The Lost King

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Chapter 16


After explaining everything to Kamau, I sat back waiting for his reaction. I never thought the day would come when I would have to tell him his mother is really not his mother and the person who is, is an evil conniving bitch who bargained him off like he was a piece of property and caused the on going battle between Weres.

Not to mention he had another sister who she was trying to bargain off for power more than likely, and that that sister was none other than the Alphas mate. Not to mention the Alpha is his cousin by blood. It was a lot, too much for him. Kamau couldn’t believe his ears,hopping up and he walked out ignoring me as I called for him.

I guess he needed a breather to get his mind right. I got up to go after him but Kas stopped me knowing that I was probably the last person right now that he would want to see, what did I expect to happen I lied to him his whole life.

"You stay I'll go get him" he told me. I understood but I still wanted to check on him.

"I think I should go we have a lot to talk about" I said

"That you do but right now is not the time I need everybody head clear and focused. You had all his life to talk about this now is just not the time" Kas said as he walked out leaving no room for an argument. Sasha got up to follow behind Kas but David stopped her, telling her he could handle it. Nodding her head she decieded to check on Carla and Cj.


I stood on the porch looking out at the trees scanning them to see if I could see him. When I didn’t spot him I took a long sniff of the air catching his scent. following it until I spotted him. He was at the ceremony site sitting on a boulder looking deep in thought. So deep he didn’t even realize I was there until I was right up on him.

"What are you?" he asked me because if I was any other wolf he would’ve felt me way before I was that close. He had alpha blood in him theres no way I shouldve been able to get that close without him at least smellin him. He thought, studying me as if I was a foreign object.

Or did he move that quickly I couldn’t smell him until he was close? He thought

Well I did let my instincts take over, maybe I did move quicker than I think I did. It felt so natural I didn’t notice.

“Well that’s new, I can’t say if it’s me or Alpha” Dar said.

"I'm a wolf" I said nonchalantly, blocking them out. I wasn’t about to have that conversation now.

"You are not a wolf, or at least not a normal one." He said shaking his head.

That pissed Alpha off.

“Who the fuck do he think he is telling me what I am?” He questioned angrily. Taking over immediately he lifted Kamau up off his feet.

"You questioning me about what I am?" he asked staring right into Kamau eyes with his gold ones, a stare Kamau couldnt match leaving him looking to the ground. Making Alpha smirk, point proven.

"No alpha I'm not its just you do things that I never seen before in my life. Like now how are you doing this?" He asked his eyes never leaving the ground.

"Thats a conversation for another time. Now why are you over here all sad and shit" Alpha asked putting him down getting straight to the point. He didnt have time to baby somebody who was older than him.

“Alpha C’mon. He just found out some heavy shit. Be a little easier” I said, making Alpha huff as he took a seat on the bolder.

"Well damn now that you put it that way I shouldn’t be mad my mom is not my mom and my dad been lying all my life. Not to mention my long lost sister is your damn mate who by the way is my cousin. Excuse the hell out of me. " he said sarcastically

"Listen all that you can cut, the way I see it your lucky Tricia didnt raise yo ass be happy you had a mother there to raise you and love you like a mother should. You wanna talk about fucked up try growing up without parents all because one person couldnt keep their dick in they pants, and could care less about anybody or their kids but his own. I’m just saying." Alpha said not giving a fuck. Meaning every word.

" I-"

"You what? Was about to go to self pity land like your life was fucking horrible. All of your parents are here still breathing well at least for now. I get it Kamar lied I would be pissed at him to, hell I almost killed his ass when he told me but that was then and this is now and I need you to be in the now. Do you want to get your mother back or not?" Alpha said

"Of course I do, this is crazy as fuck though.” He said putting his head in his hands.

“True” I said making Alpha nod in agreement.

"Then grow some balls and stop all this shit get in your head. Just focus on one thing at a time." Alpha said already over the conversation. Getting up Alpha got ready to walk away only for Kamau to stop him.

