The Moonwalkers [COMPLETED ✅]

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33 years ago God gave Their most trusted angels, the Seraphim, a mission: Go to Earth as fallen angels. And not just any regular fallen angels, no. As an elite form of them, ones who draw power from the moon. Guess what that entails? Being able to control gravity and manipulate water itself. And the most important part? Being able to procreate within their own race. Yes, everyone. You're about to witness the life of the first fallen angel born from two fallen angel parents. They will be Seraphim no more- now they will be known as "The Moonwalkers". Selena Theodora Engel is in for one "Hell" of a ride.

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Solomon & Seraphim Headquarters- Heaven, 6:43 P.M, June 26th, 1985 A.D.

Pulán Ivar Engel didn’t know whether to be honored or seriously afraid. God Themself had called him and the other 4 members of the small, secret Seraphim team to a meeting. They were the highest-ranking angels that only a few of their kind knew of. They were tasked to keep everything in order, from behind the scenes. Of course, the angels that most other winged creatures thought were in charge were the archangels. It worked out perfectly because no one suspected the Seraphim at all.

Stepping inside God’s house- Solomon- had been grand. It was beautiful. Every column, marble floor tile, and high ceiling panel was covered in gold. Everything seemed to glow. Pulán heard his friends and comrades let out deep little noises of awe. No one ever stepped foot inside this colosseum before. God had asked, “How are you, my children?” Their voice was like silk.

Pulán, who was the leader, stood wide-eyed for a moment, staring at the Creator of Everything. God looked neither male nor female. I mean, were males or females really supposed to look like anything? Humans entertained this fact and as angels watched on from above, they started re-creating the idea because Earth had turned out to be the planet that held the most amusing creatures. But honestly, it was ridiculous. Angels could choose a gender once they grew, but they weren’t born with any specific genital area in order to recreate. They could even choose to stay the way they were and not recreate at all. But Pulán soon realized he liked to be called he. So that’s what he chose.

Pulán raised his eyes to the big throne at the center of the room. God sat, relaxed, and at ease. God’s hair fell at shoulder length, their skin color ever-changing. It was like you could see the whole rainbow if you stared long enough. Well, if the rainbow had every color in the world. Brown, grey, white, lavender... And even blue. God smiled expectantly. Pulán’s jaw started to ache and he realized it had been hanging open. He immediately closed it.

“We-” Pulán cleared his throat. “We’re doing okay, Your Grace.”

God let out a low chuckle that sounded a little like (funnily enough) human church bells. Pulán’s nerves immediately disappeared and his shoulders softened. “My son, you do not need to use such formal titles. Just call me God, please.”

Pulán nodded. “So, God,” his creator’s name a foreign substance on his tongue, “may I ask what we owe this huge honor?”

God’s smile seemed to widen. “You are here because I need to ask a favor of you all.”

Pulán looked back at his team’s faces, and they looked equally as surprised as he felt. Pulán’s gaze lingered on Luna Clodovea Angelus, the name of the angel he’s loved since he was a young angel. She gestured to God. Pulán nodded and turned back to them.

“And what favor may that be, Your Grace?”

God shook Their head a little at the name, but let it go. “I need you all, my Seraphim, to become fallen angels.”

Pulán swallowed, then sputtered. “You what, Your Grace?”

“I need you all to become fallen angels. Don’t worry, I will leave you the power to recreate and you can come back to Heaven any time. I will be providing you with extra abilities as well.”

“But, God, we’re gonna have to rip out our wings?” Pulán was starting to panic. An angel’s wings mean everything to them.

“Yes, my child, but I will give you special ones. They will only appear when you need them, and they will be black of course, but... they will also be blue.”

“Blue? Why blue?” Pulán could understand why they would be black. After all, after an angel loses their wings and gets cast down to Earth or Hell, their wings grow back black instead of white. But they no longer have the power to enter through Heaven’s doors.

“Because your special abilities will be tied to the moon’s.”

“But, what will be our purpose?”

God laughed. “You will have the same tasks as here, but with the fallen angels. They’re still my children, just ones who have lost their way. I need you five to help guide them back on the right path because it seems they’re starting to cause havoc on my other children, the humans. Will you all do it?”

Pulán didn’t hesitate. “Of course, Your Grace.”

The Seraphim had filed out of the grand room after that, all quiet and speculating. No one spoke until they were back at headquarters. Now, Pulán stands in the headquarters’ main room, mulling the whole situation over. He decides that he should feel honored. After all, not just anyone is able to meet God. They were always busy creating new planets and galaxies. Plus, who was he to feel anything but honor?

Luna puts a hand on Pulán’s shoulder. “When do we do it?”

Pulán looks down at her slightly. The left corner of his mouth lifts and he speaks, “Tonight.”

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