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Just out hunting

“Wake up sleepy head” I opened my eyes when somebody shook my shoulder, Evan smiled at me and went to get some bags in the back “I found a motel to spend the rest of the night” He got out of the car and I rubbed my eyes and stretched for a while. It was still dark outside and everybody was wandering around. Lui was helping Vincent get out of the car; he looked even weaker than before, like he could barely keep himself awake. I felt something twitch inside my stomach.

“Where are we?” I asked when I got out. Luke walked over and helped Lui with Vincent, truth to be told he couldn’t handle Vincent’s huge body alone.

“We’re somewhere in the road” Riley said “A few miles away from the capital I guess” I thought about it for a while, everybody looked very tired so I guess it was smart to stop and rest. Evan handed Lana a key.

“You three girls go in cabin number two” He said and then looked at poor Lui and Luke trying to pull Vincent into the motel “Guys follow me, we’re in cabin four” I then took a good look of the motel, there was a small cabin in the middle that I assumed was the reception and then around it there were twelve other cabins for customers use. I followed Lana and Riley to the cabin and Riley opened the door. The interior wasn’t the most luxurious thing in the world but it was comfortable, it had a bathroom and three beds which is what we needed. Being so cold outside we didn’t turn on the fans. Riley opened the bag that was carefully put in the sofa in front of the beds.

“I’ll take a shower” She announced and grabbing some clothes she walked into the bathroom. I took a deep breath as I looked around, poor Lana seemed to be so confused and tired but on top of everything she seemed so sad.

“How are you feeling?” I asked her, it was the first time we were alone all day. She sat on the bed that was closest to the window and sighed.

“Confused…scared” I could totally relate to that.

“I just feel like something is missing” I said sitting down on the door next to the door “Like there is something they’re not telling us” Lana looked at me for a moment before replying.

“I have that feeling too” She crossed her arms over her chest and took a deep breath “But on top of everything I can’t help to be worried about my family”

I sighed.

“Join the club” I groaned in frustration. Not knowing my father’s current state was killing me slowly. I laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling for a while. Lana didn’t say anything but I could feel her staring at me.

“I’m out” Riley said “Who’s next” Lana instantly stood up and walked into the small bathroom.

I closed my eyes and prayed for a good night sleep because I really needed one right now.

I opened my eyes again feeling like I had only slept fifteen minutes or less, looking at the clock I realized I slept almost three hours, my head was starting to hurt and it was really annoying, that wasn’t the only thing bothering me though. A strange dark feeling was setting inside my stomach, an odd shiver ran down my spine but this time I knew what it was.


Were they ever going to leave us alone? I was so tired of having Myyts on our toes every five minutes. I stood up and Riley instantly woke up.

“What’s wrong?” She asked me. Wasn’t she able to feel it, last time this happened I was with Evan and he was able to feel it too so I didn’t know how she couldn’t feel it. Giving it a second thought Evan wasn’t very normal either. If that’s the case then: Why was I able to feel it?

“I feel a Myyt” I said. She looked very surprised.

“You can feel Myyts?”

“Apparently I can” I said sighing. “Stay with Lana, don’t let her out of the room, I’ll be back”

“What do you mean?” She stood up from her bed as well “Are you going to go fight it on your own?”

“Of course not” I rolled my eyes “I’m going to get the guys” I didn’t wait for her answer, I was out the door in no time, the guys were just one cabin away from us so I silently walked over there and knocked on the door softly. Evan opened the door, he was shirtless but he was holding a shirt in his hands, he stood there very surprised to find me standing there on my sleepwear ready to fight, I didn’t even know why because who else would be here knocking on his door. He moved to the side so I could step inside.

Lui was awake while Vincent was sort of awake and Eric was almost dead. Evan put on his shirt which was such a turn off. Luke was also getting ready to go outside.

“What are you doing out here?” He looked at me with his sparkly eyes. He got a couple of blades from his bags and hung them on his belt.

“I felt something so I came here to get a plan set up” I said crossing my arms over my chest. He frowned.

“You left your sister alone back in the cabin?” He asked me like he couldn’t believe it.

“I left her with Riley” I shrugged, Riley could take anything. He seemed very frustrated.

“With Riley? Are you kidding me?”

“Riley is a better fighter than I am” I said and he sighed “Seriously she can take a Myyt and do her nails at the same time” I shrugged because I just knew Lana was in good hands.

“She doesn’t…” He started then it looked like he decided to not say what he was about to say and sighed in frustration once again “Whatever, let’s go”

“Wait what’s the plan?” I asked. Was he really leaving me here?

