The Lost King

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Chapter 18


After getting off the phone with the contractor I found out the house wouldnt be ready for another three weeks. I didn’t want to be in a hotel that long but there was no way we all could fit in Gmas house no matter how we try to work it. We was currently standing in the parking lot of the hotel discussing what we was gone do.

"How about me, May and Kamar go out on our own and hit the dirt. Talk to old connections to try to figure out who this New character is." David suggested

"And me and Kenya can go back to the pride and see if we hear anything new" Jax added.

"The rest of us will lay low for the time being. By the way May who was that you took from Theos?" I asked

"It was Mya, she's my niece I couldn't leave her looking like that." He said with his head hung low, even after everything she did he couldn't leave her.

"Get her far away from us she isn't to be trusted" I said not caring she was a foe and she had to go.

"I know I already called her father he's on his way to get her but I was thinking since you the only one who could look into minds why not look into hers and see what happen. I know she gotta know something but she wont talk."

With a huff I nodded in agreement, she been gone since they Kidnapped Sasha maybe she had an inside tip, hopefully they didnt just lock her up. Knowing Mya she got some kind of useful information.

Walking over to the van May was driving sliding the door open, Mya laid there looking as if she seen better days. Her once long silky hair was matted to her head, her skin had filth piled so thick her complexion was at least three shades darker than her normal dark chocolate. Her face was bruised all over, one side was swollen from the eye down.

I could care less though she put herself in this situation for going against the grain. Ready to get it over with not feeling the smell that was coming off her I quickly placed my hand on her head. It took about 10 minutes to go through everything that has happened from when Sasha went missing until now.

Most of it was a bunch of nothing just some dude telling her she was going to die as he beat her for information. She didnt know much outside of where we was, other than that she was useless to them. She was on her last days if May hadn't saved her she would be dead. They force feed her some liquid that stopped her from healing.

"She cant help us, they used her for information. That's how they knew where the house was." I said stepping back from her, the stinch she was giving off was something foul. Mya just laid there looking like a shell of herself, I felt bad for her for a second. Turning away I looked at everybody.

"So it's set. I want yall to call me once a week and let me know where yall at with information plus it lets me know yall alive and well. If yall dont find anything come back dont wait around." I said leaving no room for discussion, looking at everybody who nodded in agreement.

Going our seprate ways May, David, Kamar, Jax, and Kenya hopped in one van and Kas and everybody else hopped in the other with Romel at the wheel. Carla still was out which worried CJ who was feeling like shit for leaving her. She was his little sister he was suppose to look out for her and so far he wasn't doing a good job at it.

"Stop, I'm tired of hearing your pity party. You left her, hell we all left her stop blaming yo self. It was a lot going on. If anybody to blame it’s me. I was supposed to be on top of it. So relax, she here and she good thats all that matter." I said cutting CJ pity party short. I already felt guilty as fuck for leaving her.

"And who are you introduce yo self" I said to Mijon who was staring at me. He met alpha but not me, and he was staring hard as hell. Being this close to me I could feel his fear, him and his wolf was shook.

"I-" he cleared his throat.

"Im Mijon Markus is my brother" I nodded, I already knew that but seeing him like this was kind of funny. He was getting ready to be apart of the pack, no need to fear me.

"You do know it's rude to stare" I said looking at him, he wouldn’t meet my eyes.

"I-ma bad I didn't realize I was staring" he said sounding less confident then he was before.

"It's cool just stop it's creepy as fuck.” I said shaking my head.

“Until our house ready we gone have to stay in a hotel for a minute. Now that we are shifted we have to be careful of what we do so that means no switching in front of people, no showing yo strength or speed we need to be just like regular people. Everybody got it?" I said, the words feeling weird coming out of my mouth. Be like regular people, how? When we was everything but regular.

"Yea" everybody said in unison

We drove until we came up on a small motel that had almost all the room vacant, tired of being cramped in the van everybody piled out. Walking into the front office I instantly felt that something was wrong.

