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A Vincent thing

I woke up in an empty bed, still feeling tired and in a complete bad mood. I looked around and sat up on my bed before the sweet smell of scrambled eggs filled my nose. Suddenly remembering Evan and Lana were here I walked inside the bathroom to brush my hair and my teeth before walking downstairs to meet them. My father was nowhere to be found, Lana was sitting on a stool watching Evan who was doing all the cooking…shirtless.

I didn’t like that.

I walked over and mumbled a ‘good morning’ as I sat next to Lana. She was smiling at Evan who was also smiling back. What was so funny that was making them smile so much? I didn’t see the point of smiling. It made me feel upset and annoyed, I didn’t want to think too much in what these two were making me feel, it was a very dangerous territory.

“How are you feeling today?” Evan smiled at me and put a huge glass of caramel milkshake in front of me. I took a quick sip.

“What does it look like?”

“Hmm I think someone is grumpy today” He winked at Lana and I almost groaned in frustration. I stood up and went to sit on the couch, I didn’t know the reason why I was in such a bad mood but I didn’t feel like sitting around to see their rainbows and all that shit.

“I should get going” Lana said standing up. “My punishment involves having breakfast everyday with my parents” She rolled her eyes and gave Evan one last smile “Thank you” He nodded and she kissed my cheek before leaving. Evan sat next to me on the couch with a plate full of eggs and bacon and some toasts, probably trying to get on my good side.

I sniffed the plate before taking a few pieces of bacon “What was she thanking you for?” Evan shrugged; it was obvious he wasn’t going to tell me.

“Stuff” He said. I rolled my eyes and proceeded to ignore the rest of the food on his plate and focused on my milkshake. “What are we doing today?”

“Obviously staying inside in complete boredom” I pointed out.

“Oh don’t be like that” He said “There are a lot of things we can do”

“Yeah right” I groaned.

“Well maybe not if you’re going to be in this mood” He sat back and ate all the eggs on the plate; it made me regret not taking some.

“Well you can always go hang out with Lana” My tone was as sarcastic as it could be. Evan looked at me in silence for a moment before getting closer to me.

“Are you jealous?” He whispered. I tried to put some distance between us but he didn’t let me. Evan wrapped an arm around me pulling me closer to him, he buried his face on my neck and I felt him breathing in and out.

“Jealous of what” I said and rolled my eyes, my breathing started to pick up as he wrapped another arm around me.

“I don’t know” He said “You shouldn’t be jealous of anybody who wants me”

I chuckled.

“Hey” He looked deeply into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity “I mean it”

“Ok” Was my stupid response, I shook my head and stood up from the couch and went to get some more eggs into the kitchen.

“Now talking real here” He started standing up and sitting on a stool, chewing on a piece of bacon “What do you want to do today” I shrugged.

“I honestly don’t know” I said, there was nothing I could do inside this castle, nothing I wanted to do outside, ever since last night’s events I was even scared to go outside. I tried hard not to stare at Evan sitting there shirtless, looking glorious in my kitchen, his blonde hair was wet and his eyes were sparkling even more than ever. I wasn’t stupid enough to deny to myself that I was indeed jealous of him and Lana, but did that meant I liked Evan in a romantic way, it could be, but then again there was something else, something I couldn’t put my finger on. “Why don’t you think something while I go change?”

He nodded and I walked in direction to my room, I was so confused, if I did actually like Evan what would that make to my relationship with Lana? She was obviously very attracted to him. I still couldn’t believe the fact that we both felt so attracted to him when we barely knew him. It wasn’t natural, it didn’t feel right. I picked the first thing I saw on my wardrobe, an old t-shirt that once belonged to my brother, it was a little too big for me but I didn’t care, black leggins and my favorite combat boots. I decided that trying to fix my hair further was an impossible mission and didn’t even touch it. That made me feel weird inside, Lana’s hair was always so perfect, it was another of the several things that were so different about us, we could have the same face and voice but everything else about us was different.

Maybe Evan liked girls with perfect hair like Lana.

I shook that thought away and walked back outside. He was already wearing a shirt, not the same shirt that he was wearing yesterday so that made me think he actually went back to his room to get some clothes. He stood up and looked at me with a smile.

“Where’s my dad?” I asked. I haven’t seen my dad since last night.