"Can I be apart of the pack? I never been in one before but from the way my father talked about it, it sounds worth it. Plus we family”

“Why not I let strangers in why not my own cousin but fair warning you try any snake shit I will fuck you up." Alpha warned.

"Never been the type you have nothing to worry about."

"I know I already seen your whole life" Alpha said walking away laughing at his surprised face.

"I-" Alpha started to fill him in but paused listening out before shifting without warning causing Kamau to follow suit.

His wolf was big for him to be just a regular wolf he knew without a doubt he would be an asset to the team. Numbers meant nothing if everybody was weak, strength is what Alphs was looking for.

Alpha looked him in the eyes then looked behind him gesturing him to get the others. I could hear multiple heartbeats and footsteps, so I knew Alpha could too. They were thunderous to my ears the closer they got, the louder.

“Brace yourself” Dar said.


I paused for second not sure if I should leave him, looking around trying to see what he seen I didn’t see anything but I could smell multiple scents. The were getting heavier so I knew they were getting closer but from where and how many?

Looking back to Kas as if to say you sure only to be shocked to see his eyes was a black gold color. He looked at me and barked, signaling me to go. Not wasting any time I ran off as fast as my wolf would go. I had to get help, I didn’t know who or how many he was getting ready to battle. Fuck.


“Here they come” Dar said as Alpha got into a battle position.

He wasn’t letting them past him, they wasn’t about to harm his pack.

“We on our way” I heard Derrick voice ring through my head. What the fuck I thought.

“It’s the pack link, in animal form we can hear each other.” Dar said, Alpha completely ignored them both.

Just as he suspected five wolves hopped out of the shadows, all of them growling showing teeth as what he assumed to be the alpha walked out shifting right before Alpha. I recognised him instantly it was the same alpha after Carla.

"You know this all could’ve been avoided if you would’ve just gave me whats mines. Now you’re alone let’s see how that big body hold up" he said smirking.

Alpha let out a growl so earth shattering that everything shook around him, making the alpha step back. She wasn't his, he had a mate and she wasn't it. To force it is just, disgusting.

"I was hoping we could work something out honestly. I’m getting too old to be going to war with new packs. Just give me the girl and I’ll be gone." he said as if Alpha cared about what he was saying.

Tired of hearing his voice Apha attacked, leaping in the air he landed behind the alpha. Grabbing the him by his neck biting down hard before he could even react. Alpha slammed his body around shaking hard until he heard the snap he was waiting for, ripping his head clean off tossing it to his pack of wolves. The rest of him dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Letting out a victorious growl he moved towards the other wolves who came with the alpha. Shifting right before them.

"Whos next?" he asked looking over the faces, none of them accepting the challenge. All of their wolves eyes to the ground.

"Get off my land" Alpha said deciding to be nice as he turned around getting ready to leave only for the pack to come out of the shadows. He knew they were there, I felt them so I know he did too. Jax and Romel was high up in the trees looking down, their tails swinging from side to side.

“And I thought I was bad” Jabar said

"They was just leaving, so are we" he said without looking back at the other wolves.

"With all due respect alpha I, we would like to stay. The alpha was crazy as hell and his brother is the same way if we go back he will kill us." one of the wolves spoke up after shifting back to human signaling the others to do the same.

"And what makes you think I wouldn’t?" Alpha questioned

"I-we don’t but we would rather take our chances here than to go back and die a sure death." he said trying hard not to look in Alpha eyes. I never seen them but from what I’ve heard they are scary. Alpha walked up to them sniffing them as he circled them.

He needed more people for what he had planned but he didn’t just want to let anybody in the pack. His plans would work with the people he had but having more people wouldn’t hurt. They all stood with their shoulders squared back chest poking out as he walked around them, reading them without them knowing.

