The Lost King

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Chapter 19


"Fall back I got this" Carla said as she stepped up stretching her body.

Before Alpha could ask if she was sure she ran in, grabbing the first one closest to her and ripping his throat out earning hisses from his comrades as they started to rush her.

Making Carla side step, just getting out of the way by a millisecond which angered her, letting out a war cry she started ripping through them like a women possessed. Everybody was so shocked they all stood there and watched her make easy work of the vampires around them.

Old Dude

Unknown to them I was in the shadows watching her, I seen strong vampires before but she was on a whole different level of power than them, almost as strong as and she was newly turned.

I knew in order to get Kas I would have to get her out of the way. I needed that blood. If it could make a young teenaged girl no more than 140 lbs become strong as if not stronger than me, I could only image the power I would posses if I could get ahold of it would be endless.


Looking around Alpha felt a stronger energy. Turning he seen those red eyes watching, charging at him. He was watching Carla so hard he didn’t even see him. Unprepared for the hit old dude went down with a hard thud, slamming through the concrete to the earth beneath it. Grabbing hold of Alpha he tried to lift him off of him by pushing off the ground with his legs, only thing was Alpha didn't move and neither did he as he laid there looking perplexed.

(Third Person)

The last encounter with Kas he was able to toss him around but not this time. Alpha stood up grabbing hold of him by his neck lifting him off his feet as he stood to his full length letting out a thunderous roar as his eyes swirled a greenish gold color as the whites of his eyes turned black. It seemed as if he had grown another inch or two in his rage, his teeth extending out as the nails on the hand holding old dude up grew out of his fingers turning into razor sharp claws.

Tightening his grip around his neck Alpha was getting ready to go in for the jugular when he was shoved by a vampire that seemed about his height and weight, making him drop old dude. Stumbling a bit before catching his balance giving the vampire his full attention, growling at him. Gathering himself old dude called for his vampires to retreat as he ran at top speed through the night.


Alpha was tempted to go after him but he couldn't leave the pack at a vulnerable moment like this. Turning back to them he still was seething he wanted to end this but he knew it wouldn't be that easy. I never felt anger like this before. He wanted to kill something or should I say a certain someone.

His breathing was labored as he tired to calm down.

“Alpha give me control. You need to calm down.” I said.

At this point he was starting to shake with rage. I knew he was completely over the edge.

“Give him time to calm down.” Dar said unaffected by Alpha rage.


"Alpha you good?" my wolf asked as she looked into our mates eyes. His greenish gold looking back staring right through me, and I wasn’t even in control. I seen him mad before but this was something new, he looked like a cross between human and animal. His teeth as sharp as knives. If he wasn’t my mate I would be completely scared of him, but my wolf was rooted in place without a scared bone our my body.

"I'm fine just give me a second" he said in a voice that sounded completely inhuman as he turned his back to her taking deep breaths in and out trying to calm himself.

"We only have a few seconds Kas did you forget there's a building burning in front of us" She said as she took slow steps towards him. She was remembering what May told her the first time Alpha shifted, coming up behind him she hugged as much of him as she could get her arms around. Laying her head on his back.

"Alpha, Dar whichever I need y'all to calm down so we could get out of here. Please we been moving all day and night for days straight we need some rest and to get out of here before they connect this to us". She said into his back, physically feeling them calm down before Kas turned around and lifted her bringing her to his height before hugging her back. Giving back control, I wrapped my arms around him tightly.


Knowing we didn't have that much time I put her on her feet before directing everybody to follow me as we ran through the night distancing ourselves from the hotel.

After walking around for what seem like forever we ended up at the house I was having built for us. Even though it was under construction it was somewhere for us to go, not to mention we was all out of options. I thought about going to Gmas but deciding not to there, it just wasn't enough space plus I couldn't keep running to her whenever there was a problem.

I was alpha of the pack so it was up to me to lead the way, I had to get myself prepared for that. There won't always be people around to tell me what to do or how to do it.

As everybody laid down for the night trying to get some rest I couldn't fall asleep, the thought of old dude sneaking in and trying them while they slept was the only thing on my mind. He burned down a hotel already, tearing this house up would be nothing.

"You know you could go to sleep right, I'm up I'll guard the house it's not like I'll be sleeping anyway" Carla said as she sat on a windowsill looking at the cars as they passed by her some blasting music so loud that it raddled the neighbors windows.

She was so fascinated by what she seen it was clear she wasn't use to seeing so much traffic being from Olean and all. Being out in rural areas was much different from being in the city.

"Yea well now you got some company" I said as I stood towering behind her looking out the same window she sat in.

"Is this what it's gone be like all the time? Us running all the time" Carla asked not bothering to turn around to look at me.