I got a bad feeling all of a sudden. Looking around the office it looked normal nothing out of the ordinary was happening but still something still felt off.

"C'mon yall let's get out of here something dont feel right" I said still looking around, the front desk person had not once come and seen what they wanted which was a red flag for me.

A feeling came over me causing me to turn around and when I did I was met with a pair of blood red eyes. Reacting first I locked the door to the office, knowing that wouldn't hold whatever that was off I just couldn't think at the moment. Scanning the room I tried to find another exit but the office was one way in one way out. Fuck we couldn’t shift here, there was cameras everywhere.

"Fuck" I said out loud.

"Who the fuck is that?" Sasha asked looking at the Eddie Murphy look a like as he stood outside just watching me through the glass. His eyes never leaving mine.

"I dont know who the fuck that is but he was the one back at the house. There’s no way out we gone have to fight our way out of this one." I said counting the people I had with him.

Even with May and them gone it was still enough of them to make shit happen. In the moment Gmas voice popped in his head.

“Wake the girl Kas do it now before its too late.”

“How?” I questioned. Alpha command did not work on her, we already tried.

“You are the one she can't live without, I know it don't make sense but trust me.” She said he vague per usual.

Looking over at her I walked to Cj who was holding Carla and let Alpha take over. Getting low in a deep commanding voice he told her to wake up but she didn’t budge not one bit, she was still out. Alpha not accepting that his command wasn’t working slammed his fist on the ground, breaking the skin as blood started to slowly leak out. Looking back her he was going to try again only this time her eyes were open and they were a scorching red in color deeper than the ones watching his every move.

"Carla can you hear me?" Alpha asked

"You woke me alpha how can I help you" she said in a small dry voice.

"You can start by telling me what you are" Alpha asked putting her on her feet. She stood like a toddler who just learned how to walk. Barely holding her balance.

"Alpha im a vampire and so is he" she said pointing to the front window where the man stood. How he got there that fast nobody knew nobody even seen him move. Everybody jumped back except for Alpha he wasnt afraid at all he wanted that muthafucka to step over the line.

"Alpha im weak we cant go on like this or I will die." Carla said holding onto Alpha for dear life.

"What do you need? I dont think its food here" Cj asked looking around, wanting to help since he still felt like shit from what happened.

"Food will not help me I need blood, I’m vampire. All the movies you and I watched and you dont know vampires need blood" she snapped shaking her head at him.

"Ive been woke since the ceremony, but my body wasn't strong enough. I needed more blood to wake up. The longer I was out the weaker I became. I need your blood alpha your blood is the only blood I can drink. My vampire side didn’t wake until I tasted your blood." She said making me think back on when she drunk from us. Coming up blank.

“Remember Kas everybody drunk your blood for the pack ceremony” Dar said.

"Oh my god, This is what Nan meant when she said you were a night walker. I thoughg she was talking about you being a night person since you always stayed up durning the night." Cj said thinking of something their foster mother told him before she passed.

"Shes right alpha Nan said that she would meet someone special who will bring the night walker out, that only the special someones blood will keep her alive. She said if she drinks from you she will only need to once or twice a month and that any other blood will not help her but kill her like poison. She will die a slow death without you." Cj said

"How do you know im that person? Im not trying to have nobody sucking on me except my mate" Alpha said very bluntly.

"Its you because she said you would be special different from the rest and very powerful. It has to be you no other person is fitting the bill. If it wasn’t you her vampire side wouldn’t have awaken."

"Please alpha I'll do anything, I dont want to die when I barely lived yet. Please" Carla begged her red eyes staring into mine. They looked more scarier than those that were watching us.

"Why my blood though?" Alpha questioned not liking that at all.

"Because you allowed me in your pack forging me to you forever. I was never officially apart of my last pack like Cj was. I was just his little sister, a foster to the pack. Even if I wanted to leave and never look back I couldn't. Please Alpha" she begged

Before Alpha could answer old dude started running his nails on the window, antagonizing them.

