The Lost King

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Chapter 6

Kason POV

Sitting there for a while thinking over everything Gma just said I knew she was right.

“Yeah, she is Alpha would need the space to stretch his legs. Being stuck in one position for so long gives him the equivalent of humans having jet leg.” My other voice spoke.

“Y’all will meet first so it would be best for you two to bond. I will be here whenever you need me but I think it would be best for me to fall back for the time being.”

“Do you really think that's a good idea? Leaving me alone with Alpha?” I asked, he seem to be prone to violence.

“You said that like its a bad thing.” Alpha chimed in feeling hurt his human really didn't like him. He started whimpering at the thought, making a pain creep through my chest that I never felt before.

“You really hate me don't you Kas?” Alpha asked, Getting mad he screamed

“You think I wanted this? TO be stuck with you, stuck having to share you with someone else that you clearly want around more than me. I've been trying for the past week to be better but I see now nothing I do will be good to you so I'm done you just better hope when I come out I give you control back I might just take over and leave you in here so you could know how it feels to be ignored and uncared for.” He said going silent but I could feel his rage mixed with hurt and rejection.

I didn't know I was making him feel this way by pushing him away the way I was. It was always this way, me ignoring Alpha not listening to him, or caring what he was saying because he was always said things that involved putting hands on someone else’s child. He never really thought about how it would make Alpha feel.

They are one right so what does it matter? I didn't like how angry Alpha made me feel at times. It’s like this unfilter rage that I can’t control. Meanwhile, my other voice was always calm, cool and collective. Always talking me through things, showing me a better way to handle different situations. Now that I think about it I always bonded with my other voice because of his calm nature.

“As you should but you should also bond With your wolf. I know he can be very over the top a lot of times but it's not his fault, wolves have a tendency to feel emotions much stronger than others. He's like a child fighting for his mothers' attention.” My other side smooth voice said trying to explain to me why Alpha was the way he was.

“Can’t say I blame him, I don’t know the feeling” he said.Giving me something to think about other than what Alpha said.

“What if I don't want to bond with him. I don't fuck with him and he don't fuck with me and I would like to keep it that way. It’s peaceful that way” I said well thought.

“Well it can't stay that way it will not only destroy him but you and me as well since we all share one body. Just try to get to know him so that way at least you know you tried instead of just pushing him back.” He said.

“It’s only fair besides everybody know what happens when you push a dog into a corner. You're going to shift soon and the last thing you need is a pissed-off wolf in control of us.”

“I'll think about it Dar.” I said as Alphas words rang through my head again.

“Dar? That’s the name you picked? King Dar does have a ring to it” Dar said smooth as ice.

“Slow ya roll we not King just yet” I said laughing at him already calling himself King.

“On a more serious note. Thanks man foreal. You just being there for me even when I didn't know who you was. Preciate you”

“No problem Kas I will always be here for you no matter what and so will Alpha”

After fixing my room as best as I could and throwing myself together I made my way downstairs. I knew I needed to explain to everybody what was about to go down plus I had questions for the members of my pride. It was funny to me because all I keep thinking about is Lion King. It felt so funny, claiming them as my own even if it was just in my own head. I still haven’t figured out what I was going to do about that situation. I haven’t really put much thought into it.

“That's fine, one thing at a time” Dar said before going back silent. Making my way downstairs I wasn't expecting a welcome committee but I also wasn't expecting to not be acknowledged at all. Outside of Derrick nobody paid me any attention.

"Finally I thought I was gon have to come up there and drag you down," Derrick said coming over to give me a hug as I embraced him in a handshake while pulling him into a half hug before releasing him.

"I see I'm not missed though," I said looking at the others who were still not paying attention well at least they were trying to pretend they wasn't but by the scowl on Jabar face you could tell he was listening.

"Is there a problem? Speak on it now or don't say anything at all" I said knowing that would get a reaction out of Jabar.

"Yea I got a fucking problem. I like the way you said fuck us for a whole week now you want to come around thinking somebody gotta acknowledge you. Fuck outta here with that." I had to take a deep breath and let it out. He was being real disrespectful in Gma house.

"Ok, ima let that Go because I know you upset with me right now but don't think ima keep letting that everything slide," I said feeling disrespected I know I was wrong for pushing them away but at the same time I felt like he should understand where I was coming from. Especially seeing me struggle with this all my life.

"You think I give a Fuck. What cause gma said you this big bad hybrid I'm supposed to be scared of you? Like I care fuck out my face" Jabar said hopping up and getting in my face.

“Kas let me take over. His wolf is challenging me.”

“Nah I won't let you hurt him he just mad right now.” I said not even entertaining the thought.

“Goddamnit Kas you don't think I know that let me do what I need to do. I will force my way out if you don't let me.” He threaten.

“No I got this I don't need you fucking shit up”

“Really are we doing this right now. Just trust me for once and let me do this, you know what fuck it” Before I could respond I felt myself being pushed.

Without giving me a choice Alpha took over.

"Oh, so you wanna fight pup? You think you got what it takes?" he asked Jabar circling around him sizing his wolf up.

In a voice I didn't recognize Jabar spoke

"I think I do, I would be a better alpha than you. I bet I wouldn't leave my pack hanging the way you did" Alpha stopped moving to take a position right in front of him so they could be eye to eye

"that wasn't me, you and I both know it. Right now you're reacting off the emotions of your human you need to calm down now. I'm only going to give you one more chance to back down." Alpha warned which only set Jabars wolf off.