“He went to town to get some blue” He shrugged and grabbed my hand. “We’re going to do something fun today”

“And by fun you mean…” an evil smile crossed his face as he pulled me closer to the door.

“We’re going to go out of town” He helped me put my coat on and wrapped my scarf softly around my neck. “There’s this small town in Oliver, just an hour away from here, I know you’re going to love it”

“And what are we going to do there?” I asked.

“Just wander around” He put on his own coat but passed on the gloves and the scarf. “The only time you’ve been out of the capital was when we went to Oldport, so I figured it would be fun”


“How do you know that?” I asked him.

“You told me” He chuckled, but I don’t really remember ever telling him.

“When did I do that?”

“Are we really going to stay here to discuss this or are we going to go out and have fun?” He shifted his weight from one foot to the other with a hand resting on his hip. I rolled my eyes and opened the door.

“Fine let’s go” I walked out still thinking it was weird. We walked through the residence area, it was oddly full of students and other people who lived in the castle, they were sitting randomly on some couches and the smell of coffee was filling the air. Evan stood in front of me and squeezed my hand a little. You know that feeling when you think you made it through and you are so relieved but then something happens to screw everything up and you just groan in frustration. I almost made it.


“Oh look who it is” There was no way I couldn’t recognize that voice, which would hunt me until the day I die. I didn’t want to turn around but then… “Hey Maya don’t be rude”

…Then he said my name, thing that caught Evan’s attention.

Evan turned around and looked at the giant mass of muscles people called a teenage boy. Trenton was evilly smiling at us in a way that made me shiver, I didn’t want to be afraid of him but then again the guy tried to strangle me. Evan studied Trenton with a cold stare and rolled his eyes before talking “Get lost kid” He said and pulled me again towards the exit.

“Hey” Were Trenton’s last words, I saw him charging towards us in the corner of my eye with his fist in the air ready to connect with any of us, my instinct took over me and I tried to push Evan out of the way before doing a blocking move that I learned by watching Vincent in class, it was a move he never taught us but that he did instantly when he was fighting, putting his right arm up and supporting it with his left arm in a cross type of shape. The punch I was expecting never came, I looked up from my shield to find Trenton halfway through the punch just…frozen in the air.

Everybody was staring at me with panic inside their eyes. I didn’t do it though. Evan pulled me back and he walked over to Trenton, standing right in front of him staring at him and when he spoke his words were as cold as ice. “Next time you try to touch her I will make sure your existence seems so meaningless that you would want to take your own life” He looked so mad and Trenton’s face was slowly going from red to slightly purple. Was he even breathing? “I protect her so think before you do something” And just like that Trenton fell to the ground gasping for air and quickly crawled away from Evan.

“What are you?!” He was beyond terrified and I was too when I saw the evil smile Evan gave him before taking one step towards him, Trenton took like five steps back.

“You would want to know,” He said. He then grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the exit one more time. I just let him pull me while I processed what just happened, he actually froze Trenton, no luminary could do such thing ever, we could call out for our energy and project it but we could not freeze people mid punch or stop them from breathing.

Who was Evan Eastwood? Or maybe the proper question was what Evan Eastwood was?

“Evan,” I said with hesitation. He still looked pretty upset and I didn’t feel comfortable around him anymore. “Evan” He stopped walking and sighed before facing me, his eyes were sparkling more than ever, almost shining; I took a step back and made him release my hand.

“Maya” He slowly said “its ok” I took another step back “Come on Maya, you know me I would never hurt you” He was almost pleading.

“What are you?” I asked I needed to know who was the guy who was supposed to be my guardian. I crossed my arms over my chest for protection.

“I…” He sighed and ran a hand through his perfect blonde hair before taking a moment to calm down; he took a couple of deep breaths and faced me. “I’m special ok…I will tell you everything when the time comes but not now, just know that I’m on your side”

“Special?” What did he mean by that? What else could he do? I had so many questions that I knew by the expression on his face he wasn’t going to answer, so I made the only question that I had left “How can I trust you?”

“If I wanted to hurt you I would’ve done it by now Maya” He now seemed a little disappointed “Besides you know me”

“I don’t know a single thing about you” I shot back. Evan closed the space between us in two seconds and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“But you know me” He put one of his hands on my chest, where my heart was supposed to be “You know me in here, that’s why you trusted me since the first day” I tried to deny it but it was true, since the first day I met him even when I was annoyed by his presence I felt very comfortable around him, like it was meant to be. Who was this guy?

