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The Great Warrior Is

The rest of the day went by pretty fast after that, my father hung out with us the rest of the day which was a nice change of pace because he had been so busy painting lately that I thought I would have to drag him out of that room and make him see some daylight. The balcony doors were replaced and everything was cleaned up, like nothing ever happened that same morning. I wasn’t the strongest person alive, but it was really frustrating how one person could easily just knock me off, it didn’t matter who he was. Vincent got some of his stuff to spend the night and maybe every single night until my birthday with us. He sent me to sleep and checked the apartment a couple of times before going to sleep, I knew because I could hear him walking around.

I didn’t see Evan and Lana for a while until the day before our birthday. I spent the rest of that week training with Vincent and with my dad, who by the way was stronger than he looked, it had been years since the last time he was in a real fight and once him and Vincent trained together, it was the first time I ever saw Vincent almost getting owned by somebody. I would never underestimate my father ever again. As the time progressed my awkward moments with Vincent were reducing. I somehow felt a little more comfortable around him, I tried not to because it was just a matter of time until he went back to protecting Lana and he would probably go back to being the strange and really cold dude he always was.

The day before our birthday we walked inside the apartment as we always did after training. I had become stronger in that short period of time, I managed to finally get him and my dad both off of me and considering they were both really heavy I was very content with myself, that meant nobody would be able to keep me down if the time came. Of course training wasn’t easy, every single part of my body hurt pretty bad, I had more bruises than a trained guardian and I was pretty sure that by the end of that week Vincent stopped treating me like a simple student and went very hard on me. I was proud of myself. We had bags on our hands for lunch, normally our routine was to wake up, have breakfast, hit the gym, sometimes Lui would also join us, then we would have lunch at the apartment, I would watch my daily series and then we would go out for a run, hit the gym one more time before calling it off for the day. Vincent put down the food on the counter and he looked for his Capri salad. I took off my combat boots and stretched a little before looking for my food, Vincent also had decided I needed to eat healthier food from then on so I was now on to a chicken salad and some vegetarian wraps. I wasn’t happy about it let me tell you.

“So tomorrow’s the day” He said as he turned on the TV and sat on the couch. I sat down beside him. “Are you excited?”

“Nope” I simply said. There was nothing exciting about being older.

“Not even about the gifts you might receive?” He glanced at me “Or seeing your friends” Well giving it a second thought, getting to see Riley, Eric and Luke was the only exciting thing for me, I haven’t seen them in a while and I felt like a terrible friend.

“I do want to see them” I shrugged “But there’s nothing exciting about a birthday”

“You have to be the only person on the entire world that hates birthdays” He shook his head and he then looked down at his salad.

“I just want it all to be over…especially that stupid party” I rolled my eyes “Did you hear that they moved it to this week?” He nodded “Just one day left and then complete torture”

“This has to be an ‘all rights reserved’ Maya thing” He said making me punch his arm in a not so softly way. I hated when he needed to point out the things only I was capable of doing, only I also loved it.

“You’ll regret that” I said and he laughed. My father came into the living room with a huge smile on his face, he had been painting for the past two days none stop and I was very curious to see what he could possibly be making in there. He wouldn’t let me see it, claiming it was a surprise. He sat next to me and stole one of my wraps.

“I’m done” He said. I clapped and looked at the ceiling trying to look dramatic.

“Finally” I laughed “Can I see it now?”

“No” Was his only answer.


“You can’t see it today because you will see it tomorrow” He looked at me in amusement as he ate my wrap; I looked over at Vincent who was just eating.

“He means it’s your birthday present” Vincent finally said and rolled his eyes. I gasped and dropped my plate to hug my dad. Staying in for days to finish a painting for me was beyond words.

“Oh dad” I kissed his cheek “I love it” That made him laugh.

“You haven’t seen it yet”

“I don’t have to…I know I will love it” I said this with a giant smile on my face, Vincent shook his head with a half smile playing on his lips and whispered:

“Another Maya thing”

We were getting ready to go for our run when Evan and Lana finally made an appearance in days. Vincent and I both stared at them with our brows arched and our arms tightly crossed over our chests.

“It’s nice to see you” I told her “I thought I would have to talk to the mirror everyday to pretend I have a sister” She looked surprised and then she looked very ashamed, well she should be.

“We’re sorry” She said and gave Evan a quick look “We’ve just been really…busy” I narrowed my eyes at Evan who was completely ignoring me.

“Well we were just on our way out” I said.

