Sweetest Chase

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Alphaeus is bored, hungry but bored. The food on offer old and tasteless, Nothing makes him want to sink his teeth into them. But then she runs and the excitement is too much to handle.

Fantasy / Thriller
Avery Lepp
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A hiss involuntarily escapes my lips when I throw open the door, the sun blinding and burning compared to the darkness below. I fumble quickly with my flask, withdrawing into the shadows momentarily to take a long drink. I sigh when I step out this time, the small level of burn from the sun no longer a problem.

I jog along the cobblestone, the courtyard a hive of activity with youngsters selling wares they’ve made. One of the elders of the community has newlings around her; little tiny toddlers that can barely see into the bubbling pot set over a fire. I briefly catch the elder asking ’And what happened to the elves?” I chuckle to myself, remembering the same lessons I had nearly seven hundred years before. I listen a moment longer, wondering if one of the newlings know. “They had a fight with the fae!” A blonde declares. I shake my head.

“No Lici, they turned into fae,” a red headed responds

“I thought we were from elves?” another blonde. I really want to interrupt but I shouldn’t.

“You are both right.” The Elder starts “The sun goddess blessed those who worshipped both the sun and moon with fangs so we could survive the famine, while they blessed those who only worshipped the sun wings so they could feed off the woodland. But we all know the fae betrayed the goddesses don’t we newlings?” they all chorused with a ‘yes’.

I doubt our legends, however. We’ve been blighted by fae since time began. They kill, they torture. The King grows weary of them, we all do. We train hard to survive their attacks. We cannot maim them, we cannot harm them. You don’t learn that fact until later on, and many of our kind don’t even know that tiny fact that floods me with despair.

I rake a hand through oak hair, it’s getting much too close to my shoulders for comfort. “Alphaeus!” My name causes me to turn to see a flash of raven hair before I’m knocked to the ground “Jarias get off!” I am not in the mood for his roughhousing. I wrestle with my friend all while he’s cackling to himself, his fangs glinting in the burning glow of the sun. I manage to land an effective kick, he flies at least ten feet in the air, allowing me to roll to my feet before he lands.

“You never learn!” I scold

“Alright, alright.” He stands dusting himself off, looking a little sheepish.

“You obviously need to train more.” He waves dismissively at me, I love him like a brother but he does irk me so. “What are you going to do when the Fae attack huh?” another scold towards him, his maroon eyes glinting in enjoyment despite my clear reprimand. “Useless, stupid piece of-” I mutter under my breath.

“Have you fed? You’re always grumpy if you haven’t fed.” He flings an unwanted arm over my shoulder. I pout, my irritation disappearing with the thought of a meal. “No, but I’m bored of what we have,” my voice coming out a little whiny.

“Ahh, well come on little newling lets give your itty bitty teefy something to do,” a high pitched patronising coo coming out of his mouth. I’m certain my pulse quickened in anger.

“I swear to everything unholy if you keep that voice up I’m snapping your neck.”

“Jeesh, when was the last person you sunk your teeth into?” I don’t answer as he leads me quickly through the streets to the nearest bar.

We soon reach ‘Suck and Spill’ If you thought the name was bad, you’d shudder at how bad the place actually is. “No, no this place is awful, he never has anything new,” I state, backing away slightly.

“He does! We just had a delivery, every bar has fresh meat!” Jarius states excitedly. I run a hand over my pale face, looking up to stretch my neck in frustration. But before I can agree to go in, Jarius is forcing me through the dark door.

My eyes quickly adjust to the gloom. No windows here, benches run the whole way around the bar. A few enclosed booths in the corner of the constantly grimy, slightly uncared for bar. However, the stench instantly sends a burn through my veins and my mouth waters. My tongue automatically flicks to my elongating fangs. They usually fit quite nicely in my mouth, maybe a little overbite pokes into my bottom lip. But now they are well below my lip. I close my mouth for my teeth to rest, nestled down my chin. “See!” Jarius is positively bouncing now at what I’m sure he considers delights before us. I roll my maroon eyes at him, but he’s right, I see no faces that I recognise.

I scan the sea of human males and females, some already with our kind leant over them, feasting happily. “We got the good stuff boys!” Mica the owner of this ‘fine’ establishment calls. A pet attached to his large frame. I scoff at the human treating him like a lover. He’s addled her brain, granted he addles all the humans’ brains otherwise the bar would be a mess of terrified potentially violent humans. We can’t have that.

“Take your pick!” I scan around and nothing really takes my fancy. Jarius soon goes over to an auburn-haired male. I can never gage human’s age, they age so quickly. I guess he looks young enough, he’s full-grown but with no lines on his face. Jarius always goes for healthy toned males, he claims the blood tastes stronger. I never saw what he was talking about. I find male blood leaves a bitter aftertaste so I look again over the spattering of females.

