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Luminaria Academy

“I’m leaving dad” I said as I grabbed my stuff and took the last sip of my lemon juice, my dad frowned as he watched me gather all my things ready to go, I felt way better after a nice shower and putting on clean clothes. I gave my dad the short version of what happened and he didn’t seem very happy about it, but since I was back home and almost intact he didn’t make a big deal out of it. William Scott was still very handsome for his age, he had black hair with a gray sparkle here and there, he was tall and muscular but I could tell it was his sweetness what made my mom completely fall for him. He looked at me with a worried expression.

“Are you sure you’re going to be ok” He said. “You can stay home a couple of days if you feel like you need to rest”

“Its fine dad” I stood up and kissed his forehead “It was just a couple of Myyts besides I told you Vincent was supervising us” That wasn’t a lie; we just didn’t know he was supervising us.

“I just don’t like it” He pouted.

“I know” I sighed “Have a good day at the gallery and I’ll make sure to be here before dinner, I’ll make us some chicken” He sighed in frustration because he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

“Fine, see you tonight” He stood up and started to pick up our plates “Have fun and be safe”

“I will” I said already walking out the door, my dad worried too much. I found Eric and Riley standing outside my house waiting for me. Eric lifted an eyebrow when I hugged him; I honestly thought I would never see him again, he was blonde and very tall, and his green eyes sparkled as he looked down at me, his muscular arms embraced me a while later and he kissed the top of my head. Riley on the other hand with her black curls and her petite body, hugged me back.

“So is it true that you almost drowned in Myyts acid?” Eric asked as we walked to the castle. The three of us managed to get accepted inside the castle in a very exclusive Academy that was only made for the Elite part of Luminaria but also gave a few people from the town a chance to get a good education, Riley got a scholarship because she was a freaking genius even when she didn’t need it, her father was a guardian and she was dead cold when it came to martial arts, I wasn’t that smart or good but my dad decided to work extra hard so I could get in, after discovering I was a princess I got a free pass to study there.

“Shut up” I punched him “I don’t want my dad to know the juicy details”

“Everybody in town knows” Riley said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“How?” I exclaimed totally exasperated.

“You’re a princess now” Eric said with a half smile. “It’s obvious they will gossip about you”

“I am not a princess” I shook my head, even when everybody wanted to believe I was, even when I was biologically related to those people, I wasn’t a princess.

“Your DNA doesn’t say the same thing” Eric gave me a half smile. He’s not the one to talk about DNA, the only reason why he made it into Luminaria Academy was because his biological father seems to be some important guy inside the council called Zachary Morgan, also a guardian; after eighteen years Eric’s mom decided to tell him who his real father was, we were all surprised trust me, and even more to know that Eric’s dad Jason also knew Eric wasn’t his real son, that of course explained Eric’s dark skin tone when both his parents and brothers are light skinned and also the fact that Eric’s family was Aris but he had green eyes, of course he took after his father Horos genes. To make a long story short, Eric went to meet him and the guy felt so guilty he paid for the rest of his education, which is not much but it’s something.

“Leave me alone Eric” I punched him again as we got closer to the castle. Riley was just following us in silence reading her dead languages book.

“Riley stop studying its way too early” He grabbed the book out of her hand and ran the rest of the way to the entrance.

“Eric give me my book I have an important test of dead languages on the first period” She said as she ran after him, I never knew why he bothered her when he knew she could easily kick his ass. We reached the main entrance and we typed our students’ codes in the code pad, as soon as the red light turned green we opened the gate and walked inside, closing it behind us. To get inside the castle you needed a code, every student has one, every guardian, every single person who worked inside the castle had one, if you don’t have a code and you jump over the fence you will be dead before you take three steps in. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen.

“I have Dead languages first with Mr. Yoshimoto” Riley said as if that was enough excuse to just walk away from us looking down at her book. Eric and I just looked at each other for a while before laughing.

“I swear that girl is some sort of android that came to this place to destroy everyone” He said as he walked with me to history class, as always I got all kinds of weird looks and death glares, I know a lot of people here thought I didn’t deserve to study at this Academy and also a lot of people tried to hurt me for that matter. Ever since I was little I’ve been bullied for the color of my eyes, the only two people who ever dared to be my friends were Eric and Riley, him because he had to go against popular opinions and her because she just didn’t care about what people thought about her. Now that I finally grow up and leave all that behind I find out that I’m technically a princess and everybody starts to hate me again.

Just amazing!

Some random guys pushed my books out of my hands and made them fall to the ground, it was a very childish thing to do I must say, I just took a deep breath before kneeling down and picking them up. Eric turned around with a very cold expression on his face.

