The Moonwalkers [COMPLETED ✅]

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New City, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America- Earth, 1:05 A.M, May 3rd, 2018 A.D.

Before anything happens, Lonan tackles Leilah. He stands above her, holding her down with his boot.

I fall on the ground, my knees groaning.

Lonan points towards the sky. “Go!” His head turns back down to Leilah. “I’ll deal with her.”

Black smoke curls around his ankle and lifts him into the air upside down. He bends his torso upwards to lunges for his twin. She just makes the smoke lift him higher.

I clench my fists, struggling onto a standing position. That black smoke really takes it out of you.

“Selena! Leave!” Apá shouts again.

“No!” I yell back. “I’m not going anywhere.”

I inhale a big puff of air, raising my arms to soak in the light the moon is casting on me.

My skin glows a faint blue and a crackle of energy shoots through my arteries, lighting up my whole body like a Christmas tree.

Leilah opens her mouth, and before I know it, lightning shoots towards me.

I raise my arms over my face to block it, but I feel nothing. I slowly lower down my arms again, to find a wall of water protecting me from the blast.

The wall falls and Leilah sputters.

I look down at my hands. How did I just do that? There’s no water around here!

Lonan’s eyes widen. “Wow.”

Water starts to dance around me in a flurry of droplets, and I laugh. This is what it feels like to be a true Moonwalker.

I send a jetstream of water towards Leilah and she drops Lonan to protect herself.

“No!” she yells. My water stops.

“Who’s afraid now?” I chuckle, raising my arm again.

She snarls and points her finger at Lonan. Fire starts growing at the tips of his wings, eating its way towards his flesh.

He drops onto the ground, screaming profanities at the pain.

“Stop!” I yell at her, desperation seeking into my voice.

Leilah smirks again. “I can’t stop it anymore.”

“How could you do this to your own brother?” My voice cracks.

“He’s no brother of mine. He betrayed me and the other fallen angels.”

She grabs hold of my throat again and I splash water on her. She coughs but quickly shakes it off.

Dizziness captures my mind and my eyes blur. Damn it.

Lonan lets out another scream. “Move!” I shout at Leilah and a blast of gravity hits her on the head, smashing her towards the ground. She lands on her face, blood pouring out from under her. She lets me go and I swiftly land on my feet swiftly.

She struggles to move her head. “How- You couldn’t before- This- This is more powerful than your dad’s,” she manages to croak, her eyes fluttering.

I keep my hand where it is, making sure to keep her there. I look over at Lonan to find the fire nearly at the place that would chain him in Hell.

I use my other arm to send water flying towards him, but the fire isn’t put out.

“Please work!” I shout, tears now streaming down my face.

Lonan quiets, letting out small breaths of air against the ground. “It’s okay, Selena. I can’t die.”

“No!” I protest. “You’re going to be okay!”

This time, I muster a powerful wave of water, sending it flying towards Lonan. It encases him in a bubble.

I slowly crunch my fist inwards, letting the power from the moon envelope me again. The bubble glows blue, and the fire starts turning into vapor.

“It’s working!” Lonan cheers, his voice muffled.

I smile and continue to keep him suspended in the air. The fire starts to disappear bit by bit. A wave of dizziness washes over me again and I stumble. No. Keep going.

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