won’t be able to handle it unshifted unlike your brother who was built for this your a little more fragile that kind of energy serge would kill you." she said looking him in the eyes scaring him even more than he already was.

"Don't worry your brother has shifted into his wolf already so he would more than likely shift with you. Kas you do remember your birthday in 5 weeks and 3days. That's when y'all will shift." She said lifting both hands. Putting each on each of their cheek as her and Gma chanted something before I knew it I felt a burn on my forearm. Looking down there was a symbol looking over, I seen KaNye had the same one.

"What is this?" I asked looking at the symbol that literally appeared out of thin air. I was not with nobody putting another spell on me, I’ll be damned if I do.

"How is this possible I have so many questions" I asked rubbing the mark. You couldn’t feel anything, it was there as of I was born with it.

"I know and I'll be back to answer those but right now my time is running out, I’ve been here too long. That symbol is just a little something to bond y'all together fair warning, y’all can’t seprate or it will burn like hell. No matter if it’s intentional or not. You will feel when the other is too far away”

"What so you telling me he gone do what? Follow me around everywhere. I got a mate I do-" he was cut off by Navee laughing.

“No Kas it means y’all can’t be more than 10miles away from each other or it will start burning the further away the more intense the burns will get. Its just a little something to make sure you look after your brother, seeing that you almost killed him not to long ago” she said still laughing. That made me smack my lips, yet another person I gotta look after. I didn't mind foreal foreal, I just didn't want that responsibility.

My mind was on getting closer to Sasha and protecting my day ones. That made Navee laugh.

“You are so much like your father, that attitude you defiantly got from him.” She said with a wide smile.

"You really are your fathers son, anyway it’s time for me to go for now" she said hugging us both before her and Gma disappeared into thin air.


Throwing on a jogging suit I made my way back downstairs. Floppimg down on the couch I looked at everybody noticing the seriousness on all their faces held.

"Okaaaay, so tell me what’s going on everybody looking too serious? Wheres Kas? I hope he not down there killing him" I said hoping and praying he didn’t kill his own brother.

"Speaking of who is that?" Derrick asked

"Maybe y'all should wait until Kas tell y’all its not my place, now can somebody tell me whats going on?” I asked again shaking my head, I wish they would just tell me. Whatever it is must be big.

"Ima give it to you straight babygirl your mother is a fraud as bitch who with the help of this muthafucka did some foul shit" David said pointing his thumb at Kamar who sat silent.

"Why am I not surprised? What she do now" Sasha asked in a huff. All she do is start mess.

"For starters she tricked me into mating with her while she killed off my real mate creating a war between species" David said laying it all out there.

"She did what? Wait a minute bring that back and break that down cause im not understanding" I said confused I knew Tricia could be a bit much but she wouldn’t have thought she would do all that.

Letting out a sigh David broke everything down from beginning to end not holding back on nothing. I couldn’t believe my ears my own mother plotting on my demise. Kamar outta be ashamed of himself.

Without warning Romal went in on Kamar throwing combinations at him that he was to slow to block, maybe he just wasn’t blocking on purpose. Romel roared loudly, his panther completely in control. Romel was like a ragging bull seeing red, Jax tried to restrain him but that wasn't working. It took May and Jax to pull him back.

"What the fuck was that?" Jabar asked "you just went in on dude I dont like him either so I’m not complaining but damn brah wassup?"

"That was my aunt" Romel said still breathing hard "that he help Tricia kill the one that was suppose to be David's mate. You really aint shit how could you do David like that over what? Cause you slept with a thot? You ruined not only your brother life but mines and David's too. My family hasnt been the same since she died. Everybody is a shell of who they would've been and its all because you couldnt keep your dick in your pants" he said trying to break free to get at his ass again. Kamar just sat there taking it, what could he say he was right. The shame and guilt wouldn't let him say or do anything no way.

"Why are you here to fuck up our lives even more?" he asked still struggling to get at him making Jax pick him up and take him out the house he to get him some air. Everything went silent after that.

“What now?" I asked knowing full and well that my mother was going to die.

"We wait for Kas then we can go from there" Derrick said

"How do you feel about all this baby girl? I know y'all wasnt close but she still ya mother" David asked searching my face for any emotions, getting none.

"Some mother she is helping people hurt me is not what mothers do she don't care what happens to me why should I care what happens to her? As long as you don't do me like that, I'll be alright. I have more than enough family here to not miss her ass when she gone plus Gma was more of a mother to me in this short time I've known her than my own mother was my whole life." I said pointing out straight facts.

I didn't need Tricia in my life if every step of the way She was planning my downfall. It’s always been like this with her. Most of my life she wasn’t active, she was just there and always mean as hell. Only time we had conversations was when she was chasing me. Pulling me close David gave me a big hug.