“Guys” I heard a voice behind us and I quickly pulled away from Evan, he stared at me for a while before turning to the person who interrupted us. Lana was standing there not looking very happy, I tried to picture how the scene must’ve seemed to her, us two extremely close to each other, his hand on my chest. Dammit!

“Hey Lana,” I said and tried to catch my breath. Vincent who was standing behind Lana didn’t seem to be happy either, actually, he looked very upset. Lana was the one to speak then.

“We have a meeting with my father” Her voice was very low, I couldn’t help to think that she maybe thought I didn’t have into consideration her feelings when it came to Evan, there was a girl code. Evan nodded.

“We were about to go out,” He said.

“Right now” She then said, and I could read her desperation on her voice.

“Ok then,” He said and then offered me his hand, I looked down at it then at his face, he was silently pleading for me to take it, pleading for me to trust him.

I grabbed his hand and he walked in front of me to where Lana and Vincent were standing, they followed us to the council’s room. The tension in the air could be cut with a knife and be fed to the poor. We were all silent as we walked through the halls of the huge castle. I couldn’t help to think about everything that happened. Evan actually froze a person back there, he didn’t even touch Trenton and the guy just stood there helpless. He told me he was special but what did he mean by special. Some words that Lana said then came into my mind…could it be?

Could Evan possibly be the great warrior? I guess it was possible but if he was then what was he doing protecting a girl like me? Why was he a guardian? This whole thing didn’t make any sense. It was giving me a headache. We soon reached the last block of the castle still in complete silence. We walked up the stairs again and I was starting to wonder where the damn elevator was because it was impossible for this stupid castle not to have one. We stood in front of the door for a while until Vincent opened it and we walked inside, I realized I was using Evan as a shield which made me think that even after what happened I still trusted him my life.

The King was standing there all alone again, like he had been waiting for us this entire time. His silk shirt was shining with the white light, it was a purple shirt, and I didn’t know how anyone could get away with wearing a purple silk shirt. His blonde hair was carefully brushed back and his green eyes scanned us as we stood in front of him.

“Hello,” He said with that stupid smile he always had. Not even Lana smiled back. Actually, she seemed to be in a pretty dark mood. “Please have a seat”

He wanted us to sit down this couldn’t be good.

We did as he said and I sat between Evan and Lana, Vincent refused to sit down. Gregory looked at us for a while before speaking again.

“So Maya, Lana your birthday is around the corner” He walked closer to us and winked an eye at me, it was beyond weird. “Taking into consideration a suggestion someone gave me, I decided that since you’re both going to be in each other’s lives from now on…” Lana and I looked at each other “…and so are your guardians we are going to make a little exchange for some time”

“Exchange?” Vincent spoke for the first time. His voice sent a shiver down my spine.

“Yes Vincent” Gregory replied “A guardian exchange, for the rest of the time until the girl’s birthday you will be Maya’s guardian and Mr. Eastwood will be Lana’s”

Say what again?

I felt Evan tensing up next to me, he looked at Lana for a brief moment and that made me think that maybe she had something to do with this. Gregory spoke again “I came to this conclusion because I feel like you both should know both guardians perfectly” He gave Vincent a weird look “It will be beneficial in the near future”

“So let me see if I get this…until our birthday Vincent will be my guardian and Evan will be Lana’s guardian” I don’t know why I felt the need to repeat his words.

“Yes” Was his response. I wanted to slap his smile so bad. “Starting today”

I looked at Evan with sadness slowly filling my heart; we were supposed to go out today.

“Oh but I promised Maya I would take her to Oliver today,” Evan said squeezing my hand.

Gregory waved it off completely dismissing the subject “Vincent can take her, or take Lana I don’t care but this needs to be done” He turned around and walked over to a giant desk, dismissing us. We stood up and walked outside in complete shock, at least Evan and I were shocked, Vincent looked pissed and Lana was just silent.

“So, what now?” Evan asked the group and we looked at each other waiting for the answer to that question.

“Now we do what the king ordered,” Vincent said as he crossed his arms over his chest. He looked at me and sighed, yeah I wasn’t excited either.

“I have to go do something now,” Lana said and she looked at Evan like waiting. He ran a hand through his hair and turned to face me. I really didn’t want him to go now, there were so many things we needed to talk about.

