In-Coded, Book 1 in the Ojas Chronicles Series

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Even ordinary people have extraordinary powers if they know where to look. But are they willing to give up everything they think is normal, to do so?

Fantasy / Scifi
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Book 1 in The Ojas Chronicles Series


By Vandana Saxena Poria

Even ordinary people have extraordinary powers if they know where to look.

But are they willing to give up everything they think is normal, to do so?

A mysterious Doctor meets four rather odd youngsters, but they are not patients. They want advice on using their energy to complete some peculiar non-medical tests. The Doctor, however, has his own agenda.

Meanwhile from the Indian city of Auroria, Ojas, a frustrated teenager feels constrained by her health and her on-going average challenges with eccentric parents, Professor Dad, Neev (a closet alcoholic) and Do-gooder botanist Mom, Alyssa. Alyssa’s ongoing feud with local conglomerate Carbondium, and its billionaire Karamaskar family leaves Ojas exhausted, especially as Ojas also has a dark secret connected to the Karamaskars too. Even so, this is small change for what is about to happen. Ojas is clueless that her life’s balance is about to topple over completely, causing a PARADYME shift. A cataclysmic secret is about to explode.

Through no fault of her own, she has been chosen to conquer some peculiar tests, involving a curious gravity-defying spinning orb, a holographic pyramid, and warp-speed travel. It turns out her parents have been lying to her for years: they are involved with a prestigious Institute kept hidden from humanity for centuries, working with forms of energy that our world has heard of but never really understood. It seems it is Ojas’s turn to get involved. Whether she likes it or not.

But will she be able to piece together the puzzle and overcome the challenges in time? And does she even want to? Because doing so is going to force her to find out what is truly in-coded deep down inside, and take on the biggest enemy she has in the world.


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