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If I never

I grabbed the skirt and ripped it apart before I jumped out of the car and ran towards the building. I could hear the voices calling my name, asking me to go back but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t go back there.

Not when two important people for me where in possible danger.

I ran through the quiet halls in search of any signs of Vincent or my father. There weren’t signs of any Myyt either. I saw guardians going down the stairs just a few feet away and I quickly ran up the stairs, I didn’t know where Vincent had run off to but I would start at the ballroom, it was the last place I saw him so it seemed like a nice choice to go. The adrenaline running through my body made the energy wake up, it started to fill my body to the point I felt I was an energy ball running down the hall, I could feel it calling, ready to be used.

Suddenly a Myyt in all its great form blocked the hallway. I didn’t even think twice, I just shot the thing right in the middle of its deformed body. The Myyt fell backwards on the floor and I jumped over it and kept running. I didn’t stop to think in the fact that I just killed a freaking Myyt with one shot.

I reached the ballroom just to find five freaking Myyts standing there; one of them was eating some poor guy’s soul. The other four had their backs turned to me, facing their prey. I really didn’t want to think what I was about to think but the moment I came closer my thoughts became reality. There was Vincent, he was fighting four freaking Myyts and possibly five because once that one finished its meal it would definitely join the party. Vincent looked tired, he had a nasty cut on his cheek and he looked injured.

There was a black hole inside of me eating my organs.

I really didn’t think it through, I just shot one of the Myyts right in the middle. The thing just fell to the floor and I saw a white smoke coming out of its body. The souls it had eaten. The other three weren’t elated about me killing their partner so they charged towards me. I heard Vincent’s voice screaming in the background but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I shot another Myyt right in the head, that wouldn’t kill it but it would give me some time, another Myyt just spat acid towards me, I quickly threw myself to the floor completely avoiding it.

There was no way I was going to be covered in acid again.

I shot that Myyt and it fell backwards too. Vincent came out of nowhere and stabbed the last one, and quickly shot the one feeding, with his energy, a yellow light, just like his brother’s, impacted on the Myyt and threw it to the side. I saw the white smoke getting out of the Myyt and rushing back to the body on the floor. The guy opened his eyes and looked around confused. Vincent helped him up and made him leave. His right arm was bleeding and he could barely walk. I rushed over to help him.

“Are you out of your mind?” He finally yelled. I saw it coming to be honest, but the guy could at least thank me for saving his ass.

“Can you save that for later?” I really didn’t have time for this “We need to go. Did you find my father?” His eyes went to the floor and that just made my stomach sink.

“I couldn’t find him” I couldn’t feel my arms or my legs, I knew he could be alive but there was also a big chance that he was also dead. Vincent grabbed my hand and dragged me out of there. We ran down the hall and went down the stairs to the first floor. All the adrenaline I had before was now gone, it was a good thing we didn’t run into any more Myyts before going back to the garage because I was sure I wouldn’t be able to fight anymore and with Vincent so injured we would be killed in no time. The Cadillac’s were still there and Vincent made me jump in the back before getting into the passenger’s seat. There were several Myyt bodies around I figured they had a battle on their own.

Soon we were on our way.

And every second we got further away from the castle broke my heart even more.

“Where are we going?” Vincent asked Evan who was driving like crazy and looking outside like he was worried Myyts would be following us. Maybe they were.

“Helenwood” Evan replied. It was really dark outside so I didn’t know how he was able to see where he was going.

“How far into Helenwood?”

“It’s going to take us about three to four days” Evan looked at Vincent for a second “Maybe five because we need to stop to take care of your wound”

“I’m fine”

“No you’re not” Lana crawled to the middle of their sits, her eyes going from Evan to Vincent and back to Evan “You’re bleeding we need to find a doctor” Vincent just shook his head.

“It’s going to be ok babe go back to your sit” Evan said “I know a place”

I lifted an eyebrow…babe? I know it wasn’t the moment to be upset about this kind of stuff but…man. Why was I even upset?

We drove in silence for a while. My mind was still back at the castle with my father. Was he alive? Not knowing if something bad happened to him was killing me. He was the only piece of family I had left, and I tried so hard to keep him alive. I wanted so bad to turn back around and go check if he was ok but I also knew that wasn’t the greatest thing to do. Lana was the great warrior and it was very possible that the attack was made for her.

To kill her

Something didn’t click yet though, I didn’t know why I had the feeling something wasn’t right, I mean I understand someone inside the castle was trying to kill her, maybe someone in the council, but then why did Gregory told everybody she was indeed the great warrior? Why would he do that and then just let the whole attack happen? Some things just didn’t make any sense to me.