“Hey are you looking to start a fight” He put his backpack on the floor and started to walk towards those kids; I grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“Let it go Eric” I shook my head because I didn’t want to make a scene. If anybody saw us they would instantly jump to the conclusion that the two poor kids coming from town started the fight and not their precious Horos kids. Eric stared at them for a while and picked up his backpack again and turned to leave. I sighed in relief as I followed him.

We walked inside the classroom and took two empty seats in the middle, I instantly put my backpack on an empty seat next to me so Lana can sit next to me, that is something we normally do on all the classes we have together, we always save a seat for the other depending on who arrives first. Just a couple of students were there and since the teacher hadn’t arrived yet they were murmuring things and laughing.

“What are you doing tonight?” Eric suddenly asked me. I pulled my notebook out and my text book.

“Nothing much” I said “I’ll make dinner for my dad and after that I’m pretty much free”

“We should go practice to the empty field behind my house” Eric proposed, I had to smile to that because after Riley kicked his butt in Martial arts class a few weeks ago he’s been practicing with me so when they pair us again this week he can try to beat her.

Let me tell you…not going to happen, he can try though.

“Sure” I shrugged as I wrote down some stuff for today’s class.

Lana walked in a few minutes later and she looked relieved to see that I actually saved a spot for her; I bet she thought I was mad at her for what happened at the hospital, I wasn’t mad of course, it wasn’t her fault, she was just a messenger.

“How are you feeling?” She asked. I smiled at her.

“I’m good” I shrugged “I don’t think I’ll play baseball anytime soon but whatever” We both laughed and she pulled out her books as well.

“What did your uhh…father say?” She asked looking down at her notebook.

“He was so worried that he even asked me to stay home” I giggled “Not gonna happen though, I have a bunch of exams this week”

“I know right!” She exclaimed “I have like three tomorrow that I have not even looked at yet”

“I feel you” Eric said as he sighed, he wasn’t the smartest either. “Can we change that practice for a study session with Riley tonight”

“Definitely that’s the best idea you’ve ever had” I said with enthusiasm. Riley would totally help us pass, she was a freaking genius.

“Can I go?” Lana asked. We both looked at her surprised, this was the first time she ever asked to hang out with us, it’s not like we ever invited her but she never asked either. It was weird.

“Sure” I replied “I don’t think Riley would mind”

One hour later our teacher was finishing her lecture on the seven souls, I never really paid attention to what she was saying because the story was so boring I could literally just fall asleep and wake up next year, I don’t know how any of that will help be a better guardian on a near future, I needed to know how to defend myself and others, how to use the powers inside of me and how resist big battles. All this crap about how the island was created didn’t matter. Lana on the other hand seemed to be very interested, she wrote down everything the teacher said.

“So study all this because it will be on your exam tomorrow” The teacher said as the bell rang meaning the class ended. That was great, just what I needed, an exam on that boring story, they might as well just kill me right now.

“Ugh!” I exclaimed “I hate History tests” I grabbed all my stuff and Eric grabbed my bag and smiled at me as he carried my stuff to the gym.

“Its easy stuff” Lana said “I’ll teach you”

“You say it’s easy because you’ve been living the story your entire life” I rolled my eyes, as a princess she needed to know everything about this country.

“Yeah and now you need to know everything too” She had that stupid smile on her face that irritated me so bad. I sighed and just let it go for now. We stopped in front of the gym and Eric gave me my bag back, we had to go change before the class started, he gave me a reassuring smile and left to go get changed. Lana wasn’t allowed to do anything in this class because she was the princess and technically I shouldn’t be having this class either but since I wasn’t a legal princess yet I took advantage of it. We dropped our bags and walked to where the rest of the students were. This wasn’t a normal gym because this wasn’t made to practice sports or any of that stuff, here Vincent taught us how to fight and defend ourselves, the walls were equipped with blades and armor, the floor was filled with obstacles to teach us resistance. I left Lana on a bench and spotted Eric and Riley stretching a little far from the group, Vincent hadn’t arrived yet so I joined them.

“Hey” Eric wrapped an arm around my shoulders “I was just telling Riley how your sister will join us for study night today” I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, be nice to her” I told him “She’s actually cool once you get to know her”

“I don’t mind” Riley said as she took off her glasses and brush back her long black curls. “She is very smart too so I think it will be a win-win situation” I nodded.

Vincent arrived and we walked closer to the group, since he was such an experienced guardian he decided to be a Martial arts teacher, the guy was an absolute machine, and there wasn’t a person on this island that could make him fall. He crossed his arms over his chest as he looked around the group, making his muscles look bigger, not that he needed any help to look bigger.

“Today we’re going to practice low kicks and surprise attacks” He said “Pair up everybody” I hated when we did this because we were just three and Eric always looked for this as an opportunity to try to defeat Riley, thing that never happened, leaving me alone. Vincent walked over to me; he looked down at me like he actually couldn’t believe I was there. “I think you should wait on the bench with Lana”

“I’m strong enough to fight” I simply said. He gave me a half smile but not a nice one, the type of half smiles that made you think something bad was about to happen. He looked around the place.

