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Kyle Adams is a powerful businessman who owns hotels and buissness all over the world . He's the wealthiest man alive, an arrogant and ruthless person who trusts nobody. There's more. He hides a secret. A dangerous one. One day something terrible yet wonderful happen. ************************ Elisa Clark is a young girl trying to survive. Even after what happened in her life she remains a good person, innocent and helpful. But no one helped/helps her. What could possibly connect these two?

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter one: Kyle

Kyle's POV

It was a moonless night in a dark forest. Kristen ( my wolf) was running fast and worryingly toward something I couldn't see. He just kept going and saying

' Faster. We need to run faster before it's to late.'

' Where, Kristen? What's going on?'

' Faster, she's dieing...'

' Who's di.....' I couldn't finish. Nearly a hundred metres from us stood a girl. I couldn't make up her face clearly but she was beautiful. The most beautiful girl I've ever seen 'we,- Kristen said' We started approaching when suddenly she was falling fast. Blood was running from her nose and she was barely breathing. When I was nearly touching her she disappeared.

'We were to late ,- Kristen cried' A wave of pain hit me and I let a bloody scream.

I woke up swimming in sweat. It's been a while that I wake this way. I have seen this dream for nearly four weeks now and I don't know why. I've been feeling strange lately, weaker, more ruthless and arrogant. I know something's wrong but I don't know what. My heart beats loudly in my chest and I can't seem to concentrate in anything. That's weird because in not a normal human, I'm a werewolf, alpha Kyle of the Blue sky pack to be exact and I'm not supposed to feel this way.

Anyway I'm the wealthiest man alive as well. The world knows the ruthless buissness man Kyle Adams, owner of a powerful empire and as a lone person with a lot enemies.

Now, first things first have you ever heard about mates? Humans call them soul mates, someone who completes you, who makes you happy, someone created for you as you're created for him/her. The exact explanation. Mates for us are our life, happiness and joy, our everything. We can meet them when we make 16 or late shifters at 18 when we shift in our wolf for the first time. We can smell them. Their smell is our favorite and when we touch we feel sparks.

Most of us find our mates later but that's not a problem because we live longer than humans approximately 150 and some more, for example alphas live up to 400.

Anyway I'm currently 135 but in human years I'm 23 and mateless. I've never touched a woman. Heck I have yet to give my first kiss because I'm waiting for my mate.

Let's let aside the story I have to go to work. I took a quick shower, dressed a suite and back to work with my black AudiQ5. I reached to my office in my private elevator and back to work. There are not many people at this time. I mean it's just 6:15 that means my staff has nearly 2 hours to arrive. I enjoy my peace and work in my projects when my PA arrived and gave me my schedule, which I know by heart and already execute more than half of it.

The strange thing is that I have a buissness trip tomorrow to Albania ( a small state in south- east Balkan, Europe) and I totally forgot it. But then I opened my files and I had actually done the job, need only the trip to confirm.

Well my day carried on with meetings and calls, oh some fired people too.

It was 6 when I got a message that my meeting was in London tomorrow morning. Meaning I'll have to fly all night. No problem . It has happened before. So I went to my house, (I don't call it home not without my mate) and took my luggage. I packed a few clothes and called my pilots to make ready my jet.

Something is going to happen and I don't know if it's going to be good.

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