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In fact, my eyes were wide open, I just couldn’t see anything. Was I blind? What was going on with me? I started to panic.

“Hayden?” My voice sounded so shaky and weak, it also felt like I was about to start to cry.

“It’s ok” I felt him taking my hand “I’m here, don’t worry”

“I can’t see,” I said and then I felt another hand taking mine.

“Its fine…that’s normal just give it a minute” Evan said. I nodded and I tried to make my lungs slow down. Slowly everything started to clear out and even when it was blurry at first, I felt way better that at least I wasn’t completely blind. I looked to my right to find my brother kneeling next to me and then to my left to find Vincent grabbing my hand in the same position as my brother and for some reason, I thought that was Evan the one holding my hand.

“What was that?” I asked, and everybody just stared at me like waiting for me to give a response to that same question.

“Are you ok?” Hayden asked me. I let go of Vincent’s hand so I could jump on my brother, he hugged me back with the same intensity. “What the hell just happened?”

“I don’t know” Was my only answer. I truly didn’t know what just happened. I tried to stand up and Hayden and Vincent helped me do so. I stumbled a little, but I managed to stand on my own feet, I had that numb sensation when you feel a strong pain and then they give you a really good painkiller. I could feel my body but at the same time, I didn’t.

“You were called,” Evan said, he was standing in front of me, something about his face seemed a little different, he looked creepier than ever, nothing to do with the flirty and nice guy that was my guardian. But wait…did he just say that I was called?

“What do you mean?” I asked him. The strange woman then came out from behind him, this time she looked less creepy than before and way younger. Her platinum hair looked even more beautiful from up close but it was her eyes the thing that actually caught my attention.

They were just as blue as mine.

So that wasn’t a hallucination as I thought it was, because come on, what were the chances to find somebody with the same eye color as me in this island, I was the weirdest thing around, even more weird than Aris people to the Horos. To see her there standing looking back at me just for some reason made me sign in relief.

“He means you were called as in you’re the great warrior” She smiled and I swear it was the most perfect smile I’ve ever seen in the entire world. “I know you must have a ton of questions right now”

“I’ve had a ton of questions my entire life” I rolled my eyes at how ridiculous everything was, and how fast everything was happening.

Wait a second… hold your horses!

Did this girl just say that I was the great warrior? Was she serious? I think this girl was out of her mind, she had to be crazy there was no way I was the great warrior…Lana was the great warrior, she was the one who was supposed to save the world, she was the one that was supposed to fight all those demons and bring the peace to the land. I mean don’t get me wrong, I was going to fight by her side, I was willing to even die with her in battle if it was necessary, she is my sister but going from being a secondary character to being the main character of this novel was a whole different story. I didn’t sign up for this and I sure as hell didn’t want this type of responsibility on my shoulders.

“Quit playing,” I told her as I pointed at her with my index finger, this kind of jokes were not funny at all.

“She’s not playing,” Evan said and when I thought this scene couldn’t get crazier his eyes went from that sparkly green to a bright blue, the same blue of the ocean. I swear everybody just took a single step back and away from him. That’s when it hit me like a freaking truck, the similarities between the platinum girl and Evan. An old conversation was buzzing in the back of my head…

“I was born in Newport but I grew up in Helenwood, it’s a very beautiful place around this time of the year”

“Do you have any brothers or sisters?” Lana kept asking.

“I have a sister” He smiled at the memory “Who’s actually a giant pain in the ass”

“Is she older or younger?”


Could this girl be the sister Evan was talking about back then? She took a step towards me and in that very second Vincent went into guardian mode and blocked her from getting close to me, I had to take a small step back.

“Like you could ever take me” She rolled her eyes and tried to go around him but he didn’t let her.

“Nobody is getting closer to her before we get some answers” He simply said.

“I’ll take you down before you even know it,” She said as she put a hand on her hip and tapped the grass with her right feet.

“I would like to see you try” His voice was ice cold. I’ve never seen him like this.

“Layet…” Evan started “Stop” She groaned and gave him a death glare.

“It’s Elena!” She stomped on the floor like a five-year-old “I hate that name”

“It’s the name our parents gave you so that’s how I’m going to call you” He crossed his arms over his chest.

“Should I call you by your real name too then?” She crossed her arms too, copying his gesture; they stared at each other for a while.

“Fine” He gave up after a whole minute.