I was in basketball shorts and a wife beater turning around would put her eye to eye with a part of me that belonged to my mate. I didn’t realize how short she was.

"No we not but right now we don't have a choice from the way it was told to me there's more to come so for now we gone have to be quick on our feet and move around. We can't stay in one place for to long not until all of our enemies are out the way. There's a lot going on so right now, half of it I don’t even know what it’s about. My only job is to get and keep y'all safe" I said putting a hand on Carla shoulder as reassurance before going to lay next to Sasha pulling her closer to me as she snuggled into my chest.

Something was going on with her it's like I couldn't be away from her for more than a few minutes at a time before Alpha bugged me to get back close. I knew the heat was over since we are mated. I couldn't put my finger on it but whatever it was had me extremely protective of her, chucking it up to us being like that cause we are still freshly mated. Closing my eyes I rested as I listened to everything that moved around us.

After about a week of laying low I was ready to move again staying in one place too long didn't sit well with me. It was only a matter of time before old dude or Theo tracked us down and the last place I wanted to be is our freshly built pack house. We was going to need that house once it was all said and done. Being in the city didn’t help either. Too many eyes watching, we couldn’t shift fully like we all wanted to. Our wolves needed to stretch their legs.

I was also starting to notice a change in my body, I was feeling more flexible. I could bind and twist in ways I never could before, my reflexes was also quicker than before.

“My time is coming and I can't wait, I want to feel the wind blowing through my fur.” Dar said.

“You'll get yo chance. I'm not gone lie I'm excited myself. I want to see what kind of fur we have.” I said imaging a sleek black panther.

“Don't matter to me as long as I get to get out.” Dar said.

“I bet” I thought as we laughed.

We was interrupted by Sasha busting in the room, her hazel eyes glowing.

“Somebody out there we all keep seeing eyes watching us and we can hear them breathing" she said all in on breath.

Huffing I got up to go check it out. Going out on the back deck scanning the area I was able to make out 4 figures, even in the dark of night. They were just standing there watching me watch them.

"Cmon out I could see you and I really don't feel like coming to get you because if I have to come and get you it will get messy" I warned as I stepped off the porch with Derrick and Erick following suit only for me to stop them. Alpha was lurking at the surface, I didn’t need them at this moment.

"Y'all stay here if I need y'all I'll call for y'all" I said continuing down the stairs stopping at the last step.

"Last chance" I said I got in attack mode, slowly easing control over. Something I’ve been practicing.

"Wait we not here for trouble" a voice yelled out.

"Step out of the shadows and let me be the judge of that. Y'all do know y'all are trespassing on my land" I said without any hints of emotion.

"Yes we know just hear me out" the voice said as he stepped closer. Sniffing the air I could tell he was human but the others was another story, what they was doing here I had no idea. It's been a while since he interacted with full humans, let alone one traveling with..wolves?

"Are you Kason? Son of alpha Jedrek? " the voice asked as he moved closer to me.

"Who wants to know?" I asked not feeling the 21 questions.

“How dare he come to our house and ask all these questions” Alpha asked getting fired up.

“Calm down, let him explain” Dar said intriguingly.

"I do, I don't know how to say it so ima just spit it out. You're my brother" the voice said matter of factly. He wasn't getting smart or anything he was telling it like it was. I burst out laughing, this had to be a joke.

"Get the fuck outta here, you not no brother of mines all my brothers" I said pointing behind me.

"Is right there, besides you are a regular person and if you can't tell there's nothing regular about me." I said as I looked at the figures in front of me.

"And who are they" I questioned, those wolves he came with where quiet as hell and I didn’t like it.

"Friends of mines who came with me to find you" the voice said now close enough to for me to make out what he was wearing which was some jeans and a hoodie that was pulled up covering his face with some boots that look as if they've seen better days.

"Please just hear me out, I came a long way to find you" he said stepping a little closer.

Hearing him out wouldn't hurt.

“You have 5 minutes to say whatever it is you have to say.” I said scanning the area, something felt amidst.

"My mother told me my father was a man named Jedrek. A big man who presence took over any room. Growing up she was obsessed with wolves, to the point she was committed to a crazy hospital. The first few years of my life I didn’t know her then she got me back. She told me he belong to someone else and she tricked him into being with her, she used one drug or another but to make a long story short 9 months later here I am. I honestly didn't expect you to take me in with open arms but right now I have no where else to go. I look normal but I know I'm not especially when I can pick things up by myself nobody should be able to do by themselves. Like refrigerators or cars and people started to notice so my mom locked me inside but I left to find my-our dad but as you can see that was a dead end but I was able to get pointed in your direction." The voice said as he just stood there, hands in his pockets.

I could tell he was staring at me, I could feel his eyes.

