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What now? - Part 2

“When you girls were born, your father and I were really happy” she started with teary eyes and a smile on her lips as she remembered “We thought I would not be able to have children, but then we were blessed with not one but two. We were happier than ever” She squeezed our hands gently “We only started to panic when we noticed Maya’s eyes were slightly different from the rest of us” She then looked at me. “However even then we were going to keep you with us”

“What happened that made you change your mind?” Hayden was the one to speak next, he had a sharp look in his eyes, it was obvious that he felt somewhat resentful towards them for leaving me. The Queen turned to look at Evan and her smile faded a little.

“We had a visit from a Soul, and we were informed that she should not stay at the castle, otherwise it would be dangerous for her” She then looked at me “Our biggest enemy turned out to be closer than we thought”

“Someone from the council” Vincent said, she nodded.

“Whenwe decided to do your birthday party our goal was to see if we could identify him, but we were not able to” She said “In the case that it went wrong we instructed Mr. Eastwood to get you girls out and bring you here for your calling”

“So long story short” I spoke for the first time “You guys knew it was me, the great warrior I mean”

“We suspected it”

“And that’s why you sent her with my parents” Hayden chuckled. I tried to warn him with my eyes. Not a lot of people would tolerate for him to be disrespectful towards The Queen, especially under the circumstances we were in.


“Then why would the King say in front of everyone that Lana was the warrior?” I asked, because that didn’t make any sense to me. If they suspected I was the one, why would they just put their daughter on the spot.

“To protect you” She simply said. I was speechless at this, they just put their daughter in danger to take attention off me. That was ridiculous. I looked at Lana, but her gaze was off, staring into the distance, looked like her mind was far away. I don’t know how it must feel to have your parents use you as bait. “I know what you all are thinking. We love Lana with our entire hearts, but we also love this country with our hearts and the fate of the entire island depended on it. We could’ve had somebody coming for Maya when she wasn’t ready”

There was a very prolonged moment of silence.

“So, What now?” Lui asks in the distance looking very annoyed with this situation.

“Now the warrior has to go look for the Power Stone” Elena replied “I said this already”

“Ok, let’s do it” Hayden stood up and clapped, breaking the dark mood in the room. “The longer we stay here the more advantage the enemy gains on us”

“We can’t just act impulsively” Vincent stood up as well “You were looking for the power stone and you didn’t find it.What makes you think that we will just get it easily?”

“Well...” Hayden looked at Evan “I was alone, but we now have two souls with us, one of them should be able to track it down” 

All our eyes landed on Evan.

"We are never told where they are because we are not supposed to know, but we can feel it" He said “There is just one Soul that knows where it is, so we will need to make a quick stop” He shrugged and just like that it was settled. I looked for Riley and walked over to her. One of us needed to go back with Eric and explain to his family how everything happened. She looked at me for a while and with tears in her eyes she hugged me. We didn’t have any time to talk after everything went down and considering everything that happened, she never got to talk to him about his feelings. I felt sad for both.

We cried into each other for a while until we were both satisfied. I wiped away her tears and smiled at the mess we both were. It was ridiculous.

“I wanted to talk to him” She said. I felt the tears building up again.

“I know” I took a deep breath “I feel like you should go back with him” She seemed confused. “One of us has to tell their family what happened, I can’t go so you should go back with him and make sure his family gets an explanation”

Riley nodded and sighed.

“Are you going to be ok?” She asked.

“I’ll be fine...” I smiled “Please be safe”

“I will be” Riley was not really the emotional type, to see her clean the tears out of her face was an odd thing.

After that we were split into two groups: Riley, Luke and Elena would go with The Queen and the rest of the guardians back to the castle. Meanwhile, Vincent, Evan, Lana, Lui and Hayden would go with me to get the power stone. I wanted to send Hayden back home, but he refused to let me go without him. I had to remind him that I was eighteen.

It was still useless.

We were almost ready to go, we waited outside for Lana to say goodbye to her mom.

