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Think About the snow

Luke found a place for us to stay the night, it was a really lovely hotel, and they even had apples on the front desk. I moved forward to take one but in the minute I took a step in that direction Evan pulled me back, my back groaned. He didn’t even look down at me when he spoke.

“This Hotel is managed by really traditional Horos” His words were emotionless “If they see you then we won’t be able to stay here”

Of course!

Just because my eyes were a different color I had to stay behind and wait until they were done, I have no words to express how much that sucks. Hayden and Luke came back with several keys on their hands; they started to pass them over.

“I got us a really good deal” Hayden said as he took a bite of a really red apple, and that made me so jealous. “I’m the best damn thing this team has”

“Sure” Luke rolled his eyes as he finished passing the keys over “Everybody has an independent room because Mr. I’m a guardian right here decided to flirt with the old lady behind the counter and her husband”

“That’s disgusting” I said looking down at my key, it said 345 on it, so I’m guessing that was my room. “Deleting, deleting, deleting”

“Say whatever you want sis” Hayden smiled at me “You have ocean view”

“There’s an ocean near?” I asked.

“No” Luke said as he walked out to get the bags. Everybody started to head towards the elevator, because yes this hotel has an elevator, to get to our rooms, I was in deep need of a hot shower and a comfortable bed. Evan gave me a bag and I threw it over my shoulder; my back protested again, I guess that fight did have some secondary damages. I made my way to the elevator with Vincent, Lana and Lui. I massaged over my shoulder to relieve some of the pain my back was feeling. Suddenly a bright red apple came into my vision, I looked back to find Vincent with his arm extended offering me the really delicious looking apple.

“For me?” I asked him.

“Yeah” He said. I grabbed the apple and looked at it for a while before giving it a huge bite, I didn’t realize until then how hungry I was and that just felt like having food after months of starvation. Can you starve for months? Who knows? I felt a soft moan escape my lips and I opened my eyes and looked around, the three of them were looking at me with smiles on their faces. “I was hungry” I said and shrugged, a pinching pain stabbed my back again. The elevator arrived and we walked in, three floors later we were walking down the hall to go to our respective rooms. Lui and Lana went to the left and Vincent and I went to the right.

We walked to the far end of the hall were my room was, I was surprised to find out Vincent’s room was just next to mine.

“If you need anything give me a call” He said standing there with his door wide open. I nodded.

“Sure” I said. I gave him a smile and walked inside my very fancy room. It was so fancy that it was almost like my room in the castle. I left my bag on the bed and opened the balcony doors, I had no ocean view but it wasn’t a bad view after all, I could see the city lights in the distance and the stars in the sky. There was a pub next to the hotel and I could hear the faint sound of cups and people talking.

As promised the first thing I did was taking that much deserved hot shower. I felt like I could finally breathe after everything that had happen within the last two or three days, I was so exhausted, there was no way to express how tired I was of everything. My brain could barely process all the information and my body was so tired that I felt I could pass out any moment now. Once I was fresh I sat on the bed and pulled out something to sleep with out of the bag Evan gave me.

There was a knock on the door.

I opened it to find Vincent standing there on a more comfortable clothes, I looked at him in shock for a few seconds and then moved to the side so he could go inside. Vincent looked around and then back at me with a lifted eyebrow.

“What’s wrong?” He seemed to be so tense.

“I came here to talk” He shrugged and also lifted what it looked to be a healing cream “And also to rub this on your back”

“My back is fine” My left hand instantly flew over my shoulder to the place my back was aching at the moment.

“Don’t be silly and turn around” He said as he took a two steps towards me, I took two steps back, I did not want his hands on me for any reason possible.

“I’m fine” I said again trying to convince this dude of not touching me.

“Maya” He glared at me “You know I’ll do it anyway, I know I’ll do it anyway…why don’t you spare both of us the awkwardness and just turn around and take off your shirt” I groaned and gave him a death glare before turning around and face the wall. Vincent lifted my shirt and there was silence for a while before I felt the soft and cold cream on me, he massaged my back in circles for a while, as a matter of fact it did made me feel better or maybe it was just my imagination. I felt Vincent sigh behind me. “Maya”

“What?” Whatever he wanted to talk about I was sure I would not like it.

