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“Never mind” I said as I started to walk back. We were vulnerable here, stopping was a bad idea, but even inside of the car we were vulnerable in the middle of the road. “Get back in the car” My voice sounded way too frenetic even to me. “Get back in the car”

“Maya what’s wrong?” Lana asked.

And as an answer to her question a black shadow dropped in front of me and the impact made me fall backwards. A Dark dog was standing there in front of me, with his bloody eyes and horrible breath, showing me his teeth. Something I did not want to see just so you know. I heard the gasps and screams behind the Dark Dog, this little dude (and by little I mean huge) wasn’t alone I was sure of that.

“Maya” I heard my name being screamed in the distance, I didn’t even know who the one to scream it was. The Dark Dog was standing there looking down at me like if it was better than me. Suddenly the words that Vincent told me back when we were training popped up inside my head.

“It’s important than even when you fall you don’t stay there…as you very well know if Myyts or anybody get a good hold of you on the floor then you’re done”

With that in mind I quickly pulled myself back up. I didn’t take my eyes off of the Dark Dog because doing it would be a mistake. The huge animal growled at me because of the sudden movement.

“Nice doggy” I said as I took a few steps back to put some distance between us “Stay” The dog then tackled me, throwing me to the ground, the short time of training paid off and even when the thing was huge I could easily throw it to the side and get back up. I wasn’t fully recovered but I could defend myself. “Bad doggy” I was now very pissed. “Play dead!” I said before shooting a ray of energy, the red ray blew the head off making me gasp as the body fell to the floor.

What the hell was that?

I took a few deep breaths before turning around and scanning the place. Everybody but Lana was fighting; there was a good amount of Dark Dogs attacking us. I rolled up my sleeves and walked over to where my brother was fighting a Dark Dog even bigger than the one that I just killed. Guardians in the unit didn’t use their energy that much because it just made us tire quicker. I shot a red ray at the dog’s leg and it fell on its side making it easier for him to stab it and separate the head from the body, which was something I did not want to see.

In the distance Vincent and Evan looked so graceful as they killed dog after dog, I could tell Vincent was fully recovered because he was lethal. I got distracted watching them so I didn’t see the dog coming towards me; I just felt when it tackled me stamping me against one of the cars. The air left my body in a split second and my vision turned blurry.

“Maya” I heard my name being called again. I stood up and crackled my knuckles; this stupid dog had it coming. I ran towards it and it ran to encounter me. I felt the energy rise and run up and down my arm, concentrating on my fist, the punch didn’t even hurt a bit and I couldn’t help the smile that came to my face when the huge thing flew by and landed on the ground, it didn’t move anymore. Eric and Riley were fighting back to back with a couple of dogs; soon Luke flew in and stabbed one in the back, while Eric killed the other. Lui kept Lana behind him as he killed any Dark dog that even dared to get close to her.

Evan killed a couple more of Dark Dogs along with Vincent, when the coast was clear we all gathered up next to the Cadillac. Lui had an arm wrapped around Lana and she was shaking, if something like this had her shaking then I didn’t want to see what she would do on a bigger war. She was the great warrior, she had to get used to it.

“Everybody ok” Vincent asked as he looked around to see if he could find any missing face. Thankfully we made it without any loss. I didn’t know why Lui and Lana kept staring at me with those surprised expressions.

“Looks like everybody is fine” Vincent said and he turned to face me “Do you mind explaining what just happened”

“I’m sorry when I felt the magnitude of the attack I tried to get us back on the road but it was already too late” I shrugged and a soft pain that was slowly becoming stronger pinched my back.

“You felt it?” Hayden asked me and I saw how everybody was just staring at me like if I was some kind of crazy freak.

“I know it’s hard to believe but I did” I took a couple of deep breaths.

“Let’s just focus on getting to a safer place” Vincent said “We’re vulnerable out here” We then all moved back to the cars. Evan instead of going to the front seat he moved to the back door.

“What the hell happened to this car?” He asked. I turned to look and I saw a huge dent on the side of the car, it made it impossible to open the door on that side of the car and the tire was leaning to the side. It looked ugly as shit.


“Actually…” Lui started to say and he and Lana looked at me “I saw how Maya was completely smashed against the car” Everybody turned around to look at me again. I felt as uncomfortable as I felt back in primary school when kids asked me about my eyes.

“What?” Evan looked back and forth between me and the dent and I just shrugged and the stabbing pain was there again. That’s why my back was hurting so much. “That’s impossible”

“No I mean it” Lui continued “She was smashed against it and I saw her just stand up and run back to the dark dog, she punched the freaking thing once and the dog just stayed on the ground!” He started to sound somewhat excited. “It was like a scene pulled straight from Dragon Ball Z or The Avengers…I swear she turned into a freaking super Sayayin when she stood up and ran to the dog and hadoukened the shit out of it”

“Really?” Vincent was scanning me, like he could find out if those words were true by just looking at me.

“I’m telling you it was ‘fatality’ before the dog even knew it” Lui said.

When I did it at the time it just seemed normal, I had no idea I did some kind of crazy and abnormal thing. Everybody was so surprised that I started to wonder what the hell was wrong with me. Was I becoming something else?

“Are you ok Maya?” Vincent asked me and I nodded slowly.

“Yeah” Was my only response.

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