"We are the strongest fighters in the pack, I was once head warrior until he went crazy, then I became a slave like everybody else. Being used for whatever he needed. He has taken everything from us, all we ask is to stay and serve you seeing that you care about your pack members. If that was him in your position he wouldve left any one of us to fight the battle alone but you sacrificed yourself that shows you are a worthy alpha one that I can be proud to lay my life on the line for." he said

"Just like that?" Alpha questioned.

“Damn that’s all it takes?” I questioned as well. These were some trusting creatures. No questions asked, I was starting to like this wolf shit more and more. Yeah it had its hang ups but overall I could get used to this.

"Just like that, it's in my nature. I was raised to follow the Alpha especially one that's worth following." He stated confidently.

"What’s your name?" Alpha asked

"Markus" he answered

"Markus, say I do let you in the pack would I have to worry about you or any of yall for that matter?" Alpha questioned looking him in the eyes, making him look away.

"No alpha I give my word to serve you to my last breath" he said dropping to his knee, the others doing.

Looking back to his pack he read them seeing how they felt about it, everybody was ok except Jabar but that was usual for him. He already read them plus Dar seem to think it was a good idea.

“We about to jump head first into some shit the more the merrier.” Dar said.

"Follow me" Alpha said as he walked back towards the main house the twins, Ky and Jabar leading them. Jax and Romel jumped down from the trees behind them Markus not knowing any better instantly shifted attacked them snapping at Jax who hissed in return as they circled each other.

Romel went to get Jaxs but Alpha stopped him, he wanted to see what this wolf had only the strong will survive in this pack. They fought hard for a good 15 mintues Markus not backing down even though he was no match for Jax. Anybody from our pack could tell Jax was not going his hardest. That got Alpha approval he was willing to fight even when it was a losing battle. A hood characteristic to have.

"Enough Jax thats good enough, calm down Markus thats Jax hes apart of the pack as well" Alpha said unwilling to let them know why they was there until he could really trust them.

"A panther in a wolf pack? How? Why?" He questioned.

"I may tell you one day right now no questions follow me" Alpha said as he continued on his way back to the house. They all went to the guest house to get dressed. leaving Ky there to help them settle in as Alpha and the rest went back to the main house.

"May you think we could do another ceremony?" He questioned. I mean is there’s rules to this or what?

"With all due respect do you think that's a good idea to just accept them?" May questioned with everything going on they did know who was friend or foe.

"May you know we cooler than the other side of the pillow but dont question me. You think I didn't read them? If they was here for any other reason you think I wouldnt have known? They don't know I could read their thoughts So they let it all hang out. I read everything I could tell them their whole life stories. I would never put us in danger like that but lets face it we're outnumbered here we need more people if we plan on surviving."

“My apologies you right. Speaking of what is this plan you came up with to get his mate back."

"We are going to break into wherever they are and get Kamars mate by any means necessary "

"How? We we dont know where they are" May questioned

"What did I just say about questioning me?" Alpha said giving May a hard stare.

"But to answer your question did you forget who KaNye is? He knows where they are and how to get there and don't bother denying it I already seen" Alpha said cutting KaNye off from anything he was going to say.

"We have to do it now while they think they have the upper hand. First things first we have to send Kimi away shes too little for all of this. I don’t want no casualties."

"No, I’m not just sending my daughter off I wou-" Kamar tried to protest only to get cut off by Alpha.

"I think I care what you want? Im not just sending her off im sending her to somebody I trust with my life. I know she will be safe there" he said scowling at Kamar. Kas might be cool With dude but Alpha was still feeling some kind of way.

"Derrick call Gma and let her know what's going on" Alpha said, nodding his head he pulled out his phone only for it to ring in his hand. He answered nodded his head said okay and hung up.

"Gma will be here tomorrow morning to get her." He said going to sit in the couch, a confused Kamau looked shocked.

"How did she know?" he asked

"Gmas a seer the only one left of her kind. She knew this was gone happen before we did" Alpha said.

