The Moonwalkers [COMPLETED ✅]

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New City, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America- Earth, 12:21 A.M, May 3rd, 2018 A.D.

My wings unfurl, casting a blue glow onto the pavement below. The moonlight casts my shadow eerily like I’m some kind of silent black figure with tinges of blue.

I jump off the bars surrounding my balcony, taking off into the air. The water bottle nearly slips. I tuck it back into my pocket. Below, a twig cracks. I stop in mid-air to turn around.

There is no one there though. I shake my head. I must be imagining things.

I fly over the row of houses and above the clouds, making sure to keep close enough to the bottom of the clouds to keep an eye on where I was going.

I pass over Western Ave., skipping over having to go through 55th and Garfield like you would with a car. I smile. Flying isn’t so bad. A gust of wind suddenly hits me and I get blown back a few times.

Ugh, I spoke too soon. I push more energy into my wings and flap against the current of wind, surprisingly making it quickly to 47th.

I lower down from the clouds, droplets of water splashing against my clothes. I raise my arms to move them off. They float away effortlessly. The wet spots on my hoodie turn blue again.

I spot the trailer park and descend the rest of the way, landing silently on my two feet. My wings tuck away.

I look around. Jeez, maybe I should have landed closer towards the fence I saw in my dream. Or vision. Or whatever the heck it was.

I bring my wings out again to check out the yard. I land on top of the highest stacked boxes. Oh, the fence isn’t that far away, it’s about 20 yards.

I fly over the carriers in a matter of seconds. That will never cease to surprise me. I drop down in front of the fence, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. 2 cars zoom by.

Where is she?

My hair stands on end and I spin around to look for the presence I felt near. Again, no one was there.

I frown. I can still feel them. I pull out my water bottle and uncap it, closing my hand with my fingers straight over the top to suck some of the water out with my ability.

A small strand of water goes out and I start splashing it on every surface I could find. Finally, a drop that seems to have stopped mid-air glows blue.

Found her! She must be using curse power to hide the carrier. I dump the rest of the water on top of it. The air shifts and shimmers, making the box appear in a blur of motion.

The doors are already open and the cage is still inside. The Moonwalkers all seem to be resting. I approach slowly so as not to startle them.

“You actually came, Selena,” Leilah whispers in my ear. I almost jump 5 feet in the air.

I spin around to face her, dropping the water bottle in the process. It rolls in a semicircle, spilling the rest of its contents out. Dang it. I didn’t leave any water for this fight.

She grins at my panic, and lifts her arms as if to present me to someone. “The great and powerful Moonwalker heir is here!”

Inside the cage, my Apá stirs.

I look away from him quickly enough to see Leilah send a blast of black smoke towards me. I’m thrown into the air and for a few milliseconds, I feel like I’m back in the sky, flying away. Reality hits as soon as I hit the ground.

Ow! I sit up and glare at Leilah. “You let them go. Your fight is with me.”

She cackles. “Why should I when it’s much more fun this way?”

I roll to the left when black smoke spurts towards me again, barely getting away in time before the smoke pulls back towards Leilah.

I get up, my knees wobbly.

I take a step to run towards her, but she lifts an arm towards my Apá, pointing her power at him. “Any other movement and I knock him out for a couple of days.”

I stop in my tracks.

My Apá seems to have realized I’m here because he shouts, “Selena! Where’s Luna? Where’s your Amá? Get out of here!”

Leilah grabs my throat again, and this time I pound down on the black smoke, trying to get it off. I kick my legs.

“Let her go!” Apá screams, rattling his chains.

“It’s no use, Moonwalker. Those binds stop Heavenly power from working,” Leilah muses as if my dad didn’t know that already.

Suddenly, the moonlight brightens, causing me to blink away the spots dancing in my eyes.

“No one can help you,” Leilah smirks.

Energy rushes through my veins in seconds, and I feel like the most powerful I have ever felt.

I take in a deep breath and point a hand towards Leilah.

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