The Lost King

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Chapter 3

The group decided to linger around the school a bit longer. Hiding out in the back of the school waiting for it to let out not wanting to leave Jabar and Kyron behind. The thought of leaving them didn't sit well with Kason, even knowing he could get caught for what happen earlier he still wanted to stay and wait for them. The need to protect them was overwhelming. He tried to brush it off As him just being their big brother plus knowing how Mac is he would try to retaliate against them since he wasn't around and that was something he simply wouldn't allow.

He knew Ky would be the one he would go for because not too many would try Jabar. Plus he didn’t want to explain to Gma why they wasn’t together. He figured Mac was alright since they didn't hear any sirens and knowing that didn't help his worry for his brother. Mac hated Kason over something that happened years ago. It all happened on the first day of freshmen year.


Kason stood outside of the classroom taking calming breaths. To say he was nervous wouldn't even touch on how he felt. Back then Kason stood at 5'9 and didn't have as much muscle as he does now. This was his first time in a long time being anywhere without the twins but there was nothing he could do. He was a high schooler now while they still had one more year left in grammar school. Taking a breath Kason headed inside the classroom only to bump into Mac who was standing by the door trying to get some chick number.

The bump was so hard Mac fell into the girl resulting in everything in her hands falling to the ground including her phone she was just getting ready to pass to him. Pissed that he made her drop all her things plus her phone that now sported a cracked screen. She cussed Mac out in front of everybody which caused the whole class to laugh and clown him even further making the humiliation that much worse.

Kason being Kason tried to help him up and apologize but Mac wouldn't hear of it. Getting up fuming mad he tried to push Kason into some desks but with Kason always having fast reflexes he seen it coming before he did it. Anticipating his movements he moved out the way just in time for Mac to go hurling into the desks knocking over a few chairs and making a huge commotion.

So huge the assistant principal came into the class only for him to catch Mac trying to fight Kason for making him embarrass himself again. Mac ended up getting sent out of class for the rest of the day. From that point forward Mac made it his business to do something to Kason every day. The things he did ranged from stealing his clothes at gym to gluing him to his seat in the lunchroom and Kason took it all trying to go the non-violent way. Kason thought that with years going by he would let it go because in his mind it wasn't that serious it was an accident the fact that he was taking it that serious really blew Kason mind.


Still, to this day it blows Kason mind that one bump years ago set him up for having to deal with Mac bullshit even to this day. Snapping out of his thoughts when he heard the final bell ring. Looking over the crowd of people he spotted Jabar and Ky. They seem to have spotted him at the same time since they were making their way over and by the look on Jabar face you could tell he wasn't happy not one bit.

Jabar was the one brother who stayed in some shit. Always fighting, reacting before thinking. Most people steered clear of him because he could go from cold to hot with a snap of a finger. To make things worse he never liked Mac just from the fact that he always bothered Kas for no reason. Kas may have the "be the bigger person" thing down pack but Jabar didn't.

He wasn't above cracking a muthafuckas skull open for fucking with his brothers especially that Mac. The only thing saving Mac was Kas not wanting Jabar to get into trouble but that shit was out. He was never good at playing the good guy and he wasn't going to start now. Soon as Jabar got to the group he started asking questions but Kas cut him off telling him he will let him know everything when they got home. Seeing that he was already in trouble he didn't want to stick around any longer than he had to. He had already been there long enough so it was defiantly time to leave.

As the group made their way home they came across a group of people that looked about their age. The group consisted of two guys and two girls. They were standing outside of a store talking and joking with each other, they were so caught up in each other they didn't notice the group of boys approaching them until they were right next to them. The whole atmosphere changed once they laid eyes on Kason.

Him being so tall and packed with muscles, who wouldn't stare but they're staring held another meaning to it. It was like he was drawn to them as they were to him. All of them just standing there holding eye contact but not speaking a word, however, that changed when Jabar being Jabar broke the silence.

"Y'all gotta problem just standing there staring and shit," he said in a very rude tone that Kason didn't like one bit. For some reason, he felt an attachment to these people even though he never met them a day in his life. The assumed leader of the group stepped forward getting in Jabar face, not liking the hostility coming from him.

"And if we did" he challenged

"Then we could solve it then" Jabar stated, stepping closer making the small space they did have between them no more. They stood chest to chest, nose to nose looking ready to tear into each other.

Kason finally snapping out his staring contest broke in between them separating the two. As mad as both of them were they didn't say anything in protest to Kas, they just backed off as he said still sending each other glares.

"We finally found you," one of the girls from the group said making everybody eyes snap in her direction.

"What? Finally found me? Who the fuck are you and why are you looking for me?" Kas said jumping straight on the defense. He felt a connection to them but not enough to overlook what she just said. Who the fuck are these people? Kas thought now with his whole body on alert he made sure to take in each of their faces not knowing if they are friend or foe.

“Calm down Kas they mean you no harm.” The smooth deep voice said almost calming Kas completely. He never really listened to that other voice because if he did a lot of people would be beat up by now but the smooth one he did. He was always calm and reassuring but yet very smart.

“Yea and a pussy as well” the other voice chimed in as if somebody asked his opinion.

“I say you let Jabar at him, I could smell him he's just as pussy as the other guy” the voice said as a thunderous laugh boomed through his head.

“Is this muthafucka laughing at me?” before the other voice had the chance to get mad, Kas was interrupted by someone calling his name.

"Kas man you good" Jabar asked with a worried look on his face. It always worried him when Kas tune out like that. The twins gave Kas a knowing Look.

"Yea I'm good" turning his focus back to the group "who are you and what do you want?" Kas asked trying to get straight to the point. He wasn’t trying to be rude but he already wasn’t feeling them.

"Oh my god, he doesn't know," the female said trying to whisper to the others but Kas heard her.

"Know what?" Kas asked getting frustrated that they were talking in circles. The leader of the group spoke up then

"nothing it was nice meeting you, we about to dip" he said trying to sidestep Kas but Kas wasn't having it.

"No, you won't be going nowhere until you explain NOW," Kas said staring him down.

"Kas your eyes" Ky spoke. Ky never really spoke much he's more of the silent type only being heard when it's needed.

"My eyes? What's wrong with my eyes?" Kas said moving to look at the store window to see his reflection. He didn’t get to see them early with everything that happened. Staring back at him were green eyes that weren't his own which caused him to scream.

"WHAT THE FUCK" Kas shouted making everybody freeze. Kas blinked once, twice then three times until his eyes finally went back to normal.

"Now that was some freaky shit. First gold now green do you have any other colors in there?" Errick joked trying to make light of the situation. He knew Kas was freaking out so he was trying to distract him. Which failed, he was met by silence from both groups.

"Kas are you alright," Derrick asked trying to bring Kas back to them because at the moment he was pacing back and forth completely silent. Seeming lost in his own world.

"Maybe we should take this conversation somewhere else people starting to stare," the leader of the other group said looking around which made Derrick do the same now noticing that they had an audience. People were starting to pull out their phones to record anything that might pop off.

"THA FUCK YALL LOOKIN AT" Jabar yelled out to the crowd that formed making people scatter like roaches. He wasn't about to let Kas get caught out there like that. He might fuck around and go viral. Derrick sensing Jabar about to start some trouble grasped Kas arm to still his movements.

"Come on Kas we gotta go" Kas looked at him and nodded his head following the group that just got bigger.

No words were spoken as they made they way home.

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