The Lost King

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Chapter 7


It's been a few days since the fight with Jabar and tension was high between the two. We constantly walked around each other or whenever I entered the room Jabar would leave. Knowing that we will be leaving the next morning for Olean, I was trying to squash things between us wanting this experience to be less hostile than it already was.

Everybody else was fine trying to come to terms with the fact that they will be changing into animals. At least everybody seemed like they was handling it well.

The twins couldn't wait to see what their animal sides would look like. That's All they kept talking about plus adding extra what If scenes. Like what If they turn half-wolf have human and could walk on two feet or what If they head only turn and they bodies stay the same Like old school wolf movies.

They kept Everybody laughing with their crazy stories even the members of the pride who was still there by the way. Kas decided to keep them close until he made a decision on what to do about the situation.

“One situation at a time Kas, we need to get our pack together first before anything we don't know what we could be facing going there having a pack of wolves would be helpful just in case we gotta get crazy” Alpha chimed in.

Over the past few days, those two have been getting along better than they ever did in The 17 years I been alive. Guess they were turning a new leaf.

“I know I'm just a li...” I but got cut off by Alpha

“Do you hear that? It's like a cry shush listen, do you hear that?” Alpha said giving off a worried energy.

I strained my ears trying to hear what he did but was getting nothing.

“I don't hear nothing, what are you talking about?”

“Listen you don't hear that?” Alpha said almost yelling at me.

“I don't hea..” I started only to get cut off by Alpha again, something he had the habit of always doing.

“Kas we need to go, somebody need our help I could feel it. I can sense the wolf it's in distress we gotta go NOW”

“Fine, where do you hear the cry from?” I asked throwing on my shoes, it was an alright day outside so that’s all I needed.

“Let me take over it would be easier to find them.”

“Nope, last time you took over there was a fight matter fact every time you take over there's a fight. If we gone do this, I have to have control.” No way I’m giving him control.

“Fine now let's Go.” He said in a huff.

“Where to boss” I asked while walking out the door.

Alpha gave me directions until we came to a small mom and pop resturant. It wasn't fancy or anthing but the food was awsome. I come here a lot for their mac and cheese.

“Is this where you hear the noise from?” I asked Alpha not knowing where to look, before Alpha could answer I heard a scream of some sort. I couldn't tell if it was a scream for help though with how muffled it was.

Noticing that it was getting dark out, I wanted to hurry this up and get back to the house. Going into the restaurant I looked around to see if I could spot anything or anyone that looked off but everything looked normal.

There were people standing in line to get seated, while others were seated either eating and talking, or waiting to eat and talking. Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“You sure this is the place?” I questioned because everybody seemed to be minding their own business.

“I'm positive I feel them more than ever now. Go check the bathrooms maybe that's where they at” Alpha insisted, not to trip and show some trust in him I did as he asked but everything was all clear, there wasn't anybody in any of the bathrooms.

“Maybe you was wrong?”

Alpha said nothing, it was like he wasn’t even there anymore.

“I dont know what you thought was going on but nobody in here needs help.” I said as I started for the door before people think I’m some creep.

“I know what I feel I promise they're here somewhere. Lets go check outside” he said not ready to end the search.

He didnt know who this person was but his or her wolf called out to Alpha for help. That was really blowing my mind that he could even feel them, when I didn’t feel shit. He was determined to find out what was going on more importantly I wanted to know who this wolf was.

This was the first time sensing any wolves.

“Is something happening to me?” I questioned it was weird that I find out I’m a wolf then boom I could randomly feel some stranger, when I didn’t even feel my brothers and sisters.

The thought excited Alpha, I felt happy almost eager all of a sudden.

“Making my pack bigger is something all alphas want plus I could tell this wolf has strength, to be able to reach me half way across town.”

Going outside I started looking around the building, on the left side was a shop the restaurant shared the building with and the other side had a small alley. Knowing that if anything was going down it was going down over there. It was secluded and dark enough to give a person the privacy of doing what they wanted without being seen.

However, when I went over there I wasnt prepared for what I seen. I mean I don’t know what I expected but I didn’t expect this.

“That's it, that's the wolf. It's a girl. Go help her now.” Alpha urged, the closer I got to the scene the more pissed I was. There was a girl getting beat on by a some dude, guessing it was her boyfriend. He was calling her every name under the sun but her own while hitting her with every word that came out of his mouth.

I could feel the anger building up as my fist clinched. It was one thing to see it on T.V., It's another when it's in your face. The more I watched the madder I got. I didn't know if it was Alpha emotions or my own.

Without thinking I rushed over. With the element of surprise ony side, I got to them in Less than a second, as a rush of energy flowed through me like a sea of waves. Every wave getting more intense by the second. Snatching they guy by the hand he had in the air getting ready to strike her with, I tossed him into the side of the building knocking him out instantly. Only leaving a dent in the wall. I didn’t know I had that much strength.

“I know you sense a wolf on her but let me handle this. You don't want to scare her off by saying too much we don't even know if she know she is what we are” I said shocking myself. I’ve been referring to them as us lately, guess I was getting more use to becoming a wolf than I realized.