“You look horrible” Evan said as he brushed some hair out of my face and ran a hand through it. I sighed.

“Well, thanks” the sarcasm was obvious.

“I’m just messing with you” He messed my hair after he just fixed it. “I feel like I haven’t seen you smile in forever” I looked at him and showed him my teeth.

“Is that enough?” 

“I don’t like you in this mood” He pouted and somehow, I found that adorable. “Oh, you’re smiling”

“You’re an idiot” I walked over to Hayden and he quickly wrapped an arm around my shoulders. My eyes casually landed on Vincent and noticed he was staring at me with the weirdest look. I couldn’t help to be a little mad at him, I knew it wasn’t really his fault because... well... he loved her, for a long time now and I literally came like two days ago. My brain understood that but still my heart was upset at how fast he dropped me to go comfort her.



Did I care?


I took my eyes off him and just ignored the feeling of having him staring at me. I really understood his position with this, but I wasn’t someone he could just toy with. If he was going to be fooling around with Lana and running to her every single time, then I would have to back away and ignore it. I was not about to have my heart broken.

“So, what’s the plan?” I asked, I felt like it was enough for Evan to just keep us in the dark, he had to start talking if this whole operation was going to work. I was done with all the secrets and to be honest I don’t think the secrets took us anywhere. “I want nothing but the truth, no more secrets”

“We will need to find one of my brothers, he will be able to guide us to the power stone, and then we will make it back to the castle” Evan said as he got up when he saw Lana walking over to us. He got into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“How many siblings do you have?” Lui asked, and I was thankful because I was curious too.

Within Souls we all consider each other siblings” He replied, I was confused.

“That’s a lot”


We all got in the car, Evan and Vincent in the front, Lana, and I in the middle and Hayden and Lui in the back. I was honestly tired of road trips, but it was something we had to deal with to complete the task. I was just so emotionally and physically tired and the whole Eric thing just knocked down my mood.

“The only thing that I don’t understand is why is Lana on our team?” Lui asked, he was on a roll “Shouldn’t she be going back to join her mother on her father’s funeral?”

“First of all, I don’t trust those guardians with her” Vincent was the one to answer now, and his reply didn’t surprise me at all. “If they couldn’t bring The King here safe, I don’t trust them to take Lana back. She’s going to be the next queen, so I will not let her out of my sight” He crossed his arms over his chest “They will not do the funeral until she is there anyways”

Of course not.

Because going on this journey to find the power stone where we could get potentially attacked by Dark Dogs and Myyts wasn’t at all way more dangerous. He needed to get his common sense checked.

I struggled to avoid rolling my eyes.

“I guess it makes sense” Lui said, by his face I could tell that it didn’t make any sense to him either.

“Besides…” Lana spoke for the first time in like forever “I will get revenge for what they did to my father” Her green eyes were dark and burned with the anger built up inside of her, I could relate to her feelings, but this was something that caught me off guard, I’ve never heard her speak with so much hate and anger. This was not the Lana I knew, but I guess the circumstances change people. “I need you guys to train me”

“We don’t have time for that, besides you will not fight” Vincent did not even turn around to look at her, he waved it off like that was the end of the conversation and he wasn’t haven’t it.

“You can’t stop me” She said “I will get my powers soon which means I can help you”

“We don’t need your help” He argued “You will rule this country soon”

“I will not let it slide” She looked so determined, it would be so great if she shared some of that passion with me because I just wanted to let this all go.

“You will not fight” Vincent stated “and that’s the end of it” she didn’t look very pleased by this, but she didn’t say anything else, which was smart considering Vincent looked very upset. We made the rest of the ride in silence, nobody dared to say anything else to avoid anymore arguments. Vincent was in a deadly mood and Evan was oddly quiet.

This was going to be a long trip.

We were in that car for hours, I was about to go crazy with all the tension, I was missing Eric badly and my mind kept going around everything The Queen told us, some things were clicking but still I felt like there was much more left unsaid. I felt like she knew way more than what she disclosed with us and now that we were heading opposite directions we would not know until we headed back to the castle.