"Hurry alpha he's coming I could help" Carla pleaded with him

“Do it” Nadar urged. Remembering something Gma told them back when Kas didn’t know who or what they was.

“I'm not sure that's a good idea” Alpha said back he was not down for somebody sucking his blood.

“We have no choice, she is apart of you now. She will be the strongest vampire to ever walk the earth, and she’s on our side. HELP HER NOW” Dar said raising his voice at Alpha for the first time in a long time.

“We running out of time.” Dar said with urgency.

Not wanting to argue Alpha gave me back control. Partially shifting, making my nails grow out sharp and long I made the small wound on my hand larger before placing it to Carlas mouth. We watched her teeth grow long and sharp without warning Carla latched on sucking as hard as she could. I could hear the glass giving out and that let me know she had to work faster, before she could finish she was ripped out of my arms.

Carla went flying through the air slamming straight through the wall as the old dude grabbed me by the neck lifting me off my feet for a second before I shoved him off. I was feeling a little weak from Carla feeding on me.

"Thats all you got? I know this cant be the best that you can do" he said in a taunting voice as he fixed his clothes.

That pissed me off making Alpha come close to the surface and Dar wasnt far behind. I shook it off not wanting to reveal my hand that fast. I didn’t know who he was or what he wanted.

"What do you want? You been following us for a while. Why?" I asked trying to figure out who this was and why he was after us.

"In due time you will know. But for now-" he didnt get to finish before Carla came smashing through the wall smacking into old dude grabbing him by the shoulders throwing him through the same hole he made throwing her.

She rushed out to go at him again but he was gone, nowhere to be seen. Everything happen so fast that if you blinked you would’ve missed the whole thing.

Coming back in breathing hard Carla looked at everybody making sure they was ok. I went to go and get those tapes. The cameras caught everything and I couldn’t risk that coming out. People would trip if they knew what he or any of them was. Taking my shirt off I started wiping things down, making sure not to leave any prints.

"Lets go it won't be long until the police show up." I said leaving out the hole made with Carla not wanted to leave anymore prints. Everybody followed, hopping into the van pulling out normally trying not to draw any attention to them.

"He seemed so familiar" KaNye said out of the blue.

"I feel like I seen him before, I just cant place it" he said deep in thought.

"Whoever that was he strong as fuck. I felt like I couldnt move while he was there" Jabar said not feeling dude one bit.

"You too I thought I was the only one, I couldnt even move my lips." Romel added he thought he was tripping.

"He's a vampire, a strong one and when your strong like him you have the power to stop or slow people and time" Carla said letting them know why they couldnt move.

She knew wolves were pack animals, they was probably feeling guilty for not doing anything when it really wasnt anything they couldve done. I sat back and just listened, quietly thinking about how close everybody was to being killed. I knew I couldn’t let that happen again or next time I might not be so lucky. A thought that didn’t sit right with me.

“Don't worry Kas it wont be long until I get to stretch my legs. We will be stronger just wait.” Nadar said trying to calm me.

"Kas you alright" Sasha asked she could tell I was thinking about what happened. I haven’t said much.

"Yea im good" I said pulling her close, kissing her trying to convince her I was when really I was fuming on the inside. He really got close enough to do damage, if it wasn’t for Carla. Shaking my head I looked away.

"Dont stress it, we gone get his ass and everybody else who want it" she said with convection, nodding I squeezed her tight believing her words determined to make them come true.

We drove until we reached downtown Buffalo where there was a lot of people and traffic. Any isolated places was a no go I didn’t want another episode like before to happen, we was lucky we got away without any problems.

I wanted to go see Gma but I didn't want to bring trouble to her front door. That's the last thing I needed right now. I had questions, questions I would have to wait to get the answers to. Deciding on the hotel @ Lafayette since it was low key and most people didnt even know it was a hotel.

