The Moonwalkers [COMPLETED ✅]

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Gage Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America- Earth, 4:04 A.M, May 2nd, 2018 A.D.

I yawn into the air, feeling my wings start to cramp. We’ve been flying for hours, and this time, we didn’t stop for a break. It’s killing my back, but we have to get home.

“We’re here!” I silently cheer, pointing to our houses.

We lower onto the ground, in front of my house. I put away my wings with a struggle, feeling them clamp up.

“Ow,” I mutter, finally having them disappear.

“Inside, quickly,” Amá ushers us, unlocking the door and pushing us in.

I stumble in, muttering a “Hey!”

Amá locks the door behind us, and Lonan raises a questioning eyebrow. “Aren’t we supposed to go look for your husband?”

Amá rolls her eyes. “Yes, but how are we supposed to do that if we don’t know where to look?”

“I think I can find her,” he says, shrugging.

“Really? How?” I question, tilting my head.

“We’re twins, and for some reason, we’ve always been able to sense where the other is. It’s creepy but very convenient if you think about it.”

“It depends on how you look at it,” I state, pursing my lips. “Anyway, get to it!”

“Can I sit on the carpet?” he asks, chuckling nervously. My Amá glares, but gestures with her head to go ahead.

Lonan clears his throat and lowers down onto the carpet, crossing his legs. Amá and I sit on the sofa to watch.

Lonan closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. His wings unfurl and I jump ion my seat. I was not expecting that.

His wings glow grey and I stare, my mouth dropping in awe. Amá stares on, a neutral expression on her face.

His eyes suddenly pop open a few minutes later, and he looks up at us in disappointment. “I can’t find her.” He glares at the ground. “She probably used curse magic to stop me from locating her.”

“Aw, great!” I exasperate, throwing my hands in the air.

“Watch it!” Lonan whines, when a stream of water splashes on him.

“Oops, I guess I haven’t learned total control yet. Sorry.”

“I didn’t mind that,” Amá snickers.

“We have to go look for her!” I exclaim, jumping up from the sofa.

Amá grabs my arm and gives me a tired smile. “Mija, we’re all tired and Lonan was unsuccessful. We need our rest in order to find your Apá. We’ll try again in a couple of hours.”

“But we’ve let Apá wait long enough! We need to go get him!”

“You think we’d win against Leilah the way we are now?” Lonan interjects, crossing his arms.

My muscles start to ache at the question as if they were just reminded they were supposed to be tired.

“No, but we gotta try!” I protest.

Amá shakes her head. “No. We have to rest.”

I sigh, sitting back down on the sofa with my knees tucked under my arms. “Fine.”

“I’m leaving,” Lonan states, getting up from the wet carpet to shake off some droplets from his hair. He waves at us, before taking his leave, shutting the door behind him.

I get up after him, locking the door behind him.

“I guess we go to sleep,” I state, shrugging.

I don’t let Amá answer before running up the stairs, slamming my door close behind me.

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