We drove about two more hours until we reached the end of the road, there were just trees around us and a path that led to the souls know where. Evan took a deep breath and looked at us as he turned off the car.

“Ok so, only three of us can go, he doesn’t like a multitude so to convince him we need to go in a small group. I’m obviously going, and Maya needs to go as well” He looked around the car to see who will be the one joining us.

“I’m going” Vincent and Hayden said at the same time and then looked at eachother.

“I’m her guardian” Said Vincent.

“I’m her brother” Said Hayden. They both then stared at me, I guess waiting for me to decide.

Are they crazy?

“You guys need help, Lui let’s go” I said as I opened the door.

“That’s what I’m talking about” Lui exclaimed as he sat on the edge of his seat ready to get up and get down.

“This is ridiculous” Vincent rolled his eyes, “Louis sit down, I’m going” He opened his door and Hayden just jumped out of the car at the same time. These guys were just getting annoying by the second, Evan and I followed them.

“Let’s flip a coin” Hayden said.

“I’m not going to let Maya’s safety be decided by a coin” Vincent crossed his arms over his chest. “Just because you said that I’m not letting you go” They were so close to each other that it was even scary, we could not allow a fight to break out here… right now.

“Ok kids enough, is enough” I said breaking them apart. “Hayden is coming with us and Vincent stays”

“What?” Vincent looked at me and I could see he was a little hurt, I loved that he cared about me this much, but in all honesty, there was someone else that needed him more than I did.

“Lana needs you more” I told him, I needed him to know that this was not coming from a jealous place, well maybe it was a little bit, but I deeply believed that she needed him by her side which makes me feel incredibly awful about my mind state before. Lui and my brother would not take care of her the same way he did. Vincent would give up his life for her and I don’t think that’s a sacrifice that they were willing to make for her. “She’s still upset so stay with her” I whispered so that she wouldn’t hear me.

“Maya I’m not going to make this about me choosing over you and your sister” His eyes were stuck to mine they were shining, like there were a million things he wanted to say but couldn’t.

“Of course not, there isn’t even a choice Vincent”


He looked like he wanted to argue about it, but he couldn’t because he knew I was right. Even when it wasn’t something that he did on purpose, he leaned to protect her above anything else, that was his job as her guardian but also that was his deepest wish inside his heart. Because he loved her and that is something I could completely understand, because that was what drove me every day, it was what made me put myself in front of Lana when she was in danger. The same thing that drove me crazy when I saw my friend getting murdered in front of my eyes, also what made me go back inside the castle to look for him.

Realizing this made me feel stupid. Of course, I was told this before, Elena practically put it out in the open for everyone to see, but it didn’t really hit me until now that I actually loved him. I love him. That is why it made me so upset when he went to her and that is why I would never force him to choose me ever.

I guess this is the ‘if you love someone, let him go’ to a whole new level.

“It’s the right thing… just stay with her” I couldn’t stand the weight of his eyes on me, so I just turned around and linked arms with Hayden, they were just staring back and forth between us, not knowing what to do. Everything was quiet for a second.

“We will be back before you know it” Evan said “besides he’s not really dangerous, he is just a little moody from time to time”

For a Soul that was dangerous.

We walked into the woods, I did not look back at Vincent, but I could still feel his stare on me as we walked away. This was the right thing to do. I was going to stand my ground with this, just because Elena said we were a mess didn’t mean that we had to be forever. I shook these thoughts out of my mind and decided to focus on the task we had in our hands. There were a lot of trees, so we barely got any sunlight on us as we kept on walking through, my brother held onto my hand all the way, I don’t know if it was because he wanted to comfort me or because he was afraid himself. Anything could happen with Hayden.

