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Being a princess of Luminaria wasn't something Maya really wanted to do but now she had no other choice. She found a sister, a true love and something more important... A destiny. The last thing Maya wanted was to be a princess. The minute her very rare eyes landed on Lana she knew she was trouble. Maya couldn't believe she had a twin sister and not only that, this so-called twin sister was also the princess of luminaria. She always knew she was adopted but she never thought her real family were actually the King and Queen of luminaria. Now she was also a princess and she hated every second of it. Mix that with a very cold guardian, a very cheese one, three best friends and a prophecy and you'll find a perfect disaster. Now Maya had to fight against dark forces to keep her world at peace, following her destiny and saving Luminaria and also she had to handle the fact that the guy she loved was in love with someone else, she didn't love the guy that loved her, and now her sister also loved someone she wasn't supposed to. If only things were easier.

Fantasy / Romance
Hannah G.
4.7 15 reviews
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Maya and Lana

An explosion almost threw me to the side, my feet hurt and I was pretty sure I couldn’t feel my left arm, my vision was blurry as I was trying to stand up again, that creature wasn’t joking, that thing really wanted to see us dead…

…Or worse.

Vincent rushed over to me; I could barely see his long black ponytail or his really intense green eyes, the way his frown seemed to almost cut his face in half when he was really mad or worried. Man, I knew this guy too well for spending barely a month around him. There was another thing I knew, he was in love with my twin sister, not that it mattered right now when you’re being attack by this really powerful creature of death.

“Is she ok?” I heard Lana ask next to me, her voice sounded so worried, I didn’t want to worry her, I felt like I wanted to make everything ok for her, she didn’t deserve this. “Is she breathing?”

“She’s fine” Vincent’s raspy voice said. I could feel his heart beat so fast next to my good ear, the other one was destroyed by the explosion, I couldn’t tell if he was running or if everything was just moving around us. “She’s awake” his hand touched my cheek softly making me open my eyes a little, his wild green eyes were looking back at me with no emotions “Can you stand?”

“Sure” I said but I wasn’t sure at all “I can’t feel my arm though” I said.

“Which one?” He searched my body looking for any broken bones or scratches, I’m pretty sure I had plenty of both.

“My left arm” I whispered, my voice sounded so weird, like if I was living in the desert for a long time and I was trying to beg for water.

Vincent’s hair was all over the place now, the ponytail was long gone, and he had a nasty cut going from his left eyebrow till his jaw line. He trained for this kind of situations, he was ready and I wasn’t, he was right and I was wrong and now we were all going to die.

“Stand up” He said “I need you to use your powers to protect your sister”

Of course, it was all about her, I was the one injured and he wanted me to protect her. She crossed her arms over her chest like a five year old, refusing to accept what he just ordered me to do.

“I don’t need protection” She exclaimed. We both looked at her; she obviously needed protection since she still couldn’t use her powers. I nodded and Vincent helped me stand up before running towards the black and very ugly creature. The Myyts were the scariest things that lived in the island of Luminaria, going from their ugly red or purple eyes till their deformed black bodies that sometimes looked like a peach, their skin was oily and disgusting and the smell…

…Don’t even get me started on the smell.

I looked at Lana who still didn’t look very happy about our arrangement, her green eyes and her blonde hair were sticking out too much, we had practically the same face, the same body shape only I was a little more curvy than she was and even the same voice, if it wasn’t for my black hair and my very strange blue eyes we would be exactly the same person. We lived in this wonderful island called Luminaria; this place was created by the souls and was also protected by them since ancient times. People here were divided into two groups: The high class called Horos who sometimes were also medium class, and the low class called Aris, also vulgarly called the reds because of their reddish eye color. Horos people had green eyes which separated them from the Aris people, that and the fact that Horos had powers and Aris didn’t.

“Stay behind me” I told her. She wanted to protest but she knew it wasn’t the smartest thing to do right now so she did as I said. A smaller Myyt tried to come closer to us, I grabbed the little strength I had left and with my good arm I shot at it with the energy force inside of me, a ray of electric blue light left my arm and impacted in the very middle of the Myyt’s body. I was hurt but my aim was still awesome.