"You do know staring is rude and creepy as fuck. Why should I believe you? Why nobody ever heard of you? Now all of a sudden here you are in a time when anybody could be an enemy and claim to be my brother yet you haven't even showed me yo face." I said shaking my head.

"I gave you 5 minutes and those minutes are up" I said turning to leave only to feel someone snatch my arm, making my body jerk.

I could admit he was strong for a human but he was no match for me as I snatched his arm back swinging him sending him flying into the back porch landing with a thud. Cracking a hole in the porch. With one leap I was on top of him halting all of his movements.

"Keep yo hands to yo self." I said as his eyes jumped colors before going back normal. I felt it this time, I could feel as both Alpha and Dar passed through. Holding control just long enough to announce themselves.

"What the fuck?" was all the voice was able to say before I lifted him off his feet snatching the hood off his head. I damn near dropped him after looking at him, he was a spitting image of.. me. Outside of his silky black hair and a few other features you could tell he got from his mother. I put him on his feet, I could hear his heart damn near beating out of his chest.

"So tell me what am I? Because I know you not human, no human I ever been around could do shit like that with they eyes." The boy said still scared but not as much, now with them being so close he definitely could see the family resemblance.

"How is this possible? Where have you been all this time?" I asked confused as fuck, dropping him to his feet. I went from being an only child to have 2 half siblings.

"I told you my mom basically date raped our dad. He never knew I was even born nobody did, my mom use to tell me I was the last piece left of him but that's clearly not true." He said as he took in my size in, I was massive compared to his normal 5’10 frame. He didn't have the muscle I had either whereas as I had Lebron James build he had more of a Steph curry kind of build.

"My mom kept me hidden, I never really went out or made friends. She home schooled me so all I know is her and what she tells me. All my life though I always felt different from other kids, since I never got to play with them."

"But you a human!?" I said and asked at the same time.

"Uh yea ain't we all" he said looking at me.

"No we not there's a lot about the world you know nothing about. Go home kid while you still have a chance you don't want to get sucked up in this" I moving around him. He didn’t need to be apart of this, plus he’s human.

"Go home? Go home to what? A mother who's going to lock me up for my own good? You know why I left? I heard her on the phone saying something about my blood, she was going to drug me and take me to god knows where so I left and now you want to send me back" he said raising his voice as he paced back and forth.

He couldn’t expect me to take him in with open arms, I had to send him away. I was torn, he was definitely related to me but he was a human what could I possibly do with him especially with the life I was living. That's like taking a baby to a shootout.

“I think we should give him a chance it's clear he's not full human you just slammed him yet he's back on his feet like it didn't happen. You may be underestimating what he's capable of.” Alpha said trying to reason with me.

I had to admit he did have a point there, was a hole in the porch to prove it yet he was up like that didn't bother him at all.

"Fine but yo ass better keep up and anything you learn here stays here. Don't make me have to kill you" I said turning on my heels getting ready to walk away.

"What about my friends?" He asked.

"What about them?" I said indifferent.

"Well I kind of promised them a meeting with you they seemed mad excited when I told them I was looking for you" he said scratching the back of his neck. Pinching the bridge of my nose , I was trying not to cuss his ass out.

"Fine lets make this quick I don't like being out in the open like this" I said a chill crept down my spine.

"Alright just a fair warning they are not um normal shall I say"

"Neither am I" I said as the boy did a whistle signal for his friends. Coming out of the bushes was three wolves not really big but not small either.

"Shift" I said causing them to turn back into their humans, the boy watched as I didn't flinch or run away. I stood there looking unimpressed, I’ve seen bigger.

"My apologies Alpha we just wanted to meet you to see if the rumors are true and to ask to join your pack. It's just me and my sisters” she said in a small voice

"Please Alpha well do anything to join your pack we can't keep going on like this I don't want to lose another sister" one of the others pleaded.

“Say yes the more the merrier, we need more people” Alpha said

“No, we have enough” I said, not trying to hear none of that.

“No if you think we good with what little people we have you are mistaken. Yes we are strong but there's strength in numbers as well. We need more people.” Alpha said.

I knew he had a point so I didn’t bother arguing with him. We was strong as fuck but we was outnumbered damn near 20 to 1. If we planned on coming out on top we was going to need more wolves on the front line.

“Fuck it, fine but if this backfires it's on you” I said focusing in on them. Before he could answer I heard something off in the distance, multiple foot steps heading they way.

"Everybody inside now" I said as I watched our surrounding.

"NOW" I yelled raising my voice making everybody put a pep in they step. Backpedaling up the porch I watched as multiple sets of red eyes shone in the dark all around me in almost all of the neighbors yards. Shit I thought as I went in the house to prepare everybody for what I knew was about to go down.

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