The Moonwalkers [COMPLETED ✅]

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Clover University, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America- Earth 1:45 P.M, April 23rd, 2018 A.D.

I pick at the loose paint on my desk, contemplating whether to go back home and make sure my mom is okay, or stay here and endure this boring lecture. Ever since Apá left 4 months ago, I’ve gotten paranoid about someone attacking my mom while I’m not home. I know I can’t really do anything, but at least I can go in search of any of the other Moonwalkers who are closer in range than my father. That is if they’re not in Jersey City too.

“Psst, Selena!” my closest friend, Jasmine King, whisper-shouts at me. I turn to the right and find her eyes lit up with excitement. Her curly black hair and dark brown skin make her eyes that much shinier.

“Yeah?” I whisper back.

“We have a new guy! Apparently he enrolled yesterday,” she says, pointing to the front of the classroom.

For the first time in the entire class period, my eyes make their way to the teacher’s desk. Indeed, a new student is standing there with my chemistry professor, Mr. Miles, looking around. The class is buzzing with whispers and small giggles. You would think that this crazy nonsense would be left in high school but apparently not. Jasmine and I sit way in the back away from everyone, so it takes me a minute to realize the new student happens to be my new neighbor.

I gulp a little then sink into my seat every so slightly. Why oh why does this have to happen to me? It’s not like my family consisted of normal fallen angels. We didn’t deserve punishment. So why did God decide to punish me?

I listen carefully to his and my teacher’s conversation. I get snippets of it, and hear the fallen angel introduce himself as “Lonan Gabriel Barone”. Why he adds his middle name leaves me puzzled.

I have no time to conjure up an answer. His eyes meet mine and before I know it, the same feeling I had the day before overpowers me and I feel my stomach grumble in protest. He was doing that thing again, with his eyes.

I try my best not to look away and meet his penetrating gaze. The corners of his mouth hop upwards. My eyes narrow. That can’t be good. That was a grin of someone planning something. But what?

“O.M.G, he’s looking at you!” Jasmine whisper-shouts again, and I swallow the urge to strangle her. Surely with his enhanced hearing, he could hear her. But then I remember she’s oblivious to the celestial world that exists before her eyes. I wish I could tell her everything, but humans... Have a funny way of dealing with things that are outside of their knowledge. Plus, I could endanger her life by bringing her into matters that involve fallen angels. So I just shake my head slightly, then turn back to the front of the room.

The fallen angel’s smile only widens. Then Mr. Miles gestures for him to take a seat. Thankfully, he sits in the middle of the room. Not exactly as far away as I would like him to be, but at least he isn’t sitting directly in front of me.

Mr. Miles goes back to a review lesson about balancing equations, which I learned back in high school. He drones on and on and I sigh, resting my elbow on my desk to place my chin in my hand.

Lonan turns around in his seat to glance back at me, and he tilts his head as if questioning what I would do. My face stays impassive, and I stare right back at him. He turns back to the front after a while and I do my best not to shout at his back.

What is he doing in my class? I can assume it’s no coincidence that he moved next door and even goes to the same university as me. Is he planning something? Does he work for the fallen angels my dad is after?

I know it’s my duty to show these fallen angels “the light” or however my Apá puts it. To show them the path back to Heaven. But honestly... I can’t see any good in any of them. They were cast out of Heaven for a reason... right?

I ponder. And ponder. I ponder so much that when class is over, I stay rooted in my seat until Jasmine shakes me.

“Girl, let’s go!”

I let out a little breath. “Sorry. Let’s go.”

I look back to where Lonan was sitting, but he’s gone.

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