Heart Stone - (The Dagger of Dragon Rose Book 2)

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Cyan Iceblade

Here’s hoping this works - Na’el
Shaunna watched helplessly as Hope collapsed next to the dead dragon. Hope was not a small man, especially for an elf. Standing approximately seven feet tall, and with the musculature of an athlete, he weighed more than most humans. She was growing nervous as the flames were spreading quickly through the area, consuming the wood in its path.
“We need to get him out of here,” Shaunna gestured to Hope. “Kitten, do you think you are strong enough to carry him on your back?”
Narissa stood still while Shaunna, Tarea and Grathius hefted the unconscious elf onto her back. She grunted with exaggerated emphasis as he was placed on her back.
“I’m going to tell him you said he was fat.” Shaunna threatened.
Narissa sneezed, snot flying from her feline nose.
Shaunna nodded, “Understood.” She turned to the others that were watching the show with mixed wonderment.”We need to get out of here. That fire is spreading fast.”
Grathius extended his large hand, summoning mark to him. “Go, Marrk and I will trry to contain the firre,”
Shaunna put her hand on his shoulder. “Not this time, friend. Let nature take its course. We don’t need a repeat of the Canavar’s Run incident.”
Grathius nodded, following the others from the area as the flames consumed the area around the hallway.

The sun had just vanished behind the distant mountains when the group walked into the clearing. Nobody had said much on their trip home, preferring to put their energy into getting as far away from the fire as possible.
Shaunna jumped when Hope spoke, his voice almost a whisper. “I killed the Mother Dragon.”
Shaunna nodded. “For now. She’ll be back.”
“What do you mean she’ll be back?”
“When I spoke to Paron, he told me that Matsenga cannot kill each other. He and Silax apparently killed each other many times over their lifespans. She won’t be the same when she comes back, especially since I found this,” She held up a shiny black scale.
“So that means… Taren…” Tarea stepped forward.
Shaunna nodded. “Yes, he is out there somewhere. Probably unaware of who he is, or who we are.”
“We need to find him.”
“That’s the plan.”
The air was hot, stifling, as they entered the hut. A dark cauldron stood over a blazing fire, its thick golden contents a rolling boil.
“Did you get it?” The urgency in Na’el’s voice was palpable.
Tarea held the small device up, showing it to the others.
“Good, do you see that spout on the top? Take the ladle and fill the device with the gold. We need to do this quickly, Morganna and Terra are tiring from their efforts.”
Grabbing the ladle, Tarea spooned the golden liquid into the top spout of the forge. The forge began to glow brightly as the golden liquid filled it.
“Now, place the heart stone into the larger opening in the middle.”
Shaunna removed the deep blue stone from her pouch, placing it into the center of the forger.
As soon as the stone was inside, the forge came to life. Strings of gold began to weave themselves into the magical stone. A lattice of metal criss-crossed the exterior of the crystal, only to disappear as the forge pushed the gold into the stone’s interior. Moments later, a ring of gold surrounded the stone, creating a setting to be mounted into the hilt if the sword. After a few minutes, the stone fell from the forge.
“Great, the process is complete. Place the gem into the hole in Cyan’s hilt.”
As instructed, Shaunna placed the the gem into the gaping hole left by the absence of the sword’s heart stone. With a little effort, the gem fit perfectly into the opening.
“Now, he will need a life spark.”
Tarea nodded, placing Ethos’ across the blade of the dead sword. Energy arced between the blades of the two weapons. Ethos’ blade turned a light blue hue, as Cyan’s blade began to glow the same color.
“Cyan Iceblade,” Na’el stated, “Override delta-kappa-one-two-niner-niner.” He nodded in satisfaction. “Cyan is alive, sort of. He has no memory of who he was, but he should still be usable as the key to the halls. Now, let’s take care of our magical friends here.”

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