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Straight from a Spiderman Movie

“How have you been?” He asked me with a now raspy voice. Out of the two of us Hayden was the expressive one, but for some reason I felt like there was something inside of him that had changed over the years he was away.

“Alive” I answered. “It’s been hard for dad and me but we’ve managed to make it through”

“How is dad?” He looked down at his hands when he asked this. That was Hayden’s way to make it seem like a really random question, I knew better though. He really cared.

“I don’t know” I said honestly “We left the castle under fire…Myyts attacking. I never saw him after the attack” Hayden closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them up again, when he looked back at me his eyes were full of sorrow and regret.

“I should have never left; I was supposed to be there to take care of you and dad after mom past away” He groaned in frustration and ran a hand through his hair “When I found out mom was sick I just couldn’t take it. So when the first mission was assigned I just grabbed it with no hesitation” Hayden sighed again “I’m sorry yogi. I’m sorry I left you alone when you guys needed me the most, I just…I couldn’t stand saying goodbye to mom”


“Wait! You knew mom was sick when you left?” I couldn’t really believe that! Hayden left years before mom was diagnosed.

“She knew for a long time but she didn’t want you to know because she thought that would just make you even sadder than you already were” He shrugged.

“What are you talking about?” There wasn’t enough air for me in this planet to help me breathe.

“Mom and dad always talked about how you were bullied and sad and all you had to go through” Hayden grabbed my left hand and squeezed it “It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized that your difference was causing you problems, I did all I could to defend you but it killed me that I couldn’t do anything else for you…I guess it bothered mom and dad as well”

“But I don’t get it” The tears were filling my eyes once again “I had the right to know…does anybody even knows how hard it was for me to think that my moments with her were so limited, that I wasted so much time in the past doing some other stupid things when I could actually spent time with her…”

“They did what they thought was best for you Maya” His free hand wiped a rebel tear that had fallen out. “Don’t hold it against them”

I couldn’t believe after all this time, when I had finally accepted it, that they had been lying to me for such a long time. All those times where I just walked out of the house and went out with Riley and Eric, leaving my mom all alone in the house because my dad was working and Hayden wasn’t there anymore. All those moments I could’ve just turned around and sit with her, see her smile, listen to her telling me the same story of how my dad and her met over and over again. All those moment I could’ve just tell her how much I love her. Instead I walked out the door and she was alone again.

I covered my face with my hands because I didn’t want Hayden to see me cry, I didn’t want anyone to see me crying anymore, I was so tired of crying but it was like the tears weren’t listening to my brain, they just kept falling and falling. I felt Hayden wrap his arms around me and pull me into another hug, one that I truly needed. I cried into him until I couldn’t cry anymore.

We were on our way once more. Hayden was now sitting in the back with Lui. The car was so silent and it was starting to bother me. Vincent was so tense that I was afraid he might just break any moment now.

“So you said the King sent you on a mission” Evan was the one to break the silence, we all looked at Hayden who was casually sitting there like he started this road trip with us. He looked around at all of our curious stares. It was time for him to start explaining.

“Yeah” He shrugged and cracked his knuckles before continuing “I had to search in all Luminaria for the Power Stone” I didn’t know why that name seemed to ring bells inside my head.

“The Power Stone?” Vincent looked surprised to say the least.

“Yes. A multicolor sapphire, made with the energy of the souls of the first three generations, it is locked in some place here in Luminaria waiting for the great warrior to arrive, when the great warrior gets the stone then all the powers from the previous warriors will be at his reach”

“Hers” Lui corrected as he glanced at Lana. She looked down at her shaky hands, all this thing about the great warrior made her uncomfortable and I could tell.

“What?” Hayden asked.

“Lana is the great warrior” Lui said and Hayden looked surprised at my twin sister, shocked even.

“Well that is interesting” He said. That was way more than interesting. “Either way I stayed for a while in every section of Luminaria looking for the stone, nobody knows where it is” Hayden sighed like he was bored of this situation “The last track I got was that the stone was on the far end of Oliver, in some kind of legendary castle”

“Another castle?” I frowned; I thought the only castle in Luminaria was the one we had in the capital.

“Yeah” Hayden gave me a smile “Supposedly there’s a castle that is even older than the one in the capital. The castle Vayet had when he was living in Luminaria. Rumor has it that the stone is somewhere inside that castle. I was going to go back to the capital before heading there when I ran into you guys”

“Why were you going to the capital if the castle is on Oliver?” Evan asked. That was actually a good question.

