The Moonwalkers [COMPLETED ✅]

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New City, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America- Earth, 1:49 A.M, May 3rd, 2018 A.D.

Leilah manages to raise her arm just enough to hit me with black smoke. Pain shoots through my side and I collapse onto my knees, squinting to keep my eyes open.

“You leave her alone!” Lonan and Apá shout at once. I shake my head out of my blurry vision.

Leilah continues to pound into me with her power and my tears, once again, start pouring out of my eyes. The fire on Lonan’s wings finally diminishes completely and a tired smile graces my lips. I let go of Leilah and Lonan completely to land on my side with a thump.

Leilah once again opens her mouth to shoot bolts of lightning at me but Lonan beats her to the punch, smacking her with a round-house kick to the face. She flies into the air, bouncing on her side off the ground to smash against a carrier.

She coughs, black lightning blasting out in little bolts.

“Try to get them out,” Lonan says, gesturing with his chin at the cage. He gets into a fighting stance, his fists in front of him.

I stand up at the same time Leilah does and I run for the cage. Leilah tries going after me but is soon distracted by Lonan’s repeated assaults with his fists.

She urges the black smoke to grab Lonan by the ankle again, but he’s ready for it this time and dodges it quickly, jumping into the air to hook kick her in the against her chest.

I turn away from them to clutch the bars of the cage. “Are you okay?” I ask the Moonwalkers inside.

Apá nods. “Just go.”

I shake my head. “No. I’m getting you out of here.” I step back to raise my arms, summoning water to surround the cage. I let the energy pulse through me from the moon again, turning the water blue. It makes the cuffs on Apá and his friends vibrate. I slowly close my hand, struggling under the amount of power coursing through me.

Black smoke encircles my waist and I’m pulled away, but I plant my feet and watch as my shoes are dragged against the ground.

The black smoke releases me and I hear Leilah shout colorful words at her twin.

I focus on the task at hand, finally clenching my fists and shaking my wrists. The cuffs drop onto the cage floor with a clang and I slump, panting for air.

Apá does the rest, gravity raining down on the lock of the cage, breaking it open.

They all file out and Apá grabs me by my arm, lifting me up.

“You did well, mija,” he says, giving me a little grin. Then it falls. “But you should have left when I told you to.”

“I’m...” I swallow, regaining my breath in two inhales. “I’m sorry. But I just couldn’t leave you there.”

Apá’s grip on my arm tightens. “Thank you.”

The others pat me on the shoulder, rounds of praise circling the group.

I let out a shaky laugh but the attention on me is quickly averted when Lonan shouts, “A little help, maybe?”

Apá and the others blast Leilah with gravity causing her to stumble out of the grasp she had on Lonan. Too bad only my Amá and Michael are able to control water at will.

She collapses on the ground with a moan and Lonan takes a couple of steps back, heaving.

Lonan gives me a sideways glance and smiles. “You’re incredible.”

I give a thumbs-up back, grinning.

Lonan turns back to watch as the Moonwalkers beat Leilah into the ground, the dirt cracking under the pressure.

She struggles against the gravity pulse, managing to lift a shaky arm underneath her. She turns her palm towards me. I crush my fist again and her arm smacks against the ground. She groans.

I turn towards everyone and give them a trembling smile, my eyes drooping. Leilah tries again and this time, black smoke punches me in the gut and I drop to my knees, coughing into the ground. She manages to stand up despite everything blasting at her.

Black smoke swirls around her, creating a tornado-like vortex. It crackles with lightning and keeps the water and gravity out. “If I can’t have your power heir, I’ll just have to get the orb myself!” she shouts through the wind.

The Moonwalkers all grit their teeth and I purse my lips. Lonan scrunches up his eyebrows.

“It’s up to me,” I whisper, regaining my composure and staggering to my feet.

“No! We’ll handle this!” Apá shouts at me, sweat trickling down his forehead. I can see that their powers have no effect.

I shake my head. “Apá, no offense, but I think I’m the only one who actually injures her.

His lips curl in a snarl. “I want you nowhere near her.”

“Stop,” I state, my teeth grinding. “Have faith in me.”

Apá looks at his teammates and they all nod. He drops his hand and the rest follow, gravity no longer shooting at Leilah. He sighs. “Be careful.”

I take a deep breath, mustering all of my courage into this one blast.

“You won’t survive this, Moonwalker. I’ll give you something worse than being chained in Hell.”

I raise my arms, water appearing in a huge wall, and falling on top of the black smoke. My fingers start to clench and I grunt.

Exhaustion threatens to overpower me but I don’t let it, shaking the fatigue out of my mind.

The water glows blue and Leilah shrieks. The water forces itself into her whirlwind, and I wave my hand, encircling Leilah’s throat with the water. The black smoke vanishes into thin air and she drops onto the ground.

I clamp my hands into fist and Leilah lets out a gasp. Her eyes bulge and she starts pounding at my water. I trap her in the same bubble I did Lonan, but this time with an extra sparkle to it. Leilah punches and punches at the bubble, black smoke hitting at the water. It proves futile as she slumps.

Dizziness overwhelms me and I thump onto the ground, putting my head in between my legs. The water releases Leilah and she drops onto the dirt, heaving.

“You won’t get away with this!” Leilah grits. She sounds as exhausted as I feel. I doubt she can do anything now.

I roll my eyes. “You’ve said that before.” My voice comes out muffled, but I know she heard.

“Selena!” Lonan shouts and I lift my head.

Everything happens in slow motion. Black smoke comes out of Leilah’s pores and hurls toward me at full speed. My arms rise slowly, my Apá turning around to shout.

Lonan sprints towards me but is too late. The black smoke hits my head, lightning following it shortly after. Everything goes dark.

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