Lui ran over to us, I was so relieved because I wasn’t sure of how much I was going to be able to take before passing out. He killed two more Myyts on his way over to where we were and then helped me sit down.

“I love my brother but he’s crazy” He said “How could he leave it to you to protect the princess on your current state?”

“He’s psycho I know” I told him as I tried to get the air to fill my lungs. Lui smiled at me and he used his energy to kill two Myyts with one move, the yellow light just went through both Myyts with no effort. I swear this guy is skilled as hell, not like his brother Vincent but getting there.

“Just take a rest” He kissed my forehead and faced the Myyts. I could hear explosions everywhere around me, three Mmyts were getting closer to us, Lui killed two of them with no effort but there was one still that he didn’t see and it was about to drop acid on him.

“Lui watch out” I didn’t know if it was my voice or Lana’s who screamed the warning, the only thing I know was that my body was pushing him out of the way, away from danger.

Then everything went dark.


It felt warm, like that period of time between spring and summer, when the butterflies are still flying around and the flowers look as beautiful as the first day. I felt cozy and warm, like I was sleeping on a cloud not too far away but also not too close to the sun. I felt like I was in paradise and I didn’t want to leave this place ever.

I didn’t want to leave.


I heard my name over and over again but I didn’t want to answer, I didn’t want anything that could potentially pull me out of this wonderful place. I refused to leave my cloud, it was comfortable and nice and no one could hurt me. Nothing could hurt me.

Maya please

Ok so now it was getting very annoying. I opened my eyes slowly and involuntarily just to see a white light above me, the design was very strange, it looked like an infinity sign just like the ones you can find everywhere inside the castle.

I sat up as soon as the realization hit me, I looked around in shock, and noticed I was at the castle’s hospital. How did I even get here? I could only be at the castle when school was on and I could never be on this part of the castle. It was impossible. I saw Lana staring at me with my same features, her green eyes looked cautious and expectant, Lui and Vincent were there too, the first one smiled at me while the second one just looked at me with his arms tightly crossed over his chest. What was going on?

“Why am I here?” I asked. They looked at each other for a second.

“Lana insisted on you to have the best medical care in all Luminaria, since you got covered in Myyt’s acid from head to toe” Lui explained, so the Myyts attack was actually real. I nodded and then soon realized I should actually be dead.

“How did I…?” I started.

“We don’t know” Vincent was the one to speak now “You just kept breathing” He shook his head like he actually couldn’t believe such thing. I agreed in some kind of way, it was almost impossible to survive to a Myyt’s acid, I was badass.

“How are you feeling?” Lana now asked. She seemed worried again.

“Well I feel my left arm so that means we’re making progress” I said touching my arm, I could still remember how it hurt when the Myyt practically chewed it like a freaking bubble gum. Stupid Myyts.

“My parents said it’s ok for you to stay at the castle for a couple of days until you get better” She said. I wasn’t even going to go there, not gonna happen.

“Listen I really appreciate what you guys did for me, but I can’t stay here longer” I said and I jumped out the bed, my legs almost failed me, they were shaking so much I thought they turned into jelly, I decided to ignore my shaky legs and gathered my things “I need to go home before school starts, my dad most be worried”

“Our parents are really worried about you” She said “They want to see you”

My father lives in the town, not here” My words sounded harder than I pretended them to be “Sorry but I can’t stay”

They looked at each other nervous.

“What if there’s another Myyt attack” Vincent said.

“Then I’ll face it” I said. I grabbed the last of my things and walked outside.

“Let me at least take you home” Lui said as he walked next to me. Sure I could handle that, besides I couldn’t really understand this maze they called castle, it was more confusing than a puzzle. I honestly didn’t know how people could get used to live here.