"Where everybody at?" We all heard which made us turn around catching a glimpse at the new and approved Cj. Bigger than before muscles more defined, he looked like one of them. He wasn’t out long yet he grew. This was wild.

"Planning now listen because I'm not gone explain this again. " Alpha said as he filled them in on his plan.

"But first things first we gotta do another ceremony. I hate to do it without Carla but I need everybody strong and on point. It’s only but so many of us and I'm leaving with everybody I came with." Alpha said as everybody nodded, looking at each other feeding off of each other’s energy. It was game time they wanted to play then we was gone play.

After going over the plan three times they all decided to take it in for the night only Alpha had other plans. Sasha promised him some alone time with his mate and he was ready to get some time. Shit was about to get hectic and he wanted to make sure he was fully bonded with his mate even if it was only in wolf form. He could work on her human side later.

Going to their room he found Sasha coming out the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. He let me have control back knowing he wouldnt have the kind of control to stop himself from taking her.

"Well hello to you to" Kas said looking Sasha up and down making her blush.

"Oh hush turn around so I could get dressed" she said as I did what she asked, for a second turning around as soon as she did. Dropping her towel she grabbed her underwear only for me to stop her, I wanted her in the worst way. I didn’t know if it was the mate bond or the fact we marked each other, what I did know was as the days pass I could feel myself more and more aroused when she was around. However I had the most control between the three of us.

Picking her up I laid her down on the bed core to core.

"Kas what are you doing?" She asked her Chelsea turning cherry red.

"Sasha I know I promised not to rush you but some life changing shit is going to happen and I just want to make sure that we are bonded how we should be. If you still not ready thats fine but I really" I said kissing her on the lips "really" kissing her again but this time on her neck "want you" I finished going a lil further down.

"Ok" Sasha said in a breathless whisper.

"Ok?" I questioned not sure I heard what I heard. If I would’ve known it would’ve been this easy I would’ve asked sooner.

"Yes Kas, you are my mate the one person made just for me. So im ready, no use in holding it off any longer" she said blushing.

"Aww, so you love me?" I asked making her blush even more. I knew I loved her even though I haven’t told her yet.

"Really Kas, of course I do. After being kidnapped I realized just how much I did when all I could think about was you. If that's not love then I don't know what love is" she said looking me in his eyes, the only one who could hold my gaze. An idea popping in my head.

"You stay right here, I'll be back to get you" I said as I left out. She said yes and she loved me, I had to make things a little more romantic. Under the circumstances.

Gathering everything I needed and going down to the creek I set up a teepee with a lights hanging in the center and across the top. On the ground I laid a fluffy blanket with pillows all around so we could be comfortable laying, plus it made it feel more nice. The teepee glowed like a Christmas tree in the dark of the woods. Sprinkling rose petals all over the blanket I was ready. I didn't want to do it in the house too many people who could hear. Plus I’m pretty sure Alpha will need the space.

Going back to get Sasha who was waiting for me by the door.

"You really ready huh" I said laughing even though my dick was growing harder by the second.

“Shut up” she said smacking my chest laughing.

"First things first put this on" I said blind folding her.

Leading her to our spot by the creek, I took the blind fold off. She looked around awe at the teepee I put together, it wasn’t much but the way her eyes teared up I could tell she liked it.

"This is beautiful" she said unable to take her eyes away from the set up.

"I’m glad you like it, Alpha thought it was too cheesy” I said holding my hand out for her to take. I lead her to the blanket as we sat down and got comfortable on the pillows.

"So" Sasha said looking everywhere but at me, her heart was pounding in her chest.

"So” I said right back making us both laugh.

"What do we do now?" she asked playing with her fingers.

"You could start off by coming closer, you dont have to be nervous I would never hurt you. Whenever you want me to stop I will all you have to do is say the word." I said patting the spot next to me, nodding she moved closer but not close enough for me. I pulled her closer until she was touching me. Giving her a kiss, I tried to calm her. First small kisses, once she relaxed I kissed her deeply.