Settling in everybody tried to catch some sleep everybody but me and Carla. Sleep wasn’t coming easy even after a workout session with Sasha. I wasn’t comfortable falling asleep with old dude still out there following them around, not to mention Theo was still out there somewhere. Feeling restless I decided to walk around the city to get some air, I wasnt going far I just needed to move around and that small room wasnt cutting it. Carla being up decieded to join me just in case old dude came back, he wanted me more than anything so me being alone was a no go.

"You know you dont have to come with me. Im good." I said, I didn’t need a babysitter.

"I know, its just my conscious wont let me not come with you" she said falling in stride with me.

"How does it feel knowing you a vampire?" I asked changing the subject. I didn’t need her protection, but I didn’t want to offend her either or get offended.

"I dont know, I guess I always knew I was different. I never heard my wolf ever meanwhile all my friends could hear their wolves. I thought I was just a late bloomer." She said

"Now that you know do you feel any different? Not having a wolf" I wondered. I would be disappointed if everybody around was one thing and I was something completely different.

"No I guess I'll have to wait and see how a hungry me acts, thank you Kas. For not leaving me back there even when my own brother did" she said giving me a quick hug. It happened so quickly I couldn’t even respond to it.

"Dont mention it,you know you should cut him some slack it was a lot going on and you know when people are out of sight they out of mind. He feel bad about that dont make him feel worst we need everybody head in the game. Plus if anybody is to blame it’s me” I said my pack my responsibility.

"I know its just like damn but im here so I guess I could get over it. Not before I run him crazy tho its not every day a little sister get a one up on her big brother this should be fun." she said giving a sneaky childish laugh, shaking my head I laughed too cause I knew Cj had it coming. Being the oldest Inknew first hand what its like to have a younger sibling have one up on you.

"So tell me what do you really know about being a vampire? Is it like being a wolf, sharing your body with another?" I questioned trying to learn as much as I could.

"No it like I'm me just with this crazy hunger in me but it's weird at the same time because usually in movies, vampires eat whoever whenever but with me it's different. This not my first time tasting blood, I've been in fights before never did it turn me. I even started the alpha ceremony with my last alpha and didn't turn but your blood turned me. It's weird but I guess it was meant to be this way." She said

"So if you not a wolf, why do you listen to Alpha? He commanded you and you woke up”

"He can't I don't have a wolf but he is like my leader, only y'all have the power to keep me alive so I guess since we are bonded together I listen. It was second nature to me.”

"That's crazy as fuck. A goddamn vampire what's next trolls" I said as we both paused, looked at each other and busted out laughing.

“Who knows, anything is possible.” She said as if she was really thinking about it.

"Lets get back we been gone long enough" I said shaking my head at my new reality, and here I thought being black was hard trying being a hybrid for a day.

Turning around we started making our way back only to see fire trucks with their alarms blazing speeding past us. Picking up speed trying not to cause attention to us we made out way back to the hotel only to see the building on fire.

Almost on instant I made a mad dash to the hotel bypassing everybody who tried to stop him. They was no match for me anyways. Carla moved just as quickly if not quicker. I don’t even think they seen her fly past them. Finding the stairs I rushed to them only to be met by everybody except it wasnt them it was their other halves.

"What happen" Alpha asked taking over without notice. He looked Sasha over before scanning everybody making sure everybody was good.

"Those fucking blood suckers, they mustve seen yall leave beacuse they came right after you was gone." Sasha answered heated.

"Theres more of them outside. They sent them in to flush us out. We didnt know if we should go out there with all the humans out there we cant just get into an all out battle" Jabar said shocking everybody, he usually the first one ready to pop off.

"And you thought right but we cant stay here with the building on fire. Theres gotta be a back entrance we need to find it and find it quick. It wont be long before they come back in" Alpha said as everybody made they way back out the staircase looking for a back entrance.

They could've just jumped out the window but how would they be able to explain landing feet first after jumping from 8 stories up. Finding the exit they rushed out of it before I could stop anybody only to be met by a group of about 15 vampires surrounding us.

“Let’s go, y’all ready?” Alpha linked mentally preparing themselves for what was about to go down.

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