“I guess I’ll take you some other day” He took a step closer to me; Evan looked deeply into my eyes like asking for my permission. I just threw myself into his arms. It felt so good when he embraced me tightly. He kissed my cheek “Be good”

“You too” I whispered. I never thought it would be so hard to let him go, it was almost painful and it seemed to be that way too for him, he walked away with Lana leaving me alone with Vincent. He looked at me like he didn’t know what to do. We both took a deep breath.

“This is weird,” I said. He nodded in agreement and we stood there in an awkward silence. I had the feeling these weeks were going to be so freaking hard just because we never had to spend that much time alone together, I didn’t even know how we were going to make it. The fact that I didn’t know Vincent was also true but I hardly thought he would open up to me in those few weeks ahead because well…I really don’t think he likes me.

“Do you still want to go out?” He asked. I was surprised.

“You’re going to take me?”

“I don’t know where exactly in Oliver he was going to take you but I know a place I can take you” He scratched the back of his head looking a bit awkward. I started to jump around him in excitement.

“Yes, I would really love that” When I realized he was staring at me with an arched brow I tried to calm down “I mean…yeah that would be nice. I guess” I know it was too late to act cool but a girl can try. Vincent burst out laughing and just shook his head, I’ve never heard him laugh before and let me tell you it was very magical, I stared at him as he laughed completely amazed. He had one of those easy and sexy laughs, very manly as well. I wondered why he didn’t laugh more often. I kept staring at him like a fool and he cleared his throat.

“You are so weird” He stated and walked in direction to the stairs.

“I know,” I said because I truly did know I was weird. “By the way where are the freaking elevators of this castle? Are those just rumors?” He chuckled again.

“The only sides that have elevators are the residential block, the school block and the commercial block” We walked over to a huge parking lot they called a garage in the very middle of the castle. Vincent grabbed a key and walked to the black Cadillac we used last time. He opened the passenger’s door for me and helped me get in. He jumped in and started the engine, nobody asked any questions at the entrance because it was him, and I was actually starting to think someone had to replace those guards.

“You know those guys don’t really check anybody” I said pointing back to the castle, the paths were fully covered in snow, it looked like it had been snowing a lot overnight “I’ve been out and I’ve seen how they just let people in and out” Vincent frowned but he didn’t say anything. “And by the way, I don’t have any stupid road trip game for us to play”

He laughed again surprising me twice in one day and I loved it.

“I know that” He shrugged “That’s a Lana thing”

“A Lana thing?” I frowned at that.

“Yeah, a thing only Lana would do, say or think” He looked at me for a brief moment before turning back to the road “Like road trip games, drawing windows because she thinks they’re pretty, feeling sorry for the dark dogs we kill because she likes puppies” He said this last thing shaking his head. That did sound like stuff she would do. It was weird seeing her through his eyes. “You are very different”

“I know” I was very conscious of the fact that my sister was the example of how a perfect princess should be and I was the total opposite. Even when we were almost exactly the same we were also completely different, from head to toe. “Wait drawing windows?”

“Yes,” He smiled.

“And you say I’m weird” I giggled.

“It’s a family thing,” He said. Maybe he was right, I didn’t know much about the queen but the king was insane, and so was Lana.

“Maybe” Was my only response.

There was a small silence for a while.

“Can I ask you a question?” He eyed me curiously and I nodded. “Why are you so denied to see the king and queen as your parents? I mean I understand the whole giving you away part but they are really trying”

I thought very carefully about what my next words would be.

“It’s just…I don’t know them” I tried to look for the right words to explain myself because this was really important matter to me and I didn’t even know why I needed to explain this to him “Since I can remember the only parent figures I had were this man and this woman who painted for living, who truly deeply loved each other and did their best to give me and my brother a good life” I took a deep breath “They taught me everything I know. They were there through every stage of my life: When I learned how to ride a bike when I had my first period when kids used to bother me at school and I came back home crying, they gave me life lessons I will never forget. I guess when you have that, everything else just doesn’t fit”

He nodded.

“Next to that nothing else seems to matter. The king and queen may have brought me into this world but that is all they did”

Vincent stared at me for a while and nodded one last time as he turned back to the road, all I could see now was trees and snow everywhere. It wasn’t snowing but there was some heavy snow on the ground.

“I guess I can understand that” He shrugged “Lana sometimes gets sad when you don’t acknowledge them as your parents” I also knew it made her feel sad but I refused to do that just to make her happy.