Focusing back on the task at hand I slowly approached her. Which was the wrong move since she started scooting back from me. She was scared she already was getting beat on, and here was this big black guy throwing people around.

Just walking up on her nonchalant after picking her dude up like it was nothing. Im not surprised she didn't want me anywhere near her. Surprisingly I could hear everything she was thinking, I wanted to laugh cause she was really tripping out. Look at his fucking eyes I never seen eyes that color. Nigga wearing contacts, lame as fuck she thought. It was hard trying not to laugh. She really had some nerve being mad at me.

“You're welcome” Dar said speaking after days of silence. Alpha was taken back, guess he forgot he was there for a second. Scuffing Alpha said

“I thought you was gone lay low and mind yours”

Waiting to see what Dar was about to say I stayed silent deciding to let them hash it out on their own. Happy that for once Alpha wasn't being his usual asshole self. I actually liked being able to hear what people are thinking.

Talking to each other I almost forgot what was going on, being so caught up with myself I almost missed the girl standing up trying to sneak past me.

"Where you think you going?" I said stepping in her way.

"Please don't hurt me I just want to go" she pleaded, her eyes shooting around the alley trying not to make eye contact with me. She was scared as hell, you could visibly see her body shaking.

"Relax I'm not gone hurt you. I'm just trying to help. What are you doing out here like this?" I asked putting my hands up, it was as if she just remembered the reason they all was in that alley as she hung her head in shame. I seen it all, Dude was back there beating her ass.

"I mean I'm not tryna be in your business but dude was really just putting his hands on you," I said shaking my head.

"I'm saying what is that about?" I asked being straight forward, I couldn't help but ask.

"I just wanted to visit my parents, I missed them but he-he acted like I said I was going to leave him. Trying to get away I ran but without thinking I ran to a dead-end" she ranting with eyes flashing from sadness to anger.

I knew as soon as she opened her mouth she wasn’t from here. Her accent was very pronounced. She looked away doing a 360 looking around the alley like she was looking for an exit. It must've been embarrassing for her with the way that I found her, I did want to know the full story though. Something about her intrigued me.

"Is there anybody I can call, your pa" I started to ask but she cut me off.

"I'm fine no thank you," she said still trying to get past me. I could hear her every thought, he may not have been the best but he was mines plus he was the only person I know here She thought.

Shaking his head I couldn't believe what I was hearing, she really was thinking about this dude even after he was beating her ass for no reason?

“She a strong wolf, I don't know why she's going for that. With her being able to call me so far away I know she has strength. I wonder who her parents are?” Alpha said trying to make sense of things.

“So in other words that means what? What the hell her parents have to do with anything?” I asked

“She's strong Kas. Only strong wolves can produce strong wolves. Whoever her parents are could be a threat” Alpha said.

“So what do I do here? I'm not tryna kidnap anybody, and she not trying to leave him”

“Don't leave her. She's in the same city as us and she's a wolf we are taking her with us, she's going to be apart of our pack. Plus she's better off with us since its clear she doesnt know shes a wolf or care for herself for that matter” Alpha said confidently.

“How do you know that she don't? And you said all of that to say what? You didn't say nothing about what we should do though? I'm not kidnapping anybody so I hope that wasn't part of the plan.” I declared.

“No I have a better idea i just need you to give me control and trust me. I promise to give back control when this is done. Gma taught me what I'm about to do when we was younger, watch this.” Alpha said very snug.

I thought it over, I was trying to trust him more I didnt want to mess up the progress we all made, even Alpha and Dar was somewhat getting along.

“I swear if you Dont give back control I Will never let you have it again.” I warned.

“Ok ok I promise, unlike you humans a wolf word is his bond.” With that I could feel myself being pushed back into that outter body experience again. Watching like a person in the crowd.

"What's your name?" Alpha asked in a very commanding way he wasn't trying to scare her but he had to let her know who had the authority here

"Ssasha" she studdered looking scared out of her mind. Knowing that if he was going to get her to come with them he was going to have to pull at her wolf and bring her to the surface.

"Come forward right now and tell me your name" Alpha said in a deep voice, pulling her close to him, their faces inched apart. This voice seemed to be something her wolf within recognized. Letting her go he stepped back and watched as her head dropped down, but came back up just as quickly as it dropped. Her once brown eyes now being a hazel color.

"My name is well I don’t have a name"she said bowing her head showing respect. He should be used to it by now, Romel and them do it on the regular even when he told them to stop, they still do it some times.

"I'm sorry for being in your territory. I mean no harm. My human followed that nothing ass man here. I tired to stop her but she doesn't listen to me at all. I'm sorry if I caused any trouble" she said bowing again showing her neck to him.

"Left your head. You haven't cause me any problems, even though My human seems to disagree. He's not happy with your human right now. He's ready to leave y'all here But I really dont want to.” he said hearing her let go of a sigh that she must've been holding in.

"How would you like to come back With me and be apart off My pack." Alpha asked like it was nothing making her eyes light up with joy.

A strong alpha was asking me to join his pack. Wait until my parents hear about this. Maybe their disappointment in me will change. She thought, making me wonder what that was about. Did she know she was a wolf? If so why didn’t she have a name?

"I would be honored to" she said with a wide smile on her face.

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