The Moonwalkers [COMPLETED ✅]

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West Lawn, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America- Earth 11:12 A.M, April 26th, 2018 A.D.

“Can I have a medium-sized hot chocolate please?” I ask the cashier in the tiny café a couple of blocks away from school. I love hot chocolate. I can never understand how people drink coffee. It tastes nasty.

She nods, ringing up the price. “Name?” she asks.

“Selena,” I respond. She writes my name on a cup and pushes it down the counter towards the person behind her making the drinks. I pay her, thanking her. Then I move to the side to wait.

A few people are milling about, either waiting or already enjoying their drinks in the few tables spread out in front of the counter.

My eyes land on two guys whispering to each other, their eyes darting everywhere nervously. One has a shaved head and the other has so many piercings he’s practically made of the tiny pieces of metal.

The pierced one meets my gaze and I look away quickly, pulling out my phone to seem nonchalant. I adjust my hearing to only listen to them.

“We’re close, I just know it,” the one with the shaved head insists, nodding his head.

The pierced guy sighs, then says, “I don’t know, Kaine. Those Moonwalkers are some vicious fallen angels. God gave them extra abilities, remember?” He wrinkles his nose at the thought.

My ears perk up. Moonwalkers?

“Yeah, yeah, but with Leilah? I’m sure we’ll win. Pulán has it coming for him.”

My fists clench. What do they mean my dad has it coming for him? He hasn’t done anything wrong other than follow orders.

“I don’t know...” the pierced one remarks, his voice unsure.

“There’s so many of us now. The archangels have started adding more to our population lately. Last I heard, yesterday we got a hundred. One hundred, Aydin.”

Aydin still seems unconvinced but relents nonetheless. “Fine. I’ll help you all. But if we manage to get ourselves tortured for weeks I’m burning your wings myself.”

Kaine nods rapidly, an excited glint in his eyes. “Let’s go then.”

They both get up and leave, passing me on their way out. I glance at their retreating figures with nerves snaking inside each vein of mine. Funny how our bodies are made just like the humans’ but our thoughts are wired so differently.

And I wonder what Aydin meant by burning Kaine’s wings off... It’s not like they can die. I feel a sudden annoyance blossom inside me. Why haven’t my parents taught me anything? I need to get answers. Especially if it means that my dad is in danger.

But... How can a normal fallen angel hurt my dad? They’re weaker than him. Things just got a lot more complicated.

“Selena?” the person making the drinks shouts my name.

“Here,” I state, stepping closer and grabbing the drink from the counter. “Thank you.”

He grins and turns around to get back to work.

But the steaming cup in my hand suddenly doesn’t seem so appealing anymore.

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