“Is it just me or the conversation just went off track over there?” Eric said and I saw Luke nodding while Lui just shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m so lost right now,” Lui said.

“Let’s go inside, I’ll give some of the answers you guys are looking for,” Elena said.

So, this is how the board goes:

Lana is not the great warrior.

Evan is not Evan’s real name.

I’m the great warrior.

Evan and Elena have the same eye color as me.

I’m going crazy with all this information.

So we walked back into the house, Hayden and Vincent were walking close to me, Lana hasn’t said a word since we got here, my friends are just in a corner looking at everything and not saying anything as well, I guess all those rules Evan gave us when we walked in still apply. We walked back into the living room and sat down. I could tell Vincent was still anxious and he wasn’t the only one, I was about to break in half.

“So…let’s begin shall we,” Elena said with a perfect smile on her lips. I don’t know how this girl could be so cheerful after everything that just went down. “Do you have any questions?”

“Why am I the great warrior?” I asked because that was at the top of the list of things that were bothering me right now. She giggled.

“It was a matter of probability” Elena shrugged and her stare dazed over to my sister “You both had equal chances of being the great warrior. The Souls chose you”

“So you say my sister could also have been the great warrior?” This was so confusing.

“Yes,” She leaned her head to the side as she said this next thing “You both had the symptoms. Lack of powers, sensibility, and more important the blue eyes, you both had chances of being the one, it just that it turned out we had the wrong information on who was the one”

“So how does this works?” Vincent asked with a very hostile voice.

“Now that Maya has been called the balance will be restored, Lana will get her powers and Maya will be the warrior that is going to fight against the evil soul” Elena’s words were piercing a hole through me.

“What do my eyes have to do with anything?” I looked over at Evan who was also staring back at me. He was so serious, there was nothing left of the guy that I called my guardian.

“Only the pure souls have blue eyes…From Vayet to the following generations, The Horos and the Aris don’t have them because they are a mix of soul and human, but you are entirely made of soul gene. It runs through your veins and that’s why Evan and I have the same eye color”

“So you guys are Souls…like real souls?” Hayden was the one to speak.

“Yes,” Evan said with a very serious voice. Every single body that was standing took a step back. So that meant he had been lying this entire time about his identity. His now blue eyes landed on mine but I quickly looked away. “I’m from the second generation…Elena is two generations younger”

“So, I’m a soul?” That was so crazy considering who my parents were.

“Yes…you’re a direct descendent from Vayet” Elena gave me that bright smile again “You’re supposed to carry on the legacy”

We all stood silent for a moment trying to process all this information. It seemed to be so surreal like I was watching all this happen from another’s person point of view. How could all this be true?

“Your mission now as the great warrior is to find the power stone…only with that, all your powers will come in to play” Evan explained like he had been doing this for years now.

“The power stone?” Hayden frowned at the mention of this very powerful element in our world. “I was sent on a mission by the king to find it”

“I’m sure there’s no coincidence on that…” Elena said as she looked from Hayden to me.

“You say the King knew I was the great warrior” That had to be a lie because the king was shouting out to the entire world that Lana was the great warrior, why would be put his own daughter in danger by saying something he knew wasn’t true. This all made no sense.

“I’m pretty sure he knew,” Evan said “Some things start to add up in my head, but let’s wait until he arrives so he can explain himself”

“He’s coming?” I heard Lana’s voice for the first time in a long time, she even seemed excited “When?”

“Today…they should be on their way over already,” Elena said as she looked down at her nails like it was the most random conversation she ever had in her entire life. “they had to wait until everything was calm back in the castle so they could follow you guys here”

“In the meantime why don’t we all just get comfortable and get something to eat,” Evan said but even then nobody moved a muscle. “Get up!” He exclaimed and everybody was on their way. Riley, Eric, and Luke went to grab the bags to go upstairs, Lui stayed next to Lana for the rest of the time and Hayden and Vincent weren’t leaving my side. I couldn’t be more confused even if I tried. This was the most stupid moment ever. How was I supposed to lead a battle, I could barely stand on my feet during combat on Vincent’s class, how could I take on a full powerful soul.

A soul that wanted to destroy everything as we knew it.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” I said. Hayden wrapped an arm around my shoulders and shook me a little.

“We’ll be there with you,” He said. Vincent nodded.