Pulling pillows I put some behind her head as I laid her down, getting on top of her I asked her one last time was she ready. Nodding her head that she was, I started sliding my hands all over her body. Getting familiar with the curves of her body. The more relaxed she got the further I would go. After watching and reading everything I could about sex I was about to try out stuff I seen because I truly didn't know what the hell I was doing.

Leaving a trail of kisses down her neck, I tugged at the bottom of her shirt looking her in the eyes before asking if I could take it off and she nodded again giving me permission. Before we knew it we both was butt naked just staring at each other.

"Are you sure you ready" I asked one last time because after this there would be no going back.

"Yes Kas are you ready?" she asked me. I didn’t say anything I just kissed her one last time before positioning myself at her entrance making sure I was at the right spot.

"I heard this might hurt a little at first. If its too much just let me know" I said before pushing forward a little, her warmth wrapping around me. Making Sasha jump back.

"You good" I asked feeling her body tense up. She was no longer as relaxed as before.

"Yea it hurt though" she whispered

"I know im sorry I cant do anything about that. You want me to stop?" I asked pulling out of her.

"No just go put it in" Sasha said grabbing me around the neck while wrapping her legs around me, making sure I didn't move. Her mind was clearly made up.

"You sure?" I asked, they way she tensed up made me reconsider. I was still inside her but just barely.

"Yes Kas now do it, please" she said gripping me pulling me closer to her. Following her lead I gave one hard push fully putting it all in making her scream real loud as tears ran down her face.

"Oh my fucking god it hurts" Sasha said as more tears ran down her cheeks.

"I know im sorry you want me to stop?" I asked as I slowly moved in and out of her trying to hold myself together. She felt so good and was squeezing me tight it was taking everything for me not to cum.

"Tell me Sasha do you want me to stop?" I asked starting to go deeper as I kissed her tears away.


I laid there silent trying to take it but it was hurting Kas was so big, they lied in the books when they say the pain subside after a while. I was feeling all of him, so much of him it was making my stomach hurt.

"Kas fuck oh my god, this really hurt" was all I could get out, he was going so deep in me he was knocking all the breath out of my body. I could feel him slide one of his arms slide under me, gripping my ass lifting me to him. I could feel him go even deeper holding me like that, as more tears spilled out as I tried to take all that he was giving me.


I knew I wasnt going to be able to hold it much longer, I knew I was getting ready cum my legs were getting weak as I picked up the pace.

"Sasha, fuck I cant hold it, you feel so good" I moaned in her ear, as I used the arm I had holding her up pulling her leg up making her knee touch her chest, sliding deeper in her. Leaving the other leg straight. Moaning out I rocked deeper in her.

"Do what you want Kas" she said in a painful moan. That’s all I needed to hear as I started rocking in her, back and forth going deep then pulling out before going back deep picking up speed as I did. Pressing deep in her I paused looking down at her. She had her eyes closed tight.

"Fuck Sasha im about to" I moaned out unable to even finish my sentence. I could feel my gums throbbing.

"Please Kas cum already" Sasha pleaded soon as she said it I bit down on the spot where I marked her, rocking my hips a few more time before pulling out just in time to cum on the blanket.

I was so into my nut I didn’t even feel Sasha bite me on my mark as well. I didn’t have a condom and I wasn't trying to get her pregnant, not yet anyways. I laid on top of her holding my weight on my arms breathing hard. Unable to move, plus I was tempted to read her. I wanted to make sure she liked it as much as I did.

I thought I would last longer than that but it felt so good. I masturbated before and it usually take way longer than this. After catching my breath I looked at Sasha who was just as out of breath as I was. A few stray tears rolled down her cheek. Maybe she didn’t like it.

"You good?" I asked, now nervous. I hope I didn’t hurt her too bad. I know my dick big and I was trying to go easy but she’s my mate, I couldn’t help but to want to go all the way in.

