The Moonwalkers [COMPLETED ✅]

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Gage Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America- Earth 12:00 P.M, April 26th, 2018 A.D.

I throw open the door to my house, shutting it behind me once I step inside.

“¡Amá!” I call out to her, setting my cup on the coffee table and throwing my bag on the couch. “¡Amá!”

“Ay, ¿qué te pasa?” she responds, stepping into view.

“I heard something,” I reply, approaching her.

One of her eyebrows lifts. “Okay...”

“There were two fallen angels talking about Apá and how he has it coming for him. That the archangels have banished 100 angels down here and they have more numbers. And-”

“Slow down,” she interrupts, grabbing me by the hand to drag me to the couch. She pushes my bag to the side and we sit.

I gulp. “Okay, it seems they’re planning something big. And they mentioned this girl Leilah and how she’ll be able to help them defeat the Moonwalkers.”

Amá’s eyes narrow into slits. “Go on.”

“And then one of them threatened the other to burn his wings off. What would happen?”

My mom looks skeptically at me, cocking her head. “Because if you burn an angel’s or fallen angel’s wings off, they get cast down to Hell for eternity. But... It can’t be just any old fire...”

“What do you mean?”

She shakes her head. “Nothing. But what I can tell you is that the archangels aren’t letting us do our job. They just keep piling fallen angels onto us and not letting us help them. Every time we try to send one back up there, they refuse. Again, the fallen angels have to seek penance and even slit their own angel wings off again to go back, and only very few even want to go back...”

I sigh frustratedly. “I know that. But what aren’t you telling me? And why isn’t God doing anything?”

My mom eyes me, giving me that “mom look” that terrifies the pants off me.

“Nothing you need to know right now. And we have to put our trust in God.”

“Well... I... Aren’t there more like me? You know, conceived down here by two Moonwalkers?”

Amá’s eyes soften. “No, mija. Perdon. But the others thought it despicable to have offspring down here and not in Heaven.”

I look down, biting my lip. Of course. No one would understand then. No one. Even the other Moonwalkers can’t. Not my mom. Not my dad. I don’t even understand what I’m feeling. Why is this so frustrating? Why do I feel so alone?

“Okay,” I whisper, standing from the couch to head to my room. I look back at my mom. “I think God needs to get their crap together.”


I continue walking, getting to my room, and shutting the door close behind me.

What I see on my desk are my laptop and science textbooks, so I groan.

I forgot I have to meet up with Lonan again.

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