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You're smiling

The fact that I was upset didn’t take away from the beauty of the place, it was as big as our old house, and the living room had a huge TV which I was very thankful for because it was really hard to see movies at my old TV. The kitchen was very modern and comfortable, it had three bedrooms and a studio for my dad, they thought about everything and that only made me even more upset. The walls were pink, not the really bright one but a soft shade of pink, I had a balcony for the first time in my life and I could see the entire city from here, it was beautiful at night and I couldn’t help to think maybe there was someone being attacked right now.

I truly hated those creatures.

“You know what I can’t stop thinking about” My dad suddenly said as he unpacked the last box, we didn’t have that much stuff so it was pretty easy to unpack.

“What?” I asked him still watching the city.

“That your mom and Hayden would actually love this” He said.


Just to hear his name again gave me Goosebumps all over, Hayden was my brother, He was as tall as my dad and as beautiful as my mom. We never spoke about Hayden because he left us a couple of years ago and ran away to the human world, and that by far was the worst thing you can do in our world…almost considered treason. I think my mom was never the same after he left, she was always sad even when she tried to hide it, he should be twenty-two by now if a dark dog or a Myyt didn’t end his existence, it’s easier to get found in the human world.

“I bet they would” I said because it was the only thing I could say right now, I didn’t want to talk about Hayden, I didn’t even know how to feel about him. He left us, what did you expect. Suddenly there was a shy knock on the door and I didn’t have to open it to know who it was. Lana seemed worried when I answered the door. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Are you mad at me?” She asked. I didn’t see that coming, why would I be mad at her, she didn’t do anything, and it was her arrogant father who did all the work.

“Of course not” I waved it off like it didn’t matter “I don’t blame you”

“Well I know how much you hated the idea of coming here” She looked down at her perfectly clean shoes “I tried to convince him but there was no way”

“Wait so you knew?” She knew about this and she didn’t tell me. Way to go sister.

“I wanted to tell you but I thought you would be so mad and you would think it was me who told him to make that decision” She seemed mortified. I sighed.

“Forget it” I rolled my eyes, what was done was done “Do you wanna come in?”

“Sure” She looked around once; I bet she was used to these kinds of places. “Well, look at the bright side”

“What bright side?” I frowned. Was she kidding me?

“Now I get to do sleepovers with you” She looked very excited about that fact and I couldn’t help to be excited for her. I smiled; of course she would see this as a great thing and ignore the rest of the bad things. But hey! Who am I to take away her happiness?

“Sounds like fun” I had to admit it was funny to see her jumping all over the place and not to mention cute.

“Let’s do one today” She said with the biggest smile someone could wear in this world, I was afraid her face might split.

“Sure” I shrugged “Bring your stuff”

And as soon as I said that she was out the door.

Later that night we were both camping in the living room, laughing at the most silliest things, my dad went to sleep early because he felt somehow a little weird around Lana, I didn’t blame him I mean, it’s weird for me too sometimes.

“Some humans are actually pretty cool” She said “They made Netflix so I’m not complaining” I had to laugh at that.

“Yeah sure” I rolled my eyes.

“Does Vincent know you’re here?” She asked me all of a sudden. I frowned and looked at her from my position on the ground, she was sitting on the couch wearing her pajamas and eating popcorn.

“He does” I said slowly “He brought me here as a matter of fact” She nodded and then realizing we were alone I decided to ask something I’ve wanted to know for a while now. “What do you think of Vincent?”

“What do you mean?” She arched an eyebrow and grabbed a chocolate bar from the coffee table.

“Come on!” It really couldn’t be “Like you don’t know he’s totally crazy about you” She looked down at her hands and stayed silent for a while, of course she had to know, it was impossible not to.

“He did tell me once” She murmured “When I was sixteen”

That was creepy, I mean she was still a teen but I never thought Vincent would approach her at such a young age.

“He said that his duty as my guardian didn’t stop him from having feelings for me and that one day when I was old enough and ready he wanted to be with me” She sighed and I didn’t know why but I could tell she didn’t really like the idea.

“And you don’t like him back” I stated.

“It’s not that” Lana started “It’s just I’ve known him for a long time now, it’s hard to tell if my feelings for him go further than just friendship, like where are the lines, what’s the limit?” She shrugged.

“You are confused” I said.

“Yeah” She nodded “But as amazing as that is I think he might be developing some feelings for you”

Say what again!

“Impossible” The simple idea of Vincent liking me was just funny as hell “He treats me so bad I sometimes get the feeling he actually hates me”

“He doesn’t hate you Maya” She said. “He just doesn’t know how to express himself”

“Yeah right” I chuckled.

“You know at first he didn’t want to be my guardian either, when he applied to the castle and got accepted he thought he would be protecting my father and in any case my mother, he wanted something exciting to do and then my father told him he was going to protect this thirteen year old girl who did nothing more than read books and wander around, he was pissed to say the least” I could imagine “He never talked much and he never really looked at me, until one day when my parents were out I sneaked out and went to the river, a Myyt almost killed me but he got there on time and saved me, I was very terrified but he was very sweet to me, telling me everything was going to be ok, after that he just changed”

“Changed in what way?”

“He talked to me more often, gave me advice, sat down to read with me and smiled more often, I don’t know what made him change but it was like after that he was willing to be my friend”

“And you think he likes me because…”

“Because he’s always following you with his eyes, like he can’t get you out of his sight” She said.

“That’s because he thinks I’m a potential danger for you” Thing that was partially true, I’m the reckless one, the one putting their little princess in harm’s way.

