The Lost King

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Chapter 17


After soaking in the tub for a hour, I finally got out. I felt so drained like I had no energy, laying down on the bed I ended up falling asleep. What felt like 20 minutes turned into an hour before I woke up from my slumber still wrapped in a towel. Deciding to just throw something on, I quickly grabbed some joggers and a tank, my whole body hurt like hell. So I was moving slow as a turtle. As soon as I opened the door to the room Kas was right there waiting for me. Jumping back I grabbed my heart. I didn’t even smell me, which was weird because I could smell everybody.

"Boy what the hell you scared me" I said shaking my head.

"My bad I heard you moving and wanted to come check on you. You ok?" He asked looking over my whole body.

"Im fine just a little stiff. Pick me up I really dont feel like walking" I said as I held her arms out like a toddler asking to be picked up. Kas happily picked me up and carried me downstairs.

David sniffed the air then looked at the couple, he knew. I could tell by how he was looking, he knew I was deflowered.

Kas took a seat sitting me on his lap then started to go over the plan, that I had ideal about.


"Nye are you positive yall was in Salamanca?" I questioned.

"Positive, Once we get there we will have to be quick Theo keeps guards on patrol on the grown and in trees. If we all want to make it out we need to not be seen or heard. If we do we will have about five minutes before we are caught. The only reason me and Sasha was able to leave was because we was by a secret tunnel that got us out in the matter of two minutes and even still they were right behind us." Nye said

"Is there anyway we could get to one of those tunnels in case things go wrong and we need a quick escape?" I asked

"Maybe it depends on what side of the building we go through one side has many tunnels while the other has about two."

"So in others words can you or can't you? Maybe not gone work" I stressed as I looked at all the faces around me, I didn’t want to loose anybody.

"Yea I can and will-" he was cut off by Jabar.

"Maaaan how we know this not a set up. Is it not convenient that he here. How do we know he not leading us to our death" he questioned giving Nye a death stare

"Because if I die so do he thanks to our mother dearest. Besides if plan B don't work Then there's plan C" I said

"And that Is?" Jabar questioned.

"Fight to the death that's what it is. They might have the numbers but we have strength. If we have to then we will" I said with finality

"Im just wondering if this is really worth it. We could be doing anything else but this. We dont even know if he the one who even got her. Gma did say we will face a lot of enemies what if somebody new has stepped on the scene" Derrick cut in.

"Yes it's worth it they got my mother" Kamau said hopping up with an attitude.

"Calm down. Back to the plan, we gone take the van and get as close as we can then shift and run the rest of the way once we get there Nye, Kamar, May and myself will go in. Jax, Romel, Aliz and Kenya I'll need yall in the trees just in case theres gaurds up there, E, Jabar, Ky, Kamau and Sasha yall stay and guard outside while we in there. It shouldnt take more than 20 minutes 10 to find her 10 to get out. Dee I need you to stay here with Cj and Carla and to keep guard of the house we dont need anybody sneaking around in our shit while we in theres. Remember Markus and those other wolves are in the guest house so if push come to shove get them as back up. Now all the entrances to the buildings are also the exits so whatever door we go in yall stay near that door unless told otherwise" I said as I pointed at the map of the building KaNye drew pointing out all the doors.

"If things does go bad dont run in after us go straight to the van the keys will be in the glove compartment. Go to the house and wait for us to come because we wont know which tunnel we would use until its time if we even make it that far. Is everybody clear on what needs to be done?" I asked as I looked around getting a collection of nods from everybody.

"Sash you sure you up for this? You do know theres a chance yo moms there and if she is I cant and wont stop anybody from tearing her to pieces. If you not ready for that just let me know, I know she ya mom and you might be ok now but later when it hits home I need you to really be ok" I said looking her in her eyes for any sign she wasnt ready.

There was no hiding or sugar coating it, her mom had to go. I could've read her mind but I told her a while ago I would stop doing that without her permission. She didn't say anything for a long while as if she was talking with her animal side. After a while she came back and nodded. I studied her for a minute before taking her word for it. If she wasnt ready that was something they would have to deal with later.

"Ok everybody know their jobs lets get to it. " I said as everybody broke off going their seprate ways.

I grabbed Sasha hand stopping her from leaving motioning her to stay right there, I wanted to make sure she really was cool with what everything I needed her focused more than anybody because without Sasha there would be no me.

"Yes Kas I’m alright. I already know thats what you gone ask" she said looking me the eyes.

"Are you sure? You know you dont have to go. You could stay here and take care of the fort" I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist.

