The Moonwalkers [COMPLETED ✅]

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Gage Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America- Earth, 2:54 P.M, May 1st, 2018 A.D.

“We have to go, Amá,” I exasperate, pointing towards the door.

“No, I have to go. Leilah almost got you yesterday. We can’t risk that again. You can’t even use the gravity pulse yet.”

“I don’t care, Amá. I need to get Apá out of there and help in any way I can.”

A knock on the door. I unlock it and open it, to find Lonan waiting on the front porch with his hands in his pockets. “I figured you’d need me.”

“What gave you that impression?” I snark, a grin curving my mouth.

He smirks. “Oh, I don’t know, maybe because I’m a fallen angel who happens to be the twin brother of the girl you’re looking for? Plus, I used to live in Jersey City.”

“You lived in Jersey City?” I open the door wider, letting Lonan step into the living room.

“¿Qué haces acá?” Amá walks up to Lonan, pointing a finger at his chest. I close the door again.

“I told you yesterday how I was wrong about him, remember?”

Amá huffs, dropping her arm and folding her arms across her own chest. “I still don’t like you,” she mutters darkly, narrowing her eyes.

“Amá, leave him alone. He’s trying to help us.”

Amá scoffs. “We don’t need his help.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, we’re not normal fallen angels, Amá. And it seems that they can detect us right away, just like Lonan and Leilah did. We’re going to need his help to talk to the fallen angels that may be lingering about where we’re going.”

Amá grumbles but steps away from Lonan, letting him venture further into the house. We stand around the table in the kitchen, each of us staring at the other to start speaking.

“So... How are we going to get to Jersey City?” I ask.

Lonan and Amá both stare at me like I just asked if the sky was blue. “What?” I question.

“Selena... What are you again?” Lonan asks slowly as if he’s speaking to a child.

“A Moonwalker of course,” I state proudly.

“Okay, and what do Moonwalkers have...?”

“Special abilities.” My eyebrows scrunch. “Where are you going with this?”

Lonan groans. “You’re a fallen angel, right?”

I nod very slowly. “Uh-huh.”

“And how do most fallen angels get around...?”

Oh. Angel wings. I facepalm. “We can fly.”

“Yes, mija. We can fly. It’ll just take us quite a bit, and since you’re new, you may get tired more easily than us,” Amá interjects.

“Right,” I mutter, letting out an embarrassed chuckle.

“Let’s get moving then!” I declare, starting towards the door again.

“Nah ah, not so fast.” Lonan grabs my arm before I can cross into the living room.

I turn my head towards him. I groan. “What now?”

“Maybe don’t go in your pajamas to confront my fallen angel twin sister?” Lonan snickers, pointing to my attire.

I look down to find my white tank top and short shorts I wear to bed. My bare feet add a sort of sparkle to everything. Heat creeps up to the tips of my ears. I wrench my arm away from his. “Whatever.”

Amá laughs. “Go change.”

“You’re letting me go?” I say, my eyes lighting up. She nods.

“Just hurry before I change my mind.”

I scamper away to the stairs, taking the steps two at a time. I arrive in my room and slam the door shut. Then I look down at my PJ’s again.

Oh jeez. Did that just happen?

I raise my hands to my ears, clutching at the hot skin. Good thing my skin color is too dark to flame pink.

I scramble to change, opening and closing drawers in my closet. I slip on jeans and a ruddy T-shirt. Then I slip on my black Vans and throw open my bedroom door again, jumping down the stairs to meet up with Lonan and Amá.

“You ready?” Lonan asks, raising an eyebrow amusedly.

I stick out my tongue at him. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Amá looks between us with suspicion glinting her pupils.

I blink back at her. “What?”

“Nothing, let’s go.” She waves us toward the front door. We all file out, stepping onto the front porch.

Lonan’s wings appear, black as ever. Amá’s wings appear as well, the blue in hers the most noticeable feature. Her pair of wings is definitely bigger than mine, but it seems Lonan’s are a tiny bit smaller than mine.

I focus my energy onto my back, making my wings unfurl into the air. “Wow, I’ll never get used to that.”

Amá smiles. She takes off into the air, a blur of magnificent black and blue. Lonan follows shortly after, spinning around once to show off. They’re about 20 feet above me. My lips purse.

Okay, here we go. I flap my wings and push off the ground with my feet, only to collapse in a hep moments later.

Lonan laughs. “Wow, darling, you’re worse than I thought.”

“Darling?” Amá inquires, shooting Lonan a dirty look.

“It’s just a weird nickname he has for me,” I say, raising my head from the ground.

Amá lowers onto the ground and lifts me up, helping me back on my own two feet. My left wings accidentally smack her on her face. “Sorry.”

Amá waves it off. “Come on. Just use another surge of energy to fly. Push more power into your wings and flap them with all you have.”

“Okay,” I grunt, trying to flow some power onto my wings. A soft blue glow lights up around me and I take off again, meeting Lonan in the air.

I look down at the ground below me, to find myself in a place I always dreamed of being. Amá joins us in the air and she puts a hand on my cheek, sliding over my cheekbone with her thumb. “I knew you could do it.”

I smile at her, then frown again. “Come on, we have to go.”

We all start moving Northeast, taking off across the air.

“Oh my God!” someone yells from below, pointing to us.

“Oops, maybe we should fly higher, above the clouds,” Lonan suggests.

“You’re dreaming!” I scream after the person.

“Oh,” they comply. “Makes sense.”

I snicker. I flow more energy into my wings and we raise above into the clouds, getting droplets of water in our hair. We finally reach above the clouds. The sun was sendsing beautiful streaks of sunshine everywhere, casting the air with a gorgeous glow.