“You’re not alone…we were there for Lana it’s not different for you” Vincent grabbed my hand and squeezed it for a second before turning around to face Evan. “We need to talk”

“I knew this would come” He rolled his bright blue eyes and walked back outside with Vincent following close behind. Hayden saw them leave and when the guys got back inside with the bags we followed Elena upstairs. She showed us what would be our rooms for the night, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to spend the night here but since I needed some answers I was willing to wait. Hayden stood with me in my temporary room and waited for everybody to leave to take a real good look at me.

“How are you feeling about all of this?” He asked me. I took a moment to think about his question. How was I feeling? Confused, exhausted, betrayed, frustrated, there were a lot of words I could use to describe what I was feeling.

“I ’m fine” I simply said. Telling the world how I felt wasn’t going to make a difference, I needed some answers to find some kind of peace.

“It’s been crazy huh” He took a couple of steps closer to me. “We’ll get through this, I promise”

“Are we going to get through this alive?” That was my worst fear of all, as Lana’s sister I didn’t care to be fighting with her, for a bigger cause, but now I wasn’t so sure that I wanted my family and all of my friends to be doing this with me. It could get real out there, it was already real, we’ve been under attack a couple of times now, and things just were about to get worse.

“We’ll make it through as we can” He grabbed my hands “It doesn’t matter the outcome I’ll be here with you” We’ve been apart for such a long time now but it was like he still knew me like he knew himself.

“I’m scared” I said out loud for the first time since I stepped inside the castle that first day, these last few months I’ve been afraid of putting my thoughts into words, because they would make me feel weak, because they would mean that all of this was real and I wasn’t living a dream...

Or a nightmare.

“It’s only natural” Hayden said “I would be worried if you weren’t, but you are strong, don’t you ever forget that” He gave me one of those smiles he always gave me when he was done fighting the bullies that used to bother me, like trying to say ‘you did this all by yourself, I’m just helping you out’ or trying to say ‘I will always be here for you’ I loved him a little bit more every time he smiled at me like that.

“Thanks, Hayden,” I said.

“For what?” He actually seemed confused for a while.

“For finding me” He just shrugged and smiled at me one more time. We both heard a knock on the door and turned to see Vincent standing at the door looking like he was ready to break some faces.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him, he walked inside and closed the door behind him.

“I don’t like the feeling I’m having with this situation, Eastwood refused to give me any more information than necessary ... if things don’t go out as planned and the King doesn’t show up we might need to escape, I’m just letting you guys know.”

“You think you can fight a soul” Hayden crossed his arms over his chest.

“If he’s lying to us I will sure as hell try” Vincent shot back, then his green eyes landed on me. “Are you ok?” I had to be honest and say I was getting tired of that question.

“I’m Ok,” I said and we just stood there staring at each other, Hayden cleared his throat and left the room. Traitor.

Vincent walked over to me and brushed back some hair out of my face, I could tell he was worried about my sanity, but there was nothing to be worried about, I’ve been crazy for a long time now. He sat down on the bed and grabbed my hand, pulling me into his lap and wrapping his arms around me. I felt my heart started racing against my chest and my lungs stopped responding to my brain’s commands. Was he trying to kill me?

“I was so... afraid?” He whispered, “For a moment down there, I was so focused on Lana and then you just started to scream, and I thought my heart would get out of my chest and my brain would just explode. I was terrified” Was this giant and really strong guy admitting that he was afraid of something? I’m done! Where’s a camera when you need one?

“I didn’t mean to scare you” Was all I could say, to be honest, I was terrified myself “But look at the positive thing we can get out of all of this ... now we know the Dark Dog bite had nothing to do with what was happening to me” He chuckled and looked into my eyes like it was the last time he could ever see them.

“I want you to stay next to me or your brother from now on, I will do my best from now on to protect you and your sister,” He said. I frowned.

“So you trust my brother now?” That was by far the weirdest thing.

“No ... but he obviously cares about you” Vincent scratched the back of his head “When you ran off into the woods he didn’t even hesitate to run after you, it was instinct for me and Eastwood but he just ran after you without thinking it twice and even ran past me so ... I guess I can recognize that he wants you safe” This actually made me feel happy.

“I guess” I tried to hold back the cheesy smile that tried to take over my face.

“Come on, let’s go get something to eat at least,” He said standing up with me sitting still on his lap, his strong arm was still wrapped around as he made us both stand up and he didn’t let go of me while we were on our way to the door. This place was extremely huge, I didn’t know how could they manage to live here all alone, or actually were they even alone? “I don’t like this place,” Vincent said, it looked like he was thinking the same thing I was thinking.