"I know but you should know by now that wouldnt work for me. I need to be right there, waiting here not knowing whats going on will drive me crazy. I'm coming." She said getting on her tippy toes, kissing me.

"Speaking of, you think we could have a little fun for the road" I said squeezing her butt making her laugh.

"Get out of here nasty, later stay focus" she said breaking out of my hold, rubbing my dick before walking away before she could give in. I could go for a round or two now for sure.


“I know I could go a few more rounds, our mate really took us to pound town.” My wolf said, getting me in the mood.

“Stay focused ladies we need all our strength” my panther said being the voice of reason.

She knew if we gave in we would be left home while everybody went out to risk their lives without us and she couldnt have that. She herself has fallen in love with the trio Known as Alpha King Kason. The way he loved them made her love him she couldnt wait to meet her mate. Seeing how he did my wolf she couldnt wait until she got her turn.

“Y'all know what I think we should tell Kas that im here. I hate to think we are keeping a secret from him.” My panther said she wanted him to know, she played the background long enough in her opinion besides its not good for mates to keep things from each other.

“We will.” I said agreeing. I had her for a few weeks now it was time to tell him wassup. Turning around on my heels I bumped into a chest, I was so focused on the conversation I was having with my other halves I didnt even feel anybody behind me, I definitely was going to have to pay more attention. I usually come smell whoever but with him it’s always impossible.

"Why you up on me like this" I asked as I pushed him back, knowing he wasn't gone move.

"Because I can and because Alpha wanted to be near you. He said your scent smells funny more funnier than before he wants to stay close to you” Kas said picking me up to kissing me.

"Kas there’s something I need to tell you." I said blocking his lips as he came in for another kiss.

"I already know Sasha how long did you think you would be able to hide her from Dar? He could sense her you know. Plus we kind of read your mind back when you first got her." He said real quick

"Dude you said you wouldn't-"

"I know I know but it was bothering us. Your smell was way to off we needed to make sure no more spells was being used. We caught y'all having a conversation. I promise I havent read anything since then" he said throwing his hands up.

"So what is she?" Kas asked

"A werecat" I said

"No duh what kind of cat Sasha" he said

"Panther Kas she was Dar choosen bride but Theo got to her first. She said her human was weak and was going to give in to him when she was suppose to save herself for the King. So instead of letting it happen she took control of their body and fought him all the way until he killed her. She wouldve died anyway she wasn't ready to shift.Your mom stopped her from going into the afterlife. She said I was gone need her to be stronger, so I could be the queen you need me to be whenever that time came." I said

“Finally he knows, can I talk to Dar now?” She asked

"She wants to talk to Dar" I said as I closed my eyes when I opened them, I was no longer in control.


Her eyes was a green color that faded into blue like the ocean which was different for a panther. I guess there was a first for everything.

“Shes not a panther.” Dar said, I felt him at the surface so I gave him control.

"What are you? And don’t say a panther because we both know thats a lie" he said studying her.

"You’re right I’m not full panther. Im a Pion" she answers

"A what?"

"A Pion you ever heard of a liger? The mix of lion and tiger instead of having two seprate animals like you my genes merged together mixing making me a little of both but instead of a lion and tiger its more like panther and lion. Like you im one of a kind and some way Theo found out and came to our town and convinced my old human to gave us to him so he could make strong babies but I didnt want that all my life I was taught to serve you and how to be queen and I was gone be damned if most of my childhood was wasted to be use as a human incubator. Now though after seeing how yall are with Sasha and her wolf I know I made the right choice I just hope you accept me." she said looking everywhere but at Dar.

It was like she was nervous he wouldn’t accept her. After not getting an immediate response she looked up only to see he was already looking at her making her blush and look away. Grabbing her chin he made her look at him.

"Of course I accept you, you are apart of them which really leaves me with no choice. Not that I’m mad now that I think about I'm happy to have a mate its nice to have somebody of my own."

"You mean it" she asked her eyes lightening up with happiness

"Of course" Dar said meaning every word. He didn’t have anything against Sasha or her wolf but he couldn’t say he didn’t like the idea of having a counterpart as well.

"Then yours I will forever be." she said sticking her hand out only to have Dar pull her into a tight hug

"I wish we could stay like this but we have a break in to do and we only got about 10 minutes to get ready and get downstairs." Dar said looking at the clock on the wall.

"Good thing we didnt get nasty" she said running her hands down up and down his back.

"That would be after, I think we need to get better acquainted but right now lets get ready." Dar said as he turned her around giving her a smack on the ass before sending her on her way. Trying his best not to go after her.

After everybody got dressed in all black, we met in the living room everybody that was going piled into the van while I stayed back to say a few things to everybody that was staying.