“I’ve been away from my family for too long” He then looked at me with his passionate green eyes. I just then realized how deep and hard I had missed this guy. “So either way my mission was to find the stone and give it to the King” This whole thing was ringing some bells in the back of my head.

“Wait isn’t that the stone we saw back at that museum in that Aris colony?” I looked at Vincent and he nodded absently. That was why that name was so familiar; I remember that imitation was really beautiful so if the real version is half beautiful then that was something I really wanted to see.

“Museum?” Hayden frowned.

“Yeah Vincent took me to this museum in Oliver, it was this colony full of Aris. They have a lovely museum that is filled Luminaria’s history” I explained “There was an imitation of the power stone…it’s really beautiful” Hayden seemed to be thinking about it for a while, I turned to look at Vincent as the memories of that day came back to my head “That seems so long ago” He smiled and looked at me, remembering as well.

“Yeah” He said and suddenly his hand reached mine and he squeezed it. I looked down at his warm hand griping mine and it felt weird inside my stomach, our eyes connected once again and he snapped out of it like he didn’t even realize what he just did and let go of my hand.

“Ok so now it’s your turn…where are you guys doing and what happened exactly back at the capital” Hayden asked and I told him the things I knew about this journey, it wasn’t much though, just the fact that Lana was the great warrior, someone tried to kill her twice by sending Myyts and Dark dogs into the castle, we suspected someone inside the council and that now we were on our way to find someone that could help Lana with her calling and fulfilling her destiny.

Everybody else just stood quiet as I said everything, I knew I was missing some details…well…maybe a lot of details but nobody would talk so he would have to settle with what I just told him.

“Looks like you guys have been busy” Hayden simply said but even with all those years that kept us apart I knew him, his brain was working at the speed of light as he processed everything and tried find a breach on our plan. He was trained for that in the unit, before any normal person has a plan A or B; a unit guardian has a C, D, E and probably the entire alphabet. We rode in silence for a while.

“It’s a good thing I brought my books” Lui said as he leaned against his window and pulled up a book. Such a nerd! I saw Vincent rolling his eyes but it made Lana laugh.

“You’re the only guy in this world that can think about such a thing when we’re in this situation” She said this with a smile and I couldn’t help to smile too. We didn’t have a lot to smile about lately so when something made us smile we had to cherish it.

“I can multitask” Lui shot back with a half smile on his lips making Lana laugh again. Vincent was staring at her for a long time. I bet that if this was some sort of romantic movie or novel he would say something like ‘your laugh is my favorite sound in the world’ or knowing him something even cheesier but this wasn’t a romance novel so he stood quiet as he stared at her, he probably thought it though.

I had to stop looking at him.

I didn’t know if hours past by or just minutes when I looked out the window and saw the sun setting in the distance, I couldn’t help to wonder if the rest of the world was as beautiful as this piece of land. Nobody here knew what our next step was for the night, Evan had to spot another hotel because otherwise we would be spending the night outside, and I wasn’t a big fan of camping to say the least. Vincent, Evan and Hayden tried to get to an agreement but that seemed like a lifetime away.

Suddenly my heart skipped a beat and a sudden shiver ran down my spine, I already knew what this was about. My stomach felt sicker as we went forward. Every nerve inside my body was telling me something was wrong, this felt like a scene gotten out straight from the firsts Spiderman movies. You know when he felt something before it actually happened.

That kind of thing!

I sat up on my seat and looked around, everybody even Evan was still focused in the conversation they were having about where to spend the night. It wouldn’t matter in a couple of minutes.

My heart was freaking racing.

“Stop the car” I said but nobody even listened to me. They were way too concentrated in their own business to listen to my words. “Stop the car!” I then yelled and Evan looked at me with a confused expression just like everybody else.

“What’s wrong are you feeling sick?” Vincent was in guardian mode already but that wasn’t my issue right now.

“No just…Stop the car would you!” I exclaimed making him stop the car, I heard how Luke stopped as well behind us. The first thing I searched for was my door and got outside, the feeling was more intense with every second that passed by. I heard the sound of doors being shot behind me as I stood on the middle of the freaking road. This place was too silent for my liking.

“What happened?” Riley said behind me.

“I don’t know she just demanded for us to stop and got out of the car” I heard Lui say. I tried to identify what was bothering me but it was too far away for me to tell. It was getting closer though, really fast.


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