We walked down the stairs and into the huge kitchen, the walls were all white and they had pretty modern appliances to be such an old place, we looked inside the fridge, it was a little hard for me to move around because Vincent was still holding me against him. This was so odd. Lana and Lui walked into the kitchen as well and Vincent instantly put me down, I frowned at this, he was being silly, it wasn’t like she didn’t act all lovey around Evan with him near them. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the first thing I could see that turned out to be a green apple. I walked to the stools and sat down facing the back door.

“Ok so do we believe everything they’re telling us?” Lui asked. I sighed.

“Well there’s no reason not to, first of all if Evan wanted to hurt me or Lana he had many chances to do so, also it is obvious that there is some fishy thing going on with the King and all this great warrior thing” I replied to him “I guess we just need to wait for the King to arrive and provide some answers”

“I guess you’re right” Lui nodded while rubbing Lana’s arm. She was looking directly at Vincent, I turned around to look at him and found he was staring at me in the weirdest way.

“What?” I asked him.

“Nothing,” He said but he kept staring at me in the same way.

“Don’t look at me it makes me feel weird!” I told him and stood up from the stool and went to the backyard to finish my apple. When I heard the door behind me I literally thought he had followed me but instead I found Lana standing there with a weird look on her face, my first thought was that maybe she was upset about my relationship with Vincent. I really hoped that was not the case. She looked down at her shoes and then went to stand next to me.

“Are you mad?” She asked. I frowned at this.

“Why would I be?”

“Because I’m not the warrior anymore and now you have to take on this role that you never asked for” She had a hard time looking into my eyes.

“I don’t think you ever wished this for Christmas” I rolled my eyes, this isn’t something we waited for under our trees, I don’t think any great warrior knew they had this coming, but it was here and we had to face it.

“I didn’t” She simply said and then looked up at the sky “But somehow I feel it just got more complicated”

“Me too” I shrugged “I just feel relieved that you don’t have to be on the center anymore, being like you and having to battle would be extra hard” She giggled.

“I guess” She seemed to think about it for a while “But I would kick ass you know”

“I have no doubt” I laughed, I could not imagine her fighting at all.

We stood there in silence for a moment.

“So…You and Vincent huh?” She started. Ah! There we go!

“Me and Vincent?” I looked at her trying to figure out what she was thinking through her expression, it told me nothing.

“You guys seem pretty close” She seemed to be fighting a smile.

“I guess…but that’s because I’m just too awesome” I shrugged like it was a fact “He could never resist” She giggled again making me smile.

“You are”


“Awesome,” She said this with a very honest smile and once again, even with all the things we were going through, I felt grateful for my sister.

We were all back inside the living room sitting in a giant circle, nobody was comfortable, my brother and Vincent were both standing beside me, Eric, Riley, and Luke just stood near a corner not really wanting to get involved, Lui was sitting next to Lana just playing with her hair and it didn’t go unnoticed the way Vincent and Evan’s eyes landed on them from time to time.

“If this isn’t awkward then I don’t know what is?” I simply said because well…somebody had to say something.

“You guys are making this awkward because you want to,” Evan said “Nothing has changed”

“Everything has changed,” Vincent said we all felt the tension between the two.

He was right, everything changed, Lana was no longer the great warrior and I was.

“Let me get this off my back right quick,” Hayden said as he looked at Evan with a very serious face. “My sister won’t do anything she doesn’t want to do”

“Nobody would force her” Elena spoke for the first time in like forever, she was waving her legs from side to side like a three-year-old. “But she will do it because it’s her destiny…many lives depend on her”

“As I said…She won’t do anything she does not want to do” Hayden said this like it was an easy thing, but truth to be told it was easier said than done, Elena was right, tons of lives depended on me, I couldn’t just choose not to do it. This had to be considered carefully.

“Right now what I’m most interested in is the relationships in this group” Elena leaned her head to the side like she couldn’t understand what she was seeing.

“Elena, don’t…” Evan started “It’s complicated”

“I’m bored” she simply said “I can see the relationships, that’s my special power, love, hate, friendship…everything. It’s like strings connecting two people, strings that come and go, each string has a color…”

“Elena” Evan warned her.

She didn’t listen.

