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The Story

The rest of the class went by smoothly; no signs of Trenton, Vincent left me alone, everything was better again. We took a shower and kept on with our day when the class was over, it was a good thing that I didn’t have any other classes with Trenton, I’m pretty sure he would try to do something, it was impossible for him not to try to get back at me. Eric, Riley and I waited for Lana at the entrance of the Academy when the last class was over. Eric was still talking about the epic fight when the only thing I wanted was to forget it.

“Everybody is speaking about it” He said “You’ll be popular by tomorrow”

Like I cared about something so random like being popular.

Lana walked over to us being followed by Vincent and Lui, of course she would have Vincent follow her wherever she goes, after what happened in the woods I knew he wouldn’t let her go alone anywhere.

“I’m sorry” She said when she reached us “I couldn’t convince him or my father to let me go alone”

“That’s fine” I said “I saw it coming” Lui walked over to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

“I heard you defeated the beast” He smiled at me. Some people called Trenton ‘the beast’, I personally didn’t like it.

“Yes she did!” Eric yelled as we walked out of the castle, he grabbed my bag and told Lui everything that happened. I rolled my eyes again. Riley and Lana walked with me and Vincent walked behind us. Riley was explaining Lana some boring stuff about biology, I stopped paying attention to them. Suddenly I felt an arm pulling me back, I looked up to find Vincent standing there, and he also stopped walking and looked down at me looking very ashamed.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked.

“I just…” He sighed, it looked like he was struggling to say whatever he needed to say “I want to apologize for letting the fight get to the point it did” To say I was shocked was an understatement “I should’ve done something to stop it when I saw it was getting out of control and I’m sorry” I nodded mentally, as a teacher he should’ve done something.

“It’s ok” I simply said, it’s not like I blamed him or whatever, it was his fault but it was impossible for me to be mad at him for it, don’t ask me the reason. He seemed very surprised when he saw how quickly I forgave him, he looked deeply into my eyes and even when everybody’s eyes were the same color his eyes just had something different. “I’m used to people pushing me around so it doesn’t matter” I shrugged because it really didn’t matter anymore. Vincent stared at me for a couple of seconds before nodding.

“If he bothers you just tell me” He then said “I’ll do something about it” I simply nodded and then smiled at him. I think I saw a half smile on his lips.

“Hey, guys!” Eric yelled “We’re going to leave you” We both looked at the rest of the group, they were a few steps away from us, Lana was staring at us weirdly. Vincent started to walk over to them and then stopped and looked back at me, like waiting for me to walk too, I walked in front of him and we caught up with everyone. We all typed our codes again except for Vincent who could walk freely because everybody knew him. We walked down the street as we always did; Eric was still talking to Lui about kicks and moves, nothing I actually cared about.

“How far do you guys live?” Lana asked. Riley looked at me.

“It’s very close,” I told her “We walk every day” Lana rarely got to see the city, she was raised between the castle’s walls he whole life, she looked around like she was seeing everything for the first time, maybe she was. Eric turned around and smiled at me.

“Hey Maya, remember that time when Riley did this really amazing backflip in your backyard and even landed on her feet when we were ten years old,” He said and Lui turned to look at me as well.

“And then you tried to copy her and you landed on your butt” I smiled at the memory “Yes I remember” Eric patted Lui’s shoulder with a smile before realizing what I just said.

“Hey!” He said and he waited for us to catch up with him and Lui “That wasn’t necessary”

“It is always necessary” I smiled at his frown.

“I would punch you but you almost got your ass kicked so I’ll let it slide for now” He rolled his eyes and walked in front of me again. I giggled, the guy sure needed some help, or for Riley to notice him, whichever comes first. We were getting closer to my house; Riley lived a few houses down so I grabbed my bag from Eric’s hands before turning to the group.

“I will make dinner for my dad and I’ll be there in a while,” I said, Lana stared at me for a while before nodding, everybody then continued walking down the street and I took a deep breath before facing my door. I really hoped my dad didn’t notice the marks on my neck, I would never hear the end of this, he would even try to get me out of the Academy, a thing that could not happen, I’ve been working hard to become a guardian to just stop midway. My dad was in his bedroom painting, I could smell the colors all over the house since every color smelled in a different way, I could tell he was using some green and blue right now. I started to make dinner before he decided to come outside. The smell of fried chicken soon replaced the paint and I felt better, I heard a door being shut and I quickly covered my neck with my hair and looked down as I cut some tomatoes for a salad. My dad walked into the kitchen and scanned the room.

“I didn’t know you were back,” He said.

“You were painting so I didn’t want to bother you” I simply said, still looking down, he moved around and sat on a stool making me even more nervous.

“I was painting your mother,” He said. I knew that already, the only time he painted at home was when he painted my mother, our house was full of her paintings, I think he did this when he missed her a lot, it was his way of trying to remember her, because even when it hasn’t been long, her memory is kind of blurry, like a dream. I served his dinner and sat down next to him so he couldn’t really see my marks as we ate.