We walked some more for a couple of minutes, mosquitos biting into my skin and no signs of anything in the horizon. I had to admit I was kind of getting annoyed by this, I was nervous and anxious which were not a good combination if you add the expectation of reaching this place. To be honest I thought for a moment that Evan didn’t even know where he was guiding us until a cabin was visible in the distance. It looked pretty old, the wood seemed to be almost falling, I could see ingrowing weeds peeking through the floor as we got closer, the roof didn’t look so trustworthy in the case of rain and there was nobody in sight.

“Are you sure you brought us to the right place?” I asked Evan, I squeezed Hayden’s hand and he did the same. We were both feeling so insecure and the more I stepped closer to the old structure the more I felt like something wasn’t right. I felt this weird vibe in my stomach, something like what I felt when Myyts and Dark Dogs were close. “I feel strange”

“You are feeling him” Evan said, “He’s definitely here” He walked towards the front door and opened it slowly, it made that creepy sound doors do in scary movies. He looked back at us “Whatever you do stay quiet”

We wouldn’t dare to speak on a place like this, it was too dark and creepy for me. We walked inside the place and looked around for a while, my only question was if we weren’t allowed to say anything then how would he know we were here?

Well… He is a soul, so I guess it’s ok.

All of a sudden, the cabin started trembling and I started panic.

“What are you doing?” Evan yelled at my brother who had a book in his hands that I’m guessing came from a dusty bookshelf to the left. He looked surprised and guilty and quickly put the book back where it was “It’s too late” Evan walked in front of me I guess trying to cover me from whatever was about to happen. Without a notice he was lifted, smashed against the poor ceiling and then smashed against the wooden floor. I gasped and tried to reach out for him when he was getting lifted again.

“What the…?” My brother was smashed against the front door that I don’t remember we ever closed. The impact was so big that the wood cracked a little bit and he fell unconscious on the floor. Ok that was upsetting. Before I could do any move, it was my turn to get smashed against a wall, it was like the wind was carrying me around and using me as a barbie doll. By the time it put me down on the floor I had no air left on my lungs to sustain my body. It would be great if I had a target to use my energy on, but it seemed like we were fighting against the haunted house.


I reached out into my energy and concentrating it on my fists I punched the floor with it, the electric blue rays of light ran through the floor and lit up the whole building. I shattered the windows and anything that was near me at this point. I didn’t know if it was the right move but at least it made the whole thing stop. I looked at Hayden who was slowly coming back to his senses and Evan was trying to stand up, holding the side of his body, maybe he was injured and that would be a first for him.

The sound of boots walking on the wooden floor echoed around the living room we were standing in, I could feel the energy getting closer and my body’s reaction was the weirdest thing ever, I had goosebumps and analarm inside of my head was going off like crazy but somehow my heart felt at peace. I looked up from my position on the ground and there he was, tall, with so many muscles that I thought he could easily explode and he had a lifted eyebrow as he stared down at me.

“You know that wasn’t very nice, it kind of hurt” He spoke, and his voice was like a combination of every voice in this world but smoother. I stood up and looked back at the soul standing in front of me, an actual soul, part of me knew that Evan was also one but just the fact that this person was not pretending to be a guardian made everything different.

“Well between us, you left my brother unconscious, almost tried to kill Evan and knocked the air out of my system…” I crossed my arms over my chest “Do you really want to go there”

He smiled at me.

A full on (not fake) soul just smiled at me.

“I like this one” He told Evan “Can I keep her?”

Excuse me.

“We actually came here for a reason, please focus” Evan scolded him with a stern look, this serious side was so weird coming from Evan, I did not expect any of this.

“I bet you did” His eyes fell on me again and putting that smile back on, he scanned me from head to toe “I’m Jaxon, supreme Soul that will ever exist on this planet. How can I help you?” He crossed his arms over his chest, flexing the muscles making the veins pop up, it looked so excessive. I felt the air getting caught up in my throat.

This was about to get interesting.

A/N: Hello!

First I want to thank you all for reading. I will be editing this story from the very beginning and will update as soon as I can.
Also since the story was so long I decided to do a second book which I will be uploading soon as well. I really didn't think anyone would like it, so I appreciate your comments and feedback on it.
See you soon.
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