“Stay here and watch after Wolf” He said “He’s not well enough yet so I need you to stay alert”

“Whatever” I wasn’t really happy about staying behind.

“Don’t worry” He said “This isn’t an organized Myyt attack; it’s just them out hunting”

“Sure” They all left and I took a deep breath, I’ve been dealing with too many Myyts anyway lately. I could afford to stay in for one night. I just had all this bottled up energy ready to be used, I don’t know what was making me feel like this, but I was very sure I needed to let it out some way or another. I walked over to Vincent who was lying in a bed breathing heavily, he wasn’t looking any better, and we needed to get him some medical attention soon. “I’m going to make sure you get a doctor as soon as we get out of here tomorrow”

“I’m fine” His voice was barely a whisper. I hated to see Vincent like this, he was usually so strong and untouchable and to see him like this just made me realize how dangerous this situation really was. People were out there trying to kill us, maybe not us but trying to kill Lana, we would just be killed by association.

“You’re not fine don’t be silly” I touched his sweaty forehead, he was burning up. I felt so powerless right now, all this wasted energy inside of me trying so hard to get out and this guy here was fighting so hard to get the air to fill his lungs. I laid down next to him and cuddled beside him. I know this was inappropriate on so many levels, but whatever. Vincent lifted an arm so I could get comfortable around him and then wrapped it around me. “I wish I could help you get better”

“I’m going to be fine” His voice was raspier every second that passed by. I wrapped my arms tightly around him and imagined myself giving him some of my energy, thinking that maybe I could help him get better made me feel better in some kind of strange way. Like if the energy was somehow easing off.

Then everything went black.

I woke up feeling some strange pain in the side of my head. My eyes took some time to adjust to the light around me, I couldn’t recognize the place for a while, that was until I sat up and discovered we were inside the Cadillac, my head hit the window on the same spot when the car jumped on the road.

“She’s awake” I heard someone say next to me. I looked at Vincent who was sitting there next to me looking way better. What was going on? Last thing I remembered was the Myyts last night and I was taking care of Vincent and then…nothing. I rubbed my head on the spot it just hit the stupid window, I was so freaking confused. Vincent helped me sit up without my head bumping into any other thing, I looked around, we seemed to be on our way to wherever we were going, and I was still wearing the same clothes as last night.

“What happened?” I asked them, they all stood silent for a while. Lui climbed my seat and smiled like the freaking idiot he was.

“We went back to the cabin after kicking some Myyts butt and found you all wrapped up and over my brother’s business completely asleep….when if I recall correctly you were supposed to watch over him” Lui said this with the goofiest smile in the world. I would punch him if I had the energy to.

“I just don’t remember falling asleep” I shook my head “It’s all black” Vincent stared at me for a long time, like he knew something, or suspected something I don’t know. I sat up and I felt my body was so weak and tired that I would literally not make it the rest of the trip awake. Looking out the window I noticed that there was less snow every second we left the capital behind and got further into Helenwood, the thing about the weather here is that it was different for each section of Luminaria. The capital and Newport were really snowy and cold around this time of the year meanwhile, Helenwood and Oliver were cold but it never snowed out here or so I heard, Oldport was warm the entire year.

Our sitting arrangements were changed again, Vincent was now sitting next to me, Lana was in the front with Evan, she hasn’t said a word by the way, and then of course Lui was sitting in the back in his designated spot, I think it was something like his thrown. I took a deep breath as my muscles started to adjust to my current situation, I’ve never felt something like these before, I didn’t know what to do or how to act.

What was going on?

“I feel like crap” I said, Vincent’s hands were on me in a split second, I didn’t realize until he was all over me that I was falling to the side, off of my seat, my coordination was completely reduced to nothing. “Thanks”

“Don’t push yourself, have some rest” He said as he literally pushed me on my seat.

“We’re going to make a quick bathroom stop and then we’re going to go the rest of the way to our destination”

“Are you guys ever going to tell me where the hell we’re going?” I tried to look somewhat intimidating but that was very difficult when Vincent was continuously pushing me into my seat and my voice being so raspy. Everybody stood silent for a while; I just frowned and gave Vincent a look.

“We’re going to go see someone that’s gonna help Lana with her calling, supposedly someone that lives in Helenwood” I thought about it for a while, who could possibly help Lana with her calling and help her get her powers and live in Helenwood. Why are these people giving me so little information about everything? This was seriously annoying me, why couldn’t this people just tell me everything and let me be happy afterwards. I took a deep breath because I knew my energy would start boiling if I thought about it too much.

“Fine then” I said and just closed my eyes. My head was starting to beat hardly so that could only mean a huge headache was on the way. I took another deep breath before letting myself go and drifting into the darkness.

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