Without thinking Jabar swung on Alpha but Alpha knowing Jabar and his wolf like the back of his hand stepped out the way throwing a series of punches of his own that connected with different parts of his body forcing Jabar to move backward while trying to dodge some of the hits Alpha threw his way. Not really expecting him to be so aggressive with him.

I tried to take back over becaus this was going to far. I didn’t want to hurt him but it was like I couldn’t stop myself. I didn't realize the disrespect he was showing to Alpha, today i was going to learn though. Alpha wasn't taking any shorts. Tired of playing with the pup Alpha jumped up kicking him in the chest sending him flying through the wall straight out into the backyard.

Alpha started rolling his sleeves up as he walked through the hole he just made with Jabars body. Knowing how stubborn Jabar was he knew he would have to make him submit to get the point across. Alpha hearing Kas screaming for him to stop demanding him to chill only received a scuff from him as he continued on. Alpha knew all it took was letting one person get away with talking to him like that before everybody thinks its a free for all.

Jabar was already trying him and he couldn't have that at all. He already had his human to deal with so this bullshit he could do without. However, since he had to he was about to get ready to put Jabar over his knee and show the pup he was no match. Taking out his anger on Jabar.

Stalking up to Jabar Alpha grabbed him by the front of his shirt picking him up and putting him back on his feet. As soon as he felt he had enough balance he hit him with a two-piece that sent him flying back again. Taking slow steps up to him, his eyes a dark gold color, like a mix of black and gold. He was looking dead into Jabars eyes challenging him, testing to see if he wanted more. He didn't want to hurt him too bad because he knew Kas would be pissed but he needed him to know he wasn't ready for that challenge.

He needed to know his place and Alpha was more than willing to make him get in line.

"Repeat that again pup" Alpha yelled standing over him waiting for him to try him again. Jabar knowing defeat when he saw it hung his head in shame. He knew he did too much so quitting while he was ahead was his best bet. Plus he wanted no smoke with them, he knew wolf or human he wasn't going to beat Kas. They've been doing this same song and dance since they were younger.

Alpha let out the most vicious growl displaying his dominants over Jabar, it sounded like a cross between a roar and a growl. Jabar tilted his head to the side exposing his neck showing his submission to his alpha.

Alpha seemed to have forgotten where they were for a second. It was like He just realized how Loud his roar was, it so loud that a few of the neighbors came out of their houses to see what it was. Alpha finally calming down gave Kas back control of his body.

Feeling drained I dropped to my knees. Alpha taking control and me fighting for it back took a toll on my body making me pass out.

I woke up the next morning still feeling drained. It was like when you have a bad cold and your body ache all over to the point you just don't want to move or do anything for that matter. That's how I felt while laying in bed looking up at the ceiling.

I felt bad that Alpha took things that far, there was a better way to do shit especially when it comes to my brothers. Alpha was to rough on him.

“Psst please, he will be alright in a few days everything will be healed. He's lucky I didn't do more. You are too soft on them Kas they are wolves not little babies. It's time to take the tit out of their mouths.” Alpha said unfazed by what happened.

“We need to know now who's down for us and who isn't, who's strong enough and who isn't.” As much as it burned my ass to admit it or even agree with him, I couldn't hide the fact that what he said was true. With so much happening in such a short time now was not the time for them to be arguing and fighting among themselves. They needed unity and solidarity, and that little display yesterday showed that they were lacking in that both departments.

Hopefully, it will be a small fix like a long conversation with Jabar once he get his ass off his shoulders. I knew everything with him wasn't going to just go back to normal the next day that would be too easy. Jabar being so stubborn wouldn't help much he would more than likely give me the silent treatment only talking to me when asked nothing more. He use to do it a lot when we were younger, I knew it was going to take a few days of calming down before a conversation can be had. Even though we really didn’t have that time to spare.

“Well if it makes you feel any better his wolf is over it even though he's still a little upset his human is upset. He has been trying to calm him for you so we don't have a repeat of yesterday.”

“How do you know that? How can you talk with his wolf when yall haven't even met yet?”

“Easy unlike humans, we form bonds the moment we are born. Us being around each other most of our lives helped to make the connection stronger. Before I could just feel their emotions but with the shift coming I've been able to read their minds which kind of confuses me.”

“Why? Is that not normal or something?” I asked back when Gma was telling me stories about werewolves, I never really paid too much attention to the details.

“Not really not even with me being very strong I should only be able to hear their thoughts when we shift into our wolves. At least that’s what Gma told me” He said making me a Lil worried.

“Say thank you.” The smooth voice of Dar butted in.

“I should've known this had you written all over it. I know you're King or what the fuck ever but when it comes to my pack I don't need your help.” Alpha all but screamed, Sensing an argument coming I cut in.

“No need to fight about it it's over and done with if anything you should be grateful now you will have a way to always connect with the pack, plus technically we are one so your pack is his pack just like his pride is your pride.” I said trying to reason with him. Alpha on the other hand didn't like it but didn't feel like fighting about it. I could feel his anger, even though he didn’t say anything else.

“Yeah whatever” he said before fading out.

He didn't want to do anything to make Kas hate him more than he already did because rather he admitted it or not Kas liking him meant a lot to him.

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