No, nothing here. I think I’ll go to Blood Sun, the open-air blood bar is much nicer than this dive. I turn but something catches my attention. Whether it was a smell, or a sound I’m not sure. But I look to my left to see golden blonde hair poking just above the table of an enclosed booth like they’re hiding. I hum walking over the slightly dusty bare wood floor.

I lean across the wobbly table, curling pale fingers over the other side where the quivering hair lay. A small squeak graces my pointed ears. “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” My top lip curls slightly, an excitement filling me. Looks like Mica missed one.

She’s wedged herself between the table and the booth, easy fix. I pull the table away from her, the scraping of wood against wood causing a few noises of complaint around the bar. Not that they take their mouths from their meal. She’s crawling along the dirty floor, obviously looking for a new hiding spot. A small chuckle escapes me, this is going to be fun.

Without too much effort I reach over and grab her, pulling her to her feet. She instantly begins to fight; scratching and hitting my hands and arms. I cup her chin, my fingers pressing into her pink cheeks. I cock my head from side to side, taking in her messy hair tumbling over her shoulders. Her big doe eyes, her small straight nose. I swallow, my fangs trying to protrude further than they physically can due to the want to sate the hunger I’ve left too long. Much too long.

“Let me go! Get off!” She struggles under my grasp, trying to dig her nails into my unblemished flesh. “Shit! Sorry, Alphaeus!” Mica’s voice coming behind me. I see her begin to stop struggling as Mica starts his mind fog. “No, no. This is much more exciting,” I state quickly, seeing her eyes clouding. “Oh, you should have said!”

“I haven’t seen a scared human in a long, long time.” I can’t believe how alive I feel as the female gets back to struggling. Her large brown eyes oozing fear.

Using my grip on her face, I lift her slightly from the floor, she’s at least a head shorter than me. “Please,” she begs, not sure what she’s begging for. “Let me go, please!” Hmm, maybe she wants to run? I close to vibrate with excitement at the thought. I run my thumbnail over her cheek, drawing a little of that sweet crimson delight. I drop my grip, my thumb going against my tongue and the sweetness floods my senses. Oh, she really is delicious.

She lands sprawled on the floor. I crouch intimidating her obviously scared form. “Run,” I breathe down to her.

“Erm, Alphaeus… what are you doing?” Jarius clearly finished with his meal’s voice coming from behind me. “Run!” I urge the little blonde human, she scrambles to her feet and quickly looks to the door, her eyes glancing around. I don’t take my eyes off her while she bolts to the door.

“Alphaese!” Jarius bellows at me, but I ignore him to give chase. Allowing her to stay ahead. I’m certain she’s sprinting as fast as she can. I jog to keep pace with her, staying a few feet away but close enough that she tries to speed up. Her panting and fast heart rate adding that sweet, sweet adrenaline into her veins.

We weave through quite deserted streets. Many are training, feeding or at the market by this time of day. She’s running away from our town centre, going towards the wood, smart girl. Unfortunately for her, she may just not make it. It’s not long before she’s going straight towards the training ground, I can’t have that, she’s mine.

It takes more energy than I wish to exert but I leap to force her away from other potentially hungry warriors. I’ve forced her closer to the trees. The woods are out of bounds to many, fae are strongest in the woods. Part of me wants to have more fun, make her change direction, jump in front of her, scare her more. But… I’m hungry. I haven’t fed in at least a week.

I let her get to the tree line, but no further, the sun spilling through the luscious leaves that hold so much magic the woodland hums. I grab her, pinning her to a large oak tree. “How are you in the sun!” she screams. Do humans have stories about us? Do they know we exist? I shrug, I can ask after. I keep an ear out just in case of danger, but the thrill of feeding and maybe even a fight. Now I feel like bouncing as Jarius had done before.

I pin her using my body, her form trembling against me while I swipe her hair from her neck. She’s still trying to fight but her punches feel like a newling. Even so, I grip both her wrists into one of my hands, tugging them above her head.

I lock my maroon eyes to her brown for a second, seeing the fear, the build of tears and the terror. I run my nose over her jaw, feeling dampness. I look up to her tears, big salty jewels sliding down her cheeks. “Please,” she mumbles, her voice thick with sobs. My vision lands on her jugular, I watch for a moment as it pumps at almost a dizzying speed.

Finally, I sink my fangs deep into her neck. She squeals next to me but I barely notice when the warm sweet liquid floods over my tongue and down my throat. I groan. The taste, oh that decadent taste. I suck hungrily, the feeling of my strength increasing. The feeling of satisfaction.

I grip her waist. Her fight gone as I take one last drink. Her eyes struggling to stay open. I feel full, I feel satisfied, I feel powerful. Who knew a chase could taste so sweet.

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