“Where were you going?” She asked with a frown covering her beautiful features. We had the same face but somehow she wore it better. I spoke before Vincent could say anything.

“Out” I said. I loved her but I seriously didn’t like what she was doing to Vincent, after spending that short time with him I came to realize he was actually a really good guy. He didn’t deserve what she was doing to him.

“Well you might have to postpone that because the King wants to see us” Evan said and his words were harsh, it was his time to narrow his eyes at me but I didn’t look away. This dude had some serious explanation to do. Vincent grabbed my arm and I looked back at him, Gregory wanting to talk to us again was no good thing, every time I stepped into that room I always came back with no control of my own life.

“It will be fine” His green eyes penetrated mine with no mercy. I nodded after a while because somehow I believed him.

We walked with them the now very familiar path to the council’s office, the silence was very awkward and weird, Vincent was walking behind me and Evan was walking behind Lana, I could feel both of their stares on the back of my head, maybe it was my imagination but I didn’t turn around to find out. Maybe this meeting was just because of our birthday, to set details about tomorrow night and the day after tomorrow. Right?


Once we were there it didn’t took long for us to realize this wasn’t a simple meeting with The King, the rest of the council was also there, sitting on the chairs that were normally empty every time I came here. The seven people plus The King stared back at us with no emotion covering their faces; we sat on four chairs carefully placed for us in front of all of them. Vincent scanned the room and I saw his eyes landing on this tall man, he had dark green eyes and his hair was just as long as Vincent’s, I took a wild guess and said this was Jonathan Wolf himself, Vincent’s father.

The King looked at us and gave us his million dollar smile. This was about to get interesting.

“Good afternoon” His smile was simply as false as a Barbie doll “I’m sorry I had to call you all so suddenly and get you out of your daily routine, but this is a very important matter for everybody”

We stood silent.

“You may be wondering what this matter is” He continued “Well something very important will happen after your birthday tomorrow girls”

“Please get to the point Greg” A blonde man said, from here he looked to be in his thirties, his green eyes were the exact color of the grass and he had cigar hanging from his bottom lip.

“Patience Chris” The King said and I identified the man as Christopher Black. I studied him curiously. “You see one of my girls is one of the most important if not the most important person in whole Luminaria” The other guy snorted and just looked away. I looked at Lana but by her expression I could tell she knew as much as I did.

“What is it Gregory?” A very old woman asked, her hair was very gray and it made it seem as her eyes were too.

“It’s simple Angela” The King stood up and winked at us before he turned to the council “One of my girls is the great warrior and she will get her powers ten days after her birthday, which is tomorrow”

There was a general gasp around the room, I couldn’t process the information this dude just gave us, I felt my chest picking up when my breathing did, and it wouldn’t take long until I went all hysteric and shit. Suddenly I felt a hand grabbing my left hand and I looked up to see Vincent holding it but still focusing on the council going crazy, another hand sat on my right leg and I knew it was Evan’s hand, he squeezed my leg a little, somehow having them both touch me made feel a little more safe.

“What makes you sure enough to be making that accusation?” Angela asked him again with her eyes intensely narrowed at him. He gave her a smile.

“The souls came to tell me” And when he said that there was another general gasp. Oh crap.

“Which one is it?” The man I recognize to be Maxon Reed spoke then, he looked in our direction but I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me or at Lana “You recently discovered one, could it be coincidence? Or was it fate”

That actually surprised me, could it not be a coincidence that I met Lana at the Academy? She was a surprised as I was so I didn’t think much of it but…

Could it be?

“Everything is set by the souls in this life…nothing is a coincidence, but I’m sure that has nothing to do with this” He turned to face us “Because Lana is the great warrior”

Vincent, Evan and I turned to see Lana who was beyond speechless and surprised. She was completely paralyzed.

Vincent stood from his chair to do I don’t know what but he just stood there, it was obvious he didn’t like where this was going. Evan was just looking around to see every reaction.

“What is so special about her?” Jonathan asked then as he looked at Lana.

“As you all know…She still can’t use her powers, which is a very well known quality in past warriors, her powers will be available to her once Vayet calls her” He said. So that was the reason why she couldn’t use her powers yet. They were locked.

“How do you expect us to believe such thing Gregory?” Another person said but I couldn’t register who was talking anymore, my eyes were on Lana and I could just imagine what this could mean for her, it was a huge responsibility. Being the great warrior only meant she had to fight on a war with the souls.

I didn’t feel this was right at all.