“Love is red, and it has multiple shades going to pink depending on the intensity, hate is black, friendship is yellow and so on and so on.” She looked at us like it was amusing to her. “For example the strings going from her to her,” She said pointing at me and Lana “Are blue, which means you are sisters but care for each other as sisters too” She looked at Lui “The string from him to her” She pointed between him and Lana “Is bright red”

“Oh, fuck,” Lui said.

Nothing could describe this situation better.

“The strings going from him and him to her” She pointed at Hayden and Eric to Riley “are also bright red” That made me very surprised. “But she only has one red string that goes back to him,” She said pointing at my brother “Yours is yellow buddy I’m sorry” She shrugged like this was some sort of reality show and Eric was casually being disqualified. “Now this is the best area, where all the drama is going on” She pointed at our section. “My brother has one red string going to the warrior and a light pink going to her twin sister. Big gorilla guy over there has two red ones going to each sister, the blonde one has just one red going to my brother, a pink one going to the little guy over there…” She pointed a Lui “And a blue one going to big gorilla guy”


“Then the warrior has a red one going to gorilla guy and a not so red one going to my brother, blue to the twin sister, blue to the other guy over there, and yellow for everybody else” She really seemed to be enjoying this whole situation and I was one inch away to punching her face. “Looks like you guys have a mess over here…I can fix it if…”

“Elena!” Evan yelled “That’s enough! Wait upstairs”

“You can’t tell me what to do” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Does it look like I’m joking?” To be honest, he did not, his face was completely serious. Looks like she noticed that cause then she just disappeared.

There was a moment of silence.

“Well, I was wrong before…This is awkward” I said.

“That has to be the understatement of the century,” Hayden said.

“I think I’m going to go puke,” Eric said and just left his corner and headed for the stairs.

“Eric…” Riley tried to say but he just waved it off and left.

There was another moment of silence.

“Don’t listen to anything my sister says…she just wants to bother you guys” Evan waived it off like it meant nothing but truth was it meant a lot, what she just said wasn’t something we didn’t know or suspect already but just putting it out in the open made things harder for everybody. I looked at Vincent who was silently looking down at his hands, I’m guessing finding out that Lana didn’t have any feelings towards him had a big impact on him, how could it not, he had been in love with the kid for a while now.

Wait a second…

…so that meant I was in love with Vincent and had a crush on Evan, and they both knew it. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, I couldn’t be any more embarrassed than I was now, I stood up and then sat back down not knowing what to do.

“Don’t give it much thought Maya, it’s not worth it” Evan said and he just crossed his arms around his chest.

“You like my sister dude” I heard Luke’s voice say behind us but that was a mess I didn’t want to get involved in.

“I swear man nothing has happened?” My brother then stated this was just getting worse. Lana was refusing to look at Lui, despite all his efforts of trying to speak to her, Vincent was still lost in his thoughts and Evan was just standing there like nothing just happened.

I bet my string towards Evan turned black or something like that.

That’s when I felt it, my entire body tensed up and I felt my heart started to race, the now known shiver that ran down my spine making me aware of what was coming, I stood up and Evan also looked anxious.

“What’s wrong?” I heard Hayden say behind me.

“I feel another wave coming…Myyts or Dark Dogs” I wasn’t really sure.

“Both” Evan said as he walked to the middle of the room, he pulled the carpet to reveal some secret door leading to a small hole full of guardian’s weapons and started passing them around, even Lana got one. Vincent didn’t look very happy about this situation.

“You stay inside” He looked at Lui “Stay with her” Lui just nodded and quickly stood up from his spot.

“Follow me,” Evan said and we did as he said, soon all the mess with the strings and the relationships was forgotten, or at least I hoped it was because this trip was going to be an even bigger mess if we’re going to be fighting with each other. We headed to the front of the house where we could feel the wave coming, we all got ready for the incoming attack, what we did not expect was the car that was heading at all speed towards the house, I felt Evan tense beside me.

“The King!” He said.

“What?” Vincent took a step forward as if he was going to meet the car halfway.

“He said he was going to come here undercover” Evan walked towards the entrance and he slowly starting picking up the pace until he was running “They found him!” He exclaimed and that’s when we all ran towards the car. Myyts started to appear from the woods and so were the dark dogs. Having one attack from one of them was one thing, but a combined attack? That was beyond understanding, even when both creatures came from the same hole it was so weird to see them working together on such a big amount, somebody had to be behind this, an organized attack like this could not be planned by Dark Dogs or Myyts.