“You will see” A yawn escaped her round lips and I figured it was about time we both went to sleep.

“Want to go to the bedrooms?” I asked her. She shook her head.

“It’s more realistic if we stay here” And with that being said she closed her eyes and fell asleep almost immediately.

I closed my eyes hoping tomorrow would be a better day.

The next day I was in Martial arts class with Riley and Eric, telling them how I was blackmailed and insulted, Eric just laughed at my story and Riley shook her head in disbelief, exactly what I thought they would do. Everybody was gathered on small groups just waiting for Vincent to arrive, Lana as always was sitting on the bench just watching us hit each other like dorks. Trenton Reed found me among the crowd and walked over, I wished he would really just leave me alone but I knew that wasn’t going happen anytime soon. He had the most arrogant smile ever on his face as his posy walked behind him.

“Are you ready to get owned like last time Scott?” He said his minions laughed at his really stupid, not funny, excuse of a joke.

“That’s not how I remember it” I shot back and his smile faded away for a moment. Take that you idiot!

“I’m thinking you have a death wish” He said “In the very minute you step on the center I will murder you” His voice was barely above a whisper.

“Are you threatening her Reed?” Eric took a step forward and Trenton’s minions did too. I didn’t like where this was going.

“Ok boys break it off” Riley said as she got in the middle of them and pushed Eric’s chest so he would back off, I helped her by pulling him by his arm.

“Yeah Jackson; tell your girlfriend to defend you” Trenton laughed “You’re as weak and pathetic as she is” Riley then stopped walking and looked at Trenton over her shoulder. Oh no what did he just do?!

“Let me tell you something Trenton” She said “It’s not even that hard to defeat you”

“She has a mouth!” Trenton laughed and his posy did too “Eric tell your girlfriend to back off before she hurts herself”

“I can perfectly beat you” Riley continued to say “And I’ll do it with four moves” They stopped laughing when they saw she was actually serious about what she was saying.

“Let’s do it then” He said and turned around to walk to the center of the gym. I grabbed Riley’s arm as she walked behind him. She had to be crazy, I mean don’t get me wrong I know she can take him down, but Vincent wasn’t here yet and Trenton didn’t play fair.

“It’s fine” She simply said as she stared coldly at Trenton as he got in position. Vincent was going to flip. “It’s going to be quick and easy” Riley took off her glasses and just stood there waiting for Trenton.

Of course he would do the first move, trying to get a good punch and get this over with, he was impulsive and that was his weakness. Riley just moved out of the way like a total badass and high kicked him in the back like I once did, he stumbled but soon regained his balance and faced her. He was so going down. Trenton tried to tackle her and Riley simply connected her elbow with his jaw making him fall on his back. He tried to get some air into his lungs but it was already too late, she waited for him to get up on his feet because unlike him, she always had a clean fight, Trenton went for a direct punch in the face and managed to impact his fist with her face, I saw a little bit of blood coming out of her lips and my heart skipped a beat. Riley then did a side kick making him fall on his knees and hands, he was breathing heavily.

“What’s going on?” Vincent’s raspy voice echoed inside the gym, we all turned around to find him standing there with his arms crossed over his chest, he studied the scene with curiosity, and well at least he didn’t seem to be very mad.

Very being the key word.

“We’re just practicing” Riley said innocently “Right Trenton?” He stood up and brushed off the invisible dust from his uniform.

“Yeah” His voice was as cold as ice, great, when I thought he was actually going to leave us alone this had to happen. “It’s not your problem Wolf” I’m very sure Vincent didn’t like that at all.

“It is my problem since it is my class” Vincent said “Watch your tone Mr. Reed, I’m thinking you don’t want your precious father to hear about this” Trenton cringed, he looked at me one more time and just walked away without saying a word. Vincent looked at me then “Do I want to know?”

“Not really” I shook my head. We all started to stretch on Vincent’s command; I couldn’t help to notice Trenton was still giving me the death glare, like I was the reason for all of his problems, it wasn’t my fault that he was so stupid to get beat up by a girl that’s incredibly smaller than him. There was no messing with Riley.

“Ok everybody pair up, we’re going to practice low kicks again” I saw Trenton smiling at Vincent’s words, I let out a sigh of frustration, was he kidding me, did he hate me that much? “Scott you’re mine” Vincent then said and my eyes went as wide as the moon.

“What?” Trenton and I both said and then looked at each other.

“You heard me” He replied with an arched eyebrow “Don’t make me repeat myself” I looked back at my friends, Eric and Riley looked as surprised as I was, and Lana wasn’t really looking at us. I walked over to him very unsure of what I was doing, practicing with Vincent in a way was worst, he was a freaking professional, I didn’t stand a chance. “Relax this is not a competition”

“So you say” I got in position and took a deep breath.

“Would you rather be with Mr. Gorilla over there?” He asked. I shook my head but I wasn’t so sure. “I promise I’ll be nice to you” It was in that very moment when the most amazing thing happened, Vincent Wolf actually gave me a full size smile teeth and everything. He must’ve seen I was very surprise because his smile faded a little “What?” He asked.

“You’re smiling” I said and I mentally kicked myself for actually saying that out loud, I was pretty shocked though, this guy has never smiled at me in his entire life. By the look on his face I thought he was about to blush or something like that, he shrugged.

“If you’re good enough maybe I’ll do it again” An arrogant smile then played on his lips. Who is this guy and what did he do with my almost personal guardian?

There was no way to know.

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