“Well I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“I know,” He said “You have pretty valid reasons” To say I was surprised was an understatement; it was the first time someone actually said I was right on my reasons to not call the king ‘daddy’.

“Well…Your turn”

“My turn?” He frowned at this.

“Yes,” I smiled “Tell me about Vincent Wolf, likes, dislikes, darkest secrets” He chuckled.

“I won’t go as far as darkest secrets” He stated “Not even Lana knows those”


“My middle name is Christopher” I laughed at this because I imagined he would start with something as random and useless as this. Still, I loved this small piece of information.

“Vincent Christopher Wolf,” I said his name, testing it out “It suits you” He gave me a half smile.

“I know” Was he response making me roll my eyes and shake my head in amusement. We drove for about an hour in complete silence, Oliver was just 3 minutes away according to the road signs and I was starting to see the houses and the paths, the people, Oliver was the section of the island known to have the biggest Aris colony ever. Aris people were highly discriminated and often forgotten because of their lack of powers, they don’t have the energy that runs through our body, the source that helps us defend ourselves, that is why the unit was made, for medium class Horos and for low-class Aris, but specifically for medium class Horos. We didn’t have many Aris houses back in the capital and that’s why I hardly ever saw one.

“Where are we going?” I asked him, the snow was covering the very small houses making them all look exactly the same, maybe they were. There weren’t a lot of people outside like back in Luminaria, just a few selling outside their homes I suppose and a couple of kids playing around.

“There’s a small museum here in Lockwood” He drove through the paths easily even when they were fully covered in snow. “I thought you might be interested in it since you looked very interested in history when Lana was telling the story,” He said, I remembered when Lana was helping us study for our history test and it seemed to be such a long time ago. He was right I did felt some kind of interest in our history when Lana was telling the story. With that in mind, I started to look around in excitement.

Vincent parked the Cadillac in front of a small building; it looked more like a human church than a museum. I jumped out of the car and closed the door and went to meet Vincent by the entrance, the windows were colorful and somehow in the back of my head I understood what Lana felt, these were really beautiful windows. “I’m going to get us some tickets” He said as he went to the ticket booth to do so, I looked around the place, it was very beautiful on the outside but on the inside it was even better, the light that came in through the window looked like a rainbow and had different shapes, the place where the benches were supposed to be were filled with stands, several paintings adorned the walls and there were some stairs that led to a second floor, I wanted to know what was up there. Vincent was soon walking back with a small middle-aged woman following him. Her skin was very pale, her hair was somewhere between black and gray and her eyes were a strong shade of red.

“Hello my name is Agatha and I will be your guide through our collection,” She said and I had the impression that she was tired of saying this several times. “Follow me please” We did as she said and walked over to the first block of the museum. On the first stand, I saw a beautiful collection of sapphires, on every single color but the one that actually caught my attention was the one in the middle, it literally seemed like a rainbow was trapped inside of it, it was so beautiful I had to hold back my need to touch it. “First we have the collection of sapphires we have in all Luminaria, the one in the middle is a fake of course, and it looks like the original power stone the souls themselves made”

“Power stone?” I asked. What was that all about?

“Yes, according to the stories, the power stone was made with the power of every single soul from the first three generations when the first great warrior died so they could somehow pass along to the next warriors their powers”

“If this is a fake then where is the real one?” I asked, the power stone was really beautiful, to say the least, I wondered how the luminaries even managed to make a fake.

“Only the souls and the great warrior know that information,” Agatha said, I looked at the sapphire and how the colors seemed to touch each other and coexist in the same space, it was by far one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen and it wasn’t even the real thing. I wanted to touch it so bad. “Moving on we have over here a perfect imitation of the blades used by one of the great warriors back in 1870” I had a hard time leaving the sapphires and moving to the blades, these were also really well made, looked old and I could swear they had blood stains and everything. The two blades weren’t very large, almost the size of a kitchen knife, they were sitting there one facing the other.

Vincent was staring at everything very quiet and his green eyes scanned every piece carefully. I moved to the next stand where a large painting was showcased. There was a girl’s body lying on the ground and there was some sort of white smoke floating above it, maybe trying to get out.

Or to get in

“This is a human painting inspired on a soul” Agatha pointed at the white smoke above the human girl I guess.

“What is it doing?”