I got into action, the adrenaline was starting to pump through my body so instead of using the dagger that Evan gave me I threw the thing to the side, I felt different from before being called, for the first time I felt really powerful and capable of anything. An electric ray of red light shot from my arm and impacted on two Myyts that were one in front of the other, the ray went through both Myyt’s chest killing them in an instant.

“I wonder if we’ll have to do anything or just let her do the work,” Luke said with a half-smile as he stabbed a Dark Dog.

“That is not funny,” Vincent said as he took down another Myyt. The car quickly pulled up in front of the door and I saw a couple of guards carry down others that were injured or maybe dead who knew. Evan was riding a Dark Dog and quickly stabbed it before throwing another knife to another Dark Dog coming his way, it did not kill it but he finished it by sending a blue ray of light in his direction.

“Why does nobody call me when the good stuff is happening?” Eric said running out of the house and quickly joining the fight.

“Eric…” Riley said and she looked at him with those pity eyes I know he was going to hate, it looked like she wanted to talk to him but this wasn’t the time for that. The wave was getting bigger and bigger, more creatures kept coming out of the woods, I didn’t even know if we were going to make it through this. I kept killing creature after creature with my powers but I was soon feeling tired from using my energy, I started to look with my eyes for the dagger that I quickly disregarded a couple of minutes ago, I knew I would need it soon.

“NO!” Suddenly we heard a painful scream behind us, I turned around enough to see the Queen holding Lana as the guards that were still ok pulled the King out of the car, it didn’t take long for me to know that he was dead.


I wished I could feel more than this indifference for this fact at the moment. My eyes went over to where Vincent and Evan were both fighting, they were both staring at the scene, I saw the rage coming from Vincent’s body, his eyes were wide open and he let out a furious scream before charging against the Dark Dogs and Myyts again. He was like a killing machine, putting them to sleep one after the other. There were still a lot coming towards us.

The moment of distraction cost me my position, one moment I was standing there and the next I was on the floor with a Dark Dog almost chewing my head, I shot my energy through my palms and the blue light pushed the dog back and it died with an awful sound. I quickly stood up in time to go against my next victim. Eric and I were back to back fighting a couple of Myyts, the guards that were capable of fighting soon joined us and we were back on track. I shot a Myyt and then turned around and shot another one, this was like a never-ending fight. I turned around just to see how two dogs came upon us, they threw us to the ground again, I got rid of mine and I turned to look at Eric who was on the floor not fighting back and the huge dog had its teeth deep down his throat. I shot it and quickly ran towards Eric to see how big the damage was.

As I reached him I felt my eyes burning, the blood was coming out non-stop, the huge bite on his neck looked pretty bad, his eyes were blank and horrifying, they looked empty, no sparkle and no life, I quickly moved to check his pulse and see if he was breathing…

He was dead.

Realization hit me like a truck, his lifeless eyes wide open, the blood coming out of this neck, he wasn’t breathing, he wasn’t moving, his heart just wasn’t working. I felt the tears fill my eyes even though I didn’t think I felt sad, I was so…angry.

Angry at every single Myyt and Dark Dog here, they were the cause for this person, this guy that had nothing to do with this mess just died. He banished out of thin air. I felt the anger raising over me, the adrenaline started pumping again through my system.

I stood up ready to murder every single living thing.

He was dead.

Eric was dead.

That’s when I lost it, I let the power inside of me run through my veins and escape through my hands, I couldn’t see what was going on anymore, all I could see was red all around me, the energy was going in every direction until I felt how a couple of strong arms pulled me back. I noticed Vincent’s scent instantly.

“Let me go!” I screamed as the tears kept running down my cheeks “I will murder every single bastard that had something to do with his death”

“It’s ok” He was trying to calm me down, rocking me back and forth and running his hands through my hair “It’s ok”

I finally stopped seeing red but then the tears made everything blurry. Vincent wrapped his arms tighter around me trying to comfort me but there was nothing he could do to make it hurt less. My best friend since forever is now dead, the guy that was not supposed to be here, he didn’t have anything to do with this fight yet he was here to help me and my sister and now he was gone.

“What am I going to tell his parents?” I whispered, “They’re going to hate me”

“No, they won’t,” Vincent said into my ear.

The sorrow, that was the hardest thing to pull through, I felt like my heart was been squished and pulled out of my chest. Vincent stood up and tried to make me stand with him but my legs weren’t even responding, my body was disconnected.

Then everything went black.

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