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Heaven Sent

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When Gabriella Quinn’s mother takes her own life. A nineteen-year-old secret she took to the grave unearths, her life takes a shocking, terrifying turn when she discovers the world of the supernatural and is forced to run by Angels of God that say she is an abomination! Her only allies are an Archangel, an attractive, brooding vampire prince that has gotten under her skin and her childhood best friend who has a secret of his own. The closer she gets to this Family secret, the more she puts her family in danger, and it is far too late to turn back now…

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The stormy mauve sky was untamed against the peaceful golden moon, the pearl stars which glittered above me could not outweigh the impression of dread and filled me with melancholy.

Skeletal trees dotted around me, ordained with the light of the moon.

The dark, continuous forest was filled with lost phantoms.

They had no purpose or tangible goal.

Are they doomed? Or are they always lost?

I could never interact with them, my sorrow for them deepened.

So sad.

My feet dragged me across the divine path; the moon’s light danced across the treetops.

The trees were icy to the touch.


I froze in terror as my desire to stop fulfilled, and I glanced around my environment.

Where am I? In a clearing.

The branches reached and curled like pointed fingers.

Fewer wraiths existed here. They surrounded me; terror erupted, it claimed me.

A demonic voice bellowed in the darkness made me jump “What are you doing here?” I was blind, nothing but shadows everywhere, but it is there.

“I don’t understand?” My words are dripping with reverence.

“You should not be here!” my heartbeat is pounding in my ears like a drum.

“So, I am not allowed in my dream?” I asked as I tried to compose myself.

No more gaming at night!!!

A monumental, wraith appeared before me. It hovered like hair in the water, and I gasped in awe.

So beautiful, hypnotic.

“You shall never darken this place again!” The phantom lunged at me as fast as a lightning bolt before I could blink.

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