Soon we parked inside a station, Evan quickly jumped off the front seat and we followed him. He put some money in Lana’s hand.

“Go get some food and a first aid kit” He said and then ran back to the car. We entered the small store and we split to get what we wanted. I took the first aid kit and she grabbed the food, I let her paying for everything and rushed back to the Cadillac to treat Vincent’s arm. He was sitting there holding his arm, his face was all sweaty and he was breathing heavily.

“Are you ok?” I said as I got some alcohol out of the kit and started to clean the wound. It wasn’t that big, he would be ok in a few hours.

“Yes I’m fine” He was looking down at what I was doing. I bandaged his arm slowly so he wouldn’t feel a lot of pain and gave him some painkillers. “I just had a close encounter with a Myyt” I looked at him noticing his green eyes were a little turned off. I felt Goosebumps all over my skin. That could only mean a Myyt was about to take his soul, I felt my heart stop because just thinking that if I never got out the car and ran to find him or just got there a few minutes later he would probably be dead.

Maybe my father was dead.

“You have no idea how much I want to yell at you right now” He whispered. I could’ve laughed at that statement but the laugh never came. “But when I go back and I think of how close it was…I just…thank you” He finished and I could feel the tears trying to get out.

“I couldn’t just leave you there” My voice was so low I was afraid he wouldn’t hear it “Everybody wanted to leave without you but I just couldn’t…I probably lost my father tonight so I don’t want to lose anyone else” His hand softly caressed my cheek and wiped away a stubborn tear that had fallen out.

“I’m not going to lie to you…it’s going to get very wild from now on” His eyes were intense while he said this “People are probably going to die so…” He pointed at Riley, Eric and Luke who were a few feet away talking “You should probably let them know” I knew exactly what he meant. It could be dangerous not only for us but also for my friends who had nothing to do with this. They could die and it would’ve been my fault. I nodded and put the kit next to him.

“If you need anything I’ll be over there” I said and he nodded with a small smile.

“I’ll be fine Maya, I just need to sleep for a while” He then laid back and closed his eyes. I nodded even when he couldn’t see me and took a step back ready to go talk to my friends.

“You were right” Vincent opened one eye to look at me.

“I usually am but about what in particular”

“Getting in trouble is a Maya thing” He chuckled and his hand flew to his arm.

“Saving people also is” He said, I was surprised at how he could read my mind and then he closed his eye again. I smiled and walked away towards the three people talking in whispers and looking around in a very paranoid gesture.

“Hey guys” They stopped talking and looked at me with their eyes wide open. “We need to talk”

“We really do” Eric said “This is some crazy shit right here”

“I know and it’s going to get crazier” There was no easy way to say this “We are all in danger and I would hate if you guys…”

“Are you trying to give us the hero talk of ‘you don’t need to do this because there’s a good chance you will die’ we know this Maya” Riley rolled her eyes. “But we’re not going to leave you alone”

“Yeah” Eric patted me on the back “We were also invited to this party” I then looked at Luke and he smiled.

“Hayden would never forgive me if I left you alone” He shrugged like it was obvious and I didn’t argue, it was actually true. “But do you mind telling us what’s going on”

“Long story short: Lana is the great warrior, last night’s attack was meant to kill her and I assume the king gave Evan instructions on what to do but he won’t tell anybody what’s the plan…I gotta admit he’s a tuff cookie to crack”

“Just give me two minutes” Eric said cracking his knuckles “I’ll get the information we need”

“Don’t be stupid” Riley scolded him “This is serious…did he at least said where we’re going?”

“Apparently Helenwood”

“That doesn’t tell us much” Luke said. “Either way we’re here to back you up”

“And Lana” Riley finished for him. I smiled at them realizing the great friends I had.

“You guys are awesome”

“Group hug” Eric jumped in the middle and pulled us all into a messy group hug, I laughed and pushed him away as hard as I could. This guy was out of his freaking mind. We got some stuff to eat, changed into more comfortable clothes, which was needed considering we were still wearing dresses and those formal clothes. We jumped back into the Cadillac and continued our route. Vincent was still sleeping and I was worried there was something else wrong with him that he wasn’t telling us about. Lana was leaning against her door looking through the window; I bet she was worried about her family just like I was worried about my dad.

It wasn’t simple to just leave your family behind, not knowing if they were ok. The fact that now Lana was also facing what she was and her destiny among all things made me really worry; she always seemed to be so fragile and weak and now she had to face the greatest thing in our kind. She had to be strong. I closed my eyes and tried to stop thinking in everything, it was hard but soon I fell asleep.

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