"Yea I'm ok that hurt so bad though" she said looking at me.

"It’ll feel better next time" I said kissing her, before looking her in her eyes.

"I love you Sasha" I said for the first time out loud. I loved her more than she knew.

"I love you too Kason" she said pulling me in for a kiss making my dick hard all over again. Smiling I kissed her before closing my eyes. I could feel alpha at the surface. I let him take over he was made a promise after all.

"Now that thats done it's my turn, can I have my mate please" he asked. Nodding Sasha let her wolf take over as her hazel eyes smile at the sight of her mate.

Waking up the next day I was sore as fuck. We fucked all night long in both forms switching back and forth from ourselves to our wolves trying to catch up for lost time, Dar even got him a couple rounds in. Stretching I looked over at a sleeping Sasha kissing her on the forehead as she lay on my chest.

"Good morning" I said sleepily breaking through the silence of the morning.

"Good morning" Sasha said kissing me. Making my dick hard instantly.

"How you feeling?" I asked wondering if she was up to go again.

"Sore everything hurt from my stomach down" she said wrapping her arms around me tightly.

"Aww baby you want me to kiss it" I asked flipping us over so that I was on top.

"No but I do want a bath. I feel sticky" she said looking at me, blushing.

Standing up I stretched in all my naked glory. No meant no, plus we really went at it all night I know she had to be drained. Looking down at Sasha laying on the cover that was ruin with a big blood spot where she laid. Not knowing what the blood was about I picked her before she could see it.

“What’s wrong?” She asked as I ran to the house. She was bleeding and I didn’t know why. Did I really hurt her that bad? I questioned myself.

“Maybe we all was too rough” Dar suggested.

“Damn what do we do?” I questioned.

“I don’t know.” Dar said speechless.

Neither knew how to handle the situation. Busting in the house you would’ve thought something was wrong as I took Sasha staright upstairs. I moved so quickly, I could hear everybody ask what was that but I didn’t have time to stop. Something was wrong with her. Laying her down, she looked at me confused. Throwing on some shorts I went back downstairs, not answering her.

Scanning the room, it was like everybody was looking at me but I didn’t care. Just who I was looking for I said to myself as I approached May.

"May come here let me ask you something" I said pulling him to the side.

"Wassup what’s wrong" May asked with a concerned look on his face.

"She bleeding" I whispered.

"Okay and?" May said confused

"And is she suppose to bleed like that? It was a lot of blood" I said thinking about the cover that I left in the woods. Damn I forget to pick it up, I’ll just have to go back and get it later.

"It’s probably her monthly" May said dismissively

"No May we did it and when we woke up it was blood is she okay, I didn’t break nothing right?" I asked seriously worried, making May bust out laughing. He laughed so hard he was bent over as I stood there not finding anything funny at all. I was damn near ready to choke May up for laughing in my face when I was deadasss serious.

"Kas thats normal when you pop a girls cherry. Shes not dying or nothing like that. A good rest and a hot bath with some Epsom salt will cure that" May said no longer laughing seeing the seriousness on my face.

"I dont know it was a lot of blood" I said

"Kas listen to me I've done this plenty of times, some bleed a lot, some not at all, some just a little. She gone be alright go run her a bath and let her soak. " May said trying to hold his laugh.

"Did you really think she was dying?" May asked amused. Glad he thought this was funny.

"Yea I thought I broke somethin foreal foreal. Not trying brag or nothing but I’m not little.” I said breathing a little easier.

"Yea you broke something alright" he said going back in the living room still laughing. Shaking my head at myself, I took his advice and went and helped Sasha in a bath as I took a shower. I would’ve got in with her but it didn’t look big enough for the both of us. Definitely was going to have to change that.

"I'll be downstairs call me when you ready to get out." I said putting on some new shorts and a tank top. She nodded her head and relaxed back in the tub, hopefully the hot water soothed her aches and pains.

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