I didn’t stop to actually think about what was happening. I felt the anger rise inside of me when I saw a couple of tears running down Lana’s cheek, she looked down at her hands and something just broke inside of me. I stood up and started to walk towards The King when a couple of strong arms pulled me back. I looked up to see Vincent looking down at me.

“Don’t do something stupid” He said. I completely disliked this Vincent, the one who wouldn’t stand up for the woman he loves in front of The King. This Vincent was weak and a coward.

“Look at her” I told him and his eyes glanced at Lana for a while, I know he could see the pain in her face, I know he could also feel it. “Do you think it’s ok what he’s doing to her?” He looked down and then back at me.

“It doesn’t matter what I think” He whispered “He’s her father”

Didn’t seem like it.

“It’s not right” I said and tried to get him off of me, for the first time he had a hard time pulling me back and Evan had to stand up and pull me back too.

“Calm down” He said with his sparkly green eyes talking to me.

“Why are you both just standing here letting him do this to her” I pointed at The King who finally noticed our small argument and turned to us looking curious. I took advantage of his attention. “It’s not ok what you’re doing to her” I yelled.

“How dare she speak to The King like that” Someone said. I was about to give that person the middle finger.

“You’re her father” I said “Don’t you think there was a better way to manage this with her?” His eyes landed on Lana and I think for a brief moment, he realized the pain he was causing “Do you even care about her feelings?”

The King stood silent.

“Well I do” The anger inside of me was boiling like no other thing; I felt the energy waking up, demanding me to use it. “She’s my sister and it bothers me when people upset her”

“How sweet” Maxon snorted and waved his hand dismissing me. If I were to use the energy I would definitely start with him.

I pushed Vincent and Evan off of me but before they could get a good hold of me again I left the room. Trenton was standing outside, I assume waiting for his father, and I didn’t stop to acknowledge him I just kept walking. There was a small park behind the castle and I walked there. I’ve never felt this angry before, I felt like I wanted to seriously do some damage. Once I got to the park I sat on a bench but immediately stood up. I saw a couple of statues standing a few feet away from me; I didn’t even have to call the energy, it was right there ready to be used. I felt the Goosebumps that came with using the energy. An electric orange ray shot from my hands and impacted on the statue’s head. That felt really good.

I didn’t stop until there wasn’t a standing statue.

“Are you done?” I heard a voice say behind me. I turned around to see Evan and Vincent looking at me, cautious and curious.

“Maybe” I said “I don’t know” I looked back at where the statues were supposed to be and I decided I was done. “I am” They both walked over to me.

“You are crazy” Evan said with a smile “Do you know the mess you left back there?”

“A mess would’ve been if I stayed” I sat back down on the bench and Evan laughed before going to sit with me. Vincent kept staring at the place where the statues were with his eyes wide open. After a while he sat next to me too.

“Where’s Lana?” I asked them.

“With her father” Evan said and he looked up at the blue sky.

“And you left her there?” I looked at Vincent not being able to believe he actually left her alone.

“He’s her father” Evan said “He asked for some alone time with her”

“I think your words got to him” Vincent then said and I stood up.

“Oh dear…” I took a deep breath because I was feeling the anger rise again. I called the energy and shot down a tree. They both looked at me with surprise filling their features.

“You are on fire today” Evan pointed out and I just ignored him and sat back down between them.

“Think you can hold in your anger for another day?” Vincent asked “It would be easier for Lana if you’re there to support her”

“Whatever dude” I crossed my arms over my chest like a five year old. Vincent chuckled.

“Another Maya thing” He said.

“You would be surprised to know that I am very unique” I told him and that made him laugh.

“I notice yeah” He said. Evan was looking between us with this weird look on his face. I didn’t care, I was still mad at him.

Later that night I was with my father and Vincent got ready to go see The King one more time, apparently he wanted to see him and Evan before our birthday. Lana was also going to spend the night at my apartment.

“We’ll be back before you know it” Evan said and Vincent agreed. He caressed Lana’s cheek. She was feeling better after a lot of ice cream and romance movies but she was still very shocked. Vincent then turned to me. He kneeled down in front of me and put both of his hand on my thighs.

“Is it possible if you for once stay out of trouble” I gave him a mean look. He smiled “I know it’s impossible for you to have a quiet night but please do your best”

“Funny” I said “Very funny” He snuck a string of hair behind my ear and smiled.

They both left after that and Lana and I stayed until very late watching TV. When the clock stroke midnight we were both really sleepy on the couch. Lana smiled at me and grabbed my hand.

“Happy birthday” She said.

“Happy birthday” I replied.

Then we were both asleep.

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