“So Riley, Eric, and some friends are going to study at Riley’s house tonight,” I said, “I think I’ll stay over” He didn’t say a word for a while.

“Some friends?” He asked, “What other friends do you have besides Eric and Riley?” Dammit! I spoke too much.

“Just Lana and another guy named Lui” I shrugged to rest importance to that matter; I let out the fact that Vincent was going to be there because I didn’t know how my father would react to it. He hasn’t seen Lana yet; he has only heard the stories because I want to keep him away from that mess as much as possible.

“Oh…Will they stay too?” My father asked I sighed, poor man.

“No dad” I had to keep myself from laughing “It’s just me”

“Ok then” I knew that by the look on his face he was done with this conversation and was completely focusing on his dinner. I finished my chicken and cleaned my plate before rushing upstairs to my room and get everything I needed to spend the night, I never asked Riley but this was something we always did, she never asked when she wanted to stay over and I never asked either. I packed a small bag and grabbed my books for tomorrow before looking around the place for anything I would be possibly forgetting, I grabbed a scarf and since it was a little chilly outside it wouldn’t look so weird for me to wear it at school either. I walked downstairs and down the street to Riley’s house, she lived only five houses away from me so it wasn’t a big walk or anything.

When I arrived I just walked around the house directly to the backyard where I knew they would be because we usually study at the picnic table she had there. I was right, they were sitting around the table except for Vincent who was walking around looking at the sky, I walked past him and left my stuff by the kitchen door, I felt too lazy to go upstairs and put them inside Riley’s room. I felt Vincent stare glued to me as I moved around.

“I’m here,” I said and I sat down between Eric and Riley, Lana was in front of me and Lui was next to her. “Let’s get this party started”

“Did your dad noticed?” Eric asked and pointed at my scarf.

“Not at all,” I said “I made him some chicken, that’ll be enough to distract him for a few days” Riley rolled her eyes and put a plate of really delicious looking oatmeal in front of me. “What is this?” I asked.

“Riley made us some oatmeal since none of us had dinner,” Lana said “It’s really good you should try it”

“But I already had dinner,” I said and looked at Riley with a frown.

“What did you make?” She asked.

“Fried Chicken and salad”

“Did you eat the salad?”


“How many pieces of chicken did you eat?”


“Eat now!” Riley demanded and she looked down at her textbook. I sighed but started to eat her very delicious oatmeal, she wasn’t much of a cook but her pancakes, oatmeal, and eggs were killers. I loved to stay over because that meant Riley made breakfast. Lana was staring at me in a very weird way. After I was done we decided to really get to the studying part because it was getting really late and Vincent, Lui, and Lana had to walk back.

“Should we start with History or Biology” Eric was staring at both books with a death glare, I totally got the feeling.

“Lana will teach us history and I’ll do biology,” Riley said and everybody nodded. “Lana you go on first” She nodded and then looked around.

“Close your books we’re not going to need them,” She said, I saw how Vincent was now more interested in us than the stars on the sky. I closed my book. “History can be fun if you tell it the right way”

“And what way is that?” Eric asked, and I was curious too.

“Like a fairytale,” She said with a smile, her voice sounded just like mine just less raspy and warmer and soft. “This is the way my father always taught me history as I was growing up, like a tale I needed to go to sleep every night”

“Ok” Eric said but it was obvious he was skeptical about her method.

“Just close your eyes and imagine my words,” Lana told us, she cleared her throat a couple of times before starting her story “Once upon a time, there was a soul, a very powerful soul that could not fit anywhere. Everywhere it went humans were afraid, they were scared of what they couldn’t understand, and even when this soul tried to use its powers to help humans they ended throwing him out of their lands.” Pictures kept coming to my head as I heard her hypnotic voice. “This soul’s name was Vayet and he had such an amazing power that could not be described. Vayet wandered around the skies and other lands but wherever he went he got kicked out so one day he decided to create his own place, somewhere he would be free and nobody would bother him anymore, a place humans could not enter, and he named this place Luminaria”

I opened my eyes in surprise.

“Close your eyes Maya” She scolded me, I quickly did as she said and then she continued “Luminaria was the most beautiful place he ever saw, he for once was happy and free but even in his own version of the paradise there was something missing…he was alone” She took a deep breath before continuing “He created seven souls that he treated as his children, he gave each one a gift that they could use on his land when they populate it with other souls, Abec the first son got the wind and he could rule the sky as he wanted, Brio the second son got fire and he could make the sun rise and set as he wanted, Cervec the third son, got earth and he could make trees grow in a split second and also he could make them disappear, Damun got water and his kingdom was the sea, Ezic got life and he could make any spirit breathe for the first time, Farzut got death and he made those spirits rest in peace, Grut the last son, got spirit and he could make the dead souls go to LaDuat” LaDuat was our underworld, where every soul went to get their trial, if it was a good one then they would get another life, if it was a bad one then…they would get eaten by a dark dog or by the Ammyt.