“Ok then…Trenton you’re up with Miss Scott” He called and Trenton looked my way with the biggest evil smile I’ve ever seen. I swear to you that Vincent hates me, there’s no other explanation. Trenton Reed was the biggest guy on our class, he had blonde hair and dark evil green eyes, his father Maxon Reed was a known guardian in our world for having the record of killing a thousand Myyts, and Trenton always says he wants to be like his father one day. A killing machine. Trenton stood in front of me, smiling like he was better. “You guys are up first”

Did I mention that Trenton also hates me? No? Ok.

We walked to the middle of the gym and everybody stood around us to watch, I was sure I was going get my ass kicked, I was still recovering from what happened and there was no way I could take this huge guy down. Vincent was just standing there with a serious face just waiting for something to happen. My heart was starting to get out of my chest and I just wished for this to be over soon. Vincent said something that I didn’t understand but soon I saw Trenton running towards me, he threw a punch with his right arm that I easily blocked with my arms, then with his left arm he punched my stomach, getting all the air out my body and making me take a few steps back, he had a huge smile while doing this, I tried to get the air fill my lungs when he punched my face then kicked me, I lost my balance and fell to the floor.

I heard the voices of the kids cheering and screaming around us. I tried to make a hit but he grabbed my arm twisting it around and throwing me on the floor one more time.

“Are you sure you want to be a guardian Maya?” Trenton asked “Because you suck at it, if you can’t defend yourself from me, what makes you think you will defend someone else from a Myyt” I looked up at Lana and I noticed the concern filling her green eyes, Trenton grabbed my hair and pulled me up, that was illegal but Vincent didn’t do anything about it. “It’s so easy for me to humiliate you in front of these people. Can you hear the laughs?” He asked, I could actually hear them laughing “Nobody cares about you Maya, not your biological parents, not your friends, not even your adoptive parents…I bet your mother killed herself to run away from you”

Ok that’s it.

I was so mad that I managed to get out of his grip and turn around, I threw a high kick and he easily grabbed my leg in the air, I then jumped and kicked him right in the face with my other leg. He seemed surprised when one of his hands touched the side of his face, I took a step back just to get more distance between us, he looked very upset, Trenton threw another hit and I quickly stepped back, he tried to grabbed me but I ran to the side making him more pissed, he loved to have his hands on his victims. I jumped and kicked his back, thing that made him fall on his knee, the room was quiet, and I think this was the first time someone ever made the big Trenton Reed fall to his knees. He turned around like a raged bull and tackled me to the ground, I was gasping for air when he stood up and then put his hands around my neck and pulled me up again, he squeezed…hard.

The guy was trying to strangle me.

“That’s illegal!” I heard someone scream.

I gathered the strength inside of me, I felt the energy source build in my hands ready to get out, and instead of just shooting him I grabbed his wrists and squeezed them too. He screamed in pain and finally let me go, I fell on my feet and got ready to just burst a hole through his stomach, it would probably take him up to three weeks to heal. Suddenly a couple of strong arms grabbed me and pulled me back, I looked up to find Vincent and Eric pulling me while Trenton’s friends were trying to pull him back. He was out of control.

“You burnt me bitch!” He yelled “You’re dead you hear me!”

“Get over it you freak” I shot back. “You tried to strangle me”

“You’re over!” He said one more time before walking out of the gym with his friends following close behind.

“Calm down” Vincent said as he made me sit on a bench next to Lana.

“What did you do?” Eric asked as he looked at me with admiration.

“I used the energy to burn his wrists so he would let me go” I said, I was slowly calming down as the air filled my lungs again.

“That was amazing!” Eric exclaimed “And the way you just pushed him down” I rolled my eyes as he told me how it looked from the outside “You looked like a total badass”

I looked up at Vincent who had the strangest expression ever, like he couldn’t believe what just happened, Lana stood up and punched his arm, I bet if somebody else did this it would be dead in two seconds.

“Why did you let it get this far? He could have killed her!” She scolded him; it looked really funny by the way. Vincent just shrugged and shook his head like he didn’t know what to answer. “You should’ve done something earlier, now look at those marks on her neck” Lana was really upset about this and it was weird to see him just out of words because he cared so much of what she thought of him. Vincent didn’t know what to do with this little angry ball next to him.

“Its fine” I said waving it off, everybody just looked at me “I’m ok, nothing’s broken”

“You should probably see a doctor” Vincent said, one of his hands grabbed my chin and lifted it up to see my neck “You should definitely see one”

“I’m fine” I said again “I’m not the one with a burnt wrist, trust me I’m ok”

“Fine but stay on the bench for the rest of the class” Vincent said and now I knew it was an order. I’m not crazy enough to disobey him.

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