Something wasn't sitting right with me, everything Jabar said was sitting at the top of my head. What if Theo don't have her and they wasting time even going there or this whole thing be a setup. I needed to cover all bases.

"Everybody while I’m not here Derrick is in charge. Markus this is yall time to prove that yall can be trusted, protect the land. Y'all seen most of the wolves in the pack so if the wolf is not as big as us chances are they arent one of us. No werecats period every werecat in the pack will be with me so dont hesitate to attack. We should be back in 2 hours. Got it?" I asked as I looked at the group that was being left behind.

Everybody nodded in agreement. That was enough for me before I exited and rejoined the group that was going. As soon as I climbed in May pulled off.

It took about 30 minutes to get there and an extra 15 to find the place. It was pushed so far back into the woods you have to walk up on it to see it. It was a big bleak building with no standout characteristics what so ever. It was just a dull gray building with vines overgrown all over it.

We stood about 100 feet away surveying the area trying to see if we seen any shifters. Everything was all clear at that moment which gave me a bad feeling in my gut.

KaNye was getting ready to approach the building when I stopped him. Something wasn't right it was suppose to be guards up the ass but instead everything looked dead. KaNye looked at me not trying to make too much noise.

I shook my head no, Kamau not understanding what was taking so long marched forward snatching away from everybody who was trying to stop him and ran to the closest door. Pulling it open he rushed in making Kamar go right after him both straying from the plan.

Now having no other choice we all ran in leaving Jax, Romel, Aliz and Kenya to hold guard by themselves. Walking into the building they were in a long hallway with multiple doors on each side. Kamau was going room to room trying to open doors until Alpha snatched his ass up.

"I promise you if we lose anybody tonight I will personally kill you myself. Take yo ass outside now before I do something I regret." he said letting him go

"but" he started

"but nothing are you back talking me after putting us all in danger. Running in commando was not apart of the fucking plan, look around. Where is everybody? You ever stop to think about that? Fuck" Alpha said slamming Kamau up against the wall he had him against. Making his head smack into each time she slammed him into it.

"Fuck it we already in lets see what we can find, make this quick" he said as everybody searched rooms. After going through about 20 empty rooms and finding an empty cell they decided to call it quits.

We was supposed to met back up but something caught Alpha eye.

“Fuck, I knew something wasn’t right”. I said seeing exactly what he was seeing.

In a room with boards all around, there was blueprints and maps of the house and surrounding areas. Like somebody was planning something or already planned it. I could hear foot steps approaching sniffing the air I knew it was my pack.

"Lets go now" Alpha said when they was close enough to hear. As soon as the words left his lips an alarm went off signaling we was caught. We took way longer than the 10 minutes I thought it would take.

"This way" KaNye screamed as everybody made a mad dash to where he was. He was standing in a room by a door that you could tell was one of the tunnels he was talking about. Not wasting any time Alpha did a quick headcount noticing May wasnt there.

"Wheres May?" he asked getting ready to go back in only for May to come crashing out with somebody in his arms not having time to see who it was they all dashed out of there.Alpha shifted as soon as they were out of the building.

“Romel you there?” He linked

“Yes we here where yall at?” Romel linked back.

“We-I don't know where we are but we not in there no more. Go to the Van and wait for us we should be there in 10.” Alpha said never losing his speed as he picked up the pace. I felt it, something was wrong.

“Alright good thing yall leaving there's a bunch of men getting ready to storm the place and I dont think they're the people we looking for.” He said.

“Why you say that?” He asked looking back making sure everybody was still with them.

“Because-.” Before he could answer we all heard BOOM from behind us.

“They just blew the front part open yall hurry it won't be long until they be heading y’all way.”

With that we picked up speed trying to distance ourselves as far away from there as possible. Alpha had to slow down he was started to be to far ahead of everybody.

All of them shifted running for their lives even May who was still holdin on to whoever he found, the person was so beat up you couldn't really tell who it was. Getting to the van May shifted back and put the body in the back hopping in the driver side.

Alpha however had other plans something in him told him to run to the main house and thats what he did with everybody in tow except for May who was driving the van. Alpha was trying to figure out who the hell was breaking in there and why? He also wanted to know where everybody else was at that was suppose to be there. They didn’t leave they shit like that for no reason.

As we approached the house we could tell something defiantly went down. Trees was knocked down, there was drag marks in the dirt as if somebody was dragged or thrown and slid across it. Both houses had massive holes in them. I knew I had a bad feeling about this.

Alpha shifted before calling out to anybody that was suppose to be there. His heart was pounding, we left Derrick here by himself he would never forgive himself if something happened to him. Coming out of a hole in the main house wall was a beat up Derrick.