So here’s the thing, Lana and I are supposed to be twins, we’re both supposed to be princesses of Luminaria and we were supposed to rule this place together, the thing was our differences made our parents freak out and I still didn’t know why so they gave me up to this humble family in town and they raised me like I was their daughter, as a matter of fact they were the only parent figures I had and nothing was going to change that. My father was the sweetest man you would ever find in all Luminaria, he used to be a castle guardian back in the day just like my mom, but they fell in love and after working the two years required as guardians they left it and moved to the town to work, of course that caused them to be reputed by the Horos, who had privileges’ over the Aris of course, but since you can’t marry a guardian both my parents decided to leave it and live the humble life, I honestly admired them. They both had a passion for art so they decided to sell paintings for living. My dad always tells me than even when every Horos eyes were the exact same color in Luminaria, my mom’s eyes always seemed to sparkle among everybody else’s.

She passed away eight months ago.

That was another thing that freaked out the king and queen when they first saw me, my eyes are baby blue something very rare when everybody’s eyes in Luminaria are supposed to be green or red, the reason is as ancient as the story of the seven souls, this was a fact and trust me I’ve been bullied enough for that cause. So I grew up in a very lovely home, we didn’t have a lot of money but we were happy, I knew I was adopted but that never bothered me either. Everything blew up when my father insisted on getting me better education by sending me to Castle’s Academy, I hated every minute of it, everybody was rich, pretentious and mean except of course for Lana. We had the same History class and the second our eyes laid on each other it was like suddenly everything made sense again, we were so surprised about our similarities that we even pretended to ignore each other for two weeks, childish I know but that’s the only way we could both manage it, Lui who also goes to school with us, was the one to bring us together, then I went to talk to her parents and the whole truth came out.

She wanted me to see her parents as my parents too and even when they biologically were, I still couldn’t see them as my mom and dad. It was simply impossible.

So we’ve been out to the woods training and stuff, she still couldn’t use her powers even when she was a Horos, which was also very rare because they normally appear when you turn fourteen, we were both seventeen now so she had to do something quick or things would get ugly. I was trying to help her when we got attacked by that group of Myyts on the woods near the dividing river. I thanked the souls that Lui and Vincent were secretly keeping an eye on us so they jumped in when the Myyts started to send their acid at us.

Stupid acid!

Lui walked with me in a comfortable silence to the entrance of the castle and showed his ID to the guardians, I did the same and they let us out in no time. My house wasn’t that far away so we walked down the street. I looked at Lui for a while, he seemed so peaceful now, nothing to do with the excited face he had when the Myyts attacked us. He loved danger, he loved the adrenaline shot he got through his veins when he was under attack, I could also deeply relate to that. Lui looked like a younger version of Vincent, just with shorter hair and of course more charming.

“I never got to thank you for saving me from that Myyt” Lui suddenly said. “I think my brother respects you a little more now” He finished with a half smile. I rolled my eyes.

Vincent was completely and madly in love with my sister but that didn’t stop him from completely and madly hate me. Whenever he was around me it was all about death glares and orders, it was almost like he wanted me to disappear from the face of the earth, like I was some kind of threat to Lana.

“Don’t over think it Maya” Lui said punching my good arm playfully.

“I swear Lui, he looks at me like I was some sort of virus” I crossed my arms over my chest. His eyes were always so cold when he talked to me.

“He’s just trying to protect the princess and the way you just came out of nowhere was no good” He shrugged like it was very simple.

“Well he could try to be nicer” I replied “I mean, I like her too you know” it was more than that, since the very first moment I felt a strong connection towards her, I didn’t know if it was the fact that we were twins but I instantly loved her.

“I know” He smiled.

I didn’t realize we were just in front of my house when he stopped walking, he looked at me and his dark green eyes seemed to smile too.

“Thanks again” He said “I owe you”

“Just buy me some chocolate and we’ll be even” I smiled back because I couldn’t help it. If Vincent had just a small piece of his brother’s charm he would be a nicer person.

“Deal” He laughed “I’ll leave when you get inside” I nodded once and hugged him quickly before I rushed inside the house, I saw him walk back through the window. I took a deep breath before looking around, everything seemed to be in place just like I left it, I had school in a couple of hours so there was no way I could go to sleep now, I dropped my stuff and walked inside the kitchen, maybe if I made a really nice breakfast my dad wouldn’t freak out so much when I finally told him what happened.

Yeah right.

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