“Can you explain to me exactly what’s going on?” He asked and I pulled down my shirt and turned to face him.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the fact that you got smashed against a car, left a horrible dent on it and yes your back is completely purple but by the size of that dent I would say that your back would be destroyed” Vincent grabbed my shoulders like if he was about to shake me “I’m talking about you feeling the attack before it actually happened and…” He took a while and when he spoke next his voice was barely a whisper “I’m talking about the night in the cabin”

“What about that night” He had me confused there.

“You don’t remember anything about that night?” His green eyes somehow seemed to try to dig deep into my soul.

“No…I just remember being with you and then blank”

“I just…you just…” Vincent was really struggling to say whatever he wanted to say.


“I think you healed me” He whispered “Somehow I think you passed over your energy and made me feel better”

“How is that even possible?” I asked more to myself than to him. That could explain how he just recovered so quickly but then why did I feel like crap the day after. “Do you think I gave you my energy and absorbed your weakness or something?”

“Maybe I don’t know…that could explain why you were feeling so awful right after” He let go of my arms and looked down at his feet “I just remember you laid there with me and I started to feel better…then when I tried to wake you up it was impossible”

I tried to process this information, that wasn’t something nobody heard of ever; healing other people was never something a Luminary could do. I couldn’t help to think that maybe I was becoming something strange, if I put everything together it made sense, I could feel Myyts and Dark dogs from a distance, I probably could heal people and lately I’ve been noticing my energy was somehow stronger.

“What’s wrong with me?” I said in complete panic. Vincent took a deep breath and wrapped an arm around me pulling me into a hug.

“Nothing is wrong with you” He rubbed my lower back softly “We’ll figure it out I promise” I held into his shirt to look for support. I never stopped to think that maybe something completely different was happening to me, like if I was morphing into some strange thing. Like a freaking werewolf.

Wait a second…

“Do you think that Dark Dog bite has something to do with this?” I asked him. He seemed to be thinking about it with a deep frown in his face. I can tell he never considered that as a possibility. Could a bite actually change us? Who was the last person to actually get bitten by a Dark Dog and actually survived. You know someone besides me.

“I don’t think that is possible but I’ll look into it ok” He said as he rubbed my lower back a little bit more and then stood up. I started to panic because this was one of those moments that I didn’t want to be alone at all. I grabbed his sleeve and he looked down at me. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you…” I didn’t even know how to put it into words “Do you mind staying with me?” I could tell he was about to say no but for some reason he just stopped, thought about it for a while and after sighing really hard he started to take off his sweater and looked for the nearest chair to sit down.

“I’ll be here until you fall asleep” He said. I took a deep breath and walked over to my bed. I didn’t have any dinner but that wasn’t something I actually cared about in this moment, I had a lot to think about, not only the fact that I was becoming something strange but also the fact that I found my brother, or he found me for that matter, the fact that a lot of stuff I thought weren’t actually true in my family and to top it all we are at risk every single minute…they’re going to try to attack us again, I just know it. “Go to sleep Maya…we’ll be on our way early tomorrow”

“It’s like my brain can’t shut down…I keep thinking about every single thing” I ran a hand through my hair completely frustrated. I looked up at the ceiling and sighed. “My brother, my sister, the attack, and now…this thing that is happening to me”

There was silence for a while.

“Vincent?” I looked to the side and saw him crawling over to me. I gasped and he chuckled at that. Vincent laid down next to me and wrapped an arm around me just like he did on the cabin that night, just this time he pulled me over his chest and played with my hair.

“Don’t think about anything” He whispered “Think about the snow”

“Snow?” I was confused.

“Yes…” He said with a sweet smile playing in his lips “Think about the snow and how white it is, think how it feels under your boots, think how soft and cold it is on your hands, think about how funny it looks when you first start to make a ball…think about how peaceful it is when you make an angel” I started to picture all those stuff as he mentioned them I don’t even know if it was just the sound of his voice, the way he kept playing with my hair softly.

But without knowing it I was falling asleep.

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