"You all I got now babygirl I would never do anything to hurt you." he said kissing her on the forehead.

The moment was interrupted when I felt my body crash into another. The warmth let me know it was Kas.


"My bad Dave but Alpha was about ready to kill you for touching her he still sensitive about her" I said as I held her bridal style taking her over to a chair that was sitting out. David nodding understanding, I was about to speak when Jabar hopped up his eyes glowing the color of his wolf.

Looking behind me I seen what caught his attention and had him on guard. Kanye was standing there, shook the power that was radiating out of that room was out of this world. His eyes swept the room nervously, I could hear his thoughts clear as day. With the look on his face I’m pretty sure everybody was reading him.

"Calm down Jabar he good. Y’all this is my brother Kanye, Kanye this is Jabar head warrior, and thats Derrick, and Errick my betas" I said pointing them out. Doing as I said surprisingly, Jabar sat his eyes never leaving Kanye. I guess being shifted makes a difference.

“Damn straight, he know what happened last time and you wasn’t shifted yet. He don’t want these problems.” Alpha said laughing.

"And thats Ky my gamma and Maynard my fathers old beta and current advisor of the pack, thats David my mates father and my mate you already met" I said as everybody waved, or nodded at their name being said. No one really made a move, looking around I seen the gloom on their faces.

"Over there is Kenya and Aliz they are apart of our pride and theres two more people, wheres Jax and Mel?" I asked seeing that they was the only ones missing. I knew something was up.

"Well it turns out my supposedly mate was Romel aunt" David said, shocking me. Didn’t see that one coming.

"Damn this world is just way to small well there’s Romel and Jax they are panthers in our pride as well" I said but I knew he knew that, the recollection passed his eyes when I said their names. I wasn’t surprised, they from the same place.

"I know who they are, I've been around the panthers , they are not my biggest fan" KaNye said not hiding the fact they didn't fuck with him. I respect it, why fake it?

"Hold the fuck up brother? When you get a brother? Last time I checked yo parents was dead no offense Kas but this sound fishy as fuck" Jabar said being blunt, addressing the elephant in the room. He didn’t like KaNye which wasnt a surprise, he barely liked anybody outside of the pack he was just now starting to like the members of the pride.

"Right same thing I thought but no it's official Gma told me so. Hes my brother we have the same mother, to make a long story short his father raped my mom and he came popping out 7 months later. That's not the kicker though guess who his father is" I said, not trying to sound insensitive but at the same time I wasn’t trying to get into too much detail.

"Let me guess Kamar?” Errick asked making everybody bust out laughing. He couldn't help himself plus everything was too serious, we needed to lighten the mood.

"Naw if that was the case there wouldn't be a Kamar because he would've been left stanking somewhere already." Kas said looking dead at Kamar. Meaning every word. He may not have known his mother but there wasn’t no way he would let him live if he did such a thing.

"His father is the lion shifter that's trying to take ownership of the pride" Romel said coming back in the house, butt naked. Leaving quick and coming back just as quickly full dressed.

"Damn, do you think we could trust him? I mean that is his dad.” Derrick asked, making KaNye speak up. “He’s no father of mine just my sperm donor, I've hated him all my life and I still do. The things he had did to me is unspeakable. Now that I found Kason my loyalty is to him. He's the only family I got" he said straight faced, the air around him more serious then before.

"How old are you? " May asked looking KaNye from head to toe.

"15" he answered.

"Listen you being his brother is cool and fine but if you betray us you will die and I don't care who brother you is" Jabar warned.

Kas didn't say anything but he felt the same, hopefully he wouldn't have to worry about that. Looking down where that mark was, my mother words playing in my head.

"I'm good as dead without him so save your threats he's all I have. I may not be king or even as strong as him but I can hold my own. Know that.” he said his eyes starting to turn a very light green, his werecat was waking up. I better stop this before it goes to far I thought, watching the intense stare down between the two.

Placing Sasha in the chair, I put my hand on his shoulder to calm him down Navee wasn’t kidding when she said he had power as well. I could feel it it wasn't super strong but with time and a shift it could be. It wasn’t there when I had home by the neck.

"Alright calm down Jabar if it ever comes to that you have my permission to do as you please but until then let's give him a chance. Besides I got a feeling he would give you a run for your money. He has royal blood he was born to be stronger than average." I said letting Jabar know the reality of it all. We may need new to this shifting shit but what I learned is that those higher up and born to those that are higher up come stronger than most.

"All jokes aside I already read him, he good to go right now but you know feelings change and people change so I'll keep a close eye on him" I said.

Just then the door busted open as Jax came in shifting into his human as he came through the threshold. Just naked, we gone have to get some rules around here I thought looking over to Sasha who was covering her face.

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