You may be wondering what an Ammyt is, well the creature that created all the Myyts in this world. The Myyts were normally very irrational creatures, they looked like a deformed human, their skin is oily and their smell is very disgusting, I think I said this before, they only want to eat your soul and once they do they just leave your empty body so the dark dogs can eat it, the thing is that after a Myyt steals your soul you’re still kinda alive, your heart beats and you breathe but you’re not there anymore, your only salvation is to find that Myyt, kill it and your soul will return to your body.

That is if you can ever find that same Myyt.

You can never find Myyts, Myyts find you. That’s why we created the guardian system, so we could have some kind of protection against those evil creatures. The Ammyt on the other hand always chose its prey carefully, the Ammyt can transform into anything it wants, it drinks your soul slowly just to make it painful for you and sometimes it also eats your body. The only way you can identify the Ammyt is by its smell of death.

Only two people in Luminaria have seen the Ammyt and made it out alive.

“After giving each soul their gift Vayet made a wife for every son, they populated the island with hundreds of souls that just ran around and enjoyed what Vayet made for them, the souls wandered the rivers and the sea, the sky and the land and even when they couldn’t really feel anything or touch anything they felt really happy, but that made Vayet sad because they couldn’t really use what he so carefully laid for them. In order for them to enjoy everything, they needed something that Vayet couldn’t give them…a body. So the seven souls decided to go to the human world and bring women to help them populate the island with bodies their children could take”

“That’s how we appeared,” Eric said in a low whisper, amazed by this information, I must say I was enjoying it too.

“Exactly” Lana said, she sounded like she was smiling “The souls were really excited but there is one thing, once you are born you have your own soul and there cannot be two souls in one body, so the children made of the love of a soul and a human gained strength and made their way into Luminaria, they weren’t as powerful as the souls but they had amazing powers that appeared at certain age, these people were called Horos and the children made of the love of Horos and humans were called Aris, these people had no powers at all. Vayet couldn’t just throw them out because he loved them as well so even when he was sad for his other souls he let the Luminaries use this ground as theirs. Instead, Vayet made a new place in the sky for his souls and everybody lived happily for a long time”

“That is really amazing,” Lui said as his gaze got lost in the distance, I think imagining everything Lana just told us. Lana smiled at him and ran a hand through his hair; my eyes instantly landed on Vincent who saw the gesture with a serious face, he looked at me and when our eyes met, he instantly looked away. The perks of being in love with a princess.

“It’s not over,” Lana said “Grut the last son, for a long time, felt like he was neglected, he couldn’t believe he got such a stupid gift as spirit, he felt useless and violated. He went to talk to Vayet so he could get something better, Vayet after thinking about it for a while, he decided to also give Grut the time, and he could manipulate the hours, the minutes and the seconds as he pleased, but that just made the rest of the souls jealous, why did Grut have two gifts while they only got one? The jealousy between the brothers made the whole sky split, every soul picked a side and the seven souls got into a war, what they didn’t know was that they could never win this kind of war, even the human world got affected, storms and earthquakes happened all over the world. Vayet was worried, so he did the only thing he could do in this kind of situation, he recruited a Luminary, someone who could defeat the seven souls, a very powerful warrior with a strong body that brought peace among the souls in the sky. It is said that this luminary’s power was so huge that there was nothing any soul could do about it, he could manipulate every gift as he wanted and turn them against the owners, he ended the war and died right after, ever since a great warrior is born on every generation just waiting for the moment when the seven souls go to war again, because they will”

“Who is the great warrior?” Eric asked.

“Nobody knows,” Lana said “It’s supposed to be a secret, but that person is very different from the rest of the luminaries, and when Vayet calls he will listen”

“Why ‘he’? Can’t that person be a girl?” Riley asked as she looked up at the sky like looking for answers.

“Sure” Lana shrugged “But I bet it’s a guy”

“What makes this warrior different from everybody else?” Lui asked. Lana shrugged.

“It could be anything” Lana smiled at Lui and I saw him blush slightly as he looked away, a quick glance at Vincent was enough to see he was a bit upset even though he was pretending to ignore us, his eyes were ice cold as he stared into the distance, his hair was up in his classic ponytail and he was wearing his guardian uniform, I wondered when was the first time he realized he was in love with Lana. It was such an odd situation, it wasn’t illegal or anything but just weird, and the fact that Lana was still seventeen didn’t help his case at all.

I also wondered if she felt the same way about him.

“I think that’s all for the test tomorrow” Lana said with a smile, I think I would be able to remember everything tomorrow. We all nodded and opened our biology books, Riley took a deep breath because biology was another song, and it would take a minute for us to get everything.

“Let’s get started then” Riley said.

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