"Derrick what happen" Alpha asked walking up on him, checking his whole body. He was beat up, bad. He wasn’t bleeding from anywhere major, but you could tell he was in a big brawl.

"They attacked us about an half hour after yall left. We was able to fin them off but we did lose a couple of people." he said holding onto his ribs.

"Who?" Alpha asked, his breath caught in his throat.

"Two of the men that came with Markus. They fought hard though but without being one of us yet they wasn't strong enough. Me, Cj, Markus, Mijon and David was able to hold them off for the most part those we didnt kill ran off" he said

"Who the fuck is Mijon" Alpha asked unfamiliar with the name. A boy about Kamaus age stepped forward. He looked just as beat up as Derrick. His slim build was bruised from battle.

"That would be me alpha" he said stepping forward, bowing his head.

"Thats my youngest brother Mijon alpha” Markus said.

"What happen?" Alpha questioned, as rage crept threw our veins like venom.

"After yall left some lions and tigers stormed the place they caught David first, he was out by the creek. He made it back here just in time to warn us. Before we knew it we was in an all out battle they had us surrounded for a moment then they just started retreating not to long ago." Mijon

"Probably because somebody other than us ran up in they shit while we was there. Blew shit up and everything" Alpha said shaking his head. What the fuck was going on?

"You know we cant stay here now we been compromised they knew the lay of the land" David said joining the group. Sasha ran to him and gave him a big hug.

"Its alright baby girl its gone take more than some pussies to take your old man down." he said hugging her back.

"Luckily Kas thought it would be a good idea to get a house in the city. Living out here was never a perminate thing, even though it should be. I'll have to call the contractors and see where they at with that. If its not ready we'll just have to get some rooms for the moment and stay low key until we could come up with something else. Now that they hideout isnt one any more they gone relocate which leaves us at square one. We can’t leave ourselves open like that. Everybody pack up when May get here we gotta get out of here." Alpha said happy that Kas went against him and had a pack house built back in the city. If it was up to Rize they would stay in Olean forever.

Before everybody could part ways May pulled up looking like he was just in accident. The van was smashed in in the back and on the sides. May hopped out looking out of breath.

"We gotta go now they coming behind me, we only got about 20 minutes on them before they get here." he said running past everybody going in the main house then came back within that same minute with documents in his hands.

"This is all we need we gotta go" he said not breaking his stride.

Alpha ears perked up he could hear them coming meaning they wasnt to far off whoever they was.

"Let's go" he said shifting, everybody following suit except for May he went and got the Person out the van before strapping the documents to his chest. Shifting he picked her up and threw her on his back.

“Ready?” he mindlinked everybody.

“Let’s go” Alpha linked before they all took off into the woods leaving everything behind. It didn't matter, I’ll buy us new shit, my only concern was getting them to safety. That made Alpha pause and look around.

“Fuck I gotta go back, yall keep going I'll meet yall wherever yall go.” I linked.

“What why whats going on?” Derrick questioned, never stopping his run.

“We forgot Carla” I linked already turned ready to to go back. That made Cj stop in his tracks what kind of brother was he. He left and didnt once stop and get her.

“Keep going, Jabar and Jax come with me.” Alpha linked as the couple did a uturn following alpha going back for Carla.

He couldn’t just leave her she was apart of his pack and nobody was going to be left behind. Getting back to the house Alpha put his ears up from the sounds of things they was close, too close. Running in the house he wasted no time grabbing Carla up slinging her on his back. Careful not to break skin.

"What do we have here" they heard from behind them. There in the doorway stood a man I never seen before in my life. A new enemy. He kind of looked like Eddie Murphy in Vampire In Brooklyn minus the hair. He has more of a low cut.

"Ive been looking all over for you. You have something I need and I will stop at nothing to get it." he said as he appeared in front of Alpha in the matter of seconds. Without thinking twice Alpha jumped out the window, his main and only priority right now was to get everybody to safety.

As he ran off he looked to his right to see Jabar right there and looked to his left but didnt see Jax he was getting ready to go back until he looked up seeing him jumping tree to tree. With that they picked up speed, following the scent of the pack. The ended up finding everybody else in motel in a couple of towns over.

"Lets go we cant stay here. Little towns like this is dangerous we need to get to the city where we could blend in better right now we sticking out like a sore thumb." he said looking around.

He knew hiding there would be the wrong move. So they ran until they couldn’t run anymore. Seeing their exhaustion, I had May rent 2 vans for us because running shifted in the city was a no go. I didnt relax until I seen the sign that said Welcome to Buffalo.

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