“Wow,” I whisper, looking around.

“Wow indeed,” Lonan agrees, looking over at me with a grin.

“Come on, we should hurry. We’ve already wasted over a day, thinking,” Amá glowers at us.

“Okay, okay,” I say, making sure to get ahead of them to show my Amá I was serious about this.

After a couple of hours, we manage to bump into a plane. Inside, some people widened their eyes at us, blinking repeatedly as if to make sure we were real.

I wave to Lonan and Amá, signaling them to hide in the clouds. Once the plane passes by, we come out again.

My wings start to ache. “Amá, I think I need a break.”

I look back to see her nodding her head, and she starts to descend. Lonan follows.

“Um, hello? Is anyone going to teach me how to go back down?”

“Figure it out yourself!” Amá says through the clouds. I huff.

Well, if adding energy makes me go up, I guess taking away energy lowers me back down.

I do so, feeling a wave of heat circle into my body and away from my wings. Next thing I know I’m falling way too fast for my liking, passing Lonan and Amá in a blur.

“Uh oh,” I mutter, air whooshing around me.

“Take away energy at a slower pace!” Amá yells after me.

“Right,” I say, letting some energy back into my wings. I stop abruptly and cough. “Well, ouch.”

Amá catches up to me, stopping right beside me to pat me on my shoulder. “You’ll get it eventually.”

My lips pout. “I wouldn’t have had to go through that if you had helped me.”

She rolls her eyes. “Some things you should learn on your own.”

I detest when she’s like this.

I keep removing energy until we land in an alley. People chatter and walk on the main street, not noticing us at all. Guess they’re too busy on their phones.

“Where are we?” I say, wrinkling my nose at the smell wafting from the dumpsters next to us.

“I’d say we’re in the middle of Youngstown, Ohio,” Lonan states, tucking away his wings. I do the same, power leaving my wings and entering my veins so quickly, I feel a dizzy spell wrap my brain.

Amá puts away her wings too. “How do you know that, Lonan?”

“I passed through here on my way to Chicago.”

See? I tell my mom with my eyes. She deadpans.

“Let’s go get a quick snack.”

“Is that you, Lonan?” someone asks, stopping in front of the alley’s entrance. People push them, muttering obscenities under their breath.

They step into the light. I shudder. Another fallen angel. Their hair is dark as night, their build as big as Lonan’s, just an inch or two taller.

“Derrick?” Lonan questions, his eyes widening.

“It is you!” Derrick exclaims, rushing over to give Lonan a handshake. Then Derrick freezes when he spots my Amá and me.

“Aren’t those Moonwalkers? What in the world are you doing with them, man? Weren’t you supposed to hunt the heir down and kill her?”

My blood turns ice cold. “What?” I whisper out.

“Leave, Derrick. Please,” Lonan begs, turning towards his friend with a pleading look.

Derrick complies, only after shooting my mother and me a dirty look. He merges back into the crowd outside the alley.

Before I know it, Amá raises water from the sewers, sending Lonan flying into the alley wall. He groans.

“I knew it! I knew there was something off about you!” Amá growls, a steady stream of water keeping Lonan pressed against the wall. “Who sent you?”

“Amá,” I grab her shoulder lightly. “Let him go.”

Amá glares at me. “How could you ask me that? He’s your assassin!”

“Let him talk. If there’s anything I learned last time it’s that we can’t jump to conclusions without hearing their side first. Let him go.”

Amá sighs, sending another stream slapping against Lonan’s face.

“Amá,” I warn, pressing down on her shoulder slightly.

“Fine, fine. He can speak. Any other movement and I attack.”

She lowers her arms, dropping Lonan in a heavy heap. He gets on his knees, coughing into his arm.

“Well?” I probe, raising an eyebrow.

Lonan looks up at me sadly, standing up to full height with a grunt. “I... It’s true. I was sent to assassinate you.”

I gulp, rubbing my hands against one another. “Go on.”

“Leilah sent me. She knew that you were the most powerful of the Moonwalkers, and she wanted your powers for herself. But she needed curse power for that first, so she contacted that friend of your dad’s, Michael, was it?”

“He’s no friend of ours,” Amá snaps. “Continue.”

“That’s why I moved next door to you. We were able to locate you through our spies. The hardest part would be to get you alone. I compelled Ms. Jordan to make you my partner and everything, but you finally came over... I saw that you weren’t what my people made you out to be. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

I raise my left hand, using it to rub my right forearm. “I see.”

“I promise I don’t want to anymore. I tried to get out of it. That’s why Leilah came to do it herself.”

I nod. “I know.” I knew he was telling the truth. “But I can’t forgive you just yet.”

Lonan groans a little and clutches his stomach. “I understand.”

“You really did a number on him, Amá.”

Amá smirks. “I know.”

“Forget the snack. Let’s just go.” I spread my wings again, feeling the energy flow more easily than last time.

“Agreed.” Amá’s wings unfurl.

Lonan struggles to get his to appear, but after many tries, they spread as well.

“Wow, neat costumes! Are you guys some type of cosplayers?” a voice calls out to us from the crowd.

“Something like that.” I grin at my mom.

We take off into the air, managing to make it above the clouds in record time. A scream could be heard from below.

I laugh. “Guess we really freaked that guy out.”

Amá nods. “Yes.”

Lonan flaps his wings over to me and touches my shoulder. I flinch. He jumps away.

“I... I’m sorry,” he whispers, looking away from me.

“I know,” I reply. “But there’s no more time. Let’s go.”

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