“This is how the souls got to impregnate the human women so they could have children for them” I took a close look at the woman, she was naked, her eyes were closed and her head was leaning back almost as if she was having a…

I felt the sudden heat cover my cheeks and Vincent noticed, I shook my head and moved along to the next stand not even waiting for anyone to follow me. We saw a lot of other things, a map of Luminaria, with all the five sections and also a map of the castle, I really wanted to grab that one because it would be so useful for me. We thanked Agatha and walked back to the car, outside it was dark and cold, so I hurried to jump back inside the Cadillac, Vincent, of course, took his sweet time. We were on our way back in no time.

“So what did you think?” He asked. He looked very relaxed driving with just one hand and leaning against his window.

“It was very interesting” I smiled because I actually did have fun with Vincent. I never thought I would have those words together in a sentence but I guess everything is possible in this world. “How did you know such a wonderful place?”

“I used to visit Lockwood a lot as a kid” He replied.

“It must’ve been really fun then” I leaned against my window too, and soon I was finding it hard to keep my eyes open.

“It was” I heard him whisper but I didn’t know if it was just part of my imagination or if he indeed said that. I tried to picture a young Vincent with his expressionless green eyes and his arms crossed over his chest in this town full of Aris. I could not picture that.

“Maya, wake up” I heard the voice infiltrate in my sweet dreams “We’re here” A hand shook my shoulder and I quickly opened my eyes. I looked around completely disorientated and soon realized we were back at the castle. Vincent was there with my door open looking at me and waiting for me to actually notice I had to get out of the car. I jumped out of the Cadillac and into the snow and felt a stabbing pain run through my right leg, I lost my balance and almost fell to the ground when a strong arm pulled me back on my feet, I looked to the side to see him staring back at me with his eyes wide open. Vincent’s arm was tightly wrapped around my waist and I swear I could feel the heat coming out of his body.

“Thanks,” I said but my voice sounded very low and breathless.

“It’s ok,” He said but he didn’t let me go “Are you ok now?”

“Yeah” I stood up properly and punched my leg a couple of times “Looks like it was on a bad position as I was sleeping”

“Probably,” He said. We then stood there in silence just looking down at my leg, I didn’t know what to do next and that was really bothering me. My stomach then made this really awful noise that totally made me blush.

Stupid stomach!

“I guess I should feed you,” He said and he tried hard to hide a smile but I could see it peeking out. I gave him a death glare. “Want to go grab something to eat at the cafeteria?”

“Sure” I shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal but it really was because I suddenly discovered I was starving. We walked in that direction and as I remembered something I grabbed his shirt and pulled him back “but can we just grab the food and go back to my apartment?” He frowned and looked at me like trying to figure out the reason why I didn’t want to stay in the cafeteria. That reason will go to the grave with me. He nodded and kept on walking.

The cafeteria was filled with teens just talking and running up and down the stands, the chairs and benches were on the right place and so were the tables, no sign of the fight I had with a dark dog a while ago. I didn’t know this castle was so full of kids and families but then again I didn’t really go out a lot, I just stayed back at my apartment and went out when I really had to. We went directly to the food stands and he grabbed a tray.

“What do you want?” He asked and I took a good look at the stands before answering.

“I want a giant bacon burger” I pointed at the food as I named it “Some fries, pizza and one of those beautiful giant caramel milkshakes” He turned to look at me with his eyes wide open, it was the second time he did this today “Oh and I’ll grab a chicken salad to please my father, he wants me to eat healthy stuff and all that crap”

“Are you really going to eat all that?” He asked.

“Well yeah, I don’t grab food I won’t eat,” I said in a duh tone, because it was obvious I was going to eat all of it. He shook his head and went to grab everything I mentioned. “What?” I could tell he was surprised.

“Nothing it’s just…” He shrugged “I’m not used to see a girl eating that much food” Well obviously not because the only girl he was used to have around was Lana, and she didn’t eat that much.

“I know…Lana eats like she’s full all the time” This made him chuckle.

“She does” He grabbed some food for himself as well and we made it out of the cafeteria, kids were staring at me but I managed to ignore everyone. We walked in a comfortable silence for a while “I guess eating in big proportions it’s a Maya thing?”

“A Maya thing?”

“Yes” He looked at me and then down at the bags he was carrying “Something only you would do”

I didn’t know why this made me feel warm inside.

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